FADO E-LIST (October 2016)

Dear FADO friends–there is so much happening in performance art in Canada in the month of October, that we couldn't resist sending another E-Bulletin to tell you all about. Enjoy! x, fado


1. FADO presents MONOMYTHS: STAGE 8 with Syrus Marcus Ware
Date: October 30, 2016; City: Toronto, Canada
2. EVENT: Biennial performative art of Rouyn-Noranda
Date: October 12-15, 2016; City: Rouyn-Noranda, Québec; Source: lecart
3. EVENT: 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art
Date: October 13–22, 2016; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: 7a*11d
4. EVENT: M:ST Performative Festival
Date: October 21–26, 2016; City: Calgary, Canada; Source: Tomas Jonsson
5. PERFORMANCE: Reimaging & Remembering
a by Tharmila Rajasingam
Date: October 28-29, 2016; City: Mississauga, Canada; Source: SAVAC 


1. FADO presents MONOMYTHS: STAGE 8 with Syrus Marcus Ware
Date: October 30, 2016; City: Toronto, Canada

Training Session for Freedom Fighters
With Syrus Marcus Ware

Sunday October 30, from 12pm–6pm
Regent Park (outdoors), 585 Dundas Street East (Across from Daniels Spectrum*)

ASL interpretation provided from 2pm–5pm
Accessible washrooms located at Daniels Spectrum
Food and drink available at Daniels Spectrum
All welcome / Family friendly

*Rain plan: indoors in the main space at Daniels Spectrum (585 Dundas Street East)

FADO's MONOMYTHS series invites a diverse collection of artists, scholars, and activists to revise Joseph Campbell’s conception of the hero’s journey through performance art, lectures, workshops, and other offerings. This new assemblage of non-linear un-narratives proposes a cultural, political and social feminist re-visioning of the world. The MONOMYTHS perception of the universal journey dispels the notion of the lone patriarchal figure on a conquest to vanquish his demons–both inner and outer–in consideration of community, collectivity, and collaboration. 

In this stage, the hero must confront and be initiated by whatever holds the ultimate power in life. All the previous stages of the journey have been moving into this place; all that follow will move out from it. This stage is frequently symbolized by an encounter with someone or thing with incredible power, often conceived of as masculine, through the patriarchal heterosexist imagining of the state. 

In MONOMYTHS: Stage 8 / Training Sessions for Freedom Fighters, Syrus Marcus Ware invites you to join in the present moment (after, back then, just before, in the future), wherein the potential directions are seemingly endless, yet also hyper-focused. In this confrontation with the Father State, we move past what we have been training for, and into what we are creating anew. We move into the prefigurative political dreams we have been working towards. All participants (heroes) will participate in collective struggle that harnesses all the activisms that have come before and that will lead us into the future together. This work will be rooted in the often invisibilized labour behind the scenes, work often done by those on the margins of the struggle. It celebrates the powerful behind the scenes hustle that facilitates–and is its own kind of–direct action. 

Participants (heroes) will meet on the field in Regent Park to create a 2500-square foot banner, in four connected pieces. The 4-piece banner will be themed around 4 phrases that guide our heroes' journey:

  • Octavia E. Butler's phrase, "Our future is in the stars"
  • Nat King Cole's resistance statement to a white supremacist concert audience, "Some people are just afraid of the Dark"
  • Assata Shakur's famous words, "I believe that we will win"
  • And finally, the relatively ambivalent expression, "What if we don't?" 

Separately the phrases convey hope, fear, confidence and uncertainty. Together they tell a broader story about the decidedly hopeful uncertainty of our current struggle–the struggle against the supremacist state with the future of humanity and our planet in the balance. 

The banner will be gifted to the movement for use in future actions, bringing all participants into the process of supporting this life giving work. As a collective journey, as heroes we are all witness and archive to this behind the scenes labour; and as allies to the struggle for self-determination of all people through the liberation of black people, we are all implicated in the shared risks and responsibilities of this work. 

For more about MONOMYTHS: http://www.performanceart.ca/index.php?m=program&id=297


2. EVENT: Biennial performative art of Rouyn-Noranda
Date: October 12-15, 2016; City: Rouyn-Noranda, Québec; Source: lecart

At Noranda, even in Rouyn, will be a meeting of genres. A festival of performance art where the improbable is obvious: a one-legged dog, the Illuminati amphibians, a métamorphiste ambiguity unbridled table-show, a dance forest, transfigurationniste, a wizard of birch bark pieces, a collective imagination, ghosts and even a Abdigradationnistes. Wow. They have traveled the world for the quality of their presence, their commitment and their desire for transformation. I'll be there. Yes. I confirm. 12-13-14-15. When that happens, the large gathering, do not miss it. Open your heart, change up, worse between.

Geneviève et Matthieu, Artistic Directors of the 8th Biennial of performance art

Antonija Livingstone (Montréal/Berlin)
B.L.U.S.H. (Québec)
Dominique Pétrin (Montréal)
ELLEMETUE (Montréal)
Hélène Bacquet (Rouyn-Noranda)
John G. Boehme (Victoria)
Marc-Olivier Hamelin et Pier-Antoine Lacombe (Rouyn-Noranda)
Ola Maciejewska (Paris/Pays-Bas)
Olivier de Sagazan (France)
Pascal-Angelo Fioramore (Montréal)
Terrance Houle (Calgary)
Yves Chun-ta Chiu (Taiwan)



3. EVENT: 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art
Date: October 13–22, 2016; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: 7a*11d

7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art
Presented by the Toronto Performance Art Collective
October 13–22, 2016

Since 1997, the Toronto Performance Art Collective has been building a platform for performance art presentation in Canada by playing host to a roster of artists from around the world and showcasing the breadth and depth of contemporary progressive performance art practices for Toronto audiences. We’re back in October for our 11th festival in 20 years, with a carefully selected roster of the best of local, national and international contemporary performance art. The festival’s main activities include evening events with multiple artists, off-site and in-situ walking and durational performance works, and Performance Art Daily, our talk series features the artists of the festival engaging in lunchtime talks about performance ecologies, issues, and theory. 

For artist bios and performance descriptions: www.7a-11d.ca

Cindy BAKER (AB)
Kate Barry (Toronto)
Annie Onyi CHEUNG (NS)
Elizabeth CHITTY (ON)
Randy Lee CUTLER (BC)
Silvio DE GRACIA (Argentina)
Chun Hua Catherine DONG (QC)
Margaret DRAGU (BC)
Bartolomé FERRANDO (Spain)
Vanessa Dion FLETCHER (Toronto)
Serge Olivier FOKOUA (QC)
Francesco GAGLIARDI (Toronto)
Louise LILIEFELDT (Toronto)
Brianna MACLELLAN (Toronto)
MIKIKI (Toronto)
Tanja OSTOJIC (Yugoslavia)
Graciela Ovejero POSTIGO (Argentina)
Selma SELMAN (Bosnia)
Johannes ZITS (Toronto)

Geary Lane, 360 Geary Lane (PWYC/$10)
Theatre Centre, 1115 Queen Street West (FREE)
OCADU, 100 McCaul Street (FREE)
OCADU Graduate Gallery, 205 Richmond Street West (FREE)

ABOUT 7a*11d
7a*11d was established in 1997 by a group of local performance artists and organizers, keen to create a forum for performance, live and action art in Toronto. Since then, Toronto has proven itself to be performance art-centric, and 7a*11d has continued to grow and offer audiences the best of contemporary performance art from around the world. 7a*11d is proud to work once again with festival presentation partners AGO (Toronto), Neutral Ground (Regina), OCADU (Toronto), Tangled Art + Disability (Toronto) and the Theatre Centre (Toronto).

Instagram: @7a11d
Twitter: @7a11d
Facebook: 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art


4. EVENT: M:ST Performative Festival
Date: October 21–26, 2016; City: Calgary, Canada; Source: Tomas Jonsson

The Mountain Standard Time Performative Festival (M:ST)
October 1-2: Lethbridge
October 21-26: Calgary

The Mountain Standard Time Performative Festival is a contingent site of encounter and exchange: a gathering of individuals and organizations in a tensioned, fragmentary, generative, and complex confluence. We acknowledge our presence on the traditional territories of the First Nations of Treaty 7 and the Metis Nation, and acknowledge the presence of a multitude of other bodies who, over time, have come to inhabit this place. As an embodied enactment of our being on this land, our words, acts, and selves have agency, resonance and implication.

The artists included in this year’s festival will engage in an unfolding dialogue in time and in place. Over the coming weeks the generous labour of these coalescing energies will generate many points of intersection , creating spaces of exchange and contestation. We welcome you into this dynamic space to contribute and bear witness with your presence.

Sophia Bartholomew
Alana Bartol
Nathalie Mba Bikoro and Terrance Houle
Tom Brown
Caitlind r.c. Brown, Lane Shordee and Nikki Martens
Christian Bujold
Janet Cardiff and Georges Bures Miller
Desearch Repartment
echo + seashell
Serge Olivier Fokoua
Geneviève et Matthieu
Heather Hermant + Alvis Parsley
The Illingworth Kerr Gallery
Serena Lee
Lisa Lipton
James Luna with Sheila Skinner
Hugo Nadeau
Night School
Patrick Morarescu
Grayson Richards
Jessie Short
Alexander Steinitz

For information about the festival schedule and venues: http://mstfestival.org/schedule/
For artist bios and performance descriptions: http://mstfestival.org/festival-archive/mst8festival/


5. PERFORMANCE: Reimaging & Remembering
 by Tharmila Rajasingam
Date: October 28-29, 2016; City: Mississauga, Canada; Source: SAVAC

Reimaging & Remembering
a two-day performance by Tharmila Rajasingam

As part of the In Situ Multi Arts Festival

October 28 & 29, 2016
7:00pm to midnight

Small Arms Building
1352 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga

Co-Presented by FADO Performance Art Centre and SAVAC (South Asian Visual Arts Centre) 

Reimaging & Remembering is a site-specific performance that collects and documents drawings of the Small Arms Building visitors over the period of In Situ. The piece is an evolvement of a previous memory building project that uses blind contour drawing technique as a way to preserve memory, through repetitive and organizational procedures. The drawings of the visitors will be installed on the windows of the Small Arms Building (an abandoned WWII munitions inspection building), as the drawings are created. The faces of the visitors will embody the physical space of the Small Arms Building, when looking in or out, the faces will help viewers remember the community that help to reimagine the possibility of the space. 

ABOUT Tharmila Rajasingam
Tharmila Rajasingam is a Tamil-Sri Lankan-Canadian multidisciplinary artist living and working in Toronto. Her practice includes installation, performance, sculpture, drawing, painting and print-making. Her work takes up the concept of identity through cultural practices, rituals, time, memory and repetition. Her new works have typically involved audience interaction and engagement. She holds a BA from the University of Toronto, and has participated in projects and exhibitions at Gallery 1313, VMAC Gallery, Labspace Studio, AWOL Gallery, and Gladstone Hotel.

ABOUT In Situ Multi Arts Festival
In Situ Multi Arts Festival is presented by the Small Arms Society, an incorporated non-profit organization. Our goal is to celebrate creativity and to begin public engagement around reimagining a future for this significant historic building.

For tickets: www.eventbrite.ca/e/in-situ-tickets-27937520877



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