FADO E-LIST (May 2009)

FADO Performance Art Centre

E-Bulletin for All! 
May 2009
1. FADO presents Pleasure Addicts by Brenda Goldstein
Date: May 16, 2009
2. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Escapist Action
Deadline: June 30, 2009
3. EVENT: Skol presents SQUEEEEQUE! By Alexis O’Hara
Date: May 5-9, 2009; Source: Skol
4. EVENT: Carbon Interiorities with Rachel Echenberg and Vida Simon
Dates: May 8-30 (see details); Source: Irene Loughlin
5. EVENT: XI International Art Festival INTERAKCJE 2009
Dates: May 10-15, 2009; Source: IAPAO
6. EVENT: International Art Performance
Dates: May 12-13, 2009; Source: Nicolas Gerber
7. EVENT: Off BNL de MTL presents Raphaëlle De Groot
Date: May 12, 2009; Source: La Centrale
8. EVENT: infr’Action Paris 2009
Date: May 15-16, 2009; Source: Jaokim Stampe
9. EVENT: Blow! Actual positions of Performance Art
Date: May 22, 2009; Source: Helge Meyer
10. EVENT: Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art Performance Festival
Date: May 24-30, 2009; Source: Angelika Fojtuch
11. EVENT: Live Action Göteborg
Date: May 28-31; Source: Joakim Stampe
12. WORKSHOP: Proto-type Theatre
Deadline: June 8, 2009; Source: Peter Petralia
13. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: HISK Work Years 2010-2011
Deadline: June 15, 2009; Source: e-artnow
14. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Methinks presents
Deadline: June 15, 2009; Source: Ryan Ringer
15. EVENT: Plot, Engage, Disperse
Date: June 27-28, 2009; Source: Keith Cole
16. EVENT: Stromereien Performance Festival 2009 + Workshops
Dates: July 29-August 7, 2009; Source: Bettina Holzhausen
17.CALL FOR PAPERS: essi Arts + Opinions
Deadline: September 10, 2009; Source: Essi
1. FADO Performance Art Centre presents: Pleasure Addicts by Brenda Goldstein
Date: May 16, 2009
Pleasure Addicts
Conceived by Brenda Goldstein
Performed by Yvonne Bambrick, Lo Bil, Leila Gajusingh, Cathy Gordon, Brenda Goldstein, Jesika Joy, Heather Keung, Maria Legault, Victoria Moufawad, Jennifer Norton, Aubrey Reeves & Claudia Wittmann.
Saturday May 16, 2009
Toronto Free Gallery
1277 Bloor Street West, Toronto
Pleasure Addicts is a performance landscape, an all-female Carnival and a transmission from another media universe where an evening of channel flipping is compressed into a single space. Pleasure Addicts explores the inherently unstable push-pull and love-hate nature of mass media conceptions of femininity drawn from celebrity culture, reality television, lifestyle programming, and run of the mill prime-time TV.
Pleasure Addicts was conceived by Brenda Goldstein after a year-long collaboration with: Jesika Joy, Leila Gajusingh, Heather Keung, Jenn Norton, Aubrey Reeves, and Claudia Wittman. Pleasure Addicts is indebted to the support and assistance of FADO Performance Art Centre; Heather Haynes and the Toronto Free Gallery; and the Ontario Arts Council.
Set and props: David Frankovich & Stephanie Chris
Video: Cabot McNenly
Make-up: Shawna Renee
Photos: Henry Chan
2. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Escapist Action
Deadline: June 30, 2009; Source: FADO
FADO Performance Inc. is currently seeking proposals for live performances that consider trends of escapism during periods of economic crisis and recession. Unusual investment structures, increased unemployment rates and the panic ridden news media have everyone worried about a downturn in the economy and looking for distractions. 
Recent news media reports have highlighted “recession time” trends including increased sales in alcohol, fast foods and cheap forms of entertainment.  Business analysts are predicting that there will be a shift from high-cost forms of entertainment to low. It is believed that this development, in hard times, is due to individuals wanting to escape from their problems and troubles. During past recessions, people have turned to escapist forms of entertainment to help them feel better and more secure about their financial situation. In bad times, we still need our good times, maybe more than ever.
FADO Performance Art Centre is developing a series of new performance works considering the connection between recessions and escapism. Performances artists are invited to think about the following when submitting a proposal:
• Escaping
• Nesting at home with cheap entertainment (reality television, video games, the internet & cooking your own dinner)
• D.I.Y. Entertainment  (creating your own entertainment systems)
• Stay-cations (vacationing at home)
• Sharing Economies (borrowing instead of buying)
• The never-ending sale
• 2 for 1 special
• Increased cinema / movie sales and decreased attendance at live music and theatre performances.
Proposals should include a CV, bio, and description of proposed performance, images/video of past work, and any other relevant information. 
Deadline:  June 30, 2009
FADO Performance Art Centre
448-401 Richmond Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 3A8
3. EVENT: Skol presents SQUEEEEQUE! By Alexis O’Hara
Date: May 5-9, 2009; Source: Skol
a.k.a. The Improbable Igloo
by Alexis O'Hara
May 5 - 9, 2009
May 8, 5pm to 8pm
May 9, 1pm to 3pm
Centre des arts actuels SKOL presents Alexis O’Hara’s first performative installation. Running from May 5 to May 9, 2009, her project straddles the divide between the worlds of experimental electronic music, gallery installation, and the blackest comedy. O’Hara will be sampling and transforming her voice in real-time, within an igloo made of speakers and amplifiers acting as a resonance chamber through the chimerical qualities of electricity. For SQUEEEEQUE! a.k.a. the Improbable Igloo, the artist is inviting the public on Tuesday and Thursday to witness the construction of the igloo, which will then be activated with performances presented on Friday, May 8, from 5 pm to 8 pm, and Saturday, May 9, from 1 pm to 3 pm
In operation since 1984, Centre des arts actuels Skol presents the work of artists and theorists in the early stages of their careers. The centre’s programming is in place to privilege exploratory and experimental practices. Skol has been collaborating with Elektra since last year to elaborate a shared programming likely to interest our respective public. Centre des arts actuels Skol is located at 372 St. Catherine O. in suite 314, is wheelchair accessible and open free to the public from Tuesday to Saturday from noon to 5 p.m., and Wednesdays until 7_p.m. For more information about exhibitions and upcoming programming, the public can phone 514.398.9322 or consult www.skol.ca.
Media contact:
Benoit Pontbriand
514.398.9322 (tel)
4. EVENT: Carbon Interiorities with Rachel Echenberg and Vida Simon
Dates: May 8-30 (see details); Source: Irene Loughlin
An artist residency and presentation of works by Rachel Echenberg and Vida Simon
Friday May 8, 7-10pm (during the James St. North Art Crawl)
An evolving installation using the materials of performance and drawing by Vida Simon begins.
May 12-16, 12-5pm
The public is invited to drop by the gallery as this performance/installation further unfolds. Please note: the gallery is closed May 9-11)
Wednesday May 13, 7-8:30pm
An artist talk by Rachel Echenberg
Friday May 15, 4-7pm and Thursday May 14 (locations around Hamilton – TBA)
A performance underlining erasure and the invisible by Rachel Echenberg
Saturday May 16, 7-8:30pm
An artist talk marking the closure of the residency by Vida Simon discussing the performance/installation at HAI, and past works.
May 16-30, Tues-Fri 12-5, Sat 12-4pm
An installation of the results of the artists’ work is on view at the gallery.
Montreal-based artist Rachel Echenberg works in performance, video and sculpture. Since 1992 her work has been exhibited, performed and screened throughout Canada, Europe, and the US as well as Chile, Lebanon, Morocco and Japan. At Hamilton Artists Inc., over the course of several hours Rachel Echenberg attempts to slowly erase herself from view. This action aims to put a visual aspect to public invisibility and anonymity. Echenberg investigates live and mediated presence through a body of works that explores vulnerable, intimate and uncontrollable relationships. She has aways been drawn to actions that point towards slow physical and conceptual transformation. She is interested in how proximity and dislocation affect the possibilities for active empathy and productive exchange from the viewer’s distances perspective. 
Vida Simon’s installation/performance work has been presented in a wide range of contexts – galleries, performance festivals, residencies and site-responsive projects in public and private spaces. Her works has been shown internationally, most recently in Lithuania and Chile. While her work is visually-based, she tries to create situations that undo representation, revealing processes that are normally kept “behind the scenes”. Drawing live often plays a central role in her performances. Vida Simon lives and works in Montreal. For the work in Hamilton, she explores the intersections of drawing, improvisation, and personal archaeology. This slowly-unfolding-space will center on drawing, yet also incorporate other actions performed at different “stations” in the gallery, forming a cycle of gestures. 
Hamilton Artists Inc.
155-161- James Street North
Hamilton, Ontario   L8R 3P1
Public Hours
Tuesday – Friday 12-5
Saturday 12-4
5. EVENT: XI International Art Festival INTERAKCJE 2009
Dates: May 10-15, 2009; Source: IAPAO
XI International Art Festival INTERAKCJE 2009
Gallery "O_rodek Dzia_a_ Artystycznych Galeria OFF"
D_browskiego 5
Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland
Sara Letourneau (Canada)
Alejandra Herrera (USA)
Paola Paz Yee (Mexico)
Julian Higuerey (Venezuela)
Ignacio Perez (Venezuela)
Aidana Rico (Venezuela)
Elvira Santamaria (Mexico)
Carlos Monroy (Colombia)
Marcio Shimabukuro (Brazil)
Pilar Talavera (Peru)
Leticia Santa Cruz (Aregentina)
Leonardo Gonzalez (Chile)
Jonathan Vivanco (Chile)
Alejandro Leonhardt (Chile)
Richard Spartos (USA)
Alexander Del Re (Chile)
Anna Kalwajtys (Poland)
Przemys_aw Kwiek (Poland)
Michelle Browne (UK)
Johanna Householder (Canada)
Fabien Montmartin (France)
Grupa _uhuu! (Poland)
Belen Cueto (Spain)
Ryszard Piegza (France)
Tina Valentan (Slovenia)
Ma_gorzata Butterwick (Poland)
Peter Baren (Netherlands)
Gaetan Rusquet (Belgium)
Pepe Murciego & Roxana Popelka (Spain)
Jan _widzi_ski (Poland)
Grupa Artystyczna Restauracja Europa (Poland)
Josefina Alcazar (Mexico)
_ukasz Guzek (Poland)
Ma_gorzata Butteriwck (Poland)
Tamina Hauser (Chile)
Nieves Correa (Spain)
Hilario Alvarez (Spain)
6. EVENT: International Art Performance
Dates: May 12-13, 2009; Source: Nicolas Gerber
Diverse Universe
Tallin - Riga - Berlin - Bâle - Marseille - Toulouse - Barcelona
May 13 & 13, 2009
Non Grata, Steve Vanoni + Horsecow, Rachel Hoffmann, Kim Baek Ki + Koreansvers, 1KA, Jean Michel Rubio, Edwige Mandrou, Theo di Ricco, Karl Batterij + Stephanie Echeinberg, Natacha Muslera, Melodie Duchesne and more…
LIVERY 4 Rue Duverger
13002 Marseille M. Jules Guesde
Pte d'Aix (parallele rue de la Joliette)
A performance meeting of two days between artists of various geographical and artistic horizons, the artists and public of Marseilles. On tour since the beginning of April, through Estonia, Germany and Switzerland, Diverse Universe, a collaboration of artists performers coming from the 6 corners of the world are invited in order to meet the public and artists of Marseilles. They will carry on their road to Barcelona…
Art performance is a body, time and space art - its form touches with contemporary art, dance, music, theatre or all live or critical forms of expression - in constant displacement, fragile or unperceivable, physical or spectacular, the experiment of the performer is shared directly with the audience…
Organisation: Nicolas Gerber (objet direct) en collaboration avec Diverse Universe, Terre Blanque & Livery 
7. EVENT: Off BNL de MTL presents Raphaëlle De Groot
Date: May 12, 2009; Source: La Centrale
As part of the OFF BNL de MTL
Performance, Tuesday May 12, 7pm
Alongside this interest in the trace of things and the universe of others, I develop “performative” exercises that turn others’ gaze back onto me, a procedure that turns attention back to the artist’s work, to the artist grappling with the creative process. Through various physical and situational constraints—obstructed vision, restrictive wear, covering up the face—I strive to work outside the purview of vision, in “un-mastery”, such as to instill a state of dispossession, of loss: loss of one’s bearings, loss of control, loss of self-image.
8. EVENT: infr’Action Paris 2009
Date: May 15-16, 2009; Source: Jaokim Stampe
Centre cultural suédois / Institut suédois
11 rue Payenne, 75003 Paris
Métro St-Paul ou Chemin Vert
May 15, 1009
18:00-22:00 H
Joël Hubaut, France
Léa Le Bricomte, France
Joakim Stampe, Sweden
Nadia Mancer, France
Lee Wen, Singapor
Stein Henningsen, Norway
Waldemar Tatarczuk, Poland
Nyan Lin Htet, Burma
May 16, 2009
18:00-22:00 H
Thomas Dahl, Sweden
Esther Ferrer, Spain
Pernilla Ljungkvist, Sweden
Jason Lim, Singapore
Chu Yia Chia, Singapore
Siu Lan Ko, China
Elvira Santamaria, Mexico
Amanda Heng, Singapore
9. EVENT: Blow! Actual positions of Performance Art
Date: May 22, 2009; Source: Helge Meyer
Dear friends, colleagues, Performance Art lovers,
We are happy to invite you all to another version of Blow! - Actual positions of Performance Art  in Germany. This time, there will be 14 artists from Latinamerica and Canada to do a group performance in Bad Salzdetfurth on the 20th of May and Solo-Performances on the 22nd of May in the wonderful Gebläsehalle in Ilsede, Germany.
Please find attached the project description (in English) from Alexander Del Re, who is curating the guests from Latinamerica.
Also you find a Flyer (in german) that gives you more information where to go and what to expect!
List of participating artists:
- Aidana Rico, Ignacio Perez (Venezuela)
- Sara Letourneau (Canada)
- Carlos Monroy (Colombia)
- Marcio Shimabukuro (Brazil)
- Paola Yee (Mexico)
- Leonardo Gonzalez, Alejandro Leonhardt, Jonathan Vivanco, Alejandra Herrera, Alexander del Re (Chile)
- Jesusa Delbardo (Uruguay)
- Pilar Talavera (Peru)
- Tamina Hauser (photo exhibition) 
We would be really happy if you could come to see this interesting program! If not, please feel free to spread this mail as much as you like! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to me. In a few days there will be also infos under
Best wishes
Helge Meyer
Project description:
A Performance Art Exchange between young artists from the Americas and Europe
The Project consists in the establishment of a series of performance art festivals and events, to further an artistic exchange between the younger generation of performance artists between the Americas and Europe.
This Project was initiated with the invitation to Alexander Del Re, to be the guest curator of the upcoming “Interakjce” performance art festival in Poland, from May 10 to 17th. As part of his curatorial process, Del Re decided to invite the younger generation of performance artists from North, Central and South America for the festival, in order to give them new opportunities to present their work, as well as to create a multiplying effect in the region, by establishing new interactions with the younger generation of European performance artists as well.
With the idea of exchange in mind, part of the whole delegation going to Poland (comprised of 22 artists, lecturers and photographers from the region) are participating at the “Blow!” series in Germany, to further the same goals of artistic mutual understanding and knowledge.
The presentation of performance artists from Latinamerican will be accompanied by a traveling exhibition of performance art documentation from 3 of the main younger generation of photographers devoted to the discipline. The exhibition includes selected works by Antonio Juarez (Mexico), Alejandro Gonzalez (Venezuela) and Tamina Hauser (Chile).
In the second phase of the project, two performance art festivals will be developed in South America, inviting young performance artists from Europe (Poland, Germany, Finland and the U.K.). These festivals will feature the younger artists from Europe as well as some of the original American artists and other local young practitioners.
General Objective:
Open opportunities for the younger generation of performance artists from the Americas and Europe, by furthering a dialogue and mutual knowledge of their artistic endeavors.
Specific Objectives:
Provide new opportunities for the presentation of artworks for the younger generation of performance artists of America and Europe.
Create a dialogue between young performance artists from America and Europe, to improve the mutual understanding between the two regions.
Develop a mutual knowledge of the challenges, problems and opportunities existing in America and Europe for the younger generation of performance artists.
Create a mutual platform for the development of new performance art projects in the future, to expand the effect of the Project for the upcoming generation of artists in both regions of the World.
Project Schedule.-
The first stage of the Project takes place in Poland, at “Interakcje” festival, from May 10-17th, 2009, in different cities. The second is the presentation of a selection of the Latinamerican artists in “Blow!” series in Germany, from May 18-23, 2009. The delegation will include 12 artists from Canada, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile. The air travel of the whole delegation of Latinamerican artists is funded with several foundations in the region.
The second part of the project involves the presentation of a European delegation in South America, at “Vitae” festival in Caracas, Venezuela, from October 6-11th 2009, and at “Brave New World” festival in Santiago, Chile, October 12-18th, 2009.
10. EVENT: Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art Performance Festival
Date: May 24-30, 2009; Source: Angelika Fojtuch
24th - 30th of May 2009
Curated by: Demosthenis Agrafiotis – Eirini Papakonstantinou
The performance art artists participating are coming from Greece, USA, Portugal, Denmark, Nigeria, Canada, Romania, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, China, Japan, France and Uruguay:
Angelika Fojtuch 
Angeliki Avgitidou 
Aris Prodromidis 
Beatriz Albuquerque 
Boris Nieslony 
Cesar Martinez 
Chengyao He 
Clemente Padin 
Danai Papas 
David Adamo 
Eric Andersen
Evangelia Basdekis 
Guillermo Gómez-Peña 
Hector Mavridis 
IC Group 
Jelili Atiku 
Joachim Montessuis 
Mary Zygouri 
Matei Bejenaru 
Michel Collet & Valentine Verhaeghe 
Monika Günther and Ruedi Schil 
Panos Tsagaris 
Paul Zografakis 
Seiji Shimoda
Sfina Sylvette Babbin 
11. EVENT: Live Action Göteborg
Date: May 28-31; Source: Joakim Stampe
This years edition of  Swedens leading international performance art festival, Live Action Göteborg, will take place, from May 28 to 31 2009 at the Museum of World Culture. The international avant-garde of contemporary art will come to Gothenburg when Live Action Göteborg presents the work of performance artist from around the world. With its 23 aritsts coming from besides Germany, Northern Ireland, Norway, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain and Sweden, but also from Chile, Burma, Vietnam, Mexico, Canada, China and this years country of honour Singapore, Live Action Gothenburg occupies the place as one of northern Europes most exciting performance art festivals. If the notion world culture can signify an attitude, a way of living, a way of thinking, is World Culture in performance art a way to be, to function, and during Live Action Göteborg, simply an act.
It is also with great pleasure that we can announce that this years festival will be presented at the Museum of  World Culture . With this years edition we have chagned not only the outlook and the season but also the venue. However, the artistic quality will still be on the same level. Yes, we are very pleased to be able to present a mixed program of high quality, that we are convinced will fascinate and stimulate a hopefully large audience. Welcome to Live Action Göteborg 09 !
Chu Yia Chia
Shannon Cochrane
Alexander Del Re
Esther Ferrer
Jürgen Fritz
Jean Claude Gagnieux
Amanda Heng
Kurt Johannessen
Norbert Klassen
Siu Lan Ko
Jason Lim
Alastair MacLennan
Helge Meyer
Denis Romanovski
Elvira Santamaria
Joakim Stampe
Hans T. Sternudd
Marco Teubner
Wen Lee
Elin Wikström
Agnes Yit
12. WORKSHOP: Proto-type Theatre
Deadline: June 8, 2009; Source: Peter Petralia
This summer, for the first time ever, Proto-type Theater is running a six-day summer school at our new home, The Storey, in Lancaster (UK).
The Proto-type Summer School 2009 will offer a chance for adventurous young makers to develop their practice by working with Proto-type. The summer school will be a mixture of workshop/training sessions, new work development and social time, all themed around the question, “Where do lost things go.” Proto-type company members will deliver a series of provocations to the participants around various forms of loss, which will inspire the development of short performance works. Participants will work in groups and individually to develop their short performance pieces and will receive critical feedback and guidance on developing their practice. The weeklong workshop will end with a presentation of work and a closing event.
The Proto-type Summer School is limited to 12 participants and the week is charged at £150. Applications are due by noon 8 June 2009. Because spaces are limited, priority will be given to applications submitted before 1 May 2009. Some bursaries may become available. Full details and an application from can be downloaded as a single PDF <http://www.proto-type.org/documents/summerschool.pdf> 
Questions can be emailed to summerschool@proto-type.org
Peter S Petralia | Artistic Director
Proto-type Theater
Room PD 01
The Storey
Meeting House Lane
Lancaster LA1 1TH
www.proto-type.org <http://www.proto-type.org>  | info@proto-type.org
13. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: HISK Work Years 2010-2011
Deadline: June 15, 2009; Source: e-artnow
HISK: Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunsten / Higher Institute for Fine Arts
Charles de Kerchovelaan 187a
9000 Gent
Phone: +3292696760
Fax:  +322696770
Open Studios:
Friday May 8, 2009 - 10:00 > 20:00
Saturday May 9, 2009 - 14:00 > 20:00
Sunday May 10, 2009 - 14:00 > 20:00 
Deadline submission applications for work years 2010-2011: Monday June 15, 2009 
For more information: www.hisk.edu
The Higher Institute of Fine Arts (HISK) organizes postgraduate education in Flanders in the field of the audiovisual and visual arts. It provides approximately twenty-five young artists from Belgium and abroad with a studio of their own for the duration of two years along with specific, tailor-made guidance. At the HISK, emphasis lies mainly on individual practice with an international focus. The visiting lecturers are crucial. Artists, curators, critics and theoreticians pay individual studio visits at regular intervals. There are also frequent visits to significant art events and lectures, seminars and workshops are provided. The HISK also offers technical facilities and production opportunities. 
Thanks to the unique HISK concept, the participants are given every opportunity to invest in critical research of their work in order to situate it within a broader artistic, cultural and societal context. At the end of the two-year working period, the participant receives a certificate of 'Laureate of the HISK'. The HISK is officially recognized as Higher Institute and is financed by the Flemish Community - Ministry of Education and supported by the City of Ghent. Since 1997, 148 laureates have graduated from the HISK. The largest part of them are currently building up a successful professional career in the Belgian and international art world. In 2009, the candidate-laureates working at the HISK come from Canada, Japan, Ethiopia, South Africa, Israel, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Portugal, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. An international jury selected them from more than a hundred candidates.
The Open Studios give the candidate-laureates the opportunity to undergo a confrontation with the public and to generate a great deal of feedback from visual arts professionals. It also offers the audience access to and an insight into the artistic development of a young generation of artists who will play a part in shaping the future of the arts landscape.
14. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Methinks presents
Deadline: June 15, 2009; Source: Ryan Ringer
Methinks Presents seeks performance proposals from local, national and international artists and collectives of all stripes, in response to the theme, We Made a Deal with the Devil. 
With this theme as a guide, embark on a wild inspiration-hunt through the deep woods of folklore, collective memory, mythmaking, adventure and risk.  Possible points of entry include: tales of ghosts and haunted houses; legends of mysterious beasts (such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, Ogopogo, etc); and stories of crusty old hermits, lunatic hitchhikers and alien abduction.  The theme is open to interpretation.  Have fun with it!      
Proposals will be considered for inclusion in ONE or more tour dates, NOT THE ENTIRE TOUR.  Please specify where you are able to perform; hopefully you live in, or within a reasonable distance of, one of our tour stop.  Of particular interest are malleable projects that can be adapted for a variety of sites, including: inns, bars, art galleries, lofts, vacant lots, campsites and public parks.
Although we respect and value the artist fee rates established by CARFAC, we cannot provide artist fees for this project, nor can we provide travel assistance or lodging (unless we have extra space at one of our campsites, etc; in which case, you're more than welcome to stay with us).  Participating artists and collectives are responsible for all costs, including travel and lodging, associated with their projects.  
- CVs and short profiles of all participating artists
- Detailed project description specifying spatial and technical needs, etc (max 1 page)
- Links to online documentation (video and/or images) of the proposed project or relevant work by you (or your collective)
- A list of tour stops (like, which town or city on our tour schedule) that are possible for you to participate in
methinkspresents@gmail.com <mailto:methinkspresents@gmail.com> 
to receive a PDF of the submission form.
Ryan Ringer
Director; curator
methinkspresents@gmail.com <mailto:methinkspresents@gmail.com> 
http://methinkspresents.org <http://methinkspresents.org /> 
Date: June 27-28, 2009; Source: Keith Cole
as part of "Alternative Arts"
Plot, Engage, Disperse is Pride Toronto's experimental mixed art programme. With an emphasis on interactivity, P/E/D is comprised of performance art, intimate conversation, craft making and singing along - but that's not all! Blurring the lines between art and experience, high and low culture, playfulness and thoughtfulness P/E/D takes art out of the galleries and brings it onto the streets for all Pride art lovers.
Artist and P/E/D curator Daryl Vocat has again assembled a unique group of artists and performers this year for an event that is perfect for the queer and queer friendly urban explorer. Stuff your face at a Dyke Day afternoon pie eating contest with Lex Vaughn, get crafty in the FreeZone making felt moustaches, one-inch buttons, or bring something to have screen printed! Commemorate Pride 2009 by having Duorama stamp you pennies. Reflect on history with a screening of the documentary General Idea: Art AIDS and the Fin de Siecle. Drop by the P/E/D tent in Norman Jewison Park to watch a series of animated videos. Join the crowds on Saturday June 28th at 10pm in Paul Kane Parkette for a secret sing along. Don't know the words? Don't worry you'll still have "something to sing about!"
P/E/D is truly a unique experience and you are encouraged to choose your own adventure in Church / Wellesley's unique park system.
Daryl Vocat, born in Regina, Saskatchewan, is a visual artist living and working in Toronto. He has had solo exhibitions at Toronto's Thrush Holmes Empire, Open Studio, and York Quay Gallery. He has also had solo exhibitions at SNAP gallery in Edmonton, Eastern Edge Gallery in St John's, James K. Bartleman Art Gallery in Elliot Lake, The Wilfred Laurier Gallery in Waterloo, and Malaspina Printmakers Gallery in Vancouver. He has participated in several group exhibitions both in Canada and beyond.
For full project details, schedule updates and P/E/D artists bio's please visit visiwww.pridetoronto.com/ped or at www.darylvocat.com <http://www.darylvocat.com> 
Plot, Engage, Disperse
Part of Alternative Arts at Pride Toronto
Curated by Daryl Vocat
Various location in the Church / Wellesley Park System
Saturday June 27th and Sunday June 28th, 2009
Starting at 2pm both afternoons
16. EVENT: Stromereien Performance Festival 2009 + Workshops
Dates: July 29-August 7, 2009; Source: Bettina Holzhausen
It’s that time again already! Once again stromereien will present 15 new and unusual performance projects. In addition the festival will offer a six day workshop for professional artists, a symposium discussing the rules and breaking of boundaries in public spaces, discussions with the performing artists and lots more!
The detailed festival programme will be available at www.stromereien.ch from May 2009.
Artists stromereien 09: Simon Berz (Zürich), Cie. Nicole Seiler (Lausanne), Cie. Nuna - YounSoon Cho (Lausanne), Body Cartography Project (Minneapolis, USA), Nicolas Y Galeazzi (Barcelona, Berlin, UK), Georg Keller (Zürich), Jordan McKenzie (London, UK), post theater & Beatrice Fleischlin (Berlin), Anne Rosset & Robert Alexander (Zürich), Mia Rushton & Eric Moschopedis (Calgary, Kanada), Katja Schenker (Zürich), Nadine Schwarz (Zürich), Lara Stanic (Zürich), Anna Tenta (Zürich), Eva Weaver (Brighton, UK)
Workshop with Thomas Lehmen (Berlin)
2. – 7. August 2009 (full days)
In his workshop, Thomas Lehmen will concentrate on the artistic exploration of public space. Over a period of six days the participants of the workshop will experiment with different strategies of creating a dialogue with communal spaces, of how to react to the resulting findings or how to include imaginary content in these results . The factual context of a city will thereby be brought into a creative relationship with artistic ideas, utopian fantasies and invented characters. A series of tailored, specific exercises will lead the workshop participants in exploring the city. On the final day of the Workshop, several “Working Rehearsals” will be presented to the public as part of the stromereien 09 Performance Festival Zürich.
The workshop is aimed at practising artists of various genres, specialists in related subject areas, and students of relevant subjects.
Thomas Lehmen is a choreographer, dancer and teacher. He studied at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam from 1986 to 1990; since 1990 he has been living in Berlin where he developed numerous works and projects that have presented worldwide. Topics of repeated artistic interest include communication, cybernetics and the way in which the human being reflects over, and therefore influences, his environment. His methods of approaching material, which often use elements of verbal communication, are based on conceptional methods and forms of presentation.
Thomas Lehmen teaches at various universities in Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin and Reykjavik and gives workshops both nationally and internationally. His teaching methods often utilise choreographical systems that lay focus on an individual artistic process.
Works (Selection): 1999: "distanzlos", 2001: "mono subjects", 2002: "Schreibstueck", 2003: „STATIONEN - Station 1, Berlin“, 2004: "FUNKTIONEN", "It's better to...", 2006: "Lehmen lernt", "Invitation".
Course Dates: Sunday 2nd – Friday 7th August 2009, all day
Location: Tanzhaus Zürich, Wasserwerk 129, CH – 8037 Zürich
Working Language: German (possibly also English)
Cost: SFr. 400.00 (Swiss Francs)
Places are limited!
Written or emailed registration for the workshop containing a short CV (bullet points); Don’t forget address, telephone number and email address!  a short letter of application explaining why you wish to take part in the workshop should be sent to the following address:
stromereien 09, c/0 Tanzhaus Zürich, 
Wasserwerkstrasse 129, 
CH – 8037 Zürich
For questions or information please contact Bettina Holzhausen at info@stromereien.ch, or +41 (0) 79 745 30 24.
17. CALL FOR PAPERS: essi Arts + Opinions
Deadline: September 10, 2009; Source: Essi
Theme: Sabotage
Deadline: September 10
Send your text (1,000-2,250 words) to s.babin@esse.ca before September 10, 2009. Please include a short biography (50-80 words), an abstract of the text (100 words), as well as postal and e-mail addresses. We also welcome submissions (reviews, essays, analyses) not connected to a particular theme (deadlines: September 10, January 10 and April 15). 
After a year spent focusing on waste, fragility and disappearance, we felt the need to have a look at the art object prior to its obliteration or transformation, to consider instead what accelerated its disintegration, and explore the means and motives behind such practices. In thus seemed appropriate to propose to authors a meditation on the notion of artistic sabotage. In the next themed issue, esse will publish critical analyses of artistic practices that aim to disrupt established systems as well as public order, through self-destruction, contamination, interference or infiltration. Some artists seem to look towards illegality, others choose to undermine their own projects or to interfere in others’, thus producing a value judgment on the artistic quality of a work. There are also those interested in diverting the mechanisms of structured paranoia in our society, in particular camera surveillance systems and social networks that appropriate personal data. Our objective is to better understand non-ethical, illegal practices—sometimes politically inclined, even anarchist—that spread chaos for purely artistic reasons, whose strike force possibly resides in their capacity to critique established discourses and their imitations. esse wishes to highlight the necessity of practices that deliberately act on various systems, including the art world’s, to better show their failings and perhaps even awaken consciousness.
About FADO:
Established in 1993, FADO Performance Inc. (Performance Art Centre) is a not-for-profit artist-run centre for performance art based in Toronto, Canada. FADO exists to provide a stable, ongoing, supportive forum for creating and presenting performance art. Currently, we are the only artist-run centre in English Canada devoted specifically to this form. We present the work of local, national and international artists who have chosen performance art as a primary medium to create and communicate provocative new images and new perspectives. Thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council and the Department of Canadian Heritage for their on-going support of our endeavors.
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