FADO E-LIST (May 2016)


1. EVENT: MONOMYTHS: Stage 6 with Michelle M. Wright
Date: May 5 & 7, 2016; City: Toronto, Canada
2. EVENT: DEALS DEALS DEALS DEALS (Spring cleaning = Indoor garage sale)
Date: May 13–14, 2016; City: Toronto; Source: Artist-run centres
3. EVENT: FAAS Fair of Alternative Art
Date: May 4–7, 2016; Sudbury, Canada; Source: FAAS
4. EVENT: Revolve Performance Art Days
Date: May 6–14, 2016; City: Uppsala, Sweden; Source: Gustaf Broms
5. EVENT: XIII° Art Action, Monza
Date: May 13–14, 2016; City: Monza, Italy; Source: Nicola Frangioni
6. EVENT: New Performance Nights vol. 2: BORDERLINE
Date: May 21, 2016; City: Turku, Finland; Source: New Performance Nights
7. EVENT: Future Histories
Date: May 21, 2016; City: Dublin, Ireland; Source: Sinead O'Donnell
8. JOB PLACEMENT: Unlimited Programme (Shape and Artsadmin)
Deadline date: May 23, 2016; City: various, UK; Source: Sinead O'Donnell
9. EVENT: Unlimited Action: Limits of Performance
Date: May, 28, 2016; City: London, UK; Source: Dominic Johnson
10. PERFORMANCE ART WORKSHOP with Victoria Stanton
Date: June 16–20, 2016; City: Montreal, Canada: Source: Victoria Stanton
11. WORKSHOP: PAS (Performance Art Studies) #47 | ICON
Date: June 20–30, 2016; City: Vienna, Austria; Source: BBB Johannes Deimling
12. EVENT: PAErsche has the pleasure to announce the JUNE issue 2016: INTERVAL °8
Date: June 10 & 11, 2016: City: Essen, Germany; Source: asabank
13. WORKSHOP: entrée with Yorgos Bakalos and Christina Georgiou
Deadline date: June 12, 2016; City: Koumaria, Greece; Source: Christina Georgiou


1. EVENT: MONOMYTHS: Stage 6 with Michelle M. Wright
Date: May 5 & 7, 2016; City: Toronto, Canada

MONOMYTHS: Stage 6: Tests, Allies, Enemies
Physics of Blackness: Understanding Beyond Linear Time
By Michelle M. Wright

May 5, 7:30pm
Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse, University of Toronto, 79 St. George Street #302
Admission: PWYC ($12 / $10 arts workers / $8 student card + seniors + underemployed)

May 7, 11am–1pm
The Theatre Centre Café, 1115 Queen Street West
Admission: FREE / all welcome

Please note that the Helen Gardiner Playhouse is wheelchair accessible. This lecture is presented in partnership with the University of Toronto Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies.

Eventbrite - MONOMYTHS: Stage 6 / Physics of Blackness: Understanding Beyond Linear Time By Michelle M. Wright

FADO picks up the epic MONOMYTHS series in May with Stage 6: Tests, Allies, Enemies.This stage will be addressed by Dr. Michelle M. Wright in a performative talk entitled Physics of Blackness: Understanding Beyond Linear Time. Please join us for the talk on May 5, and for a reading group led by Michelle Wright on May 7.

In this talk, Physics of Blackness: Understanding Beyond Linear Time, Michelle M. Wright shows how our current struggle to be diverse and inclusive in our worldview has more to do with Isaac Newton's laws of motion and gravity than most would realize. Blackness, for example, can only be understood accurately by drawing on different understandings of time and space--specifically going beyond linear time and the myth of universal progress. Moving from discussions of 17th century physics to 3rd century Christian religions, to 21st century African travel narratives to Black European postwar histories to Black Caribbean settlement in 18th century Australia, Physics of Blackness goes around the globe through all spaces and times to show us the unexpected ways Blackness reveals and encounters itself.

Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/897660403680057

Michelle M. Wright is Professor of African American Studies & Comparative Literary Studies at Northwestern University, where she teaches courses on Black European literature and cultures as well as gender and sexuality in the African and Black Diasporas. She is the author of two books, Becoming Black: Creating Identity in the African Diaspora (Duke University Press, 2004) and Physics of Blackness: Beyond the Middle Passage Epistemology (University of Minnesota Press, 2015). In addition to many articles and essays on understanding Black identities through gender, humour, visual arts, technology, and postwar histories, she is the co-editor with Jodi Byrd of Critical Insurgencies, a new book series in collaboration with the Critical Ethnic Studies Association and Northwestern University Press.

MONOMYTHS invites a diverse collection of artists, scholars, and activists to revise Joseph Campbell’s conception of the hero’s journey through performance art, lectures, workshops, and other offerings. This new assemblage of non-linear un-narratives proposes a cultural, political and social feminist re-visioning of the world. The MONOMYTHS perception of the universal journey dispels the notion of the lone patriarchal figure on a conquest to vanquish his demons–both inner and outer–in consideration of community, collectivity, and collaboration.  

Joseph Campbell’s influential book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces (1949) prescribes a common pattern to all of the world’s mythic narratives. According to this fundamental structure, the archetypal hero is challenged to embark on a monumental quest. Over the course of the hero’s journey, trials and obstacles must be overcome until a victory is won and the hero returns home with new knowledge about himself and the world. Campbell’s concept of the monomyth (‘one myth’) is a recognizable motif in both ancient mythology and contemporary culture, including film, music, literature, sports, and advertising. A current trend in popular visual culture replaces the male character with a female one, in spite of the fact that our heroine–from the get-go–would make different choices if the conditions, and conditioning, allowed. While each MONOMYTHS stage stands alone, the work of each presenting artist is interdependent and connected. These independent visions, when stitched together through the audience’s collective presence, form an exquisite corpse of a larger experimental narrative. 

The year-long MONOMYTHS project is presented in three sections starting in February 2016 and concluding in February 2017. The series is conceived and curated Jess Dobkin and Shannon Cochrane.

Part 1 (February 2016)
Stage 1: The Ordinary World/Call to Adventure
Stage 2: Refusal of the Call
Stage 3: Meeting of the Mentor
Stage 4: Crossing the Threshold
Stage 5: Belly of the Whale

Part 2 (May 2016–January 2017)
Stage 6: Tests, Allies, Enemies
Stage 7: Journey to the Inmost Cave
Stage 8: Ordeals
Stage 9: Reward (Seizing the Sword)
Stage 10: The Crossing of the Return Threshold

Part 3 (February 2017)
Stage 11: Refusal of the Return
Stage 12: The Magic Flight
Stage 13: The Crossing of the Return Threshold
Stage 14: Mistress of Two Worlds
Stage 15: Freedom to Live


2. EVENT: DEALS DEALS DEALS DEALS (Spring cleaning = Indoor garage sale)
Date: May 13–14, 2016; City: Toronto; Source: Artist-run centres

DEALS DEALS DEALS DEALS (Spring cleaning = Indoor garage sale)

Friday, May 13, from 12pm–6:00pm (extended hours for after work buying)
Saturday, May 14, from 12pm–5:00pm

4th floor, 401 Richmond Street West, Toronto


WE'RE PARTING WAYS WITH ALL OUR STUFF and we want you to have it. Great stuff from great homes to even greater homes.

DEALS DEALS DEALS DEALS is brought to you by FADO Performance Art Centre, imagineNative Film + Media Art Festival, Reel Asian International Film Festival, SAVAC (South Asian Visual Arts Centre) and Vtape.

We have: office furniture, non-office furniture, office supplies, art supplies, electronic equipment, theatre props, kitchen stuff, weird stuff, misc. stuff, non-misc. stuff, maybe some art: visual, media, performance, lamps and shit, performance 

We will also probably provide: SNAX and LEMONADE

This is what we do when we are not selling all our stuff:

FADO: www.performanceart.ca
ImagineNative: www.imaginenative.org
Reel Asian: www.reelasian.com
SAVAC: www.savac.net
Vtape: www.vtape.org

Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/495634683978687


3. EVENT: FAAS Fair of Alternative Art
Date: May 4–7, 2016; Sudbury, Canada; Source: FAAS

Every two years since 2008, the Fair of Alternative Art in Sudbury (FAAS) has occupied and transformed a public space in the nickel city’s downtown. Invited artists are challenged to complete new works over the course of the festival and according to each edition’s concept and theme.

For the fifth FAAS, artists will occupy a parking lot in the heart Downtown Sudbury. Each artist will work with a shelter, built with construction materials, that fits inside an individual parking space.

The FAAS’ ephemeral nature evokes all that is magical, fantastic, and surreal. Installation and performance art appears in a public space and disappears in a very short time. It is within this context that FAAS 5 artists will be invited to create a singular space where they will put their creativity to the test on the largest possible stage: the Universe.

Thirty new works of art will emerge, as if by some enchantment, before the community’s eyes. Members of the public are encouraged to follow the creative process closely. The event will conclude with the unveiling of the finished installations and an evening of performance under the FAAS’ Big Top.

With a wink and a nod to the concept, and a reference to the infamous magical incantation, the GNO has nicknamed the 5th FAAS “Abricadabri” (abri being the French word for shelter).

Abricadabri, to create an intimate space and invite everyone over.
Abricadabri, a public refuge for arts and for artists.
Abricadabri, the Fifth Fair of Alternative Art in Sudbury.

Participating Artists:
Amber Baechler and Mark Baechler (Sudbury)
Darren Copeland (South River)
Patrick Dionne and Miki Gingras (Montréal)
Hélène Lefebvre (Ottawa)
Francis O'Shaughnessy (Montréal)
Sasha Phipps (Ottawa)
Thom Sokoloski (Toronto)
Stefan St-Laurent (Ottawa)
Geneviève Thauvette (Toronto)

Partner artists:
GNO and centre Bang: Etienne Boulanger (Alma)
GNO and L'Écart: Marc-Olivier Hamelin et Pier-Antoine Lacombe (Rouyn-Noranda)
GNO and M:ST (Mountain Standard Time): SPANE: Threshold
GNO and UP HERE: Les Abdigradationnistes (Montréal)
Art Gallery of Sudbury: Heather Topp (Sudbury)
AXENÉO7 and Galerie SAW Gallery: Mathieu Cardin (Gatineau)
CFMDC: SoJin Chun (Toronto)
Dare-Dare: Geneviève Rousseau (Montréal) 
Debajehmujig: Nani Bell, Samantha Brennan, and Jamie Oshkabewisens (Wikwemikong)
Future in Safe Hands Collective: Megan Lozicki Paulin and Tara Windatt
Galerie d'art Louise et Reuben Cohen, la Galerie Sans Nom, and l'Atelier d'estampe IMAGO: Alisa Arsenault (Moncton) and Jennifer Bélanger (Moncton)
Gallery 44: Lise Beaudry (Toronto)
Artists invited by Myths and Mirrors Community Arts: Aédan Charest and Sarah King Gold
Artist invited by Open Studio (Cambrian College): Rx Neufeld (Sudbury)
Artist invited by Université de Hearst: Laurent Vaillancourt (Hearst)
Artiste invité par Vaste et Vague: Paul Walty (Toronto)
Artist invited by Voix Visuelle: Izabel Barsive (Ottawa)
Artist invited by White Water Gallery: Elinor Whidden (Toronto)
Artists invited by Zakide: Maurice Switzer (North Bay) and Clayton Windatt (Sturgeon Falls)

Schedule of Events
For FAAS 5: ABRICADABRI, the FAAS headquarters will be set up at the Elgin/Medina parking lot in Downtown Greater Sudbury.

Tuesday May 3–Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario
6pm–Welcome party for the artist and arts organizations

Wednesday May 4–The Parking Lot
10am to 5pm–Creating and presenting artwork live

Thursday May 5–The Parking Lot
10am to 5pm–Creating and presenting artwork live

Friday May 6–The Parking Lot
12pm to 7pm–Creating and presenting artwork live

Saturday May 7th
11am–Brunch talk with FAAS artists
12pm to 5pm–Creating and presenting artwork live
12pm to 5pm–Creating and presenting artwork live
7pm–Reception for the artists’ completed shelters
8pm–Performance art in the FAAS cabaret*
9pm–Closing concert with les Abdigradationnistes*
10pm–Dance party*

*an entry fee of 7$ will be collected at the FAAS cabaret (all other events are free)



4. EVENT: Revolve Performance Art Days
Date: May 6–14, 2016; City: Uppsala, Sweden; Source: Gustaf Broms

May 6–14, 2016

Revolve Performance Art Days is a new festival for performance art in Uppsala, Sweden, with a focus on the genre’s specific power to act in the here a now. The festival aims at gathering and presenting a richness of expressions and artistic strategies dealing with the ephemeral nature of performance, while having the capacity to challenge, enrich and contradict each other. 14 internationally active artists and groups have been invited to participate, with the festival taking place in a variety of settings. Revolve highlights performance art that courageously and playfully challenges its own medium and politics. The program is multifaceted and discusses what it means to be human from a social and existential angle.

Participating artists and groups:
Gustaf Broms & Nigel Rolfe (SE, UK)
Martin Chramosta (CH) 
The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra - Kajsa Wadhia & Maria Stiernborg (SE)
Tamar Ettun (US/IL) och/and The Moving Company (US/SE)
Moa Franzén (SE)
Marie Gavois & Michel Klöfkorn (SE, DE)
Cecilia Germain (SE)
Saskia Holmkvist (SE/NO)
Ryoji Ikeda (JPN)
Klara Lewis (SE)
Performance Pathway, students from Royal College of Art (UK)
Tove Salmgren (SE)
Liv Strand & Marcus Doverud (SE)
May Woodhouse (Samonzora)

The festival is arranged by:
Köttinspektionen Dans
Uppsala Konsert & Kongress
Uppsala konstmuseum/Uppsala Art Museum
Gustaf Broms in collaboration with Royal College of Art, London

This festival has been made possible by the generous support of the Uppsala Municipality Cultural Committee, Culture and Education County Council of Uppsala, the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and Sensus. In collaboration with Iaspis - the Swedish Arts Grants Committee's International programme for visual artitsts. Gratitude to the volunteers from Katedralskolan and GUC Uppsala. 



5. EVENT: XIII° Art Action, Monza
Date: May 13–14, 2016; City: Monza, Italy; Source: Nicola Frangioni

(Performance Art e Poetiche Interdisciplinari)

Chiostro dei Musei Civici
Casa degli Umiliati
Via Teodolinda 4, Monza

May 13–14, 2016

Participating Artists:
Michela Montrasio
Sara Davidovics
Elisa Tagliati
Giada Fossà
Laura Astorri
Alessandra Matera
Giovanna Lacedra
TivitaviKea Tonetti 
Marek Jason Isleib

Iniziativa di: COMUNE DI MONZA
Assessorato alle Politiche Culturali

Associazione Culturale: Harta Performing Monza
Art Director: Nicola Frangione



6. EVENT: New Performance Nights vol. 2: BORDERLINE
Date: May 21, 2016; City: Turku, Finland; Source: New Performance Nights

New Performance Nights vol. 2: BORDERLINE
Saturday May 21, 2016, start 7pm

TEHDAS Teatteri
Manilla, Itäinen Rantakatu 64, Turku
Tickets from the door, 5€ (age limit 18)

Márcio Carvalho (GER/PT): Taming Ghosts
Kimmo Modig (FIN): Art is Meaningless and I Want My Life To Mean Something 
Tutkija/researcher Susanne Ådahl (FIN)
Meedio/psychic Ritva Lippo (FIN)
+ DJ's Jouko Korkeasaari & Ville Häkkinen

The second New Performance Nights of the year opens up to different borderlines and limit states. Psychic Ritva Lippo with 20 years of experience will connect to the spirit world with the audience. Researcher Susanne Ådahl gives a lecture about voice hearing as cultural phenomena. The club results with performances by Kimmo Modig (FIN) and Márcio Carvalho (GER/PT).

During the night the artists for the year 2016 New Performance Turku Festival will be announced!



7. EVENT: Future Histories
Date: May 21, 2016; City: Dublin, Ireland; Source: Sinead O'Donnell

May 21, 10am–10pm
Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin

Artists: Michelle Browne, Fergus Byrne, Brian Connolly, Pauline Cummins, Francis Fay, Debbie Guinnane, Sandra Johnston, Dr. Laura McAtackney, Danny McCarthy, Ciara McKeon, Alastair McLennan, Níamh Murphy, Katherine Nolan, Sinéad O’Donnell, Méabh Redmond, Dominic Thorpe and Helena Walsh.

Future Histories will be a one-day, 12-hour, live performance art and digital media event at Kilmainham Gaol. Sixteen Irish artists and an historical archeologist will respond to the site and its iconic, historical associations with the 1916 Easter Rising. Exploring themes of nationality, freedom and gender through time-based performances, the invited artists will engage with the centenary commemoration by creating contemporary perspectives on our shared past, conflicts, crises and passions in relation to the Rising and its greatest monument, Kilmainham Gaol.

Future Histories is curated by Níamh Murphy and Áine Phillips of Performance Art Live Foundation

Kilmainham Gaol Dublin 8
21 May, 10am–10pm

Future Histories is a free ticketed event. Tickets may be booked at Eventbrite here: www.eventbrite.ie/e/future-histories-tickets-24532278706



8. JOB PLACEMENT: Unlimited Programme (Shape and Artsadmin)
Deadline date: May 23, 2016; City: various, UK; Source: Sinead O'Donnell

Unlimited, in partnership with the British Council, is offering a placement for a disabled person who is based outside of the UK and who is working or beginning to work as an arts producer, arts curator or arts administrator.

Unlimited is a programme which supports high quality, extraordinary art by disabled artists, delivered by Shape and Artsadmin, based in the United Kingdom.

The placement is for 10 weeks, approximately 6 weeks of which will be spent in the UK, including September 2016 at the Unlimited Festivals at Southbank Centre, London and Tramway, Glasgow. This is a paid opportunity, with travel expenses, living expenses and costs for access covered. Applicants must be able to communicate effectively in written and spoken English. Unlimited will support applicants with any access needs, please ask us any questions.

Deadline for applications is Monday, May 23. Deadline 12pm noon GMT.

Interviews will take place via Skype on Wednesday June 8, and Thursday June 9th.



9. EVENT: Unlimited Action: Limits of Performance
Date: May, 28, 2016; City: London, UK; Source: Dominic Johnson

Saturday May 28, 1–6pm

Zikha Auditorium
Whitechapel Gallery (77-82 Whitechapel High Street, London)

What limits are imposed on performance, whether actively or tacitly, by institutions, form, tradition or by history? These limits may also be imposed by artists themselves as constructive boundaries with which to wrestle towards productive ends. How do artists comply with, reject, or overcome limits in the course of their work, or in its presentation, documentation, or dissemination?

UNLIMITED ACTION: Limits of Performance brings together artists, curators and academics to explore these questions around the theme of limits in performance – limits of the body, aesthetics, material conditions, institutional practices, pleasure, or desire.

Speakers include artists Anne Bean, Nigel Rolfe and Ulay, who will also perform.

In collaboration with Dominic Johnson (Queen Mary University of London), supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.



10. PERFORMANCE ART WORKSHOP with Victoria Stanton
Date: June 16–20, 2016; City: Montreal, Canada: Source: Victoria Stanton

Boundaries of the Body: A Post-Studio Performative Practices Intensive

Where: Various locations around the island of Montreal
When: June 16–20, 2016 (with a final event to mark the Solstice on the last day)
Cost:  $275 (Possibility for sliding scale/service exchange for limited number of participants)
Number of participants: 8
This workshop will be bilingual (English and French)

TO REGISTER or for more info: contact Victoria at art@bankofvictoria.com
Register by: June 1, 2016 (A $50 deposit is required to reserve your spot)

About the Workshop: Five days, five public locations. Indoors and Out. Morning and Evening. North, South, East, West. Mountain, River, Downtown, Backyard.

Continuing from the same premise as the Between Intimacy and Architecture workshop series from the past three years, this five-day intensive will specifically locate our process (from warm-ups to presentations) in public settings, surrounded by elements of the “everyday.” An opportunity to deepen our explorations about how we consider, construct, and witness performance in public (non-art) contexts, participants will be invited to experiment with in-situ and in-socius performative practices as we move from one location to the next on a daily basis. How does place inform our behaviour? How do we move, walk, relate, receive – depending on where we are? How do weather, air, walls, others inform our performative choices? With an emphasis on post-studio methodologies, through embodied research we will also examine the im/practicalities (challenges, surprises, joys, unpredictability of dynamics) of making/showing work literally “outside the box.”

About the Workshop Facilitator
Victoria Stanton is an interdisciplinary artist whose 20+ years of practice spans the realms of live action, human interaction, video, film, photo, drawing, and writing. Since 2001 Victoria has been delving into an expanded engagement with performance art, combining infiltrating and transactional/relational processes within a variety of communities and contexts across Canada and internationally. Considered a pioneer of transactional practices in Quebec, she has facilitated several workshops with TouVA (a collective comprised of Stanton, Sylvie Tourangeau and Anne Bérubé) and been developing a pedagogy via the exploration of human geography, architecture and the body as well as the micro-event – elements that have become fundamental to her workshops. She has previously given classes in Montreal (RAIQ, SKOL, Studio 303, Concordia University) Durham (Words Aloud Festival), Toronto (Hub 14, Artscape Gibraltar Point, Artscape Youngplace), Sudbury (Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario), Mexico (Centre FRONDA), and Melbourne (Overload Festival). Victoria has presented exhibitions, performances, interventions, and films/videos nationally and internationally, and has co-authored two books: with Vincent Tinguely (Impure, Reinventing the Word: The Theory, Practice, and Oral History of Spoken Word in Montreal, conundrum press, 2001) and TouVA (Le 7e sens : Practicing Dialogues/ Practicing Workshops/ Practicing the Daily Performative/ pratiquer l'art performance, Éditions Sagamie, appearing in the fall of 2016).

*In conjunction with Stanton’s year-long research residency “The Sanctimonious Sect of Nothing Is Sacred / L’Édifiante secte de rien (n’)est sacré” co-presented by DARE-DARE


11. WORKSHOP: PAS (Performance Art Studies) #47 | ICON
Date: June 20–30, 2016; City: Vienna, Austria; Source: BBB Johannes Deimling

In cooperation with Galerie Michaela Stock
With BBB Johannes Deimling and guest teacher Veronika Merklein
12 places available 

"An Icon is a usually pictorial representation for an image. This can be on the one hand an object of uncritical devotion like an idol, traditional belief or ideal or on the other an emblem or symbol.” 

A conceptual framework is constructed, based in critical theory from arts disciplines, notably from the thought of Barthes, Panofsky and Peirce. As Barthes himself points out, the photograph, for instant is a message without a code. It is a sign because it looks like that which it depicts: Barthes calls it an “analogon”. Regarding to Peirce “there are three kinds of signs. Firstly, there are likenesses, or icons; which serve to convey ideas of the things they represent simply by imitating them”. In the semiotic theories of Peirce the icon signifies by resemblance. Panofsky understood iconology to be more a search for symptoms and claimed "symbolical" values might, in fact, radically differ from the conscious intention of the artist. 

Regarding to them the icon is a primary denotation or representation. Iconography is a secondary level of coded meaning. Iconology is an interpretation that calls on the unconscious. The icon can be a portrait and resembles or imitates its object. The icon has a certain character or aspect, one which the object also has or is supposed to have and which lets the icon be interpreted as a sign or an symbolical value even if the object does not exist. 

The American philosopher Kendall Walton once distinguished between two aspects of photographic images: They are both photos and pictures. It is a matter of the dual relationship between objects and photographs: the photographic relationship is the index and the illustrative relationship is the icon. Often these two relationships coincide with each other. Walton claims that photographs are transparent, so they allow us to see their subjects only indirectly. . 

According to the topic of PAS #47 we will research performance art practices and create an experimental setting in which we will work towards an individual performance which will be presented as part of the performance days at Galerie Stock. A second part of the studies will be the analyzation of the presented performances during the event. Seeing other artists and connecting it with one’s own approach will deepen the studies made on the topic. 

PAS | Performance Art Studies:
-To develop an Art Performance with 9 days of technical, pedagogical and artistic guidance
-To investigate and work with a variety of performative exercises, experiments, games and assignments in various conditions both in and outdoors with a specific focus on: space, body, time, material, concentration. Work will be made in groups and individually
-A final public presentation of the performance (media promotion, poster, mailing) and final celebration party as part of the festival organized by Galerie Michaela Stock, Vienna
-Video and photo documentation of the final presentation completed by the PAS photographer
-Publication of the Documentation on PAS website and other Performance Art related websites
-Contacts with artists, curators and art institutions in Vienna
-Meeting and collaborating with other like-minded people from other countries
-Encounters, lectures and discussions with invited artists
-Context of the place, history and culture
-The studies are ideal for art students, young artists and all other people who are interested in Performance Art. The range of ages in the past was from 13 to 72 and the level of experience is not a criterion for you to participate in PAS studies. The group is usually composed of international artists coming from different backgrounds and different parts of the world
-PAS studies takes place with at least 8 participants
-Teaching language is English

June 19: arrival
June 20–28: practical studies
June 30: final presentations
June 30: reflection, departure
June 29–July 3: festival of performances at Galerie Michaela Stock 

Application: Closing date for applications June 1, 2016. Send your application (CV, work examples and a short motivation letter) to: pas@bbbjohannesdeimling.de 

Price: €300 (for confirmed applications before May 1, 2016 the price will be: €250). Price does not include travel and accommodation costs 

Websites and contact:
PAS | Performance Art Studies: http://pas.bbbjohannesdeimling.de
This announcement on the PAS website: http://tinyurl.com/PAS-47-ICON
PAS | Performance Art Studies on Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/PAS-Performance-Art-Studies/155916514449164

BBB Johannes Deimling: www.bbbjohannesdeimling.de
Galerie Michaela Stock: www.galerie-stock.net
Veronika Merklein: www.veronikamerklein.com 

be part of PAS … and join the studies! 


12. EVENT: PAErsche has the pleasure to announce the JUNE issue 2016: INTERVAL °8
Date: June 10 & 11, 2016: City: Essen, Germany; Source: asabank

June 10, as part of Kulturpfadfest Essen 2016

June 11, 7pm with Soloperformances at Artspace ERDgeschoß, Emmastrasse 1a, 45130 Essen

with solo-performances, interventions and actions from PAErsche 
and its invited guests:

Vivian Chinasa Ezugha (UK)
Bartolomé Ferrando (ES)

Esther Ferrer (ES)
Markus Goessi (CH)

Eunhye Hwang (Korea/D)
Nicolas Puyjalon (FR/D)

Organized by Marita Bullmann

+49 176 23512133

facebook: Interval Essen

Carte Blanche
June 14, 8pm

Cologne: Orangerie-Theater, Volksgartenstrasse 25, 50677 Köln

Invited artists:

Vivian Chinasa Ezugha (UK)
Bartolomé Ferrando (ES)
Markus Goessi (CH)

Eunhye Hwang (Korea/D)
Nicolas Puyjalon (FR/D)

more infos:
Facebook: paersche


13. WORKSHOP: entrée with Yorgos Bakalos and Christina Georgiou
Deadline date: June 12, 2016; City: Koumaria, Greece; Source: Christina Georgiou

OPEN CALL to Artists
entréePerformance Project and Workshop at Koumaria Residency
With Yorgos Bakalos and Christina Georgiou

Dates July 10–17
Deadline date: June 12, 2016
Place: Koumaria Residency / www.koumaria.gr 

Description: Koumaria Residency in collaboration with Yorgos Bakalos and Christina Georgiou are thrilled to invite artists from all over the world to participate in the performance project and workshop: entrée for the creation of an innovative event held in the premises of Koumaria Residency and the surrounding areas.

The aim of this 8-day performance project and workshop is to bring together artists from a variety of backgrounds in order to create an artistic platform of mutual exchange. Therefore entrée is about the action of joining a particular sphere or group. And its main idea is to expand individual principles and create transpersonal dialogues within a collaborative environment. With this event we are seeking a new channel of personal communication through artistic means in order to rekindle and shape a new relationship between each other.

This project is addressed to artists at any stage of their career, coming from any artistic discipline or working with time-based and body-based art and practices. The workshop’s methodology employs practical exercises, short solo and group performances, theoretical analysis, constructive commentaries, group and individual discussions, reflections, feedback and individual tutoring. The selected artists will work and live collectively in Koumaria Residency, and from this process devise new works that will be presented to the audience during the public part of the project, which takes place on the 17th of July 2016.

Yorgos Bakalos will work with the symbiotic relationship between text - actions - objects through this physical theater workshop.

The method: Through extensive exercises and intense physical movement, Yorgos aims to link the artist - performer - actor with their center and retract authentic action / actions. This will be achieved through the liberation of the spirit from stereotypical models and clichés, the freedom of the body within any form of motion, the pleasure that the body feels when is autonomous and follows what it wants, the grounded voice and speech. The outcome of this process will lead performers to experience how the performance of a text when tuned and arisen through physical actions and actions with an object can be attributed with honesty, depth, and their personal blueprint. The sessions are characterized by "playfulness", eccentricity, and the creation of personal space. Yorgos’ intensive sessions consist of a composition of different techniques structured from his practical work in the last decade. In this specific workshop, Yorgos will mainly focus on Tadeusz Kantor and the technique he introduced in connection with the paltry everyday object - "poor object". The technique is suited in the artistic pursuits of the now, approaching the stage (spatial) performance over the uniqueness and specificity of each performer through an immediate correlation with their development through personal research and group experience. www.yorgos-bakalos.com 

Christina Georgiou will work with the compositional aspects of creating a performance piece through this Performance Art-based workshop. 

The method: Christina will introduce a variety of physical exercises and techniques from her workshops “SenseSelfEssence”, while presenting tools to the artists in order to connect the Self and it’s existence in the “here and now”. This state will be achieved through a repetitive and continuous process while experiencing and observing the body-mind processes through mindful actions. This process concentrates on the connection of physical and mental functions in relation to real time and space, and the constant process of witnessing and observing the Self. It also focuses on the construction of presence through energy work in order to transmit intensity channeling to the spectator. And to connect with one’s self through finding one’s authentic action and centre, and developing awareness and sensorial abilities through a constant connectivity of inner and outer awareness. Christina’s method is formulated as a somatic method emphasizing internal physical perception, and is created through her personal work and experience within the field of Performance Art – as a conceptual form of art that exists between image and praxis – and other spiritual practices. Christina aims to offer practical and theoretical keys for the development and process of the artists’ work by using the body and Self as the basic elements of the intended action. The participants will be able to work on the compositional aspects of creating a performance piece through the exploration and understanding of time, space/ site and object in relation to their main tool: the body, as a manifestation of the Self and the Soul. The workshop is constructed to increase and utilise personal insight and intuition, while building confidence and decisiveness towards the artist’s artistic practice. www.christinageorgiou.com


The attendance fee includes:
-2 in one 8-day intensive workshops by Yorgos Bakalos and Christina Georgiou.
-8 nights residency and living facilities at Koumaria Residency.
-Workshop fee and working spaces.
-Documentation of final presentations (video & photography).
-Digital portfolio of the whole project.
-Three meals per day.
-Technical support during the workshop and final presentation.
-A range of materials.

12 artists will be selected to partake in the residency. The artists will be asked to reconfirm their participation and in order to secure their place in the residency the first instalment (300 euro) should be made by the 25th of June. In case of cancellation there is no refund for the first instalment. 

Application procedure: We welcome applications from artists from all levels of experience and at any stage of their career, working within performance art and other forms of contemporary performance, theatre, dance, interdisciplinary, body-based and time-based art and practices. We are interested in artists whose work is collaborative, but we also welcome submissions from artists who wish to expand their practice by attending this shared experience.

Please submit the following:
1. A single PDF document containing:
-Contact details: Name of the artist, Postal address, Email address, Telephone number, Website.
-Short biography of the artist (max. 200 words)
-Short Statement: Let us know about your practice and the reasons you would like to be part of this project by indicating your connection and interest in its context and your openness to be part of. Please state also how you could contribute to the group. (max. 200 words)
-Up to five links to relevant works
2. Up to five related or representative images (separate from the pdf document) of recent works (no larger than 1 MB each)

Please send the PDF document and the 5 images to: contact@christinageorgiou.com & info@yorgos-bakalos.com with “Koumaria Residency” in the subject line of the email.

For general questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Selected artists will be notified via email by June 15, 2016. An invitation can be sent to the selected participants in order to acquire travel grants. Participation in this project does not include the artists’ travel and flight expenses to and from Koumaria (Greece).

Co-organized by:
ART LAB community art centre, Athens (Greece)
Cyprus International Performance Art Society, Nicosia (Cyprus)


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