FADO E-LIST (October 2015)

1. FADO EVENT: Performance lecture by Teena Lange on performative writing
Date: October 1, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada
2. FADO EVENT: FADO presents Dorothea Rust (Switzerland) and Victoria Gray (UK)
Date: October 2, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: FADO
Date: October 3, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: FADO
4. EVENT: Amanda Coogan: Exhibition and Performances
Date: September 4–October 18, 2015; City: Dublin, Ireland; Source: Amanda Coogan
5. EVENT: Art Nomade
Date: Sept 30–October 13, 2015; City: Chicoutimi, Quebec; Source: Francis O'Shaughnessy
6. EVENT: Double Take
Date: October 3, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Workman Arts
7. EVENT: VIVA! Art Action
Date: October 7–10, 2015; City: Montreal, Canada; Source: VIVA!
8. SCREENING: Thresholds and Sensations: The Cinema of Marie Louise Alemann
Date: October 13, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Chris Kennedy
9. EVENT: Performance/Live Art Project: Art of Encountering VI
Date: September 11–October 25, 2015; City: various; Source: asabank
10. WORKSHOP: PAS / Performance Art Studies # 42  / 'Salt & Pepper'
Date: November 9–15, 2015; Oslo, Norway; Source: PAS
11. EVENT: Perfor6[who?]
Date: November 13–15, 2015; City: Sao Paulo, Brazil; Source: Lucio Arga


1. FADO EVENT: Performance lecture by Teena Lange on performative writing
Date: October 1, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada

Performance lecture by Teena Lange on performative writing
Thrusday, October 1, 2015
All welcome / FREE

University of Toronto Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
Robert Gill Theatre, 214 College Street, Toronto

Presented by the University of Toronto's Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies, FADO Performance Art Centre and LINK & PIN Performance Art Series.

This lecture is made possible on the occasion of Teena Lange's presence Toronto to facilitate a Performative Writing Workshop, which is co-presented by FADO Performance Art Centre + LINK & PIN Performance Art Series.


Performative Writing or Creative Critical Writing is claimed to be, in itself, a form of performance, often taking as its subject a work of visual art or performance art. The core of this workshop is to develop sensitization for textures and the practice of taking the time to do the doing. Entering into performative writing allows the re/activation of the wording & being less paralyzed by the empty page, breaking through the trained fixation of meaning seeking structures of texts. Everyone can write. This workshop allows you to take time to experience another writing practice or develop one if you don’t currently have an active writing practice.

Teena Lange is a performance art curator, researcher, and the artistic director of Grüntaler9–a space towards the performative. She studied Theatre & Performance Studies, as well as Linguistics & Literature in Leipzig, Paris, and Berlin. At the Freie Universität Berlin, she worked as a Program Coordinator and Research Associate at the International Research Center “Interweaving Performance Cultures.” Additionally, she has given seminars & lectures at Freie Universität Berlin, University Istanbul, and Lithuanian University Vilnius. Her current work includes independent performance art curation for Grüntaler9 Berlin, nGbK Berlin, Savvy Contemporary, Month of Performance Art Berlin, Art Bosphorus Istanbul, Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival New York, >performance space< London, Musrara Mix Festival Jerusalem, Supermarket Stockholm, Poppositions Brussels, amongst others. She is Co-Founder and Vice President of APAB – Association for Performance Art Berlin.


2. FADO EVENT: FADO presents Dorothea Rust (Switzerland) and Victoria Gray (UK)
Date: October 2, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: FADO

Friday, October 2, 2015
Artscape Sandbox, 31 Widmer Street (corner of Widmer and Adelaide Streets)
PWYC / suggested donation $10

FADO Performance Art Centre is proud to present new solo performance works from Dorothea Rust (Switzerland) and Victoria Gray (UK). Gray and Rust’s appearances in Toronto are in partnership with VIVA! Art Action. 

Dorothea Rust works in/with dance, improvisation, performance art, live actions, and installation. Her practice is rooted in responsiveness to site and context. Rust doesn’t consider performance as an ephemeral, singular event, rather she sees performance as a space and a milieu (a time/moment in process, of a social and cultural environment). Rust’s process (and preparation for a work including such things as script, notation, documentation, narration, photos, video, audio) are considered trace and also material for the next performance or intervention. In this way Rust says that, “the performance doesn’t belong to me, it’s part of a 'milieu’, others as much belonging to it and being part of it as me.” 

Dorothea Rust’s work bridges dance and performance art. In addition to this practice, she curates a diverse range performance events in collaboration with other artists including Der Längste Tag/The Longest Day (an annual 16-hour event of non-stop performances) and music groups like GNOM gruppe für neue musik baden (group for contemporary music). She attended the Zurich University of the Arts graduating with a Degree in Visual Arts Studies (2003) and a Masters in Advanced Studies in Cultural/Gender Studies (2006). From 1983 to 1991, she worked in New York City collaborating with other dancers, choreographers and musicians where the experimental spirit of the Judson Dance Group from the 60’s (as well as some of the key players) were still working. Her performance work has been presented in Switzerland, Canada, Chile, India, and Israel; and her dance work has been presented in Philadelphia, Washington and New York City, Germany, Portugal, Finland and more.

Often durational, Victoria Gray's performances utilize slowness and stillness, in conjunction with performing unsighted, bringing a cellular-attention to kinesthetic sensations. Integrating affect studies, process philosophy, political theory, and somatics, her work aims to bring dormant psychosomatic memory to consciousness. Specifically, that which subsists at the sentient level of the bones, muscles, organs, fluids, glands and nerves. This cellular-attention aims to disturb “common-sense” hierarchies of sensory organization, activating the political potential of a body that is intimately attuned to affective experience. Each work is highly contingent upon the audience's particular presence and the specificities of each performance space. In this sense, like time, affect becomes a material in performance, it is “shaped” moment-by-moment in an immediate exchange between performer, audience and site. 

Victoria Gray is an artist and practice-led researcher. She has presented work in galleries and performance festivals in the UK, USA, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland and Spain. 

Alongside Nathan Walker, she is co-director of Oui Performance (York, UK), an artist-led organization advocating practice, discourse and education of performance art in the UK. Currently, she is a PhD candidate at Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of the Arts, London. 

Established in 2006, VIVA! Art Action is an international performance and live art festival presented every two years in Montréal. The festival takes place with the participation of the network of artist-run centres in the city, and takes place this year from October 5-11, 2015.


Date: October 3, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: FADO

Saturday, October 3, 2015
11am – 7pm
Artscape Sandbox, 31 Widmer Street (corner of Widmer and Adelaide Streets)
FREE / donations gratefully accepted at the door

Audience is free to come and go throughout the day.

Offered as an antidote to Toronto's annual all-night "art thing" Nuit Blanche, LEGS, TOO is an all-day performance art relay. The form of the event is dictated by a chosen duration (in this case 8-hours), which is then divided equally by the number of performance artists from the local community who invited to participate.

We asked a staggering 116 artists to participate, and 60 decided to join in. For this second iteration of LEGS, TOO, audience will witness a continuous performance work made up of 60 eight-minute performances over the course of 8 hours.

Participating artists are suggested by other participating artists, snowballing a self-organizing event that is disinterested in traditional curation. Founded on a belief in community trust, performative dialogue and artistic self-determinancy, the resulting collective event lets participating artists be responsible not only for the continuous stream of idea- and image-making, but also for the realization of event itself. There is no staff, no coordinator, no stage manager, only artists working together. LEGS has legs. LEGS is a manifestation of the social and performing body through the collective network and expanded community.

The first iteration of LEGS was presented in our sister performance art network in Montréal on February 7, 2015, at Le Cercle Carré. The score and format of the event was initially imagined by an informal collective of artists (including Christian Bujold, Michelle Lacombe, Marie-Claude Gendron, Nadège Grebmeier Forget, Katherine-Josée Gervais and Jean-Philippe Luckurst-Cartier) and was created with the intention of activating and making-visible the often fragmented local performance art community.

(The score) LEGS,

  1. is made by local artists (local/provincial) participating on a voluntary basis.
  2. is not crafted by a singular artistic direction or selection method, and refuses all curating models (there is a lead organizer who acquires a space and starts the chain of invitations - this is the only entity-driven action).
  3. is intergenerational, and the invitation is extended to performance artists at all stages of their careers. It does not however pretend or attempt to be an exhaustive representation of a community.
  4. is a minimum of 7 hours and a maximum of 9 hours long; the durational for each work is decided by dividing the total chosen time with the number of participating artists in order to realize a continuous performance relay without pause. The order of the performances is arbitrary.
  5. is not performed for the sake of the camera, but is photo documented and live streamed, if possible. Images will be collected by the transmitter, made available to participating artists, and published on a collective LEGS website, where the multiplying manifestations can co-exist.
  6. is characterized by the fact that each participating artist is autonomous; there is no technical or material support. Artists are responsible for their own set up and clean up (which is part of their allotted time). No performance will be stopped but artists will begin at their scheduled time.
  7. is not financed by any public program or entity and doesn't generate monetary profit for the organizers or the participants.
  8. asks, if desired, for a donation from attending audience who are free to come and go as they please; the collected donations compensate venue rental or documentation, if necessary, and the remainder is spent on refreshments for all.
  9. can only be transmitted to/in another community by an individual (or a small group) who has participated in the directly previous edition, and the physical participation of these transmitters in the next event is preferred.
  10. is shared through this score and set of principals across the performance art network

LEGS in Toronto is initiated by FADO Performance Art Centre. The custodians of this iteration are Shannon Cochrane and Adriana Disman. There will be two LEGS transmitters from the authoring collective/performers from the first iteration present in Toronto.

Audience is invited to come and go throughout the day. If you cannot make it, watch the LIVE STREAM. Here is the link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yvx53sSXNuo

Nadège Grebmeier Foget (transmitter from Montréal)
Katherine-Josée Gervais (transmitter from Montréal)
Tiffany Schofield
Alicia Grant
Irene Loughlin
Ed Johnson
Shaista Latif
Chad Dembski
Kate Barry
Emma-Kate Guimond
Katie Kehoe
Holly Timpener
Leena Raudvee
Ellen Furey
Johannes Zits
Jonathan Simpson
Fiona Griffiths
lo bil
Anna Sarchami
Adam Herst
Lauren Scott
Eroca Nicols
Andrew James Paterson
Coman Poon
Pam Patterson
Brianna MacLellan
Alan Peng
Maggie Flynn
Dorothea Rust
Paul Couillard
Clayton Lee
Moynan King
Bojana Videkanic
Carrie Perreault
Johanna Householder
Christopher Willes 
claude wittmann
Victoria Gray
Juliana Pivato
Liz Khan
Simon Rabyniuk
Golboo Amani
Marcin Kedzior
Adam Filek
Liz Peterson
Aliya Pabani
Robert Luzar
Berenicci Hershorn
Teena Lange
Louise Liliefeldt
Francesco Gagliardi
Zeesy Powers
Jessica Cimó
Alex Beriault
Rosa Mesa
Raki Malhotra
Tanya Mars
Adriana Disman
Shannon Cochrane


Follow LEGS, TOO on Facebook!


4. EVENT: Amanda Coogan: Exhibition and Performances
Date: September 4-October 18, 2015; City: Dublin, Ireland; Source: Amanda Coogan

I'll sing you a song from around the town
Exhibition and Live performances by Amanda Coogan

September 4–October 18, 2015
RHA (Royal Hibernian Academy)
Gallagher Gallery
15 Ely Place, Dublin 2, Ireland

Amanda Coogan is one of the most exciting contemporary visual artists practicing in the arena of Performance Art. She is at the forefront of some of the most exciting and prolific durational performances to date. Her extraordinary work is challenging, provocative and always visually stimulating.

I’ll sing you a song from around the town will include both sculpture and live performance. Week one, Coogan will perform the first piece. Week two will see Coogan begin the second performance while a collaborator will continue the first piece, culminating in all six performances running simultaneously by week six.

Her live performances are referents for her video and photographic works. Her expertise lies in her ability to condense an idea to its very essence and communicate it through her body. Coogan’s recent practice has been concentrating on durational performance presented as living installation in the gallery. She presents both solo works and group performance. The long durational aspect of her presentations invites elements of chaos with the unknown and unpredicted erupting dynamically through her live artworks.

“Coogan, whose work usually entails ritual, endurance and cultural iconography, is the leading practitioner of performance in the country.” –The Irish Times, 2010

Performance Schedule:
Wednesday 3pm–8pm
Thursday 12pm–5pm
Friday 12pm–5pm
Saturday 12pm–5pm
Sunday 12pm–5pm

Please note, there are no live performances on Mondays or Tuesdays, or September 16th.The live schedule starts on September 9th.

Week 1: September 9 – 13
The Passing (Amanda Coogan)

Week 2: September 17 – 20
Bubble up in Blue (Amanda Coogan)
The Passing (Tara Carroll)
Culture Night September 18th from 3pm to 8pm

Week 3: September 23 – 27
You told me to wash and clean my ears (Amanda Coogan)
Bubble up in Blue (Niamh Cooney)
The Passing (23rd, 24th Laura Sarah Dowdall, 25th, 26th, 27th Karen Gleeson)

Week 4: September 30 – October 4
Spit Spit, Scrub Scrub (Amanda Coogan)
You told me to wash and clean my ears (30th, 1st, 2nd Alvean Jones, 3rd, 4th Lisa Freeman)
Bubble up in Blue (Tara Carroll)
The Passing (Aine Ni Laoghaire)

Week 5: October 7 – 11
Yellow (Amanda Coogan)
Spit Spit, Scrub Scrub (Justine McDonnell)
You told me to wash and clean my ears (Leah Smith)
Bubble up in Blue (Sinead Corcoran)
The Passing (Laura O’Connor)

Week 6: October 14 – 18
Out in, breathing my mother, in out (Amanda Coogan – new performance)
Yellow (Sinead Corcoran)
Spit Spit, Scrub Scrub (Enya Fortuna)
You told me to wash and clean my ears (Ann Maria Healy)
Bubble up in Blue (Celina Muldoon)
The Passing (Inma Pavon)

Having studied at Limerick School of Art and Design and National College of Art and Design, Coogan completed a PhD at the University of Ulster in 2013. She has performed and exhibited her work extensively including; Venice Biennale, Liverpool Biennial, PS1, New York, Galeria Safia, Barcelona, IMMA, Dublin, RHA, Dublin, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris and the Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin. Her work is held in many collections including Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, AIB Collection, Dublin, National Portrait Collection, Limerick and Limerick City Gallery of Art, Limerick. Coogan’s practice is represented by the Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin. 


5. EVENT: Art Nomade Rencontre Internationale d'art Performance de Saguenay
Date: Sept 30-October 13, 2015; City: Chicoutimi, Quebec; Source: Francis O'Shaughnessy

September 30–October 13, 2015

Álvaro Terrones (ESPAGNE)
Ana Higueras (ESPAGNE)
Arti Grabowski (POLOGNE)
BBB Johannes Deimling (ALLEMAGNE)
Carl Bouchard & Martin Dufrasne (SAGUENAY-MONTRÉAL)
Hugo Nadeau (MONTRÉAL)
Jeff Huckleberry (ÉTATS-UNIS)
Jesusa Delbardo (URUGUAY)
Priscilla Vaillancourt (SAGUENAY)
Rocío Garriga Inarejos (ESPAGNE)
Simla Civelek (TORONTO) (curated by FADO for Art Nomade)
Tomasz Szrama (POLOGNE – FINLANDE)

Art Nomade and Bang Art Now Centre are proud to present the 4th edition of the performance art gathering Rencontre internationale d’art performance de Saguenay (Canada).

The event started up in 2007, in Saguenay. Since then, it has brought together 60 artists and speakers from 20 countries. We are pleased to see that every edition brings more and more audience and that the network we are part of keeps supporting and presenting the participating artists in many Ontario, Manitoba and Québec Art Centres.

In order to promote performance art circulation and exchanges between the artists and the audience while extending our scope, we invite you to take part in our connected events: collective project of Canada Research Chair The Dramaturgy of Sound in Theater, lectures, panel discussions, video projections and workshops with the artists and expert speakers.

Devolving the public’s interest, both here and abroad, for performance art, is a long-term project and we hope that the 2015 Art Nomade programme will be able to generate stimulating reflections for both novices and specialists.

We would like to thank our sponsors and our granters, including the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, and Promotion Saguenay. We also thank our volunteers for their major contribution to the project. Finally, we give a special thanks to the artists. Without their presence and their art, this gathering wouldn’t exist. Thank you for your contribution to the growth and enrichment of our culture and heritage. Welcome to Art Nomade!



6. EVENT: Double Take
Date: October 3, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Workman Arts

Date: October 3rd, 2015
Time: 7pm–7am
Admission: Free
Venue: Gladstone Hotel, 2nd Floor Public Gallery, 1214 Queen Street West, Toronto

Double Take Live Performances: 7pm–1am

Co-presented by Workman Arts, FADO Performance Art Centre, and the Gladstone Hotel.

Under the theme of Memory Lane, established performance artist Irene Loughlin and six Workman Arts artists create site specific performances responding to individual artworks presented at the 15th annual Being Scene exhibition installed in the 2nd floor public gallery at the Gladstone Hotel. The hotel is more than 125 years old and its walls have been witness to several transformations over the years. This theme has particular resonance to the Gladstone as we remember some of the building’s past tenants, some who struggled with mental health and addiction issues and it reflects the hotel’s relationship to the changing neighbourhood as it continues to negotiate ways of sharing public and private spaces. Through this project we collectively aim to look back and perform new modes of moving forward that are informed by inclusivity, questioning, creative response, and well-being in its myriad forms.

Irene Loughlin is a performance artist who also works in the areas of installation and video. She has studied at the Ontario College of Art and Simon Fraser University, and has attended the NSCAD studio program in Tribeca, New York. She has presented her work in various national and international contexts including the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo and the Klaus Steinmetz Gallery (San Jose, Costa Rica), The Western Front, Grunt Gallery, Xeno Gallery, Gallery Gachet, and The Society for Disability Art and Culture (Vancouver), Centre for Art Tapes (Halifax) and Projet/Projo - Studio 303 (Montreal), and more. Irene Loughlin was recently awarded the Lynch Staunton Award for mid-career work in the interdisciplinary category.



7. EVENT: VIVA! Art Action
Date: October 7–10, 2015; City: Montreal, Canada; Source: VIVA!


From the 7th to the 10th of October, the biennial event VIVA! Art Action returns with an effervescent program in which performances, public interventions, conferences and participatory projects mingle. The 2015 edition unites ten programming partners to mark not only the fifth anniversary of the festival, but also the relocation of the VIVA! headquarters to Les Ateliers Jean-Brillant in Montreal’s vibrant St-Henri neighbourhood. This new arena, deliberately flexible and polymorphous, will be activated by the live artworks of 19 artists presenting as part of the regular programming, and complemented by off-site projects that extend beyond the physical and temporal frame of the festival. True to tradition and commitment to keeping art action accessible to all publics, the events presented as part of VIVA! are all free.

The artists participating in this fifth edition:
Arkadi Lavoie Lachapelle (QC)
Arti Grabowski (POL)
Artivistic (QC)
Boryana Rossa (BGR/USA)
Chris Lloyd (QC)
Dana Michel (QC)
Danny Gaudreault (QC)
Dorothea Rust (CHE)
Doyon/Demers (QC)
Emilie Monnet (QC)
Fortner Anderson (QC)
Francys Chenier (QC)
Jacqueline van de Geer (QC/NLD)
Jason Lim (SGP)
Jean-­Philippe Luckhurst-­Cartier (QC)
John Court (GBR/FIN)
k.g. Guttman (QC)
Kim Waldron (QC)
Marilyn Arsem (USA)
Maude Veilleux (QC)
Nataliya Tchermalykh (UKR/CHE)
Rebecca Belmore (QC)
Sandra Johnston (IRL)
Sonja Zlatanova (MKD/QC)
Soufïa Bensaïd (QC/TUN)
Sylvie Cotton (QC)
Sylvie Tourangeau (QC)
Victoria Gray (GBR)

Starting at 8pm every night from October 7th to the 10th, VIVA! will present a series of evening programs at its new headquarters. Hailing from Montreal to Singapore, and across Europe from East to West, the artists participating in this fifth VIVA! will share striking creations in which the strange flirts with the familiar, and the spectacular with the obscure. While a large portion of the regular programming will unfold at Les Ateliers Jean-Brillant, other actions will take place offsite, in public and private spaces, and beyond the official dates of the festival. Whether they call for public participation or play out one-on-one in the tight intimacy of an artist’s apartment, the artistic programming is guaranteed to captivate and surprise both familiar publics and newly curious spectators alike. VIVA! encourages the hybridization of forms, the development of unpredictable practices and audacious collaborations. 

Prior to each evening of performances, a convivial and affordable dinner cooked by VIVA’s artist-in-residence, Sonja Zlatanova, will be served at the headquarters. For those favouring more direct encounters with art, the meals will be preceded by a series of participatory actions orchestrated by Sylvie Cotton. Two 4pm conferences, the first addressing site specific practices and the second offering a look at decolonial feminist disobedience in Eastern European performance art, complete the programming at Ateliers Jean-Brillant on October 8th and 9th. Leading up to a memorable fifth edition, a number of co-presented projects precede the official opening of the festival, including an exhibition by Rebecca Belmore at OBORO, an electoral debate between the artists and 2015 political candidates in the Chris Lloyd an Kim Waldron on October 5th and a lecture by Sylvie Tourangeau at Artexte on October 6th.

Initiated by Patrick Lacasse and Alexis Bellavance, VIVA! Art Action was established in Montreal in 2006 by six artist-run centres as a collaborative platform on which to foster and support action art in its most singular, difficult and surprising forms. VIVA! is now the fruit of a partnership with eight recurring artist-run centres, articule, La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse, Le Centre Clark, DARE-DARE, Praxis Art Actuel, le Centre des arts actuels Skol, Verticale – centre d’artistes and OBORO, as well as two new 2015 partners, Optica and Artexte. Celebrating its fifth edition in the fall of 2015, VIVA! is now recognized both locally and internationally for its innovative structure, convivial atmosphere, and professional support of artistic risk-taking. Uniquely accessible, VIVA! offers a rare and important occasion for diverse publics to discover the exceptional practices of local and international artists working with action art, the liveliest of the visual arts disciplines! VIVA! Art Action benefits from the support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Conseil des arts de Montréal, the Canada Council for the Arts and the Bureau des festivals et des événements culturels de la Ville de Montréal.

For the festival calendar: http://vivamontreal.org/en/calendar/


8. SCREENING: Thresholds and Sensations: The Cinema of Marie Louise Alemann
Date: October 13, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Chris Kennedy

Thresholds and Sensations: The Cinema of Marie Louise Alemann
Curated by Federico Windhausen (in person)

Tuesday, October 13, 8:45pm
TIFF Bell Lightbox, 350 King Street West, Toronto
FREE screening (Tickets available 1 hour before screening)

Co-presented by FADO Performance Art Centre. Supported by the Goethe Institut.

This programme provides an introduction to the cinema of Marie Louise Alemann, a major experimental filmmaker who remains virtually unknown outside of her adopted homeland of Argentina. Born Marie Louise Steinheuer in Germany in 1927, Alemann left Europe for Argentina in the late forties and began her filmmaking practice in the late 1960s. She later became associated with a loose-knit collective of fellow filmmakers in Buenos Aires, which included her fellow émigré Narcisa Hirsch, Claudio Caldini, and Juan Jose Mugni, among others. Distinguishing Alemann not only within the Argentine group, but also in the broader context of the era’s alternative cinemas, is her unique exploration of cinematic performance: she often presented herself and other performers in staged and improvised scenarios, populating urban and rural spaces with odd, menacing, or humorous props and costumes, and filming them in a visual style that ranged from the decorative to the minimalist.

Beyond the films themselves, Alemann’s legacy extends to the artist’s important work within institutions of culture, most prominently the Goethe Institut that was established in Buenos Aires in 1967. At a time when Argentina’s military dictatorship was waging a campaign of state terrorism against political dissidence, Alemann helped establish the Goethe as an institutional home for experimental cinema—and remarkably, none of the Super 8 filmmakers whose work was screened at the Goethe were subjected to direct political repression during the dictatorship.

As this programme of her own and her colleagues’ work demonstrate, Alemann was not only attentive to the need for a semi-protected space for alternative culture in Buenos Aires, but was also willing to take risks within that space. Among the most notable dictatorship-era works in her neglected filmography are her allegory of “disappearance,” Sensation 77: Mimicry, and Thresholds, which deserves to be regarded as a major work of Latin American queer cinema.—Federico Windhausen

Autobiografico 2
dir. Marie Louise Alemann | Argentina 1974 | 5 min. super 8 to sd transfer

dir. Marie Louise Alemann | Argentina 1974 | 6 min. super 8 to sd transfer

dir. Juan José Mugni | Argentina 1975 | 5.5 min. super 8 to sd transfer

Self-Defense (Legitima defensa)
dir. Marie Louise Alemann | Argentina 1980 | 8 min. super 8 to sd transfer

Sensation ’77: Mimicry (Sensación 77: Mimetismo)
dir. Marie Louise Alemann | Argentina 1977 | 8 min. super 8 to sd transfer

Table Scenes (Escenas de mesa)
dir. Marie Louise Alemann | Argentina 1979 | 8 min. super 8 to sd transfer

Thresholds (Umbrales)
dir. Marie Louise Alemann | Argentina 1980 | 19 min. super 8 to sd transfer

The Bengali Night (La noche Bengali)
dir. Narcisa Hirsch | Argentina 1980 | 6 min. super 8 to sd transfer



9. EVENT: Performance/Live Art Project: Art of Encountering VI
Date: September 11–October 25, 2015; City: various; Source: asabank

Performance Art, models to meet and pending communications in reciprocal transfer. Since 2005, there has existed a continuing and stable exchange between artists from Asia and various networks in Europe and this in a two years rhythm. The Far East artists are invited to provide a distribution of their practices and theoretical backgrounds of their cultural activities. Responsible for the last 2 encounters and this newest edition is PAErsche - Performance - Art laboratory.

This year, 2015, eight artists from Mainland China are visiting the network partners from Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany. In this encounter, more than 30 artists from the European partner countries and the eight Chinese guests are meeting each other. The duration of the project is scheduled for six weeks. The experimental fields of this Nomadic Artist's Resident Project are diverse spaces, venues and public communicative situations. In the experiment, the relation artist / audience is brought to unfold and to go further and beyond other artistic practices.

The offer of the European partners covers a wide spectrum: starting with the classic white cube (gallery), black theatre spaces and a factory hall with their raw charm. Then across into urban and industrial landscapes that can be marked by interventions and walks. Other fruitful areas are small provincial centres, i.e. marketplaces. In between there are excursions in natural environments - heights, valleys, woods and quarries. Accompanying roundtables and information sessions are held, which are organized in cooperation with cultural centres and art associations.

Information in the diverse online-sites:
Facebook: PAErsche / Actus

Artists from China:
FENG Weidong
HE Chengyao
LI Xiaomu
QIAO Shengxu
WANG Chuyu

Artists from Vienna:
Daniel Aschwanden
Jan Machacek
Sabine Marte
Gertrude Moser-Wagner
Brigitte Wilfing

Artists from Switzerland:
Simone Etter
Iris Ganz
Monica Günther
Muda Mathis
Chris Regn
Ruedi Schill
Sus Zwick 

Artists from Art-Lab Kunstpavillon:
Petra Deus
Yingmei Duan
Anne Hoffmann
Boris Nieslony
Ute-Marie Paul
Delphine RicherEvamaria Schaller

Artists from Action-Lab PAErsche:
Yingmei Duan
Frank Homeyer
Taisiya Ivanova
Lala Nomada
Mark Met
Christiane Obermayr
Thomas Reul
Carola Willbrand
and the Open Source Walking and Talking in Bonn

Artists from ACTUS:
Pierre Berthet
Maud Hagelstein
Anais Heraud
Yingmei Duan
Boris Nieslony
Gwendoline Robin
Barbara Roland
Gaetan Rusquet
Evamaria Schaller

European organizer and venues:
PAN Vienna / A (Daniel Aschwanden, Brigitte Wilfing) + Verschwender (Sabine Marte, Daniel Aschwanden) + Im_lieger (Anita Kaya, Brigitte Wilfing) + Institut für Interaktive Raumprojekte: (Gertrude Moser-Wagner) + ChinaCultureDesk (Alice Schmatzberger, Ingrid Fischer-Schreiber), Performance Laboratory, Linz / A + FAMA  (Elisa Andessner) + Die Fabrikanten, Linz / A  (Wolfgang Preisinger) + BB15, Linz / A Marianne Papst, Simone Etter, Gisela Hochuli + Kaskadenkondensator Basel / CH Art-Lab Kunstpavillon / AIM e.V. Burgbrohl, RLP / D  (Karin Meiner) Festival Interval, Essen / D  (Marita Bullmann) + ERDgeschoss, Essen / D PAErsche, Cologne / D  + Orangerie, Cologne / D  (Evamaria Schaller, Rolf Hinterecker) Künstlerforum, Bonn / D (Susanne Grube + PAErsche) Actus, Ricochets + ESAVL Liége / Belgium + (Béatrice Didier, Maud Hagelstein)



10. WORKSHOP: PAS / Performance Art Studies # 42  / 'Salt & Pepper'
Date: November 9–15, 2015; Oslo, Norway; Source: PAS

Performance Art Studies # 42 in cooperation with PAO - Performance Art Oslo with BBB Johannes Deimling and guest teachers: Magnus Logi Kristinsson (is), Pietro Pellini (de)

Salt and pepper are two crucial ingredients in preparing a tasty dish. Both are unique flavours plus there are many different kinds of salt and pepper out there and each variation vastly changes the taste of your dish. With this in mind, we want to add some different kinds of "salt" and "pepper" to a practice and a theory in performance art. What different kinds of performance art practice and theory can we apply and how these elements can shape a performance holistically? We will explore these possibilities and present them in the final public performance. "

For more information: www.pas.bbbjohannesdeimling.de/index.php?/2015/42--salt--pepper/

Applications are being accepted until 25. October 2015, if you are interested send your application (CV and work examples) to: pas@bbbjohannesdeimling.de


11. EVENT: Perfor6[who?]
Date: November 13–15, 2015; City: Sao Paulo, Brazil; Source: Lucio Arga

PARTIU #‎perfor6[quem?] 

This year, we’ve had a great surprise in the open call for Perfor6[who?]: we’ve had an unprecedented number of applications, which comes to prove the interest and trust of Brazilian and foreign artists in our Forum: more than 50 applications! 

We felt very happy but at the same time a bit worried, due to the fact that, this year, we have a reduced number of staff and that, unfortunately, we didn’t have the budget that we were expecting to have for the event. It was extremely tough to make this selection. We have prioritized what was possible for us to execute, bearing in mind our reduced staff and minimum budget. We faced the harsh reality of having to choose only a few works due to factors that were beyond our control. But in the future, we intend to unfold this event into others, where we can count on more support and in which the unselected works of Perfor6[who?] can be contemplated.  

Nancy Gewölb (Chile)
Alexander del Re (Chile)
Nathalie Fahri (Germany/Brazil)
Santiago Cao (Argentina)
Silvio de Gracia (Argentina)
Guto Lacaz (SP)
José R. Aguilar (SP)
José R. Sechi (Rio Claro, SP)
Corpos Informáticos (Brasília)
Henrique Seidel (Curitiba)
Priscila de Paula (Juiz de Fora, MG)
Thaise Nardim (Campinas, SP)
Wagner Rossi (Belo Horizonte, MG)
Thiara Grizilli (SP)
Rogério Borovik (SP)
André Bezerra (Natal, RN) (virtual presence)

Artists selected from the call:
Ana Rita (Portugal)
Corpos Insanos (SP)
Daniel Seda (SP)
Débora Oliveira (SP)
Eduardo Bauman/Coletivo ? (Joinville, SC)
Flávio Barolo (SP)
Manoel V. N. Tavares (Maceió, AL)
Marco Antonio Biglia (SP)Nadam Guerra (RJ)
Paul Couillard (Canada)
Ricardo Palmieri (SP)

There will also be a colaborative book stand of performance publications and the launch of Thiago Soares book: ‘A modificação corporal no Brasil – 1980-1990'

Perfor6[who?] has as a theme, artists and groups that compose the current performance scene in Brazil and Latin America. Perfor6[who?] will be held during November 13th, 14th and 15th, 2015, and is promoted by Associação Brasil Performance, in collaboration with Paço das Artes, Espaço Phosphorus and Largo da Batata. 

Soon the whole programme of Perfor6[who?] including the performances and round tables will be published.



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