FADO E-LIST (September 2015)

1. EVENT: Performance lecture by Teena Lange on performative writing
Date: October 1, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada
2. EVENT: FADO presents Dorothea Rust (Switzerland) and Victoria Gray (UK)
Date: October 2, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: FADO
Date: October 3, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: FADO

4. EVENT: Visualeyez
Date: September 15-22, 2015; City: Vancouver, Canada; Source: Rachel Echenberg
5. EVENT: LIVE Biennale
Date: September 23-27, 2015; City: Vancouver, Canada; Source: Randy Gledhill
6. EVENT: Tonight
Date: September 18, 2015; City: Helsinki, Finland; Source: Tomasz Szrama
7. EVENT: VIVA! Art Action
Date: October 7-11, 2015; City: Montreal, Canada; Source: VIVA
Date: unspecified; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Zack Russell


1. FADO EVENT: Performance lecture by Teena Lange on performative writing
Date: October 1, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada

Performance lecture by Teena Lange on performative writing
October 1, 2015
All welcome / FREE

University of Toronto Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
Robert Gill Theatre, 214 College Street, Toronto


Presented by the University of Toronto's Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies, FADO Performance Art Centre and LINK & PIN Performance Art Series.

This lecture is made possible on the occasion of Teena Lange's presence Toronto to facilitate a Performative Writing Workshop, which is co-presented by FADO Performance Art Centre + LINK & PIN Performance Art Series (www.performanceart.ca/index.php?m=program&id=290)

Performative Writing or Creative Critical Writing is claimed to be, in itself, a form of performance, often taking as its subject a work of visual art or performance art. The core of this workshop is to develop sensitization for textures and the practice of taking the time to do the doing. Entering into performative writing allows the re/activation of the wording & being less paralyzed by the empty page, breaking through the trained fixation of meaning seeking structures of texts. Everyone can write. This workshop allows you to take time to experience another writing practice or develop one if you don’t currently have an active writing practice.

Teena Lange is a performance art curator, researcher, and the artistic director of Grüntaler9 – a space towards the performative. She studied Theatre & Performance Studies, as well as Linguistics & Literature in Leipzig, Paris, and Berlin. At the Freie Universität Berlin, she worked as a Program Coordinator and Research Associate at the International Research Center “Interweaving Performance Cultures.” Additionally, she has given seminars & lectures at Freie Universität Berlin, University Istanbul, and Lithuanian University Vilnius. Her current work includes independent performance art curation for Grüntaler9 Berlin, nGbK Berlin, Savvy Contemporary, Month of Performance Art Berlin, Art Bosphorus Istanbul, Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival New York, >performance space< London, Musrara Mix Festival Jerusalem, Supermarket Stockholm, Poppositions Brussels, amongst others. She is Co-Founder and Vice President of APAB – Association for Performance Art Berlin.



2. FADO EVENT: FADO presents Dorothea Rust (Switzerland) and Victoria Gray (UK)
Date: October 2, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: FADO

October 2, 2015
Artscape Sandbox
31 Widmer Street (corner of Widmer and Adelaide Street)

FADO Performance Art Centre is proud to present new solo performance works from Dorothea Rust (Switzerland) and Victoria Gray (UK). Gray and Rust’s appearances in Toronto are in partnership with VIVA! Art Action. 

Dorothea Rust works in/with dance, improvisation, performance art, live actions, and installation. Her practice is rooted in responsiveness to site and context. Rust doesn’t consider performance as an ephemeral, singular event, rather she sees performance as a space and a milieu (a time/moment in process, of a social and cultural environment). Rust’s process (and preparation for a work including such things as script, notation, documentation, narration, photos, video, audio) are considered trace and also material for the next performance or intervention. In this way Rust says that, “the performance doesn’t belong to me, it’s part of a 'milieu’, others as much belonging to it and being part of it as me.” 

Dorothea Rust’s work bridges dance and performance art. In addition to this practice, she curates a diverse range performance events in collaboration with other artists including Der Längste Tag/The Longest Day (an annual 16-hour event of non-stop performances) and music groups like GNOM gruppe für neue musik baden (group for contemporary music). She attended the Zurich University of the Arts graduating with a Degree in Visual Arts Studies (2003) and a Masters in Advanced Studies in Cultural/Gender Studies (2006). From 1983 to 1991, she worked in New York City collaborating with other dancers, choreographers and musicians where the experimental spirit of the Judson Dance Group from the 60’s (as well as some of the key players) were still working. Her performance work has been presented in Switzerland, Canada, Chile, India, and Israel; and her dance work has been presented in Philadelphia, Washington and New York City, Germany, Portugal, Finland and more.

Often durational, Victoria Gray's performances utilize slowness and stillness, in conjunction with performing unsighted, bringing a cellular-attention to kinesthetic sensations. Integrating affect studies, process philosophy, political theory, and somatics, her work aims to bring dormant psychosomatic memory to consciousness. Specifically, that which subsists at the sentient level of the bones, muscles, organs, fluids, glands and nerves. This cellular-attention aims to disturb “common-sense” hierarchies of sensory organization, activating the political potential of a body that is intimately attuned to affective experience. Each work is highly contingent upon the audience's particular presence and the specificities of each performance space. In this sense, like time, affect becomes a material in performance, it is “shaped” moment-by-moment in an immediate exchange between performer, audience and site. 

Victoria Gray is an artist and practice-led researcher. She has presented work in galleries and performance festivals in the UK, USA, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland and Spain. 

Alongside Nathan Walker, she is co-director of Oui Performance (York, UK), an artist-led organization advocating practice, discourse and education of performance art in the UK. Currently, she is a PhD candidate at Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of the Arts, London. 

Established in 2006, VIVA! Art Action is an international performance and live art festival presented every two years in Montréal. The festival takes place with the participation of the network of artist-run centres in the city, and takes place this year from October 5-11, 2015.


Date: October 3, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: FADO

Saturday October 3, 2015
11am - 7pm (Audience is invited to come and go throughout the day / FREE or pwyc)
Artscape Sandbox (31 Widmer Street, Toronto)

Offered as an antidote to Toronto's annual all-night "art thing" Nuit Blanche, LEGS, TOO is an all-day performance art relay. The form of the event is dictated by a chosen duration (in this case 8-hours), which is then divided equally by the number of performance artists from the local community who invited to participate.

We asked a staggering 116 artists to participate, and 60 decided to join in. For this second iteration of LEGS, TOO, audience will witness a continuous performance work made up of 60 eight-minute performances over the course of 8 hours.

Participating artists are suggested by other participating artists, snowballing a self-organizing event that is disinterested in traditional curation. Founded on a belief in community trust, performative dialogue and artistic self-determinancy, the resulting collective event lets participating artists be responsible not only for the continuous stream of idea- and image-making, but also for the realization of event itself. There is no staff, no coordinator, no stage manager, only artists working together. LEGS has legs. LEGS is a manifestation of the social and performing body through the collective network and expanded community.

The first iteration of LEGS was presented in our sister performance art network in Montréal on February 7, 2015, at Le Cercle Carré. The score and format of the event was initially imagined by an informal collective of artists (including Christian Bujold, Michelle Lacombe, Marie-Claude Gendron, Nadège Grebmeier Forget, Katherine-Josée Gervais and Jean-Philippe Luckurst-Cartier) and was created with the intention of activating and making-visible the often fragmented local performance art community.

(The score) LEGS,

  1. is made by local artists (local/provincial) participating on a voluntary basis.
  2. is not crafted by a singular artistic direction or selection method, and refuses all curating models (there is a lead organizer who acquires a space and starts the chain of invitations - this is the only entity-driven action).
  3. is intergenerational, and the invitation is extended to performance artists at all stages of their careers. It does not however pretend or attempt to be an exhaustive representation of a community.
  4. is a minimum of 7 hours and a maximum of 9 hours long; the durational for each work is decided by dividing the total chosen time with the number of participating artists in order to realize a continuous performance relay without pause. The order of the performances is arbitrary.
  5. is not performed for the sake of the camera, but is photo documented and live streamed, if possible. Images will be collected by the transmitter, made available to participating artists, and published on a collective LEGS website, where the multiplying manifestations can co-exist.
  6. is characterized by the fact that each participating artist is autonomous; there is no technical or material support. Artists are responsible for their own set up and clean up (which is part of their allotted time). No performance will be stopped but artists will begin at their scheduled time.
  7. is not financed by any public program or entity and doesn't generate monetary profit for the organizers or the participants.
  8. asks, if desired, for a donation from attending audience who are free to come and go as they please; the collected donations compensate venue rental or documentation, if necessary, and the remainder is spent on refreshments for all.
  9. can only be transmitted to/in another community by an individual (or a small group) who has participated in the directly previous edition, and the physical participation of these transmitters in the next event is preferred.
  10. is shared through this score and set of principals across the performance art network

LEGS in Toronto is initiated by FADO Performance Art Centre. The custodians of this iteration are Shannon Cochrane and Adriana Disman. There will be two LEGS transmitters from the authoring collective/performers from the first iteration present in Toronto.

Audience is invited to come and go throughout the day. If you cannot make it, consider tuning in to the LIVE STREAM. Here is the link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6ob2ZZYpUQ

Nadège Grebmeier Foget (transmitter from Montréal)
Katherine-Josée Gervais (transmitter from Montréal)
Tiffany Schofield
Robert Luzar
Irene Loughlin
Ed Johnson
Shaista Latif
Chad Dembski
Kate Barry
Emma-Kate Guimond
Katie Kehoe
Holly Timpener
Leena Raudvee
Ellen Furey
Johannes Zits
Jonathan Simpson
Fiona Griffiths
lo bil
Anna Sarchami
Adam Herst
Lauren Scott
Eroca Nicols
Andrew James Paterson
Coman Poon
Pam Patterson
Brianna MacLellan
Alan Peng
Maggie Flynn
Dorothea Rust
Paul Couillard
Clayton Lee
Moynan King
Bojana Videkanic
Carrie Perreault
Johanna Householder
Christopher Willes 
claude wittmann
Victoria Gray
Juliana Pivato
Liz Khan
Simon Rabyniuk
Golboo Amani
Marcin Kedzior
Adam Filek
Liz Peterson
Aliya Pabani
Alicia Grant
Berenicci Hershorn
Teena Lange
Louise Liliefeldt
Francesco Gagliardi
Zeesy Powers
Jessica Cimó
Alex Beriault
Rosa Mesa
Raki Malhotra
Tanya Mars
Adriana Disman
Shannon Cochrane

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4. EVENT: Visualeyez
Date: September 15-22, 2015; City: Vancouver, Canada; Source: Rachel Echenberg

The 16th annual Visualeyez Festival of Performance Art runs from 15–22 September 2015 in the downtown core of Edmonton, Alberta, exploring the curatorial theme of expanding-and-collapsing.

Each year at Visualeyez, Latitude 53 invites artists to spend seven days in Edmonton making performance-based work and sharing a space. Each morning, the artists collaborate over breakfast in a group discussion open to visitors—the Morning Session, led by the Festival Animator.

Performance art has smaller, intimate audiences the festival Animator acts as a story-teller, sharing their experience of the festival with those who cannot experience it first hand. This year’s animator Cian Cruise will post each day on the festival blog at www.visualeyez.org.

Alberta is on a path to another boom/bust cycle: through this year’s thematic focus on expansion and contraction artists will examine how we live, survive, or prosper in this cyclical environment.

This year, the festival includes the work of eight artists based across Canada:

Christian Bujold
Luciana D’Anunciação
Rachel Echenberg
Steven Girard
Ming Hon
Julie Laurin
Mathieu Léger
Guadalupe Martinez

Curated by Todd Janes

These artists were selected by an open call to suit our theme of Expanding and collapsing by Festival Curator Todd Janes. Their work includes off-site events, performances at the gallery each evening, walks, and other explorations.

5. EVENT: Tonight
Date: September 18, 2015; City: Helsinki, Finland; Source: Tomasz Szrama

Friday September 1811:59pm - 6am
HIAP Gallery Augusta, Suomenlinna B 28/2, 00190 Helsinki Finland

Tonight is alive.

Tonight is not dead but alive and will take over Gallery Augusta in Suomenlinna on the night separating Friday September 18 and Saturday September 19.

We are very proud to announce the line-up for the night:
Bartolomé Ferrando (ES)
Nieves Correa (ES)
Abel Loureda (ES)
Helge Meyer (DE)
Étienne Boulanger (CA)
Kineret Haya Max (IL)
Panu Tyhtilä (FI)
Jolijn de Wolf (NL)

8 artists from 6 different countries, each with individual practises are invited based on our own personal preferences. Artists will present what is necessary for them in this occasion and we want to share the honour to witness their actions with you.

Programme starts at midnight with premiere of Étienne Boulanger’s video work called “Trapping stories and other boreal situations” and will continue until the morning.

There is no entrance fee. Unfortunately we can not offer places to sleep, so instead coffee, tea and light night snack will be served. Naturally we will appreciate your donations.

Ferry from Market Square leaves at 23:20 and back from Suomenlinna at 6:00am.

Please feel welcome to stay up the night with us!

6. EVENT: LIVE Performance Art Biennale
Date: September 23-27, 2015; City: Vancouver, Canada; Source: LIVE

LIVE Performance Art Biennale
September 23-27, 2015

VIVO Media Arts Centre
2625 Kaslo Street, Vancouver BC


Adrian Stimson
Charlene Vickers
Fausto Grossi
Francis O’Shaughnessy
Hank Bull
James Luna
Joseph Ravens
La Pocha Nostra
Le Brothers
Marlene Renaud B
Nathalie Mba Bikoro
Warren Arcand
Weeks & Whitford
Willem Wilhelmus
Zoe Kreye
And more announced soon! 

The LIVE International Performance Art Biennale is a critical platform for presenting performance art to both local and international audiences. Since 1999, LIVE has brought over 300 artists to the city of Vancouver. Our 2015 program includes artists from Vancouver and all over the world, with an exciting lineup filled with performances, workshops, dinners, and happenings. Without volunteers, LIVE would not be possible. We need your help! Volunteering with LIVE affords you free entrance to all festival programming and a chance to connect to a thriving performance art network in an engaging and social atmosphere.

If you want to volunteer, contact Luciana Freire D’Anunciação (Volunteer Coordinator) at: contact@lucianaartwork.com

LIVE on Facebook: www.facebook.com/livebiennale

7. EVENT: VIVA! Art Action
Date: October 7-11, 2015; City: Montreal, Canada; Source: VIVA
Arkadi Lavoie Lachapelle (QC)
Arti Grabowski (POL)
Artivistic (QC)
Boryana Rossa (BGR/USA)
Chris Lloyd (QC)
Dana Michel (QC)
Danny Gaudreault (QC)
Dorothea Rust (CHE)
Doyon/Demers (QC)
Emilie Monnet (QC)
Fortner Anderson (QC)
Francys Chenier (QC)
Jacqueline van de Geer (QC/NLD)
Jason Lim (SGP)
Jean-Philippe Luckhurst-Cartier (QC)
John Court (GBR/FIN)
k.g. Guttman (QC)
Kim Waldron (QC)
Marilyn Arsem (USA)
Maude Veilleux (QC)
Nataliya Tchermalykh (UKR/CHE)
Rebecca Belmore (QC)
Sandra Johnston (IRL)
Sonja Zlatanova (MKD/QC)
Soufïa Bensaïd (QC/TUN)
Sylvie Cotton (QC)
Sylvie Tourangeau (QC)
Victoria Gray (GBR)
Date: unspecified; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Zack Russell
Calling all artists, performers, art-lovers, public space enthusiasts & citizens of Toronto! Join an ever-growing collective of artists, volunteers, and community organizers who are passionate about re-imagining public space.

If you haven’t already heard: the Gateway Newsstand at Chester Subway by artists! Since May 2015, the (above-ground) Artist-Run Newsstand at Chester Subway has become a multidisciplinary community space, bringing together the work of writers, choreographers, media artists, performance artists, theatre artists, craftspeople, visual artists and community arts organizers. Each month we host upwards of ten events (installations, exhibits, performances, screenings) at the Newsstand.  We also sell commuter necessities (newspapers, magazines, snacks) and artist merchandise (‘zines, artist books, multiples) daily from 3PM-7PM, Monday-Friday.


The Artist-Run Newsstand Volunteer Program provides experience in arts space/micro-gallery operations & an opportunity to participate in the one-year art experiment that is the Newsstand. You will be a contributor to the culture of the Newsstand – interacting with artists, audiences, and TTC commuters. Best of all, you’ll gain a thorough knowledge of the current and upcoming exhibitions at the Newsstand and witness the wonderful ways that our roster of local and international artists use the Newsstand to create and exhibit their work.

Requirements: The program requires individuals who enjoy interacting with the public and are passionate about community engagement and re-imagining public space. As a volunteer attendant, you will be asked to: sell Newsstand merchandise, provide information about the current exhibit and upcoming events, and explain the Artist-Run Newsstand project itself.

Volunteers will be asked to commit to a minimum of one weekday shift (3PM-7PM) every two weeks. Need-based travel stipends will be provided to successful applicants.

To apply, please email artists.newsstand@gmail.com with a short cover letter that details:
1) why you are interested in volunteering
2) any relevant work or volunteer experience
3) your availability

Now Accepting Applications for Fall/Winter Internships

The Fall/Winter Internship opportunity provides undergraduate and graduate students and emerging artists and curators with practical experience in curating, community outreach, and arts administration. Selected candidates will work part-time (minimum 5 hours/week) with organizers, artists and staff on project-based work.

Areas of focus include: Assisting artists in presentation of scheduled projects / Creating art and curatorial projects for presentation / Event planning / Research / Curatorial writing / Installing Exhibitions / Community outreach / Social Media

Internships are between three to six months. 

To apply, please email your resume and cover letter to: artists.newsstand@gmail.com

For more information on our programming visit facebook.com/artistsnewsstand


Established in 1993, FADO Performance Inc. (Performance Art Centre) is a not-for-profit artist-run centre for performance art based in Toronto, Canada. FADO exists to provide a stable, ongoing, supportive forum for creating and presenting performance art. FADO presents the work of local, national and international artists who have chosen performance art as a primary medium to create and communicate provocative new images and new perspectives. Thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council and the Department of Canadian Heritage for their on-going support. 

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