FADO E-LIST (September 2015)

1. NEW ADDITIONS to the FADO website: PHOTO/VIDEO Galleries
Date: now; City: the world; Source: FADO
2. WORKSHOP: Performative Writing with Teena Lange
Date: September 30-October 2, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: FADO/Link&Pin
3. EVENT: FADO presents Dorothea Rust (Switzerland) and Victoria Gray (UK)
Date: October 2, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: FADO
Date: October 3, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: FADO
5. EVENT: ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival 2015
Date: September 1-6 2015; City: Kuopio, Finland; Source: Elisa Itkonen
6. EVENT: Bebelle et Barbarie by Collectif BUS 1.2.3
Date: September 2-5, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Dominique Banoun
7. EVENT: PAB Open
Dates: September 5-6, 2015; City: Bergen, Norway; Source: Facebook
8. EVENT: Counterbalance, installation and performance by Julie Lassonde
Dates: September 7-20, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Julie Lassonde
9. EVENT: Préavis de Désordre Urbain 2015
Date: September 14-19, 2015; City: Marseilles, France; Source: Red Plexus
10. EVENT: Anna Banana at Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
Date: September 18, 2015; City: Victoria, Canada; Source: Michelle Jacques
11. EVENT: Performance/Live Art Project: Art of Encountering VI
Date: September 11-25, 2015; City: various; Source: asabank
12. EVENT: LIVE Performance Art Biennale
Date: September 23-27, 2015; City: Vancouver, Canada; Source: LIVE
Date: September 27, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: lo bil
14. EVENT: Urban Knights
Date: September 29, 2015; City: Berlin, Germany; Source: Teresa Dillon
Date: now; City: Venice, Italy; Source: Piero Viti
Deadline: October 01, 2015; City: Tirana, Albania; Source: VestAndPage
17. WORKSHOP: Arti Grabowski / Johannes Deimling at Art Nomade Festival
Date: October 3-4, 2015; City: Chicoutimi, Quebec; Source: Francis O’Shaunghnessy
18. EVENT: Workshop/Artist talk/Performance by Rosa Mesa
Date: October 5-8, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Rosa Mesa
19. WORKSHOP/EVENT: IPA Bristol 2015: Where Performance Happens
Date: October 12-25, 2015; City: Bristol, UK; Source: Eva Martino
20. PERFORMANCE ART WORKSHOP: with Victoria Stanton
Deadline date: November 13, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Victoria Stanton
21. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Performance Art Residency
Deadline date: December 15, 2015; City: Michoacán, Mexico; Source: D/NO D/NCO


1. NEW ADDITIONS to the FADO website: PHOTO/VIDEO Galleries
Date: now; City: the world; Source: FADO

Dear FADO friends,
We’ve spent the summer diving into the FADO archives, and thanks to Jess Shane, FADO’s administrative assistant, you can view image galleries from past performances and programs from 1999-2002. PLUS, there are new documentation videos of historical FADO performances on the website going up every week. (Thanks to editors Annie Onyi Cheung and Azed Majeed.) THE BEST PART is that there is only more to come! Keep checking the website regularly for newly posted material.


Image galleries from performances by Roddy Hunter, Alastair MacLennan, Jenny Strauss, and more!

Image galleries from performances by Jerzy Onuch, Louise Liliefeldt, and more!

Image galleries from performances by Marilyn Arsem, Istvan Kantor, Undo, and more!

Image galleries from performances by Iwon Wijono, Adina Bar-On, and more!


Documentation and interview have been posted from way back in 1999, including works and words from Roddy Hunter, Alastair MacLennan, and Rebecca Belmore. Check out the video gallery page here:

Join is on all the social medias. We’ve been posting single images from the archive every few days on Instagram (@fadoperformanceartcentre) and Twitter (@FADOperformance), and as always, there is Facebook (FADO Performance Art Centre).


2. WORKSHOP: Performative Writing with Teena Lange
Date: September 30-October 2, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: FADO/Link&Pin

Performative Writing
Facilitated by Teena Lange (Berlin)

Co-presented by FADO Performance Art Centre + LINK & PIN Performance Art Series

Performative Writing or Creative Critical Writing is claimed to be, in itself, a form of performance, often taking as its subject a work of visual art or performance art. The core of this workshop is to develop sensitization for textures and the practice of taking the time to do the doing. 

Entering into performative writing allows the re/activation of the wording & being less paralyzed by the empty page, breaking through the trained fixation of meaning seeking structures of texts. Everyone can write. This workshop allows you to take time to experience another writing practice or develop one if you don’t currently have an active writing practice.

Through a series of exercises the participants in this session will deal with linguistic matters, performative utterances, writing styles, the playground of proverbs, documentation dots & lines, various mechanisms of memory and referentiality, readership & queer quality management.

Teena Lange is a performance art curator, researcher, and the artistic director of Grüntaler9 – a space towards the performative. She studied Theatre & Performance Studies, as well as Linguistics & Literature in Leipzig, Paris, and Berlin. At the Freie Universität Berlin, she worked as a Program Coordinator and Research Associate at the International Research Center “Interweaving Performance Cultures.” Additionally, she has given seminars & lectures at Freie Universität Berlin, University Istanbul, and Lithuanian University Vilnius. Her current work includes independent performance art curation for Grüntaler9 Berlin, nGbK Berlin, Savvy Contemporary, Month of Performance Art Berlin, Art Bosphorus Istanbul, Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival New York, >performance space< London, Musrara Mix Festival Jerusalem, Supermarket Stockholm, Poppositions Brussels, amongst others. She is Co-Founder and Vice President of APAB – Association for Performance Art Berlin. www.gruentaler9.com

***PLEASE NOTE: the workshop is now full; but stay tuned to the FADO website for updates/outcomes from Teena Lange and participants.



3. EVENT: FADO presents Dorothea Rust (Switzerland) and Victoria Gray (UK)
Date: October 2, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: FADO

FADO Performance Art Centre is proud to present new solo performance works from Dorothea Rust (Switzerland) and Victoria Gray (UK). Gray and Rust’s appearances in Toronto are in partnership with VIVA! Art Action. 

Dorothea Rust works in/with dance, improvisation, performance art, live actions, and installation. Her practice is rooted in responsiveness to site and context. Rust doesn’t consider performance as an ephemeral, singular event, rather she sees performance as a space and a milieu (a time/moment in process, of a social and cultural environment). Rust’s process (and preparation for a work including such things as script, notation, documentation, narration, photos, video, audio) are considered trace and also material for the next performance or intervention. In this way Rust says that, “the performance doesn’t belong to me, it’s part of a 'milieu’, others as much belonging to it and being part of it as me.” 

Dorothea Rust’s work bridges dance and performance art. In addition to this practice, she curates a diverse range performance events in collaboration with other artists including Der Längste Tag/The Longest Day (an annual 16-hour event of non-stop performances) and music groups like GNOM gruppe für neue musik baden (group for contemporary music). She attended the Zurich University of the Arts graduating with a Degree in Visual Arts Studies (2003) and a Masters in Advanced Studies in Cultural/Gender Studies (2006). From 1983 to 1991, she worked in New York City collaborating with other dancers, choreographers and musicians where the experimental spirit of the Judson Dance Group from the 60’s (as well as some of the key players) were still working. Her performance work has been presented in Switzerland, Canada, Chile, India, and Israel; and her dance work has been presented in Philadelphia, Washington and New York City, Germany, Portugal, Finland and more.

Often durational, Victoria Gray's performances utilize slowness and stillness, in conjunction with performing unsighted, bringing a cellular-attention to kinesthetic sensations. Integrating affect studies, process philosophy, political theory, and somatics, her work aims to bring dormant psychosomatic memory to consciousness. Specifically, that which subsists at the sentient level of the bones, muscles, organs, fluids, glands and nerves. This cellular-attention aims to disturb “common-sense” hierarchies of sensory organization, activating the political potential of a body that is intimately attuned to affective experience. Each work is highly contingent upon the audience's particular presence and the specificities of each performance space. In this sense, like time, affect becomes a material in performance, it is “shaped” moment-by-moment in an immediate exchange between performer, audience and site. 

Victoria Gray is an artist and practice-led researcher. She has presented work in galleries and performance festivals in the UK, USA, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland and Spain. 

Alongside Nathan Walker, she is co-director of Oui Performance (York, UK), an artist-led organization advocating practice, discourse and education of performance art in the UK. Currently, she is a PhD candidate at Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of the Arts, London. 

Established in 2006, VIVA! Art Action is an international performance and live art festival presented every two years in Montréal. The festival takes place with the participation of the network of artist-run centres in the city, and takes place this year from October 5-11, 2015.


Date: October 3, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: FADO

Saturday October 3, 2015
11am - 7pm (Audience is invited to come and go throughout the day / FREE or pwyc)
Artscape Sandbox (Widmer and Adelaide Street West, Toronto)

Offered as an antidote to Toronto's annual all-night "art thing" Nuit Blanche, LEGS, TOO is an all-day performance art relay. The form of the event is dictated by a chosen duration (in this case 8 hours), which is then divided equally by the number of performance artists from the local community who invited to participate. Participating artists are suggested by other participating artists, snowballing a self-organizing event that is disinterested in traditional curation. Founded on a belief in community trust, performative dialogue and artistic self-determinancy, the resulting collective event lets participating artists be responsible not only for the continuous stream of idea- and image-making, but also for the realization of event itself. There is no staff, no coordinator, no stage manager, only artists working together. LEGS has legs. LEGS is a manifestation of the social and performing body through the collective network and expanded community.

The first iteration of LEGS was presented in our sister performance art network in Montreal on February 7, 2015, at Le Cercle Carré. The score and format of the event was initially imagined by an informal collective of artists (including Christian Bujold, Michelle Lacombe, Marie-Claude Gendron, Nadège Grebmeier Forget, Katherine-Josée Gervais and Jean-Philippe Luckurst-Cartier) and was created with the intention of activating and making-visible the often fragmented local performance art community.

(The score) LEGS,
1. is made by local artists (local/provincial) participating on a voluntary basis.
2. is not crafted by a singular artistic direction or selection method, and refuses all curating models (there is a lead organizer who acquires a space and starts the chain of invitations - this is the only entity-driven action).
3. is intergenerational, and the invitation is extended to performance artists at all stages of their careers. It does not however pretend or attempt to be an exhaustive representation of a community.
4. is a minimum of 7 hours and a maximum of 9 hours long; the durational for each work is decided by dividing the total chosen time with the number of participating artists in order to realize a continuous performance relay without pause. The order of the performances is arbitrary.
5. is not performed for the sake of the camera, but is photo documented and live streamed, if possible. Images will be collected by the transmitter, made available to participating artists, and published on a collective Legs website, where the multiplying manifestations can co-exist.
6. is characterized by the fact that each participating artist is autonomous; there is no technical or material support. Artists are responsible for their own set up and clean up (which is part of their allotted time). No performance will be stopped but artists will begin at their scheduled time.
7. is not financed by any public program or entity and doesn't generate monetary profit for the organizers or the participants.
8. if desired, asks for a donation from attending audience who are free to come and go as they please; the collected donations compensate venue rental or documentation, if necessary, and the remainder is spent on refreshments for all.
9. can only be transmitted to/in another community by an individual (or a small group) who has participated in the directly previous edition, and the physical participation of these transmitters in the next event is preferred.
10. is shared through this score and set of principals across the performance art network

LEGS in Toronto is initiated by FADO Performance Art Centre. The custodians of this iteration are Shannon Cochrane and Adriana Disman. There will be a LEGS transmitter (from the authoring collective and a performer from the first LEGS in Montreal) present at the event.

Check the FADO website and Facebook for updates on the growing list of participating artists!


5. EVENT: ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival 2015
Date: September 1-6 2015; City: Kuopio, Finland; Source: Elisa Itkonen

ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival is an international contemporary arts festival presenting site-specific works made for public space. This year, ANTI Festival will run between 1st and 6th September alongside the Kuopio Marathon. The 2015 ANTI, inspired by the Kuopio Marathon, features themes of endurance, wellbeing and running.

ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival 2015 presents:

Kuopio, Finland is located 210 kilometers from the Russian border. Cassils' new performance addresses the proximity of a country where there are no civil rights for LGBTQ people. Winner of ANTI Festival International Prize for Live Art in 2014!

Traditionally, sports arenas have been stages for perfect physiques and world-class performances. In Kuopio, a group of ordinary citizens will march to the Väinölänniemi stadium to take part in an alternative opening ceremony.

ALL THE QUEENS MEN (AU): FUN RUNA running event - with a twist - an endurance performance spectacle - at Kuopio Market Square. Tristan Meecham will test the limits of the human body by running a holy marathon on a treadmill. The cheering crowds around him will consist of local performers, Emcee plus the audience!

Video piece about Kuopio runners returning to the limits they temporarily transcend when running a marathon.

An underwater deep listening experience in Kuopio Swimming Pool.

Video installation on how a horse experiences the thrill of speed.

#antiadultrun Performance that teaches you to run like a child! Instructions by local, world-class running experts, 7-9 year-old kids.

Artist vickiweitz will run for 26.2 hours along a pedestrian street in Kuopio. 

Participation, endurance, drama, entertainment, wellbeing, spectatorship; what is the shared ground between sport and art?


Maraton Talks Programme
Peckakucha Nights
Anti Festival International Prize for Live Art – THE WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED!



6. EVENT: Bebelle et Barbarie by Collectif BUS 1.2.3
Date: September 2-5, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Dominique Banoun

September 2-5, 8pm
Winchester St, Theatre
80 Winchester Street, Toronto

Babelle et Barbarie is a multimedia and multilingual performance by Collectif BUS 1.2.3., an artist collective from Toronto and Montreal. Halfway between theatre and performance art, it's a mix of live video, live sound art, humour and visual poetry. A search for meaning in the cacophony of media. 

For info and tickets: www.collectifbus123.com
Special rate for artists: 10$

Gerard Leckey: composer/musician (co-founder Strange Nursery)
Kevin Kelly: musician (co-founder Strange Nursery)
Dominica Merola: singer
Marie-Claire Marcotte: singer
Adriana Monti: video artist


7. EVENT: PAB Open
Dates: September 5-6, 2015; City: Bergen, Norway; Source: Facebook

PAB Open 
September 5-6, 2015
Gamle Bergen Kretsfengsel (5014 Bergen, Hordaland)

For a full list of participants and more info: www.performanceartbergen.no

Bergen’s largest performance art festival
2 intense days – almost 100 performance artists

Performance Art Bergen (PAB) has the pleasure of inviting the public to an extraordinary art experience in the old district prison on Saturday the 5th and Sunday the 6th of September ’15, from 13.00-17.00. PAB Open is a festival that gives space for experimentation and testing of new performance work. 

This is the second edition of PAB Open, and the response has been overwhelming. 100 local, national and international artists registered their interest for participation through an open call. The festival’s ethos is not to curate the selection of artists or work: all applications are accepted! We thereby promise an exciting and varied programme from beginning to end.

The event is free. Guests are invited to visit the festival cafe for homemade food and drink, conversations about life and art, and to browse through our previous publications. 

On Friday the 4th September from 12:00-16:30, the seminar "BUILDING AUDIENCES: dissemination and audience development in the field of performance art" will be held at UPSTAIRS, Kunsthallen. Artists/event organizers and curators from home and abroad have been invited to share their experiences and strategies for showing work and creating public engagement, with the focus on performance and live art.


8. EVENT: Counterbalance, installation and performance by Julie Lassonde
Dates: September 7-20, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Julie Lassonde

Counterbalance, installation and performance by Julie Lassonde
Osgoode Hall Law School, York University Keele campus

Installation: September 7-20, 2015 (open weekdays from 9am to 4pm)

Live performances:
Wednesday September 16, 12:30pm
Sunday September 20, 3pm
Free admission

Osgoode Hall Law School is honoured to showcase the creativity and talent of two former Artists in Residence Cindy Blažević (2013-14) and Julie Lassonde (2014-15), and to introduce our 2015-16 Artists in Residence, Kami Chisholm and Nadine Valcin.

Join Dean Lorne Sossin and members of the Osgoode community on Wednesday, September 16, 2015 from 12:30 to 1:15 pm in Gowlings Hall to view Lassonde’s 10-minute Counterbalance performance followed by Blažević‘s 600-square-foot installation of the photograph “Colonialism, Continued” that has been wrapped around the exterior of the Law School’s east-facing glass structure.

Lassonde’s Counterbalance project, which explores the notion of balance and risk-taking in law and life, involves a 12-foot long seesaw made of steel and recycled wood as well as movement, the manipulation of objects and a sound recording. Her exhibit in Gowlings Hall will be open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. from September 8 to 20. In addition to her performance on Sept. 16, the performance artist and lawyer will also perform on September 20th at 3pm in Gowlings Hall.



9. EVENT: Préavis de Désordre Urbain 2015
Date: September 14-19, 2015; City: Marseilles, France; Source: Red Plexus

September is almost here, announces a new edition of the Festival PDU. This new edition will take place from 14 to 19 September 2015 in Marseille. For this 9th edition Préavis de Désordre Urbain offers Emergency Shutdown Performance for urban journeys.

This year’s program: 12 international artists, emerging or recognized, selected for the boldness of their proposal and the evolving and experimental dimension of their creative process, collaborative and body unfolded over a week in the street and at the Friche de la Belle de Mai.


Facebook: www.facebook.com/events/1662362463998490
Website: http://redplexus.org/


10. EVENT: Anna Banana at Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
Date: September 18, 2015; City: Victoria, Canada; Source: Michelle Jacques

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
1040 Moss Street, Victoria, BC Canada
Opening Reception: September 18, 2015

Curated by Michelle Jacques and Helen Marzolf (Director, Open Space Art Society) | Ker, Centennial and LAB Galleries | Organized by the AGGV in collaboration with the Open Space Art Society

A distinctive voice in the fields of conceptual, performance and mail-art, Anna Banana is a pioneer of participatory art practices. Born in Victoria, British Columbia in 1940, she began her career as a textile artist in the 1960s. However, driven by a desire to have more direct interaction with viewers, in 1971, she declared herself the city’s Town Fool, organizing a variety of events aimed at engaging the public in creative endeavours.

At the time, Banana’s participatory initiatives would have been amongst the most avant-garde art being practiced in Victoria. While the Town Fool projects provided her with an opportunity to connect with local audiences, in order to reach out beyond the limits and limitations of her hometown, she began to produce and circulate her newsletter, the Banana Rag, in 1971. This connected her to the International Mail Art Network (IMAN), and artists in a range of cities, including Vancouver, Toronto and New York.

Driven by the desire to work amongst a more responsive community, in 1973, Banana moved to San Francisco, where she found collaborators in that city's mail art and Dada activities. While there she published her first issue of VILE Magazine (in 1974), a publication that was a parody of both LIFE magazine and General Idea’s FILE. VILE provided Banana with a venue for exploring and documenting the work of mail-artists from around the world.

Banana would live and work in San Francisco until 1981, when she returned to Canada. Over her more than four-decade career, she has continued to participate in mail-art exchanges, performance art, network exhibits and projects, writing and publishing. Anna Banana: 45 Years of Fooling Around with A. Banana is a collaborative effort between the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria and Open Space, and will include work from the span of Banana’s long and accomplished career while it presents a number of projects that celebrate Banana's current interests and practice. A full-colour catalogue with texts by experts in Banana's work from around the world, the first to document the full expanse of Banana's remarkable career, will accompany the exhibition.

Open Space: http://openspace.ca/
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria: http://aggv.ca/exhibitions/anna-banana


11. EVENT: Performance/Live Art Project: Art of Encountering VI
Date: September 11-25, 2015; City: various; Source: asabank

Performance Art, models to meet and pending communications in reciprocal transfer

Since 2005, there has existed a continuing and stable exchange between artists from Asia and various networks in Europe and this in a two years rhythm. The Far East artists are invited to provide a distribution of their practices and theoretical backgrounds of their cultural activities. Responsible for the last 2 encounters and this newest edition is PAErsche - Performance - Art laboratory.

This year, 2015, eight artists from Mainland China are visiting the network partners from Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany. In this encounter, more than 30 artists from the European partner countries and the eight Chinese guests are meeting each other. The duration of the project is scheduled for six weeks. The experimental fields of this Nomadic Artist's Resident Project are diverse spaces, venues and public communicative situations. In the experiment, the relation artist / audience is brought to unfold and to go further and beyond other artistic practices.

The offer of the European partners covers a wide spectrum: starting with the classic white cube (gallery), black theatre spaces and a factory hall with their raw charm. Then across into urban and industrial landscapes that can be marked by interventions and walks. Other fruitful areas are small provincial centres, i.e. marketplaces. In between there are excursions in natural environments - heights, valleys, woods and quarries. Accompanying roundtables and information sessions are held, which are organized in cooperation with cultural centres and art associations.

Information in the diverse online-sites:
Facebook: PAErsche / Actus

Artists from China:
FENG Weidong
HE Chengyao
LI Xiaomu
QIAO Shengxu
WANG Chuyu

Artists from Vienna:
Daniel Aschwanden
Jan Machacek
Sabine Marte
Gertrude Moser-Wagner
Brigitte Wilfing

Artists from Switzerland:
Simone Etter
Iris Ganz
Monica Günther
Muda Mathis
Chris Regn
Ruedi Schill
Sus Zwick 

Artists from Art-Lab Kunstpavillon:
Petra Deus
Yingmei Duan
Anne Hoffmann
Boris Nieslony
Ute-Marie Paul
Delphine RicherEvamaria Schaller

Artists from Action-Lab PAErsche:
Yingmei Duan
Frank Homeyer
Taisiya Ivanova
Lala Nomada
Mark Met
Christiane Obermayr
Thomas Reul
Carola Willbrand
and the Open Source Walking and Talking in Bonn

Artists from ACTUS:
Pierre Berthet
Maud Hagelstein
Anais Heraud
Yingmei Duan
Boris Nieslony
Gwendoline Robin
Barbara Roland
Gaetan Rusquet
Evamaria Schaller

European organizer and venues:
PAN Vienna / A (Daniel Aschwanden, Brigitte Wilfing) + Verschwender (Sabine Marte, Daniel Aschwanden) + Im_lieger (Anita Kaya, Brigitte Wilfing) + Institut für Interaktive Raumprojekte: (Gertrude Moser-Wagner) + ChinaCultureDesk (Alice Schmatzberger, Ingrid Fischer-Schreiber), Performance Laboratory, Linz / A + FAMA  (Elisa Andessner) + Die Fabrikanten, Linz / A  (Wolfgang Preisinger) + BB15, Linz / A Marianne Papst, Simone Etter, Gisela Hochuli + Kaskadenkondensator Basel / CH Art-Lab Kunstpavillon / AIM e.V. Burgbrohl, RLP / D  (Karin Meiner) Festival Interval, Essen / D  (Marita Bullmann) + ERDgeschoss, Essen / D PAErsche, Cologne / D  + Orangerie, Cologne / D  (Evamaria Schaller, Rolf Hinterecker) Künstlerforum, Bonn / D (Susanne Grube + PAErsche) Actus, Ricochets + ESAVL Liége / Belgium + (Béatrice Didier, Maud Hagelstein)



12. EVENT: LIVE Performance Art Biennale
Date: September 23-27, 2015; City: Vancouver, Canada; Source: LIVE

LIVE Performance Art Biennale
September 23-27, 2015

VIVO Media Arts Centre
2625 Kaslo Street, Vancouver BC


Adrian Stimson
Charlene Vickers
Fausto Grossi
Francis O’Shaughnessy
Hank Bull
James Luna
Joseph Ravens
La Pocha Nostra
Le Brothers
Marlene Renaud B
Nathalie Mba Bikoro
Warren Arcand
Weeks & Whitford
Willem Wilhelmus
Zoe Kreye
And more announced soon! 

The LIVE International Performance Art Biennale is a critical platform for presenting performance art to both local and international audiences. Since 1999, LIVE has brought over 300 artists to the city of Vancouver. Our 2015 program includes artists from Vancouver and all over the world, with an exciting lineup filled with performances, workshops, dinners, and happenings. Without volunteers, LIVE would not be possible. We need your help! Volunteering with LIVE affords you free entrance to all festival programming and a chance to connect to a thriving performance art network in an engaging and social atmosphere.

If you want to volunteer, contact Luciana Freire D’Anunciação (Volunteer Coordinator) at: contact@lucianaartwork.com

LIVE on Facebook: www.facebook.com/livebiennale


Date: September 27, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: lo bil

27 September 2015

Intergalactic Arts Collective at Artscape Youngplace Centre
180 Shaw Street, STUDIO 103, Toronto 

Aisha Sasha John
Rain Ing
Kayla Milmine & Brian Abbott 
Clayton Lee
+ one additional performance artist T.B.C. 

More words, images and updates at: http://processperformances.tumblr.com/

PROCESS is a space to investigate, witness, feedback, collaborate, converse, chill out, meet friends, find new perspectives on your own artistic process, and recalibrate your interpretive channels. Each PROCESS event presents the work of 3-5 artists and encourages conversation with the audience. it's an invitation try something new, experiment, assess or revisit something that has already been presented - it's an informal event that happens the last Sunday of each month. 

$10 suggested PWYC at the door. Proceeds from the night go to the artists and to the Intergalactic Arts Collective space. Send enquiries about participation in the PROCESS Series to the Programmer, lo bil at lbil@rogers.com


14. EVENT: Urban Knights
Date: September 29, 2015; City: Berlin, Germany; Source: Teresa Dillon

The second edition of Urban Knights, 2015 will take place on Tuesday, September 29, 19.00 at 34A, Weichselstrasse 34A, 10247, Berlin, Germany.

Themes addressed will focus on safety, visibility, security and trust within the city. Speakers include Alona Rodeh [IL/DE], Daniel Augustine [NL] & Nils Zurawski [DE] with a special edition of Rodeh's new publication "Safe and Sound" presented.

Alona Rodeh [IL/DE]: Artist presents her project “Safe and sound“, which examines the interrelationship between personal and state safety regulation.
Bio: www.urbanknights.org/meet-the-knights/752-2/ 
Artist website: www.alonarodeh.com
Safe and Sound, Artist Publication: www.thegreenbox.net/de/buecher/safe-sound

Daniel Augustine [NL]: Lawyer and researcher discusses the legal complexities, which arise from the status of multinational companies and the implications this has on notions of trust and responsibility between governments, citizens and companies
Bio: www.urbanknights.org/meet-the-knights/daniel-augenstein/
Links: http://tilburguniversity.academia.edu/DanielAugenstein

Nils Zurawski [DE]: Journalist, researcher and co-editor of “The Anthropology of Security” (Pluto Press), provides examples of how Europe, like many other parts of the world is now home to a vast and complex security industry.
Bio: www.urbanknights.org/meet-the-knights/nils-zurawski/
The Anthropology of Security: www.plutobooks.com/display.asp?K=9780745334578
Links: www.surveillance-studies.org/zurawski/

Urban Knights is a free event. Space is limited so booking necessary via:

Further info on Urban Knights can be found at: www.urbanknights.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/events/878930268849695/

Urban Knights, Berlin is kindly supported by the Irish Embassy, Berlin.


Date: now; City: Venice, Italy; Source: Piero Viti

PERFORMERS Venice International Performance Art Week 2014
by Piero Viti

The photographic documentation of another kind of the 2nd VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK 2014

Throughout the whole week of the event held at Palazzo Mora in December 2014, Piero Viti portrayed with his camera each and every one of the people involved. The result of his photographic work is a collection of the faces of all those who have collectively contributed to the realization of this live art people-project. It is up to the reader to work out which are the artists, to distinguish between the curators, technicians, sponsors and helpers. Viti has portrayed each and every one of them, managing to remain unbiased, managing to elude the bewitching power of the artists. ~Umberto Zampini

PERFORMERS Venice International Performance Art Week 2014
by Piero Viti

Published by Officina Contemporanea, Venice, 2015
23 x 23 cm, 158 pages with photographs in colour
33,50 Euro

Order online: www.pixalib.com/it/officina-contemporanea/performers


Deadline: October 01, 2015; City: Tirana, Albania; Source: VestAndPage

ONUFRI XXI, 2015 | "SiO2 – The Reason of Fragility: Contemporary Artists Facing Glass”

Open call for art projects on the topic GLASS to be developed, realized and exhibited in the frame of ONUFRI XXI, 2015 | "SiO2 – The Reason of Fragility: Contemporary Artists Facing Glass", international art exhibition curated by VestAndPage.

Participation deadline: October 01, 2015
Type: International Art Exhibition
Venue: Galeria Kombetare e Arteve (National Art Gallery), Tirana, Albania
Category: Film, Installation, Performance, Sound, Text (Creative writings), Video, Visuals (comprehensive of drawings, digital rendering, photography)
Size: Open for applications
Eligibility: Architects, filmmakers, interdisciplinary artists, performers, photographers, sound artists, visual artists, and writers from the Albanian art and cultural scene also working in a variety of media and disciplines (sciences included) are invited to submit their works. Seven (7) project proposals will be selected from the open call to take part at the ONUFRI XXI exhibition.

Applicants must be below 40 years of age at the date of the deadline.

To apply, please send a PDF file to onufri21@galeriakombetare.gov.al and pagnes@vest-and-page.de, that includes:
-A brief (400 words) proposal-draft project with timeline feasibility (when applicable)
-A brief artist/collective statement-Short bio and CV
-A selection of images at your choice you would like to share with us to describe visually your project proposal

OPEN CALL TEXT: How do we spell the word C-A-R-E when staring at Glass?

Glass is an exemplar material when it comes to create visibility, or discuss concepts such as transparency, refraction, resistance and fragility. Lenses, windows, mirrors, magnifiers, mobile phones, tablets, computer screens, surveillance camera, showcases, bottles, aquariums are part of our quotidian as well as our professional lives, infecting our public, social and private spheres. A pair of glasses can make the invisible visible; a bulletproof glass plate works in protection as a seeing-trough barrier, thus like any material, ballistic glass is not completely impenetrable.

Paradoxically, however, beyond any tautological statement, true by definition so basically devoid of informative value, here the question is what and how we see when we look at reality through glass? How does it affect our mind and creative thinking?

Already in the XIX century, Lewis Carroll saw the imaginary world of Alice shaped through a looking glass, blurring experience with dreaming. Few years later the provoking gesture of Marcel Duchamp of shuttering 50 Cc of the air of Paris in a pharmaceutical ampoule offered the opportunity to translate the infinite potentialities of glass into unprecedented dialectics, which inevitably have to do with our space, time and daily existence. For it, glass can be intended as an epistemically constitutive element of contemporary artistic language, a new linguistic tool through which to create images, although paraphrasing Pindar, just like knowledge and life, the molecular structure of glass and its weak points are likewise roads arranged randomly rather than a stable dwelling.

Assuming glass as a medium, symbol and carrier of meanings addressed to the individual and social recall, the exhibition "SiO2 – The Reason of Fragility" funds and focuses on the states of alertness, attentiveness, and responsibility, to look at the configuration of things in our world with more concentrated eyes. With it, the exhibition unfolds the necessity of awareness and care in human relations both in the private and social spheres, as well as towards the surrounding, ultimately enhancing a better understanding of the irreversible impact of decisions made.

Finally, from both an art-educational and technical-artistic perspective, the exhibition becomes an opportunity for students, artists and cultural operators to reflect, investigate and discuss upon what it means to approach a specific material not only for what it is or represents, but rather as a primary source of concept, thought and imagination to unveil ethical and aesthetic concerns anthro-poetically, which pertain to, fuel and enforce the development of culture.

If glass allows an interdisciplinary meeting on a common ground and presents as its primary characteristic the expansion of the human vision, it can act in term of knowledge model and threshold. If so, glass can offer new possibilities of perspectivization and consequent research, to argument further on today crucial themes, such as concealment and separation in order to reduce gaps, boundaries by confronting ourselves with stagnating dichotomies.
~VestAndPage (Verena Stenke & Andrea Pagnes)

More information:


17. WORKSHOP: Arti Grabowski / Johannes Deimling at Art Nomade Festival
Date: October 3-4, 2015; City: Chicoutimi, Quebec; Source: Francis O’Shaunghnessy

The CRC in collaboration of BANG are offering a workshop in performance art with two well-known international artists: Arti Grabowski (Poland) and Johannes Deimling (Germany). This workshop will be in English. The workshop will be held in Chicoutimi at the Bang Gallery between 9h-12h and 13h-17h on October 3 and 4, 2015 (Saturday and Sunday). This workshop is open to all people: artists and art lovers. If you are living in Saguenay-Lac Saint-Jean the price is $42 (with a prove of your address). A minimum of 8 participants is needed in order for the workshop to e realized. If you are living outside of Saguenay, the cost of the workshop is $280. Please contact us with any questions and to receive an application form. 

Please write to Francis O’Shaunghnessy at: Francosh@hotmail.com


18. EVENT: Workshop/Artist talk/Performance by Rosa Mesa
Date: October 5-8, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Rosa Mesa

“The king is dead, long live to the king!” (2015)

We are moving toward a more and more polarized world, civil rights all over the world are being shattered and the Maquiavelic structure of power has proved to be obsolete.

“The king is dead, long live to the king!” talks about the change of paradigm and the changes in thought needed to balance back. It is a multidisciplinary project that investigates our vision in a world overloaded with information. 

October 5: Performance Workshop," Body awaked"
16:00pm-20:00pm: Pix Films, 1411 Dufferin St., Toronto

October 6: Artist Talk: Rosa Mesa 2005-2015, performance works
17:00pm: Pix Films, 1411 Dufferin St., Toronto

October 8: Performance
20:00pm: Artscape Young Place, 180 Shaw St., Toronto



19. WORKSHOP/EVENT: IPA Bristol 2015: Where Performance Happens
Date: October 12-25, 2015; City: Bristol, UK; Source: Eva Martino

IPA Bristol 2015: Where Performance Happens
Performance art workshop and platform event

Dates: 12-25 October 2015
Workshop - Glastonbury / Platform event – Bristol

Following on from the great success of IPA Summer, we proudly present IPA Autumn 2015, hosted for the first time in Glastonbury and Bristol, UK.  Drawing upon the exceptional tradition of IPA, our Autumn 2015 performance event will be held in two locations. For the workshops, we have booked the Earth Spirit Centre (www.earthspirit-centre.co.uk/index.php) near Glastonbury, located in the beautiful Somerset landscape with wonderful working spaces both inside and out. The workshops will run as 3 groups with a maximum of 15 participants in each group. The platform will take place the following week in Bristol, in a 3- day event of performance, symposium and discussion taking place in public spaces and  at  Arnolfini, international contemporary arts centre, in the city of Bristol with networks including local artists and producers. 

The workshops are led by VestandPage (Italy/Germany), Jelili Atiku (Nigeria) and Jürgen Fritz (Germany), while the overall event and platform is organized by our IPA Bristol Team, curated by Fay Stevens and produced by Eva Martino. You can register online for these events here: www.ipapress.i-pa.org/online-anmeldung

For more information, go to our website: www.ipapress.i-pa.org


20. PERFORMANCE ART WORKSHOP: with Victoria Stanton
Deadline date: November 13, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Victoria Stanton

Between Intimacy and Architecture: subtle and relational performance in public place
With Victoria Stanton

Location: Artscape Youngplace, 180 Shaw Street, Toronto
Dates: November 20, 21, 22, 2015; 10am-5pm daily
Cost: $300
Max number of participants: 12

TO REGISTER or for more info: Contact Victoria at info@bankofvictoria.com
Deadline to register: Nov. 13, 2015 ($50 non-refundable deposit reserves your spot)
***Possibility for sliding scale or service exchange for limited number of participants; please get in touch and we can discuss***

Description of Workshop
How do we listen to each other? How do we interact? How do we respond to the landscape around us? How do we engage with time and space? Cultivating attentive awareness, empathetic presence and peripheral vision, this workshop will explore the multiple and very personalized ways in which we experience and foster intimacy and connection – in ourselves, towards others, and in relation to place. We will explore how time and space are intimately connected and linked to how we develop a relationship to the space and people around us; how repetition of an action (over time) within a particular space necessarily creates familiarity with that space, within the various contexts in which we find ourselves to be. We will also explore how the ways in which a "non-productive" use of time, as carried out in public (place) activates a space. Finally, we will attempt to create contexts to explore ways of experiencing various kinds of “in-betweens,” (the spaces between thought and action, between actions, between each other, between ourselves and the spaces around us.)

Key ideas:
-Activating space
-Holding space
-Connecting to space
-Connecting to others

The importance in relational/public practices to be able to also activate:
-Empathetic / compassionate presence (1. towards yourself, 2. towards others)
-Attentive awareness/ full observation
-Groundedness (what is your container)
-Faith, Trust

Performance Philosophy
Whether working in participatory, durational, task-based or audio-visual performance, the constant thread in my work is an investigation into the ability (and the desire) to hold a space, to appropriate and disrupt the quotidian, to create spontaneous intimacy, to tread vulnerability. Investing a performative presence and consciousness within multiple spaces/times, I continuously underscore the complex aspects of “transaction” and the possibility for transformation.

Much recent work explores the elusive “in-between” – that invisible, liminal space between myself and the audience (whether a group or just one person) or between myself and my object/action/location – whether appearing “on stage” (in a black box, white cube, bar or loft) or “out in the world” (in public sites and “non-art” contexts). The “in-between” is my inquiry into transitional space: as manifested on stage (has the performance ended?), as presented through relational exchange (is this a performance? Is this Art?), and as experienced out in the world through geopoetic meandering, and the conscious inhabiting of non-places found in the built environment.  These subtle forms of testing the limits of vulnerability make up an overall practice (and multiple research processes) as an artist working in – and with – space and time.  

About the Workshop Facilitator
Victoria Stanton is an interdisciplinary artist whose 20+ years of practice spans the realms of live action, human interaction, video, film, photo, drawing, and writing. Since 2001 Victoria has been delving into an expanded engagement with performance art, combining public intervention and transactional/relational processes within a variety of communities and contexts across Canada and internationally. She has facilitated several workshops with TouVA (a collective comprised of Stanton, Sylvie Tourangeau and Anne Bérubé) and been developing a pedagogy via the exploration of human geography, architecture and the body as well as the micro-event – elements that have become fundamental to her workshops. She has previously given classes in Montreal (RAIQ, SKOL, Studio 303) Durham (Words Aloud Festival), Toronto (Hub 14, Artscape Gibraltar Point, Artscape Youngplace), Sudbury (Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario), Mexico (Centre FRONDA), and Melbourne (Overload Festival). Victoria has presented exhibitions, performances, interventions, and films/videos nationally and internationally, and is currently working on a book with TouVA, developing salient notions on how performance is practiced and on the question of ‘the performative.’ www.bankofvictoria.com

“I learned more in your weeklong workshop than I have in 5 years of art school.”

“Aside from your impressive knowledge of the discipline, which I trusted all along, I was moved by your capacity and willingness to listen deeply to the issues we were all grappling with in our work as participants, and nurturing a safe space for us to re-visit them from a new place.”

“I like the workshop structure very much. Masterful. Plus the time and opportunity to integrate and test experiential and discursive realizations/dilemmas.”

“As a university professor, I was extremely impressed by Victoria’s finesse and confidence in the room. She is subtle and deft in her ability to guide and shape our conversations without imposing in any way or intervening in the time and space that people need to tell their stories and express their nuanced perspectives. She let things unfold at their own pace and made the workshop collaborative in the best possible way – so that we were all sharing skills and learning from each other almost as much as from her. This workshop has inspired me to introduce similar methods into my teaching, which has produced incredible results.” 


21. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Performance Art Residency
Deadline date: December 15, 2015; City: Michoacán, Mexico; Source: D/NO D/NCO

Guapamacátaro Center for Art & Ecology, Michoacán, México


Residency: 20 May – 13 June 2016
Application Deadline: 15 December 2015
Acceptance Notification: 30 January 2016

Performance art curator, maker and writer Dino Dinco is assembling an intimate, diverse group of 10-12 performance art / live art makers for a unique 24 day residency at Guapamacátaro Center for Art & Ecology in rural Michoacán, México. The Center (and hacienda) derives its name from the indigenous Purépecha word, guapamacátaro, which roughly means, “something surrounded by water.” Lakes and streams are prevalent throughout the verdant region, and a lively river flows alongside the hacienda itself.

During their stay, performance artists-in-residence will use the hacienda grounds as a laboratory for discovery, contemplation and development, and the chance to engage with the local community. Artists are free to work whenever desired in the provided studios and anywhere on the property. Experimentation is encouraged, as are discourse and collaboration. 

Two performance exhibitions will be presented during the residency (at both the Guapamacátaro hacienda and in the nearby town of Maravatío): at the halfway mark, and at the end of the residency.

Please note: This residency is specifically geared for practitioners of performance art. We kindly request that artists working in the performing arts (traditional music performance, dance, acting, performance poetry, etc.), please not apply.

1) Living and working space (single or double occupancy bedrooms & studios) are provided by Guapamacátaro and at no cost to the artist.

2) All utilities, cleaning services, drinking water and three meals per day (self-serve breakfast, prepared lunch and dinner) at net cost (per person, per day): $31 USD / $513 MX peso / € 28 euro (all rates are approximate based on current exchange rates)

3) Total for the 21 days: $750 USD / $12,300 MX peso / € 672 euro (all rates are approximate based on current exchange rates)

4) *We DO NOT cover transportation or material expenses.

One (1) half scholarship for a participant from Mexico: pays $6,150 MX pesos for living costs for duration of residency. Awarded based on merit and financial need.

One (1) half scholarship for a participant from Central America (Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama) or the Caribbean (Cuba, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and other islands): pays $6,150 MX pesos for living costs for duration of residency. Awarded based on merit and financial need.

Artists are always welcome to run, walk, hike the surrounding hills and countryside, including to nearby lakes and rivers, on their own. Based on interest, group activities such as morning stretch, meditation, and guided walks can be arranged. Fieldtrips to nearby cities/towns (Morelia, El Oro, Tlalpujahua, etc.) and natural areas (hot springs!) can be organized at additional cost.

Please send a 150-250 word participation proposal, CV and website to: dinodinco@gmail.com by 15 December 2015. For additional information, please email Dino Dinco at the same address.

For FAQ about Guapamacátaro Center for Art & Ecology, please visit:


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