FADO E-LIST (August 2009)

FADO E-bulletin for August 2009

1. FADO NEWS: Upcoming Events
2. FADO News: Call for Proposals
3. EVENT: 2ND Festival of Emerging Artists AND other info
Dates: July 28-29, 2009; Source: Jürgen Fritz
4. EVENT: Stromereien Performance Festival
Dates: July 29-August 7, 2009: Source: Heike Rauber
5. EVENT: Opening of the 10th OPEN International Performance Art Festival
Date: August 5, 2009; Source: Chen Jin
6. EVENT: 10th OPEN Performance Art Festival
Dates: August 5-September 28, 2009; Source: Chen Jin
7. EVENT: Global Communication Festival
Dates: August 8-15, 2009; Source: Dariusz Fodczuk
8. EVENT: Summerworks The Performance Gallery
Dates: August 6-16, 2009: Source: Emma Hillier
9. EVENT: Daniel Barrow in Toronto
Dates: August 7-15, 2009; Source: Michael Rubenfeld
10. EVENT: R.I.T.E.S. - Rooted In The Ephemeral Speak
DATE: August 12, 2009: Source: Lee Wen
11. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Deleon White Gallery Performance Event
Deadline date: August 15, 2009; Source: Mariam Magsi
12. EVENT: Artists Xiao Lu and Lee Wen in Discussion
Date: August 16, 2009; Source: Lee Wen
Deadline Date: August 17, 2009; Source: Waldemar Tatarczuk
14. EVENT: 8th Turbine Giswil International Performance Art
Date: September 12, 2009: Source: Ruedi Schill
15. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Toronto Free Broadcasting
Deadline date: August 31, 2009: Source: Maiko Tanaka
16. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Flax International Residency
Deadline Date: August 31, 2009; Source: Sinead O’Donnell
1. FADO NEWS: Upcoming Events
Monika Günther and Ruedi Schill
September 19, 2009
Urban Space Gallery, Toronto
INFO: http://performanceart.ca/index.php?m=program&id=142
Sandra Johnston
September 26, 2009 
Toronto Free Gallery, Toronto
INFO: http://performanceart.ca/index.php?m=program&id=143
Tall Blonde Ladies
October 26, 2009
Venue to be announced soon!
INFO: http://performanceart.ca/index.php?m=program&id=144
2. FADO News: Call for Proposals
FADO announces Misinformed Informants: Emerging Practices Series 2009
Misinformed Informants_Curated by Lisa Visser
DEADLINE: Postmarked October 1, 2009 (postmark)
With an uncontested authority of communication also comes a loss of more antiquated forms of attraction and distractions: for example, the telegraph, the dial phone, a meaningful touch. Nostalgia for these former arts is maintained in a romanticized thought, where a world of convenience abandons the need for a hand-written letter, expressive and clear, sweetly scented and discreetly passed from the lover to the loved. Rather, instructions on how to make eye contact and intonate clearly, write concise and connected emails, without emoticons, are how we learn communication procedure. What did we lose when we lost the art of communication? How will I know he loves me if he doesn’t write it in a letter? Conversational tone is often mistranslated through the digital media. Though sometimes the process of communication is lost the participants may deduce the correct result. Yet, nothing ensures comprehension and so there is inevitable lost emails, missed phone calls, unreceived text messages, poorly stressed intonations: miscommunications and misinformed informants.
Talking and laughing, body language, facial expressions, huffs and sighs, digital dialogue, instant messaging, translation among languages and generations, silence and deliberate motions, yelling, whispering, texting. 
FADO invites submissions for performance works from emerging or early career artists that speak to modes and moods of communication and miscommunication as a starting point for their work. We encourage both shorter and longer works, durational or multi-day projects. The event and exhibition will take place in Toronto in early December (location and dates to be confirmed). This event will highlight new work by emerging artists. Please remember this is a Toronto and regional call only. We are not able to bring artists in from national or international cities, as much as we would like to. We are looking for work from artists from Toronto and surrounding areas, as well as London, Kingston, Montreal, Ottawa etc. The performance will be introduced in an opening event of the exhibition, with ephemera, debris and documentation on display throughout the week following the performance event.  
Submissions must include:
-Artist CV
-A statement describing your practice
-15-20 jpeg images and/or a 10minute video
-A descriptive list for your images
-Any written documentation to accompany your images_-SASE (packages will not be returned unless this is included)
Please contact the curator before sending an email submission. If you are going to send an email submission, it is advisable to send hard copies of the documents as well.
For more information, please contact: Lisa Visser, Curator
3. EVENT: 2ND Festival of Emerging Artists
Dates: July 28-29, 2009; Source: Jürgen Fritz
Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben
Am Flutgraben 3 - 12435 Berlin
Organized and hosted by Performer Stammtisch and Flutgraben e.V. in Berlin in cooperation with IPAH e.V. Hildesheim. We will present about 15 Performances from young and from known artists.
Performance Art Festival ZOOM! West Europe will take place from September 30 - October 4 in the Citychurch St. Jacobi, Hildesheim (more info soon!)
You may now apply for the winter school 2010 at NRLA in Glasgow! Workshops with Ron Athey, Jamie McMurry, Michael Mayhew and Jürgen Fritz.
INFO: www.newmoves.co.uk/course-list-2009-winter-school
Best regards
Jürgen Fritz
4. EVENT: Stromereien Performance Festival
Dates: July 29-August 7, 2009: Source: Heike Rauber
stromereien 09 - Performance Festival Zurich_29th Juli - 7th August 2009
stromereien 09 is where the stage meets the water: Along the banks of the River Limmat, in the middle of the city of Zurich, unique performance projects will surprise and delight with new and unusual experiences in familiar places.
15 solo artists and groups will take possession of the area around the Tanzhaus Zurich for ten days, taking the audience to public baths, onto bridges, through green open spaces, into private apartments of Zurich…They invite the spectators to join them on guided walks or to be surprised by interventions in unexpected places of every-day life.
In addition to the performances, a variety of other exciting events will round off the festival programme. “Denkströme” offer scope for debate, while a workshop for professional artists provides the chance for further education and a platform for experimentation. The official festival observer will be present throughout the entire time, cataloguing the side effects of the festival in his research station.
To download a programme: www.stromereien.ch/en/festival/program.htm
5. EVENT: Opening of the 10th OPEN International Performance Art Festival
Date: August 5, 2009; Source: Chen Jin
The Opening Ceremony of the 10th Open International Performance Art Festival
August 5, 2009 
The 10th Open Performance Art Festival’s opening ceremony will invite the Embassy officers of many countries, artists, and media partners, during the opening ceremony, there will be some performance art activity, and a buffet reception for every guests, we warmly welcome your presentation. 
The schedule of the Opening Ceremony 
Date: Wednesday August 5, 2009
Time: 5-8pm
Venue: Open Realization Contemporary Center
Address: Sevenstart Middle Street, 798 Art zone, No.4 JiuXianqiao Road, ChangYang district, Beijing
6. EVENT: 10th OPEN Performance Art Festival
Dates: August 5-September 28, 2009; Source: Chen Jin
10th OPEN Performance Art Festival
August 5-September 28, 2009
This year the festival is curated by a difference curator in each week.
1st Week: Curator MARI NOVOTNY JONES (USA)
2nd Week: Curator JONAS STAMPE (France/Sweden)
3rd Week: Curator MILAN KOHOUT (USA/Czech)
4th Week: Curator ARAI SHIN-ICHI (Japan) and FuXiaodong (China)
5th Week: Curator JILL MCDERMID (USA) 
6th Week: Curator JANE JIN KAISEN (Denmark) 
7th Week: Curator JULIE ANDREE T. (Canada)
8th Week: Curator MARTIN RENTERIA (Mexico)
Event location: 
-Open Realization Contemporary Art Center: Opening Ceremony /Closing Ceremony/ the display of the video works and pictures/artists performance;
-Iberia Chinese Independent film archive: the series artist ‘s lectures of the 10th anniversary Open festival.
Network Technical Support:
Contemporary Art Broadcast Combination: www.radio.artsin.com.cn 
Chief curator: Chen Jin (China) 
Assistant chief curator : Vigi Yaya and Leon Kalven 
Organizer: The committee of 10th Open International Performance Art Festival 
Volunteer: Cathy Jessica  Sandrine
7. EVENT: Global Communication Festival
Dates: August 8-15, 2009; Source: Dariusz Fodczuk
1. Performance Workshop with BBB Johannes Deimling (August 8-12)
Public Performance: August 13, 4PM
Location: Mazovian Contemporary Art Centre ELEKTROWNIA
1. Rowan Blockey / Switzerland
2. Suzanne Irene Fjortoft / Norway
3. Andreas Galeano / Spain
4. Mari Ishiwata / Japan
5. Maria Kozlowska / Poland
6. Helene Lefebvre / Canada
7. Maja Maksimovic / Serbia
8. Danka Milewska / Poland
9. Ola Nowakowska / Poland
10. Franziska Siegrist / Germany
11. Julishka Stengele / Germany
2. Performance Conference: In the Context Now
Conference arranged by _ukasz Guzek and Bartosz _ukasiewicz, on the occasion of the publication of Jan Swidzinski’s new book, Art and its Context.
Date: August 10-11, 12-4PM / 5-8PM
Location: Mazovian Contemporary Art Centre ELEKTROWNIA
Grzegorz Borkowski
Grzegorz Dziamski
Bogumi_ Jasi_ski
Bartosz _ukasiewicz
Jan Piekarczyk 
Kazimierz Piotrowski
Justyna Ryczek
Jan _widzi_ski
3. Performance Festival_ 
Curated by Dariusz Fodczuk
Date: August 14-15, 5:30PM
Location: Mazovian Contemporary Art Centre ELEKTROWNIA
1. Shannon Cochrane / Canada
2. Rachel Echenberg / Canada
3. Angelika Fojtuch / Poland
4. Zuzanna Janin / Poland
5. Jerzy Kosa_ka / Poland
6. Lenka Klodova / Czech Republic
7. Frantisek Kowolowski / Czech Republic
8. Petr Lisacek / Czech Republic
9. Artur Pa_yga / Poland
10. Barbara Sturm / Germany
8. EVENT: Summerworks The Performance Gallery
Dates: August 6-16, 2009: Source: Emma Hillier
SummerWorks Theatre Festival wants you at the Grand Opening of:
The Performance Gallery
SummerWorks has taken over seven rooms and all the space in between on the second floor of the Gladstone Hotel. 
Artists from different mediums will present short pieces that will cycle every night. 
Come for 5 minutes or revel for the whole two hours in this artistic funhouse. 
Come back for the nightly rotation of special guests.
The “extras” that regular theatres don't give you? There is a bar open and ready to service your drinking needs from the moment you walk through the door.  Enjoy a refreshing beer while you enjoy the many performances.
The event is Pay What You Can.
Whatever you can afford to offer is what we're willing take. 
What's On & Are There More Evenings of Performance?
There is lots on and many more chances to catch a taste of everything.
Performances run:
Thursday, August 6th to Sunday, August 9th 
Thursday, August 13th to Sunday, August 16th
Visit www.summerworks.ca to find out more.
9. EVENT: Daniel Barrow in Toronto
Dates: August 7-15, 2009; Source: Michael Rubenfeld
The SummerWorks Theatre Festival presents:
Everytime I see Your Picture I Cry
By Daniel Barrow
Composer: Amy Linton
Featuring Daniel Barrow
Everytime I See Your Picture I Cry sold out at it's run as part of Harbourfront Centre's World Stage/Images premiere in 2008, and was awarded the Images Festival Prize that year. SummerWorks is proud to be bringing this unique work back to the city. Don't miss your chance to see this ground-breaking, absurd, magical show that mixes live animation and performance like no other artist in Canada.
After seeing this piece at Vancouver’s PuSh Festival, SummerWorks Artistic Producer, Michael Rubenfeld, knew it needed to be a part of the SummerWorks Festival.  Beloved by visual arts and film/video communities, Daniel Barrow is still relatively unknown to Canada’s theatre communities. This is all about to change.
Theatre Passe Muraille MAINSPACE (16 Ryerson Avenue)
August 7th 4:30pm
August 8th 10:30pm
August 9th 6:30pm
August 11th 8:30pm
August 14th 8:30pm
August 15th 2:30pm
All tickets only $10.00
Advance Tickets ON SALE NOW:
10. EVENT: R.I.T.E.S. - Rooted In The Ephemeral Speak
DATE: August 12, 2009: Source: Lee Wen
R.I.T.E.S. - Rooted In The Ephemeral Speak - A monthly time-based event.  
Performance Art in Singapore’s art history has spanned more than 20 years, since the documented happening of  “Fire Sculpture” by Tan Kah Kee in 1979. Starting from the late 1980s, visual artists, from The Artists Village group, like Tang Dawu, Vincent Leow, Zai Kuning and Amanda Heng, have been presenting significant performance works in numerous exhibitions in Singapore and international events. In recent years, since 2003, local performance artists like Lee Wen, Kai Lam and Jason Lim has successfully and consistently organised “Future of imagination”, an annual international performance event that platforms local and international artists.
Despite, performance and time-based events occurring sporadically in Singapore, there is still a lack of substantial discourse, in practical and academia terms. There is a need to integrate performance art or live art form into the social structure and fabric more consistently. As the variable individual lifestyles that grow out of an urban society is constantly shifting, transforming at an increasingly erratic pace of change with its very own un-dreamed of social evolution.
 “RITES” as in traditional customs, social conduct is synonymous to a way of life; informing our everyday attitude towards practices, protocol, rituals, routines, decorum, etiquette, good form that is in need of review, re-examination and reiteration.
“RITES” is a cross-disciplinary platform that presents time-based performances, electro-acoustics sound improvisations, experimental music, performative art projects, artists’ talks and workshops and discussions on performance-related activities. Its objectives are to present an eclectic mix of performances that is informed by visual aesthetics, technological integration and conceptual integrity involving art making and the social and cultural contexts that are related to performances. It explores art activities that are spatial, the way in which performance is linked to cultural, ethnic and geographical elements in identity, and at the same time exploring how all these elements can be bound and related to the global, technological, cultural and economic shifts in our daily life.
 Artists and program:
“Rites” hope to be a regular monthly event.
 7 pm, 12th August 2009 Wednesday (first installment) 
Invited artists: Danny Devos, Chia Chu Yia, Marienne Yang, Yuzuru Maeda.
Venue: Old School
The Hall
11B Mount Sophia, #B1-06
Singapore 228466
Artistic Directors/ Organizers:  Lee Wen, Kai Lam
11. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Deleon White Gallery Performance Event
Deadline date: August 15, 2009; Source: Mariam Magsi
The idea of beauty found in the morbid has been explored within multitudes of art movements and genres, developing our interpretive perception of what beauty truly is. Nature with a helping hand of time, plays an encompassing role of the dying and the living; composing to decomposing, and nurturing only to neglectfully perish again. That which desecrates grows. Although man is succeeding in repositioning himself within the natural cycle through elevated technology and mass consumption, in the end, we find ourselves in servitude of a relentless yet graceful continuum of Mother Nature. In this discourse a certain violence between the two eroding elements where harmony is disrupted, is virtually erotic and foreboding. 
Keeping these themes in mind, The Deleon White Gallery, is requesting proposals no longer than 2 pages, describing a performance oriented piece under the duration of 30 minutes. Access to the interior and the exterior of the gallery (near the street) is accessible for the duration of the show as well, so think outside the box. 
The Deleon White Gallery is a unique space that allows the transformation of aesthetic psyche and creative flexibility, under the encouraging guidance of Stephen DeLeon White. The gallery has recently welcomed one of Toronto's most exceptional and dynamic, non-traditional art communities: Performance Art and Live Theater. Seeing a successful exhibition featuring local and international performance artists, surrounding themes of nature and ecology, the gallery is honored to host another event, in keeping with the nature oriented background of the gallery. DWG has established itself as a venue committed to investigating social practices in relation to the environment they inhabit. With each new exhibition, the gallery continues to demonstrate it's commitment to the genius and creativity of its artists and to the philosophical issues that motivate their work.
Curated by: Mariam Magsi with the assistance of Mirak Jamal
-Artist Statement/Proposal-One page
-Performance Requirements/Details: Set up, Duration, Transportation, Props, Technological Needs
-3-5 Still Images of most recent work
Please send in submissions as attachments to mariammagsi@gmail.com no later than the 15th of August, 2009, 4 PM with "TITLE- DWG-FULL NAME as the subject.
12. EVENT: Artists Xiao Lu and Lee Wen in Discussion
Date: August 16, 2009; Source: Lee Wen
Discussion: Xiao Lu and Lee Wen
3pm August 16, 2009
Soo Bin Art Int’l @ UBI
10 Ubi Crescent, Ubi Techpark, 
#04-90/92/93/94/95 Lobby E, Singapore 408561
As part of the inaugural exhibition of Soo Bin Art Int’l @ UBI, “Art – Look or Listen” 16 August to 16 September 2009, China’s avant-garde generation artist Xiao Lu will share her thoughts on contemporary art with Singaporean artist Lee Wen.
Xiao Lu is known for her controversial “Pistol Shot Event”, where she fired two bullets into her installation “Dialogue” during the opening of the China Avant-Garde exhibition at National Art Museum in Beijing on February 5, 1989. Her action led not only to a prison sentence and the closure of the entire exhibition but also to the withdrawal of official support for performance art and virtually a ban on the genre in China up to today. Although comparatively less exposed Xiao Lu continues to provide a low key thought provoking alternative to the excessively hyped status of the avant-garde generation from China as a woman artist struggling to create, conflate and conflux between the personal and political divide; the life and art dichotomy.
From his “Journey of a yellow man” series began in 1992 to “Anthropometry Revision: Yellow period (after Yves Klein) #2” in 2008, Lee Wen uses art to expose and question the ideologies and value systems of individuals as well as social structures while combining local and Southeast Asian contexts with international currents in contemporary art. He has also actively helped to develop and sustain the continuation of performance art genre after a withdrawal of official support for performance art and virtual ban in Singapore lasting ten years from 1994 to 2003. His consistent persistence in international experience and exposure has given him an integral global perspective that has grown in stature and maturity.
Come and join in the discussion between Xiao Lu and Lee Wen who hope to cover various intriguing questions on contemporary art and society today.
The discussion will be in English and Chinese languages.
SooBin Art Int'l
T.65-6837 2777
F. 65-6339 7767
Email: soobinart@pacific.net.sg
web: www.soobinart.com.sg
Deadline Date: August 17, 2009; Source: Waldemar Tatarczuk
Seeking proposals for the Open programme of the European Performance Art Festival (openEPAF 2009)
The Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw / Poland invites emerging performance artists to submit performance art proposals for the open  programme of the European Performance Art Festival openEPAF 2009. 
The festival will take place from 16 to 18 October 2009. Artists who are qualified to participate in the festival will receive: materials, equipment and CCA space required for performance; board and lodging during the festival; photographic and video documentation of the performance presented during the festival; a fee of 1000 PLN and as far as possible travel costs. A jury of artists and art critics comprise the jury. 
In order to participate in openEPAF, you have to submit an application containing the following:
1. first name and surname, biographical note, artistic CV, address.
2. short description (not longer than 120 words) of the proposed
performance, including information about a duration of the performance,
materials, equipment and space required.
3. video material with the documentation of previous performances on DVD
video, miniDV or VHS (with a description containing the title, date and
place of the performance) 
Language of the application: English, Polish
Notice: this call for proposals is addressed only to artists from performance art area. We will not accept theatrical performances.
Proposals should be submitted by 17 August 2009, personally or by mail at the following address:
EPAF 2009
Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle
ul. Jazdow 2
00-467 Warszawa, Poland
And by email (only the information specified in 1 and 2 above) at: openepaf@csw.art.pl
If you want us to send materials back please enclose SASE.
Waldemar Tatarczuk / EPAF Curator
Wojciech Krukowski / Director of CCA Ujazdowski Castle
e-mail: openepaf@csw.art.pl
14. EVENT: 8th Turbine Giswil International Performance Art
Date: September 12, 2009: Source: Ruedi Schill
8th Turbine Giswil International Performance Art
Saturday September 12, 2009
3PM onwards
Nieves Correa (E)
Monica Kingler (CH)
Hansjörg Köfler (CH)
Laura Laeser (CH)
Kenny McBride (UK)
Fabien Montmartin (F)
Jacques von Poppel (NL)
Melati Suryodarmo (Indonesia/Germany)
Monika Günther / Ruedi Schill
Annalies Ohnsorg (041-660 91 18)
Carmen Kaufmann (079-339 06 31)
15. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Toronto Free Broadcasting
Deadline date: August 31, 2009: Source: Maiko Tanaka
Toronto Free Broadcasting
Season 1: Call for Instructional Videos
“How to make a revolution in your kitchen.”
This fall, a learning channel and production studio will occupy the Toronto Free Gallery. For its first season, Toronto Free Broadcasting (TFB) makes this call for instructional videos on ways you navigate your environment to yield (or envision) ways to move in-between, and across boundaries separating "home," "school," "work" and "public space.” Season 1 submissions will be accepted from July 29th – August 31st, 2009, and made viewable at torontofreebroadcasting.net . The ongoing archive of instructional videos forms one part of Toronto Free Broadcasting that also includes a series of live "educational programs" by artists and instructional video-making workshop nights held at the Gallery this September and October.
Videos should be between 1 to 10 minutes, documenting your practical skills, tactics, and knowledges –or those of someone you know– in forms such as “instructions,” “how-to’s,” “lessons,” “plans,” and “demonstrations.” Lessons might range from navigating the quickest route from point A to point B (fence-hopping techniques), to a step-by-step on negotiation tactics (dancing the tango with three), etc. These are some examples of knowledges which may not have use in predetermined day-to-day surroundings, though are useful in their personal, provisional and speculative grappling with the built environment. We love to see skills created, applied to situations particular to you, or which engage in the productive misuse of objects and spaces.
By cultivating a production site and channel for self-learning and teaching, we aim to facilitate conversations about the possibilities of an experimental community space.
Submission Guidelines:
Please submit video(s) and accompanying text document(s) along the following guidelines:
-Season 1 submission period is July 29 - August 31, 2009
-Video submissions will be viewable/archived online at: torontofreebroadcasting.net 
-Multiple entries are welcome and encouraged!
-Videos can be old or new!
-Each video should be no longer than 10 minutes
-Submissions should include a text document outlining: 1) Title, production date, other credits; 2) A short written description of video (50 words max); 3) Contact information, email or surface mail address (optional)
-For those interested in licensing their videos, we encourage the use of Creative Commons licenses. Information about Creative Commons can be found here: http://creativecommons.org
Sending and Uploading Video Files:
-You can send us your files via free video uploading websites like YouTube and Vimeo by providing us with a link (which we'll use to embed on the TFB website)
-Files being sent through the net should be in any of the following formats: MOV, .AVI, .MPG, .M4V, .MP4
-Yousendit: http://www.yousendit.com. It's free for up to 100 mb files
-Pando: http://www.pando.com. It's free, but your computer has to be on for us to download it
-Files sent via Pando or Yousendit direct to: info@torontofreebroadcasting.net 
-Ftp (also free, you need an ftp program like cyberduck, etc.). For ftp login info please email: info@torontofreebroadcasting.net 
We look forward to receiving your submissions! Please email us if you have any questions.
Tejpal Ajji, Chris Lee, and Maiko Tanaka
TFB Producers
Toronto Free Gallery
1277 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON  M6H 1N7 Canada
+1 416-913-0461
16. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Flax International Residency
Deadline Date: August 31, 2009; Source: Sinead O’Donnell
Open call to all artists living beyond Ireland and the UK. Flax Art Studios offers three 2 month residencies at their studio complex in the heart of Belfast. Established in 1989, Flax is positioned in the cultural hub of the thriving Cathedral Quarter.  
The residency programme runs from 1ST April 2010 to 31ST March 2011. Successful applicants will receive a studio, accommodation and a small monthly stipend towards materials and day-to-day living.  
To apply please submit a single-page proposal, CV and up to ten examples of your work (work can be show on CD/DVD, images should be in jpeg format, video in avi or mpeg4 format). Applications should be posted to: 
Eleanor Phillips, Studio Manager, Flax Art Studios, United Optical, 44-46 Corporation Street, Belfast, BT1 3DE, N. Ireland.  
Email submissions can be sent to flaxartstudios@googlemail.com 
DEADLINE: 31st August 2008 at 05.00p.m. (local time). 
For further information please visit www.flaxartstudios.com 
About FADO:
Established in 1993, FADO Performance Inc. (Performance Art Centre) is a not-for-profit artist-run centre for performance art based in Toronto, Canada. FADO exists to provide a stable, ongoing, supportive forum for creating and presenting performance art. Currently, we are the only artist-run centre in English Canada devoted specifically to this form. We present the work of local, national and international artists who have chosen performance art as a primary medium to create and communicate provocative new images and new perspectives. Thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council and the Department of Canadian Heritage for their on-going support of our endeavors.
To subscribe or unsubscribe to this list, please go to our website: