FADO E-LIST (May 2015)

Date: May 11-30, 2015; Cities: Toronto and Montréal, Canada
2. EVENT: Month of Performance Art Berlin (MPA-B)
Date: May 1-31, 2018; City: Berlin, Germany; Source: MPA-B
Date: May 6-9, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada: Source: Dancemakers
4. EVENT: Latitud 32°N / 55°S at MPA-B
Date: May 7, 2015; City: Berlin, Germany; Source: Facebook
5. PERFORMANCE: Always Be(come) a Unicorn
Date: May 7-9, 2015; City: Helsinki, Finland; Source: David Frankovich
6. EVENT: Zowa Zowa, new solo by SU-EN
Date: May 8-10/12-14, 2015; City: New York, USA; Source: SU-EN
7. EVENT: WATA don PASS; Looking West
Date: May 13, 2015; City: Malmö, Sweden; Source: Lilith Performance Studio
8. EVENT: Above Snakes: exhibition and performance by Jamie McMurry
Date: May 13-21, 2015; City: Los Angeles, USA; Source: Jamie McMurry
9. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Feminist Art Conference (FAC)
Deadline date: May 15, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Johanna Householder
10. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Kapsula Magazine
Deadline date: May 15, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Kapsula
11. EVENT: Curating as Artistic Practice
Date: May 22, 2015; City: Berlin, Germany; Source: MPA-B
12. EVENT: Spring Run-Off
Date: May 23, 2015; City: Calgary, Canada; Source: M:ST
Deadline date: May 25, 2015; City: Montreal, Canada; Source: Janick Bernard
Date: May 29-30, 2015; City: Monza, Italy: Source: Nicola Frangione
15. WORKSHOP: SenseSelfEssence: Performance Art Workshop with Christina Georgiou
Deadline date: May 31, 2015; City: Nicosia, Cyprus; Source: Christina Georgiou
16. SYMPOSIUM: Independent Media Arts Preservation presents Archiving the Arts
Date: June 13, 2015; City: Buffalo, USA; Source: IMAP
17. WORKSHOP: MAYDAY with VestAndPage
Deadline date: June 15, 2015; City: Düsseldorf, Germany; Source: Verena Stenke
18. EVENT: 3rd Cyprus International Performance Art Festival (CIPAF)
Date: June 20-21, 2015; City: Nicosia, Cyprus; Source: CIPAF
Deadline date: September 30, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: The Gladstone Hotel


Date: May 11-30, 2015; Cities: Toronto and Montréal, Canada

FADO is pleased to be facilitating the Canadian edition of LIVE ART EXCHANGE, entitled CHARCO EXCHANGE. Presented in partnership with DARE-DARE, Link&Pin, and Rats9 in Montréal, and VideoFag in Toronto, CHARCO EXCHANGE will be carried out between May 11-30, 2015.

The first phase takes place in Montréal from May 11-23, and will culminate in a public sharing (dates/location to be announced), where works in progress/creation will be presented. The duos working together (who have already started the process before meeting in person through email, writing, Skype etc.) are Sofia and Ana; and Isabel and Olivier. In the last week of the project, the four artists move to Toronto where they continue their research, and a final sharing of the work produced will take place on Saturday May 30, in an event that will include live specimens, lectures and exhibition of the process carried out.

Ana Matey (Spain)
Isabel León (Spain)
Serge Olivier Fokoua (Cameroon/Canada)
Soufïa Bensaïd (Tunisia/Canada)

LIVE ART EXCHANGE is a process-based research and creation project initiated by Ana Matey and Isabel León in 2012, and has realized projects with dozens of artists in Spain, Finland and Norway. 

LIVE ART EXCHANGE is an on-going research and production on communication and interpretation of messages between individuals, using performance and action art as the basis for this research. LIVE ART EXCHANAGE is interested in collective creation and believes that artistic creation is a live act, without boundaries or limits. The project manifests in a variety of proposals including meetings, residencies, workshops, talks and other outcomes including photography, video, and performance working with artists and creative people from different disciplines, backgrounds and origins. LIVE ART EXCHANGE proposes focusing on artistic process and the artists themselves, rather than the outcome or production of specific works. In this project, the research around ideas of ​​communication-interpretation and the process of creation itself goes beyond the outcome of the play itself.

ANA MATEY is an artist, photographer, and independent manager. She studied photography, Communications, Technical Image, and Butoh dance (with Masaki Iwana, Wendell Wells, Yuko Kaseki among others). Currently she lives 25km from Madrid, in a property called MATSU, which is a home and studio, and since January 2012 has functioned as a space for contemporary creation, where she often invites other artists and hosts workshops. Her work has been presented in Spain, Finland, Norway and N.Ireland.

ISABEL LEON is an artist, independent cultural manager and teacher. She holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University (Valencia), European Erasmus Scholarship in Athens (Greece) and Valencia Polytechnic University Scholarship in La Habana (Cuba), and a Master in Art Production and Research from the Granada University (Spain). Her work has evolved from photography and video to performance art, a practice that she has been almost exclusively dedicated to since 2007, taking part in numerous performance festivals, events and residences.

SERGE OLIVIER FOKOUA lives and works between Cameroon and Gatineau, Canada. Working mainly in installation and performance, Serge Olivier Fokoua’s work has been presented in numerous art exhibitions, performance events, and projects in Cameroon, Nigeria, South Africa, Senegal, France, Germany, Japan, Poland, Canada and Finland. Fokoua is a co-founding member of Les Palettes du Kamer collective and since 2008 he has been the Artistic Director of the Biennale RAVY: Yaoundé Visual Art Encounters (www.ravyfestival.org). Since 2006 he has been a member of IC Zone, an international network of festivals and art centres and has invited over 20 artists and international curators to Cameroon. Currently, he is actively working on multiple platforms for artistic exchange between Cameroon and several countries.

SOUFIA BENSAID is a Tunisian-born interdisciplinary artist, currently living and working in Montréal. Her work has been presented in Montréal (Edgy Women Festival, Studio 303, M.A.I., Festival Art Souterrain, Fonderie Darling, Articule Gallery, Dare-Dare and others); Edmonton (Visualeyez Performance Art Festival), Turkey (Torino Performance Art Festival), and as a part of an exhibition of contemporary Tunisian artists at the Venice Biennale in 2015. Her work manifests as writing, drawing, installation, performance, actions, and relational or infiltrating practices. Space, movement, rhythm, colour, and a lo‐tech approach are what make up the main aspects of her work.

For information about the project, the partners, and the details about public events, please visit: www.performanceart.ca/index.php?m=program&id=287


2. EVENT: Month of Performance Art Berlin (MPA-B)
Date: May 1-31, 2018; City: Berlin, Germany; Source: MPA-B

May 1-31, 2015
Berlin, Germany


It showcases new work of artists, curators and organisers who have been involved in the incredible story called MPA–B at different junctions over the past five years. This edition marks the completion of the platform and the five year inquiry that stood at its outset back in January 2011: mapping, connecting and supporting the independent performance art scene in Berlin. 

As a performance art platform, MPA-B embraces the task to imagine an infinite number of possible natures and to respect the integrity of all artists and their belief in what they do – that their art is a necessity. To see these performances is to witness them, and witnessing them over the years we develop a vocabulary to communicate and share our own thoughts and emotions with our fellow witnesses. We are thrilled to once again be initiators and participants in this  process of building a language or, rather, many languages. 

This year will, more than ever, challenge the participating venues throughout the city to confront their different views on the complex relations between economics, social context, and aesthetics. Our central location provides an example for this kind of discourse: the HUB (www.mpa-b.org/mpandashhub-15.html) or Second Temporary House of Performance Art chooses as its home the contested space of a White Cube. We are grateful to the artists running Meinblau, an independent gallery and shared studio space in Berlin Mitte, for hosting MPA–B. We hope that the physical proximity of the works and the exchange between the makers at the HUB will help to dissolve borders and limits of individual performance projects and encourage them to merge into one overarching process that will develop and accumulate throughout the entire month of May. 

Even though this coming one might be the last edition of the Month of Performance Art–Berlin in its present format, we look to the future optimistically, committed to focus even more on what makes performance art so compelling: No one, more often than not including the artist, knows exactly what is going to happen during these shared moments of present. 

We will continue to share feelings of blissful uncertainty with anyone who is willing to take the risks involved in this journey. Under the auspices of the APAB e.V., the Association of Performance Art in Berlin (http://apaberlin.weebly.com/), we will continue to collaborate, conspire and converse to promote and facilitate performance art in Berlin.



Date: May 6-9, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada: Source: Dancemakers

A rotating triple-bill of cutting-edge works with 3 renowned international, Canadian, and local artists on the forefront of dance. The final presentation of the Dancemakers 2014-15 Season.

Shamanism, false economies, and modern spiritual power. Dancemakers presents a queering, kaleidoscopic triple bill of works by internationally renowned and award-winning KEITH HENNESSY (Bear/Skin), ground-breaker ANDREW TAY (Summoning Aesthetics) and local pioneer EROCA NICOLS aka Lady Janitor (...Truthteller...). Presented over 4 days, the works will be performed in different combinations that re-contextualize their themes. Every night will be a unique experience.

Motivated by grand spectacle and ambitious prayer, Keith Hennessy’s Bear/Skin appropriates Nijinsky's choreography for Le Sacre du Printemps (1913) to consider Modernism's dependence on appropriations of the indigenous, folk, exotic, and oriental, and question ritual and art today. Bear/Skin was named TimeOut New York's 2014 Critics' Pick and "a must see" performance by San Francisco Bay Guardian.

What are the actions / images / rituals that call forth the idea of summoning? And if we are to execute these without pretense...What are we summoning into the space around us? What types of spirits / magic / nothingness / can we make happen without knowing what the @#$% we are doing? The performance will be an impossible attempt to render intense rituals and spiritual actions into the superficial and transform pop culture and trivial actions into a sacred practice.

...Truthteller... is a solo work by Lady Janitor featuring: feats of fear facing and concentration, questions and answers, calling on and calling out the past, present and future, blood, water, conversation, aqua-technics, results of a sojourn of spiritual seekery, live lifelong lasting body alteration, sweating, movement and yes, truthtelling.

Wed, MAY 6 @ 8 pm: Eroca Nicols aka Lady Janitor &  Andrew Tay
Thurs, MAY 7 @ 8 pm: Andrew Tay & Keith Hennessy
Fri, MAY 8 @ 8 pm: Keith Hennessy & Eroca Nicols aka Lady Janitor
Sat, MAY 9 @ 3 pm: Eroca Nicols aka Lady Janitor & Andrew Tay 
Sat, MAY 9 @ 8 pm: Keith Hennessy

VENUE: Dancemakers Centre for Creation
Distillery District, 9 Trinity Street, Main Stage 313, Toronto

TICKETS : $26 / $21 – Buy tickets: http://bit.ly/1EUsl0p

We fully embrace Dancemakers as a centre – a centre for creating, a centre for artists, a centre for everyone. The curatorial practice we propose is about people, about making space for multiple perspectives and systems of thought. Our vision for Dancemakers as a centre means that we must undertake this act of centring towards people as individuals.


4. EVENT: Latitud 32°N / 55°S at MPA-B
Date: May 7, 2015; City: Berlin, Germany; Source: Facebook

May 7, 2015 at 6pm
Meinblau, Christinenstrasse 18/19, 10119, Berlin
Free entrance

Latitud 32°N / 55°S is a platform for the dissemination of contemporary performance art from Latin-America. We are convinced that through a careful selection of artists whose work is clearly away from typecasts of "Latin art" and whose methodology or technique is varied, it is possible to attest, without creating a thematic, that performance art does not have a direct relation to the nationality of the artists, regardless of where he/ she comes from. We are aware that confronting a stereotype bring the risk of focusing more attention on it, however, we also believe that it is important to make a presentation that shows what is happening now over there. With this perspective, the curatorial work was conceived to create a sort of exhibition of ideas: the ideas that are currently being treated in the context of the invited artists.

Ana Paula Camargo (MX)
Camila Rhodi (BR)
Liliana Albornoz (PE)
Lala Nomada (MX)
Graciela Ovejero Postigo (Ar)
Mariel Carranza (PE)
Nancy Gewoelb (CH)
Sandra Bonomini (PE)

Latitud 32°N / 55°S is taking place this year not just in Berlin but also in Cologne. In Berlin we're proud to be part of the program of Month of Performance Art Berlin 2015.

Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/1583058658625334


5. PERFORMANCE: Always Be(come) a Unicorn
Date: May 7-9, 2015; City: Helsinki, Finland; Source: David Frankovich

Consider the paradoxical nature of the unicorn as a queer symbol. On the one hand, it is mythical – it does not exist – the word "unicorn" being used as a slur against bisexuals. On the other hand, it is a magical being, and serves as a powerful symbol of queerness. Can we imagine the possibility of some magical excess emerging from invisibility and erasure in queer and bisexual performance? Can absence itself be thought of as a queer kind of presence and appropriated as a queer performance strategy?

MA student in Live Art and Performance Studies at the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki, David Frankovich, presents the artistic component of their thesis over three evenings from May 7-9, 2015. On the afternoon of May 9, they will also be presenting a special three-hour-long durational performance. The actions that they will perform have been developed over an intensive workshop period, during which notions of absence, silence and stillness were explored, attempting to uncover the queer potential they possess – not as a lack, but as part of a spectrum of possible ways of be(com)ing. Their work borrows from popular culture and the history and traditions of performance art in order to craft a piece that is both humourous and personal.

Working Group: David Frankovich and Unicorn Research Labs

Opening Night: Thurs. May 7, 2015, 7pm (Tickets: 15€/7€)
Other Performances: Fri. May 8, 7pm and Sat. May 9, 7pm (Tickets: 15€/7€)
Special Durational Performance: Sat. May 9, 2-5pm (Free Admission)

Performance Space: Teatterisali, Theatre Academy (Haapaniemenkatu 6, Helsinki)



6. EVENT: Zowa Zowa, new solo by SU-EN
Date: May 8-10/12-14, 2015; City: New York, USA; Source: SU-EN

SU-EN will perform with her new solo in New York, on invitation by curator Catherine Tharin and 92Y.

The piece has been inspired by onomatopoetic expressions used in Japanese, and which the composer Ryoko Akama has worked with. The inspiration also originates from quietness and sound, stillness and movement, Miles Davies´ more crazy stuff, and general physical nonsense.

May 8-10
Zowa Zowa, SU-EN Butoh Solo. Music: Ryoko Akama
Fridays at Noon and Digdance at 92Y, New York
Shared program with Helena Franzén, Irene Hultman and My Lindblad

May 12-14
SU-EN Butoh Workshop, CAVE, New York, part of SOAK festival


7. EVENT: WATA don PASS; Looking West
Date: May 13, 2015; City: Malmö, Sweden; Source: Lilith Performance Studio

WATA don PASS; Looking West is an exclusive performance event at Lilith Performance Studio with four artists from West Africa; Taiwo Aiyedogbon (NGA), Bernard Akoi-Jackson (GHA), Christian Etongo (CMR), Odun Orimolade (NGA) and a seminar at Moderna Museet Malmö. 

1) Seminar: May 13, from 1pm-6:30 pm at Moderna Museet Malmö
2) Performance: May 14, 15, 16 between 7pm-11pm, Lilith Performance Studio
3) Artist Talks: May 5 at 7 pm with Bernard Akoi-Jackson (GHA) & Odun Orimolade (NGA), at Inter Arts Centre in collaboration with Malmö Art Academy. Language: English Tickets: Free

Between May 14-16 and for the first time in Scandinavia Lilith Performance Studio will present four newly commissioned large-scale performances with Aiyedogbon Taiwo (Nigeria), Bernard Akoi-Jackson (Ghana), Christian Etongo (Cameroon) and Odun Orimolade (Nigeria) that will take place simultaneously, without compromising artistic expression nor the unique experience.

Over the past year the four artists have developed performances specifically for Lilith Performance Studio. From their different artistic vantage points they highlight the emerging performance art scene in West Africa, with the common feature that performance has become an important part of their oeuvre. During three nights in May their wayward, humorous and personal works will fill the entire studio for three nights in a row.

WATA don PASS; Looking West is a curatorial collaboration between Bisi Silva; Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos, Nigeria, Marianne Hultman; Oslo Kunstforening and Elin Lundgren, Petter Pettersson; Lilith Performance Studio. The title of the event refers to a pidgin expression meaning to achieve beyond expectations. 

Taiwo Aydogan (NGA) – African Time
In a staged situation Aiyedogbon, tongue in cheek, puts Western prejudices against the expression “African Time” up to the test, while at the same time challenging our gridded pattern of life, where we let ourselves be chased by time. Taiwo Aiyedogbon (b.1989) belongs to the new generation of visual artists in Nigeria, and is still studying art at Yaba College of Technology in Lagos. She has participated in several performances and has over the past year started to develop her own language with this art form.

Bernard Akoi-Jackson (GHA) – Untitled: How to Usher the [an] African fully into [His]tory…”
From the layers of bureaucratic regulations and modern rituals Bernard Akoi-Jackson have created a fictitious system where the audience is hemmed in. The system, which has a recognizable structure, is followed on pure gut instinct, with no questioning. Bernard Akoi-Jackson (b.1979) examines recurrent hybrid postcolonial identities, through temporary markings and performative rituals. He often presents himself as the elusive God Eshu, the messenger between gods and humans.

Odun Orimolade (NGA) – Spirits of the ball
Orimolade’s point of departure is the 18th century ball using it as a metaphor to engage the events before, during and after the Berlin Conference of 1884-85. Spirits of the Ball is best described as a fantasy of sorts, amusing but with a serious undertone, which reflects on the conference. The ball makes you think of fine ladies in crinolines, the rustling of their fabrics and gentlemen in tails, but this image is interrupted by another presence; the people's spirits Emi. Odun Orimolade’s (b.1976) practice spans a broad artistic field with painting, drawing, collage, etching, sculptural installation and performance. Several of her works clearly turns the spotlight toward the viewer challenging his/her active, passive role when experiencing the work.

Christian Etongo (CMR) – Probo Koala
The Probo Koala is the tanker that in 2006 dumped five hundred tons of toxic waste in the Ivory Coast. This event is the starting point for Etongo’s performance, in which, with the help of the visitors he will perform the purification ritual Tsô, as practice among the Beti in Cameroon. In the ritual a person who has entered into covenant with evil is purified. In Christian Etongo’s (b.1972) performance practice, ritual constitutes a principal element. He has a background in the performing arts, dance and theatre, but as a visual artist he has worked within different media. Since the late 1990s, he has worked exclusively with performance.

May 13, between 1-6:30 pm at Moderna Museet, Malmö
Language: English / Tickets: Free of charge

On May 13 a seminar will be held in collaboration with Moderna Museet Malmö. The programme has been organised by and will be moderated by Marianne Hultman, and artists, art historians, curators and scientists from Nigeria, Norway, Sweden and Zambia will participate.

The notion that Sweden and Norway never took part in colonialism, or that if they did, their role was marginal, is still considered legitimate. But in recent years studies have disputed this claim. A new historiography is taking shape that interferes with the self-image we have become accustomed to. How is it that some parts of history remain unaccounted for, and what does that say about us? What happens when the façade of our national identity cracks and how does that affect how we perceive one another?

Nina Berre, Curator and Director of Architecture at the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo. Berre will discuss the Norwegian contribution to the Nordic Pavilion at the Architecture Biennale in Venice in 2014 Forms of Freedom, the African Independence and Nordic Models.

Loulou Cherinet, visual artist, divides her time between Stockholm and Addis Ababa. Cherinet will talk about her latest film project. Cherinet also takes part in Moderna Museet’s current exhibition The New Human: You and I in Global Wonderland.

Anawana Haloba, visual artist, working in Oslo and Livingstone. In Reconstructing Histories; The City that Refuses to be Silenced LoCA Haloba will describe her latest project, the artist initiated library and research centre for art in Livingstone, Zambia.

David Nilsson, historian and researcher at KTH in Stockholm, recently published the article Sweden-Norway at the Berlin Conference 1884-1885: History, National Identity-making and Sweden’s Relations with Africa. In Tales of Sweden: Failed Imperialist or Humanitarian Superpower Nilsson questions how much can one forget or omit from history before it becomes a lie?

Bisi Silva, founder and director of the CCA, Lagos in Nigeria has worked in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. What do these art scenes reveal for a curator based in Nigeria with the world as a working field.

Espen Wæhle, Project Manager at the Norwegian Maritime Museum, between 2005-2009 took part in a research project, which resulted in the publication Navigating Colonial Orders: Norwegian Entrepreneurship in Africa and Oceania. Wæhle will speak about Congo: Images, Imaginations, and Identity: 1870 to modern times.

PERFORMANCE: May 14, 15, 16 between 7-11 pm, Lilith Performance Studio
Tickets: SEK 150 OBS! Reservation is required, audience booked for different time slots.
Bookings: boka@lilithperformancestudio.com

WATA don PASS; Looking West was made possible through the kind support of: Region Skåne, Malmö Kulturnämnd, Statens Kulturråd, Nordisk Kulturfond. Partners are: Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos, Malmö Art Academy, Moderna Museet Malmö, Inter arts Center, Oslo Kunstforening, Beckers färgservice, Svanströms repro AB.

Lilith Performance Studio is an independent arena for practical artistic research, focusing on visual art performance. The Studio is found and run by the Artists and the Artistic Directors Elin Lundgren and Petter Pettersson. Lilith Performance Studio is kindly supported by: The City of Malmo Arts and Culture, Swedish Arts Council and Regional development of Arts and culture. Sponsored by: Svanstroms Repro and Beckers färg service. 



8. EVENT: Above Snakes: exhibition and performance by Jamie McMurry
Date: May 13-21, 2015; City: Los Angeles, USA; Source: Jamie McMurry

Above Snakes
Exhibition and performance by Jamie McMurry

Human Resources
410 Cottage Home Street, LA, 90012

Reception: May 14, beginning at 7pm with a performance beginning at 8pm



9. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Feminist Art Conference (FAC)
Deadline date: May 15, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Johanna Householder

Feminist Art Conference (FAC)
OCAD University
September 24-27, 2015
Toronto, Canada


The third annual feminist art conference will provide an opportunity for feminist issues to be explored and communicated artistically in a unique and creative space that encourages sharing, creating and discussion.

The mission for the Feminist Art Conference (FAC) is inspired by attacks on women’s and transgender rights in Canada, the US and abroad. Issues such as rape culture, trans phobia, racism, violence, media and political representation, cultural appropriation, online harassment, environmental degradation and impact on Indigenous lands, missing and murdered Indigenous women, and Islamophobic policies are areas of deep concern. These infringements on our right to agency and independence have been occurring in alarming numbers in our governments, in the media and in our communities. This conference provides an opportunity for these issues to be explored and communicated artistically in a unique and creative space that encourages sharing, creating and discussion. In the centuries old tradition of people organizing we believe that by coming together and communicating about these issues through our artistic practice, that we can initiate progressive change and spark collaborations across disciplines.

We are looking for multidisciplinary art submissions including: visual art, film, theatre arts, music, dance, design, spoken word and literature. We will create a space that is celebratory, positive, intellectually engaging and provocative. We are committed to this space being trans inclusive, anti-racist, and intersectional. Furthermore, by providing an opportunity for feminist artists to meet and share their work, we believe we can provide opportunities for networking and future artistic collaboration that can inspire social change and empowerment. We have the vision that the ripple effect from this type of artistic sharing and learning can provoke positive transformations in both our communities and our minds.

DOWNLOAD the FAC submission guidelines here:

Interested in volunteering? Email us at torontofac@gmail.com
More info: www.factoronto.org


10. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Kapsula Magazine
Deadline date: May 15, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Kapsula

Call for Submissions: Summer School

To begin our third volume, KAPSULA wipes the chalkboard clean. We don’t have a lesson plan for you, so think of this call as “self-directed learning.” There are no suggested subject matters or formats. We're handing over carte blanche, though we’re not retiring our red pen completely. The only stipulation is that we ask all submissions to somehow reflect on our publishing history and call upon themes explored in the early days of the magazine. Any theme addressed in our first volume is eligible. 

Please take some time to peruse our archive if you are not already familiar with our past issues: http://kapsula.ca/archive.html

All the info: http://kapsula.ca/


11. EVENT: Curating as Artistic Practice
Date: May 22, 2015; City: Berlin, Germany; Source: M-PA (Berlin)

Glogauair Artist Residency
Glogauerstr. 16., Berlin

The Association for Performance Art in Berlin APAB e.V. invites you to its first conference on the subject of Curating as an Artistic Practice. The conference takes place at the Artist’s Residency GlogauAir in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

How and why is curating an ARTISTIC practice? 

During the two-day conference numerous international performance artists who consider curation a vital part of their artistic practice will shed different lights on the practice they share in the forms of lectures, performances, discussions, documentation and various hybrid formats. The conference is open to all interested parties.

Andreas Pashias, epitelesis, Athens
Andrew Whall, Ian Whitford, Rebecca Weeks,Cornwall Autonomous Zone
BEAN, Benjamin Sebastian, Performance Space, London
Boris Nieslony, ASA, PAErsche, Cologne
Brian McCorkle, Esther Neff,PPL, Brooklyn
Camilla Graff Junior, Crossing Contexts
Daina Pupkeviciute, Vaida Tamoševičiūtė, CREATurE Live Art, Vilnius
Ellen Friis, Henrik Vestergaard Friis, liveart.dk, Copenhagen
Jörn J. Burmester, APAB e.V., MPA–B, Berlin
Florian Feigl, HZT Berlin, Performer Stammtisch, Berlin
Frank Homeyer, PAErsche, APAB e.V., Berlin
Hannes Egger, Web Performance Today
Hector Canonge, Itinerant Festival & Performeando (NY, USA), Performaxis (South America)
Ilya Noé, APAB e.V., MPA–B , Berlin
Joël Verwimp, APAB e.V., MPA–B, Berlin
Joëlle Valterio, Unwrap the Present, Bern
Joseph „Pepe“ Patricio, Nowhere Kitchen, Berlin
Joseph Raven, Defibrillator, Chicago
Joy Harder, Marie-Alice Schulz, Harder & Schulz, Berlin/Hamburg
Lorena Lo Peña, Koki, ElGalpon Espacio, Lima
Mary Novotny Jones, Mobius, School of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Nick Anderson, Rosana Cade, Buzzcut, Glasgow
Poppy Jackson, Performance Space, London
Randy Gledhill, LIVE, Vancouver
Rebecca Cunningham, EXIST, Brisbane/Manchester
Teena Lange, Grüntaler 9, APAB e.V., Berlin
Thomas John Bacon, Tempting Failure
Valerian Maly, BONE Bern, HdK Bern
Willem Wilhelmus, Mother’s Tongue, Fake Fins, Helsinki

Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/411019249080905


12. EVENT: Spring Run-Off
Date: May 23, 2015; City: Calgary, Canada; Source: M:ST

A fundraising marathon for M:ST with performance projects by:
Cindy Baker
David Cross
BBB Johannes Deimling
Chun Hua Catherine Dong
David Frankovich
Johanna Householder
Stefan St Laurent
Allison Wyper

May 23rd Launch Party
Featuring a reading by Rae Spoon and musical performances by Sleepy Panther Astroboiz & DJ ACID BUOY 
Community Wise Resource Centre
223-12 Ave SW, Calgary
Doors at 7pm / Admission by donation

June 13th Closing Party featuring Adam Waldron-Blain
Untitled Art Society
343-11 Ave SW, Calgary 
Doors at 7pm / Admission by donation

Pack up your winter boots and lace up your sneakers! M:ST kicks off our inaugural fundraiser SPRING RUNOFF! We have invited an international roster of artists to enact durational performances over the course of three weeks. Your contributions will be shared 50/50 with the artist and M:ST, in support of our programming and operations

By donating, you will receive:
-A membership to M:ST
-A charitable tax receipt
-Exclusive documentation of the performances you support
-Everyone’s a winner!!!

Visit www.mstfestival.org/spring-runoff to support participating artists!
Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/811301815574166


Deadline date: May 25, 2015; City: Montreal, Canada; Source: Janick Bernard

For the 2015-2016 season, CIRCA art actuel would like to include the work of performance artists in its regular programming. On Saturday afternoons when the Belgo Building in Montréal is swarming with visitors, CIRCA will present four performances scheduled for October 31, 2015, January 9, 2016, March 5, 2016 and October 8, 2016.

CIRCA art actuel is an artist-run centre with a mandate to present art practices that are concerned with concepts of space. The notion of space whether social, personal, geographical, cultural, political or environmental may be explored in the context of reality, fiction or the virtual. In performance practices, this can be expressed in various ways, for example, as a manoeuver, as a tableau vivant, body art or relational art.

Artists creating individual or collective performances are invited to make use of the two galleries at CIRCA art actuel. The works must be new and should not have been presented in Montreal or the surrounding region. Please note that the two exhibition galleries (Galerie I and Galerie II) will be completely empty and available to the artists. 

The Performance Programming Committee will select the performance works. This committee is made up of active members of CIRCA, representatives from the CIRCA Board of Directors, the gallery director and an invited cultural professional. CIRCA has made it a policy of assuring a plurality in the Centre’s programming. The pertinence of the project with regard to the concept of space and the singularity of the artistic proposition are the main criteria for selecting the projects.

CIRCA WILL PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING: Artist’s honorarium of $600 per performance.

The performance artist will have access to the empty galleries 2 days before the performance. CIRCA’s active members or staff may be able to give technical support. The performance dates are the following Saturdays:
October 31, 2015
January 9, 2016
March 5, 2016
October 8, 2016

The project must be sent as one (1) PDF file and transferred via WeTransfer.
The PDF should include the following support material:
-An up-to-date CV;
-A presentation of project or research intention of 300 words maximum;
-The approximate duration of the performance;
-Fifteen (15) images representative of recent work including a description list for the images. You can also send hyperlinks to videos of your performances on Vimeo or YouTube. Please do not attach any video files.
-The maximum size of the PDF is 10 MB.

Send your submission to circa@circa-art.com before 12pm on May 25, 2015. Contact CIRCA for a floor plan of the space. 

Two weeks after the submission deadline, CIRCA art actuel will let you know that your proposal has been received. Performance artists whose projects have been accepted for programming will be notified before September 1, 2015.


Date: May 29-30, 2015; City: Monza, Italy: Source: Nicola Frangione

International Performance Art Festival

Urban Center (sala E)
Via Turati 6 Monza, Italy
May 29-30, 2015
Daily from 21-24h (ingresso libero)

A cura di: Associazione Culturale
Harta Performing Monza (www.hartaperformingmonza.it)
Direzione Artistica Nicola Frangione (www.nicolafrangione.it)

Performance Art  & Action Poetry

Over the past 40 years, Action Art found fertile fields of confluence between the experimentation on vision and gesture and poetic-visual sound dramaturgy. Most of this research was characterized by the connection between Performance Art, “total poetry” and the nomadism of the performer that restlessly shifts through linguistic fields just like through geographic territories and varied socio-cultural circles. This year Harta Performing stresses the concept of nomadism perceived as the key element in the performer work. In the theoretical intervention opening the fifth edition of the festival, great attention will be given to the dialectic of relationships “between spiritus and corpus, subject and object, imagination and reality, thought and action, private and public, local and global, specific and total, project and performance”. As stated by Giovanni Fontana “on these oppositions, a fluctuating dynamics takes shape, it holds up the energy and matter continuum in which action is strenuously built. The body energy is used to get rid of imposed references and directions and to generate new situations; it continuously breaks the temporary balances and favours the construction of interlinguistic and intermedial systems that influence the dynamics of the elements involved.”

The international festival “ART ACTION - Harta Performing Monza”, unanimously considered one of the most interesting events in the framework of international Art innovation, is a significant point of reference for cultural exchange. After the success of the previous editions, this year the festival offers to the city of Monza not only a comparison between the new arts but also an opportunity to reflect on one of the most pressing and thrilling issues of the theoretical debate: the meaning and the creation techniques of the “plural work”, true action field of the polyartist, “who can play his cards right between poetry and cinema, theatre and music, dance and visual arts”. 

Harta Performing Monza

Venerdi 29 Maggio
Ore 21 intervento teorico di:
Giovanni Fontana - Roberto Rossini - Nicola Frangione
(presentazione della Prima Antologia Storica) “ITALIAN PERFORMANCE ART”

Dalle ore 21,30 alle ore 24 performances di:
Liuba (italia) * Manuela Macco (italia) * Massimo Arrigoni (italia)

SABATO 30 Maggio
Dalle ore 21 alle ore 24 performances di:
Roberto Rossini (italia) * Xena Zupanic (Croazia) * Elisabeth Morcellet (Francia) * Giovanni Fontana (italia)


15. WORKSHOP: SenseSelfEssence: Performance Art workshop with Christina Georgiou
Deadline date: May 31, 2015; City: Nicosia, Cyprus; Source: Christina Georgiou

SenseSelfEssence: Performance Art workshop with Christina Georgiou

Offered in the frame of the 3rd Cyprus International Performance Art Festival
Dates: 23, 24, 25 June 2015
Times: 10:00 – 20:00h
Workshop fee: € 120 (30 hours workshop/ including healthy snacks and refreshments).
Early sparrow: € 90 (if application to the workshop is received before the 31st of May 2015)
Location of workshop: ONEK Youth Hostel, 30-32 Chrysaliniotissas Street, Nicosia

Please send a short CV and Artists’ Statement and the reason you wish to participate in this workshop (visual materials or links to your work are welcome), through email to: info@cipafestival.com

Practical information:
-Payment of full amount is essential in order to secure your spot in the workshop
-Workshop fee should be paid until the 17th of June 2015
-Applications will be accepted on a first come first serve basis
-Participation: 4 participants minimum and 8 maximum

More info for the workshop: www.cipafestival.com/?wp=studies-and-workshops

This workshop combines a series of practical exercises from the field of Performance Art, as a conceptual form of art that exists between image and praxis. Its endeavor is the creation of an experiential perception through empirical processes that concern the self and its existence in the “here and now”. By using the body and self as the basic element of the action, this workshop aims to offer practical and theoretical keys for the development and process of the artists’ work, from any artistic field. The participants will be able to work on the compositional aspects of creating a performance piece through the exploration and understanding of time, space and object in relation to the body as their main tool. The workshop is constructed to increase and utilize personal insight and intuition, while building confidence and decisiveness for the artist’s artistic practice. 

Addressed to performance and live artists, visual artists, actors, dancers and artists from diverse backgrounds with an interest in body-based practices. Also to anybody else who is interested in Performance Art.

Methodology: The workshop employs practical exercises, short solo and group performances, theoretical analysis, constructive commentaries, group and individual discussions, reflections, feedback and individual tutoring. 

Thematology, Exercises and Techniques are innovative and/ or inspired by a wide range of techniques from the field of arts, psychology and spirituality.

Christina Georgiou is a visual and performance artist, curator, educator, researcher and writer. She has presented her work in an international level and she has realized solo and group exhibitions, educational programs, public talks and workshops at international biennials, exhibitions, galleries, museums, festivals, institutions and conferences in Europe, Latin America and Asia. She has received a Special Prize for her performance Eternal Return #1, at the 6th ‘Arte Laguna’ Art Prize at the Venice Arsenal in 2012. Christina Georgiou is the writer of numerous published texts in Greek and English language, addressed for academic and educational purposes. Since 2008, she has been conducting classes, workshops, lectures and seminars within diverse contexts like academic institutions, art schools and other creative organizations in Cyprus and abroad. Christina Georgiou is the founder and director of the Cyprus International Performance Art Society (CIPAS) and the founder, director, curator, producer and organizer of the Cyprus International Performance Art Festival (CIPAF). www.christinageorgiou.com 

Organizer: CIPAS | Cyprus International Performance Art Society
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cipasociety


16. SYMPOSIUM: Independent Media Arts Preservation presents Archiving the Arts
Date: June 13, 2015; City: Buffalo, USA; Source: IMAP

Independent Media Arts Preservation presents Archiving the Arts, a symposium and public program on June 13, 2015 in collaboration with Burchfield Penney Art Center in Buffalo, NY.

Independent Media Arts Preservation (IMAP) celebrates the launch of its new web resource Archiving the Arts and the recent publication of The Emergence of Video Processing Tools (eds., Kathy High, Mona Jimenez, Sherry Miller Hocking) with a symposium and public program on June 13, 2015 at Burchfield Penney Art Center (BPAC), SUNY Buffalo State.

Artists working with video, audio, and digital materials face unique challenges. Conventional archival practices for the care of electronic media do not take into account the need for many artists to maintain earlier works and raw material for their ongoing practice—in other words, the need for a true “working archive.” To date, there are few organized projects addressing these specific issues, and a dearth of resources for archivists and artists to discuss and debate shared challenges. Hence, Archiving the Arts seeks to bridge the gap between artists and archivists, by creating a series of convening events, public programs and a web resource devoted to creating dialogue between these two communities. The website will contain five in-depth case studies that cover a range of preservation efforts.

The symposium will highlight the Archiving the Arts audiovisual preservation case studies, and offer a platform to stakeholders for networking and information exchange. Target participants are professionals and students with some level of expertise in audiovisual preservation.

Conveners and facilitators include Andrew Ingall, Executive Director of IMAP), Archivist and Time-Based Art Conservator Jeff Martin, and Carolyn Tennant, Director of Archives & Migrating Media at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center.

Through its Media Arts Assistance Fund (MAAF), NYSCA can support New York State nonprofit media arts organizations toward staff attendance at the Archiving the Arts symposium. $500 is the maximum award towards travel and registration costs. The application deadline is April 1, 2015. Visit https://wavefarm.org/mag/organizations for more information.

Holiday Inn Buffalo Downtown Hotel (716-886-2121), which includes complimentary 24-hour airport shuttle, offers IMAP a discounted rate of $119 for King and $124 for two double beds. Due to the Allentown Arts Festival, the hotel’s parking lot is closed between 10am and 7pm on June 13-14, 2015.

IMAP receives generous support from the National Endowment for the Arts, individual donors, and funds from the Media Arts Assistance Fund, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts, Electronic Media and Film, with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature; administered by Wave Farm.


Archiving the Arts
Date: June 13, 2015
Location: Burchfield-Penney Art Center at SUNY Buffalo State, 1300 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo
Fees: Admission: $150 / IMAP Members, BPAC Members: $100 / artists+students: $50
Inquiries: imap@imappreserve.org
Register at www.imappreserve.org/join/membership.html
Please note that registration is limited to 50 participants on a first-come, first-served basis.

Archiving the Arts Schedule of Events:

Symposium (by registration only), from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Program includes a welcome and overview, presentations of case studies including the preservation of Beryl Korot’s multi-channel video installation Dachau 1974; the Videofreex Archive, a 1970s collective of video artists and activists, at Video Data Bank; best practices at the Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art at Cornell University; and discussions on institutional and vendor relations. Conversations may also include a subject area solicited from symposium registrants in advance.

Public Program (no registration required), 7:00 PM
Event celebrating the launch of IMAP’s new web resource Archiving the Arts and the recent publication of The Emergence of Video Processing Tools (eds., Kathy High, Mona Jimenez, Sherry Miller Hocking). The event will feature presentations and screenings of recently restored work.


17. WORKSHOP: MAYDAY with VestAndPage
Deadline date: June 15, 2015; City: Düsseldorf, Germany; Source: Verena Stenke

MAYDAY: One-Week Intensive Workshop On The Praxis Of Performance Art
Facilitated by VestAndPage (Verena Stenke/DE & Andrea Pagnes/IT)

WORKSHOP DATES AND HOURS: August 20-26, every day between 10:00 to 18:00h.
With a final public presentation on Wednesday, 26 August at 19:00h.

VENUE: Atelier Performative Künste, Düsseldorf-Kaiserswerth

APPLICATION PERIOD: April 1 to June 15, 2015
CONFIRMATION: June 30, 2015
Workshop languages: English and German. No previous experience in the arts is required. 18+

For information on how to apply please write to verena@vest-and-page.de

The intensive MAYDAY workshops follow VestAndPage’s unique method through the process of making a performative piece. Through practical exercises, participants will be provided with the means to conceive, develop and realize their own performance piece. Through reflecting on the use of the body as a tool, the workshop will focus on introspection as a way to develop authentic modes of expression and artistic action. Through methodology aimed at understanding prevailing behavioural patterns as well as the individual and social responsibility of art, participants will develop new ways of communicating and even overcoming the fears of our conflicting contemporary conditions. The workshops will also offer insight into the framework of process-led and conceptual art practice, with the aim to provide basis for future artists’ material. Therefore, as well as gaining further understanding of VestAndPage’s collaborative art practice, participants will develop a heightened awareness of mind and body, with the means to stimulate artistic personal action though inner sensitivity.

German artist Verena Stenke and Venetian artist and writer Andrea Pagnes have been working together since 2006 as VestAndPage, generating art in the mediums of live performance, filmmaking and writing, and as independent curators. They are experienced workshop facilitators for students, art professionals of different backgrounds and non-art participants, either normally endowed or differently abled, of any age. They have been invited to hold practical workshops, research lectures and teachings in institutions worldwide. Their practice is contextual, process-led, situation-responsive and conceived psycho-geographically in response to natural surroundings, social contexts, historical sites or architecture, hence unrepeatable and subdue to the given conditions. In a poetics of relations it examines notions of perception, reality, communication, fragility and failure of the individual and the collective within social or environmental spheres. Exploring what, as human beings, we still have to offer, VestAndPage question our existence within a humanity characterized by social exclusion and global atrocities. Animated by a nomadic, confrontational spirit, they apply the themes of acceptance, resistance, endurance and union with a poetic bodily approach to art practice.

Their works have been produced and presented internationally in museums, galleries and a variety of sites, and have been described as transfixing, confronting, spellbinding, humble, uncomfortable, carrying fresh iconography, cathartic, visceral, liminal, otherworldly, shamanic, tensional, silent, delicate or mysterious. Between 2010-2012, VestAndPage produced the experimental art film trilogy “sin∞fin The Movie”, a complex visual research realized during three years in Antarctica, South America and Asia. The project examines the relationship between the ephemeral art form of performance with filmmaking. They are the initiators and independent curatorial force behind projects such as the live art exhibition project Venice International Performance Art Week (2012/2014) and the global art initiative FRAGILE global performance chain journey (since 2010). 



18. EVENT: 3rd Cyprus International Performance Art Festival (CIPAF)
Date: June 20-21, 2015; City: Nicosia, Cyprus; Source: CIPAF

June 20-21: ARTos Foundation
June 19: Pre-opening event at Goethe Institute

The 3rd Cyprus International Performance Art Festival (CIPAF) will take place at ARTos Foundation, in Nicosia, on the 20th and 21st of June 2015. The festival’s program consists of Live Performances, Exhibition and Screenings that will take place at the spaces of ARTos Foundation. The festival will precede a pre-opening event with Performance Screenings and Discussions (Performance Art Jukebox) that will be hosted by Goethe Institute on the 19th of June and a Performance Art workshop that will follow on the 23rd, 24th, and 25th of June 2015.

The Cyprus International Performance Art Festival (CIPAF) is a thematic festival with its 3rd edition focusing on humor. This year the festival is entitled "intending humorously", and looks on how performance artists use humor and its varieties in their work. Also this year the festival introduces the programs “Space for New”, a program for the support of newcomer performance artists, and “Performance Art Occasion” where a special guest from the field of performance art creates a special occasion for the audience.

The Cyprus International Performance Art Festival (CIPAF) is the first and only event in Cyprus created for and dedicated exclusively to performance art. This initiative brings together, supports and promotes the work of internationally renowned artists and young emerging artists from around the world, for whom Performance Art is the primary medium of their artistic creation. The Cyprus International Performance Art Festival (CIPAF) aims to introduce the compound nature of performance art in the local community and enhance Cyprus’ art scene, whilst encouraging relationships with local, national and international networks. The festival’s activities are addressed to both artists and the general public. The festival creates a common ground for artists, curators, critics, cultural producers, art students and the audience, as an occasion for exchange, encounter and collaboration.

The Cyprus International Performance Art Festival (CIPAF) is a not-for-profit initiative realized through the immense effort to establish an innovative yearly event. The third festival is made real upon the continuous effort of its team, the support of the participating artists and the generosity of its collaborating partners, supporters and sponsors. The Cyprus International Performance Art Festival (CIPAF) exists under the umbrella of the Cyprus International Performance Art Society (CIPAS), a non-profit organization created for and dedicated to Performance Art, having its base in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Artists & Special Guests: Maurice Blok (Netherlands/Finland), Christopher Hewitt (UK/Germany), Phedon Odysseos (Cyprus), Lynn Lu (Singapore/UK), Tomasz Szrama (Poland/Finland), Roi Vaara (Finland), Thalia Zachariadou (Greece)

Curator: Christina Georgiou
Curator of the Screening Program: Christopher Hewitt

Live Performances: 20 & 21 June 2015, 20:30 – 23:00 (audience arrival at 20:00)
Venue: ARTos Foundation / 64 Agion Omologiton avenue, 1080 Nicosia (Cyprus)

Exhibition & Screenings: 20 & 21 June 2015, 18:00 – 24:00
Venue: ARTos Foundation / 64 Agion Omologiton avenue, 1080 Nicosia (Cyprus)

Pre-opening event (Performance Art Jukebox): 19 June 2015, 20:30 – 23:00 (doors 20:00h)
Venue: Goethe Institute / 21 Markou Drakou street, 1513 Nicosia (Cyprus)

Workshop: 23, 24, 25 June 2015
Venue: ΟΝΕΚ Youth Hostel / Chrysaliniotissa 30-32, Nicosia (Cyprus)


€10 for one day
€15 festival pass / for students & unemployed: €7 for one day, €10 festival pass
Free admission for: Exhibition and Screenings (ARTos Foundation) & Performance Art Juke-box (Goethe Institute)


Deadline date: September 30, 2015; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: The Gladstone Hotel

Fabricators / Craftspeople / Urbanists + planners / Historians / Arborists / Agriculturalists / Landscape Architects / Chefs / Ecologists / Botanists / Horticulturalists / Visual artists / Performance artists / Musicians / Filmmakers / Scientists / Sound Artists / Gardeners / Writers / Designers / Architects

Exhibition dates; April 21-24, 2016

Gladstone Hotel’s fourth annual Grow Op exhibition, a four-day exhibition celebrates innovative ideas and conceptual responses to landscape, gardens, art, and place-making under this year's theme, the culture of landscape is open for submissions for 2016!
Grow Op 2015 facilitates a multi-disciplinary forum across a broad range of creative practices. One of the most intriguing annual exhibitions in Toronto, Grow Op encourages an array of perspectives and dialogues surrounding landscape and place. It challenges our understanding of nature and the built environment around us

TO APPLY: Please submit electronically no later than 11pm (EST) on September 30, 2015.

Complete the submissions form:

Since relaunching in 2005 under the ownership of Christina Zeidler as the gloriously renovated and restored Queen West totem, the Gladstone Hotel has enlivened the cultural landscape of Toronto via its arts, music, design, food, drink, and event programming. It is a culturally-imperative institution in Toronto's West End, and will remain a beacon of the city's historic past even as it lays the framework for its future. From its stunning artist-designed boutique hotel rooms to its fantastic culinary program, the Gladstone Hotel is, and will always remain, the cultural consort of Toronto's hospitality scene. The Gladstone Hotel is located at 1214 Queen Street West Toronto, Canada.


Established in 1993, FADO Performance Inc. (Performance Art Centre) is a not-for-profit artist-run centre for performance art based in Toronto, Canada. FADO exists to provide a stable, ongoing, supportive forum for creating and presenting performance art. FADO presents the work of local, national and international artists who have chosen performance art as a primary medium to create and communicate provocative new images and new perspectives. Thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council and the Department of Canadian Heritage for their on-going support.

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