FADO E-LIST (June 2014)


1. PUBLICATION LAUNCH: monograph on the career Alain-Martin Richard

Date: June 18, 2014; City: Toronto, Canada

2. EVENT: DUORAMA #116 by Paul Couillard and Ed Johnson

Date: June 25, 2014; City: Toronto, Canada

3. EVENT: Transport by Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan

Date: May 29-30, 2014; City: Winnipeg, Canada; Source: facebook

4. EVENT: LIVE ACTION Gothenburg

Date: May 30-June, 1, 2014; City: Gothenburg, Sweden; Source: Joakim Stampe

5. EVENT: This Could be the Place

Date: June 2-6, 2014; City: Waterloo, Canada; Source: Bojana Videkanic

6. EVENT: Rapid Pulse Performance Art Festival

Date: June 5-8, 2014; City: Chicago, USA; Source: Rapid Pulse

7. EVENT: Box Summer Salon

Date: June 8, 2014; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Louise Bak

8. EVENT: New Dance Alliance presents the 28th Annual Performance Mix Festival

Date: June 10-14, 2014; City: New York, USA; Source: New Dance Alliance

9. EVENT: Buffalo Boy Book Launch and Performance by Adrian Stimson

Date: Thursday June 12, 2014; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Tomas Jonsson 

10. EVENT: MOBIUS Infuse Series and fundraiser

Date: June 14, 2014; City: Boston, USA; Source: facebook

11. EVENT: PAErsche performance meeting Interval #3

Date: June 13-17, 2014; City: Köln, Germany; Source: asabank

12. EVENT: Media Revolt by Istvan Kantor 

Date: June 20, 2014; City: Wroclaw, Poland; Source: Istvan Kantor

13. PERFORMANCE ART WORKSHOP with Victoria Stanton

Deadline date: June 20, 2014; City: Montreal, Canada; Source: Victoria Stanton

14. EVENT: New Maternalisms-Chile 

Date: June 25-28-August 31, 2014; City: Santiago, Chile; Source: Alejandra Herrera

15. EVENT: 2nd Cyprus International Performance Art Festival (CIPAF)

Date: June 27-29, 2014; City: Nicosia, Cyprus; Source: Christina Georgiou


Date: July 5-6, 2014; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Jenn Goodwin




1. PUBLICATION LAUNCH: monograph on the career Alain-Martin Richard

Date: June 18, 2014; City: Toronto, Canada


Wednesday June 18, 2014

Artscape Youngplace

180 Shaw Street, Toronto





Alain-Martin Richard

Performances, manœuvres et autres hypothèses de disparition

Performances, Manoeuvres and other Hypotheses for Disappearing


Edited by Paul Couillard and Alexandra Liva

Published by FADO Performance Inc., Sagamie édition d'art, Les Causes perdues in©


414 pp, with index

Including DVD documentation of The Route To Rose project (2006)

Regular price: $40 (plus shipping)



Dive into the unique creative journey of artist Alain-Martin Richard with the launch of an impressive new bilingual monograph. In this book, authors Paul Couillard, Doyon/Demers, Hélène La Roche, Paul Ouellet, Nicolas Reeves, Clive Robertson, Guy Sioui Durand and Marianne Trudel join Alain-Martin Richard to provide a comprehensive picture of Richard's career and practice, from his theatrical experiments of the 1970s to his global "manoeuvres" in the 2000s.


The evening is the culmination of several years of work by its co-publishers, Paul Couillard for FADO and Nicholas Pitre for SAGAMIE. Come join Alain-Martin Richard, editor Paul Couillard and publisher FADO as we celebrate this important occasion.



Alain-Martin Richard lives and works in Quebec. As an artist, he has presented manoeuvre and performance works in North America, Europe and Asia. He also works as a curator, critic and essayist, publishing articles in numerous journals on theatre, performance, installation and manoeuvre. He was a member of the former collectives Inter/Le Lieu and The Nomads , and remains active with Les Causes perdues in© and Folie/Culture. His works often deploy multiple planes of reality as in l'Atopie textuelle (2000) and The Route to Rosa (2006). Alain-Martin Richard is currently a visiting professor at Laval University's School of Visual Arts. His most recent manoeuvre project, Le bloc que j'habite, was just presented at the seventh edition of Manif d'art.


ISBN 978-0-9730883-3-5 (FADO)

ISBN 978-2-923612-38-6 (SAGAMIE)






2. EVENT: DUORAMA #116 by Paul Couillard and Ed Johnson

Date: June 25, 2014; City: Toronto, Canada


FADO is proud to present Duorama #114 - #119, a series of performances created by FADO's former Performance Art Curator and founding Director Paul Couillard, and founding member Ed Johnson. Partners in life and art, Paul and Ed have been creating the Duorama series for the last 14 years.


Starting with Duorama #114 presented in the context of the Rhubarb Festival in February, throughout the year, FADO hosts Duorama #114 - #119, a series of six performances, culminating in a special final performance next winter.



Presented in the context of the exhibition Generations of Queer, curated by Lisa Deanne Smith @ Onsite [at] OCAD University

230 Richmond Street West, Toronto

Wednesday June 25, 2014




**DUORAMA #117 - #119 start in August 2014, details TBC**



Since 2000, Paul Couillard and Ed Johnson have worked together on the performance art series Duorama. Playful, beguiling and often minimalist, these pieces explore notions of relationship, and draw on collaborative and competitive tensions that underlie all partnerships. Responding to site and examining cultural attitudes toward male intimacy are key elements of Duorama. Recurring themes revolve around shifting interpretations of what is political and what is personal. Many of the works can be read in terms of the current social and political climate surrounding gay culture, offering askance references to issues such as gay marriage, HIV-status, and portrayals of gay culture. To date, 113 Duorama performances have been presented at galleries, festivals and various events in Canada, France, Poland, Croatia, Ukraine, Belarus, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, the USA, Singapore, Ireland and the UK.


ABOUT Paul Couillard

Paul Couillard has been working as an artist, curator, and cultural theorist since 1985. He has created more than 200 solo and collaborative performance works in 23 countries. He was the Performance Art Curator for Fado from 1993 to 2007, and is also a founding co-curator of the 7a*11d International Performance Art Festival, both based in Toronto. He is the editor of Canadian Performance Art Legends, a series of combined text and DVD publications on senior Canadian performance artists published through Fado. The first installment, La Dragu: the Living Art of Margaret Dragu was released in 2002, while the second book, Ironic to Iconic: The Performance Works of Tanya Mars was released in 2008.


ABOUT Ed Johnson

Ed Johnson is a visual artist who has been creating performance art works since 1996. His solo work has often explored issues of communication/non-communication (Box, Words of Love) and of HIV status (Inquisitive/Inquisitor, Untitled "[sic]"). Currently his focus is on the landscape of male bodies and self-image, including Pro tanto quid retribaumus (for so much what shall we repay. Ed Johnson is a founding member of Fado, an artist run centre for performance art located in Toronto.  






3. EVENT: Transport by Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan

Date: May 29-30, 2014; City: Winnipeg, Canada; Source: facebook



A new performance by Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan


Western Canada Aviation Museum

958 Ferry Road, Hangar T-2, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3H 0Y8



To reserve email finger@mymts.net

Seating is limited to 40 passengers per flight.

Tickets are $7.50 payable at the departure gate.




4. EVENT: LIVE ACTION Gothenburg

Date: May 30-June, 1, 2014; City: Gothenburg, Sweden; Source: Joakim Stampe


LIVE ACTION 9: Actions of Meaning





Marcio Carvalho (Portugal/Germany)

Hsia-Fei Chang (Taiwan/France)

Shannon Cochrane (Canada)

John Court (UK/Finland)

Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (Denmark)

Jinling Dong (China)

Angelika Fojtuch (Poland)

Andrés Galeano (Spain/Germany)

Erdem Gündüz (Turkey)

Patrick Jambon (Germany)

Karti Kainulainene (Finland)

István Kovávs (Hungary)

Wei Liu (China)

Nigel Rolfe (China)

Mauritz Tisteloö (Sweden)

Bjorn Veno (Norway/UK)

Vassya Vassileva (Bulgaria/Canada)


Welcome to Live Action which in its 9th consecutive year will take place at the art centre of Gothenburg, Göteborgs Konsthall, from May 30 to June 1 2014, as well as in the public space of Brunnsparken and Kungstorget where we in practice show the importance of a real cultural democracy.


We are very pleased to be able to present diversified program with as many as 16 contemporary artists from 13 countries. We are also proud to be able to continue to support the exposure of Chinese performance art in Europe through an exchange program with the leading Chinese performance art festival Guangzhou Live which now have entered its 4th year, showcasing the two very different but highly talented artists Dong Jinling from Beijing and Liu Wei from Chengdu.


Besides the presence of these two Chinese artists, Live Action’s continuous efforts to program artists who are engaged in the development of freedom of expression. We are also happy to have been able to present the work of Erdem Gündüz from Turkey. An artist who in his own courageous way changed performance art’s political possibilities for societal change through an 8 hour durational outdoor performance on Taksim square in Istanbul in 2012.


Although one of the international scene’s most renown performance art events, Live Action continues its proliferation as a low-key, human scale, art event that focuses on the work and the proximity between artists and audience. It is a strategy that we feel fits not only the expression of performance art as a contemporary art media, it is part of its philosophy. To be close, to be poetic yet engaged in our own society and its development. 




5. EVENT: This Could be the Place

Date: June 2-6, 2014; City: Waterloo, Canada; Source: Bojana Videkanic


This Could be the Place is a six-day public art event on the University of Waterloo campus structured around five-day artist interventions/performances culminating in a one-day public art symposium on the theme of precarious/immaterial labour and its relationship to contemporary Canadian art. 


The event is co-organized and co-curated by Ivan Jurakic and Bojana Videkanic and is taking place in partnership with Cafka Biennial. 


Between June 2nd and 6th five artists will intervene on site at the UW campus from 12-5 each afternoon. 


On June 7th the UW Department of Fine Arts will host a one day symposium open to the public and free of charge. The symposium will start at 9am. 


Participating artists are: 

Terrance Houle, Lisa Birke, Jessica Thompson, Johannes Zits, and Adrian Blackwell. 


Some of the symposium participants are: 

Wanda Nanibush, Johanna Householder, Francisco-Fernando Granados, Claudette Lauzon, Suzanne Morrissette, Scott Benesiinaabandan, Michael Maranda, Cheryl L'Hirondelle, Colin J Campbell, Greig de Peuter, Aleksandra Kaminska, Jessica Wyman, Kathy Kiloh, Louise Liliefeldt, Kole Kilibarda Kole Kili. 


Please join us for this great event and participate in an on-going discussion of this important topic.


In collaboration with University of Uwag Waterloo, CAFKA. 

Sponsored by: SSHRC, University of Waterloo Arts, University of Waterloo Fine Arts.






6. EVENT: Rapid Pulse Performance Art Festival

Date: June 5-8, 2014; City: Chicago, USA; Source: Rapid Pulse




RAPID PULSE includes live performances by 25 international, national and local artists, a video series, public interventions, triage, social events, artist talks, and panel discussions. Spilling over to other venues in the neighborhood, the festival embraces the local and the global simultaneously.


RAPID PULSE runs two weekends, THURSDAY - SUNDAY, JUNE 05-08 and 12-15 with different programming each day. There is a $15 requested donation at the door or $10 student rate, discounts and reservations available through Eventbrite: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/rapid-pulse-international-performance-art-festival-tickets-11306515091


The curatorial committee for RAPID PULSE consists of Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago Curatorial Assistant, Steven Bridges; Curator and Performance Artist, Julie Laffin; MA graduate in Arts History and Administration from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Giana Gambino; and Defibrillator Founder and Director, Joseph Ravens.


Rapid Pulse is made possible with support of the British Council, Cliff Dwellers Arts Foundation, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Society for Arts, Holiday Jones, Ordinary Projects, Mana Contemporary, Vittum Theater, Nightingale, Peter Grande, Canada Council for The Arts, Manitoba Arts Council, Winnipeg Arts Council, Video Pool Media Arts Center, Maxwell Colette Gallery, Lovely, Letherbee Distillery, Nhà Sàn Collective, Noi, Chopin Theater, International Beethoven Project, Australia Council for the Arts, Happy Camper, Shawarma Garden, Bedford and Red Square.




7. EVENT: Box Summer Salon

Date: June 8, 2014; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Louise Bak


An evening of short words, film, performance and music by:


Marc DeGuerre with Rose Bolton

Eldon Garnet

David Heti

Shelby Lamb

John Price

Russell Smith



+ door treats from Alert Music, Arc Poetry Magazine, Carousel, Descant, Coach House Books, C Magazine, Dandyhorse, DC Books, Geist, John Kamevaar, Grain Magazine, House of Pomegranates, Hunter and Cook, Mercer Union, Pedlar Press, Public, The Malahat Review, Matrix, Shameless, Tightrope Books, Transit Publishing, Worn Journal and others. Many Thanks to the Toronto Art Council.


The Box is a quarterly salon night of readings, performances, screenings, interventions and networking that aims to bring diverse communities and audiences into an environment of artistic and social intermingling.


Mark us down. Of course we'd love to see you there, at our summer mix.


Sunday, June 8


334 Queen St. W (backroom)

8 pm









8. EVENT: New Dance Alliance presents the 28th Annual Performance Mix Festival

Date: June 10-14, 2014; City: New York, USA; Source: New Dance Alliance


New Dance Alliance presents the 28TH ANNUAL PERFORMANCE MIX FESTIVAL

June 10-14 at 8:30pm | June 15 at 4:00pm


All events take place at HERE, 145 6th Ave. (Enter on Dominick, 1 Block South of Spring) except the Closing Party to be held at NDA’s Loft, 182 Duane Street between Hudson and Greenwich


New York, NY, March 10, 2014 - New Dance Alliance will present the 28th annual Performance Mix Festival at HERE, June 10 – 14 at 8:30pm and June 15 at 4:00pm along with special events.


Thirty-two eclectic artists present work that sets out in new or not fashionable directions, challenges the definition of dance and takes us out of our comfort zones. It’s a mix-up of local, national, and international artists early, late, or just right in the middle of their careers. Performance Mix is not just a festival, it is a community of dance, performance and video artists from contrasting backgrounds and genres. And you are invited to visit our community.


For 2014 we are excited to once again invite Dana Michel (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) to present a new work in development with support from NDA’s LiftOff Residency. Presented this season at American Realness, Dana Michel is an example of NDA’s continuing support of an artist over a period of several years.


Other highlights: Local Artists, (New York City) Wendell Cooper, voguing and mysticism collide; Rebecca Patek, smart and provocative; Jen McMinn, transformative experience of the human body; Rebeca Tomas/A Palo Seco Flamenco Company, a fresh and bold approach to flamenco; National Artists, (Middlebury, VT) Christal Brown, articulated expression and athletic execution, (SanFrancisco, CA)  Miriam Wolodarski /Sense Object, tragicomedy between semantics and somatics;  (Salt Lake City, Utah) Tanja London, dance for video through an historical lens; International Artists, (Salisbury, UK) Two Destination Languages/ Katherina Radeva and Alister Lownie, gentle humor and impressive energy, (St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada)  Louise Moyers/Docudance, master storyteller and mover, (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) Sasha Amay and (Baden, Switzerland) Paloma Ayala, creation of animated drawings for the camera.


For more information and the full schedule of events, please visit:





9. EVENT: Buffalo Boy Book Launch and Performance by Adrian Stimson

Date: Thursday June 12, 2014; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Tomas Jonsson 


Thursday June 12, 2014


Artscape Gibraltar Point Studios

Toronto Island (Hanlan’s Point)


Board the 3:30pm ferry to Hanlans to arrive in time for the performance start time of 5pm. Artscape Gibraltar Point Centre is approximately 10 minute walk from the docks. (http://torontoartscape.org/artscape-gibraltar-point)


Presented in conjunction with performances by participants of the Performance Art Residency, "Are you OUT of your Mind" at Artscape Gibraltar Point, and with the support of FADO Performance Art Centre.



M:ST Festival and TRUCK Contemporary Art are pleased to announce the Toronto launch of the publication “Adrian Stimson - The Life and Times of Buffalo Boy”, with a special appearance by Buffalo Boy herself!


This publication explores the life and times of the performance persona Buffalo Boy, from his very first appearance in 2004 to his greatly exaggerated first death in 2008 at the “Battle of Little Big Horny” and beyond. The book considers the nature of the performance persona, the dialectical nature of this contemporary re-imagining of the west, and the discursive power of performance. The book is a partnership between the Mountain Standard Time Performative Art Festival Society and TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary, produced with the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts.



Adrian Stimson is a member of the Siksika (Blackfoot) Nation in southern Alberta. He is an interdisciplinary artist, curator and educator with a BFA with distinction from the Alberta College of Art & Design and MFA from the University of Saskatchewan.


As an interdisciplinary artist, Adrian’s work includes paintings, installations, collodion wet plate photography, sculpture and performance. Recent exhibits and performances include, Witnesses at the Belkin Gallery, UBC, Vancouver, Reconsidering Reconciliation, TRU, Kamloops, The Shaman Exterminator, On the Trail of the Woodcraft Indians with the Buffalo Boy Scouts of America, Paved Arts, Saskatoon, Making Treaty 7, Calgary, “Suffer little children…”, ARNICA, Kamloops, Buffalo Boy’s Coal jubilee, House of the Wayward Spirits- ANDPVA, Toronto, White Shame Re-Worked, Grunt Gallery, Vancouver, Holding Our Breath (Canadian Forces Artist Program-Afghanistan tour), Grunt Gallery, Vancouver and Neutral Ground, Regina, Beyond Redemption at the Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, Photo Quai, Musee du quai branly and Unmasking at the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris, France, “The Life and Times of Buffalo Boy”, The Works, Edmonton, Pink Panther, Open Space, Ft. Simpson, Kentucky Fried Chicken Dance, Two Story Café, Prince Albert, Brave Seduction, Gallery 101, Ottawa and “Buffalo Boy’s You can roller skate in a Buffalo herd”, Harbourfront, Toronto. He is a regular participant at Burning Man and was featured in the 2007 summer issue of Canadian Art: Buffalo Boy at Burning Man and Spring issue of FUSE magazine: Buffalo Boy Then and Now 2009.


Adrian was awarded the Blackfoot Visual Arts Award in 2009, the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal in 2003 and the Alberta Centennial Medal in 2005 for his human rights and diversity activism in various communities. He is represented by the Darrell Bell Gallery in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, where he currently resides.




10. EVENT: MOBIUS Infuse Series and fundraiser

Date: June 14, 2014; City: Boston, USA; Source: facebook


Join us on June 14th as we celebrate Mobius during this important fundraiser for our future. The evening will include a dynamic series of live art, music, installations, and light refreshments. This fundraiser is part of Mobius' Infuse series in the elegant 808 Gallery at Boston University. 


June 14 FUNDRAISER EVENT artists include:

Anna Wexler + Dennis Friedler + Marie Lalevée

Nathan Andary 

Jane Hsiaoching Wang

Maria Molteni

Vela Phelan

Amber Grizel Vistein

Alice Vogler

Kara Stokowski

Zayde Buti

Nighthouse Studio

Tom Plsek+John Egizi 


TIME: 6:30-10:00


AFTERPARTY: 10:30-12am with DJ DayGlow@ Mobius, Inc.

($10 or free with ticket to fundraiser) 



In the last ten days of spring, Mobius will present five nights of live art at the BU 808 Gallery. Mobius/808 Infuse presents each artist with the substantial challenge of creating site-sensitive artworks for the 11,000 square foot gallery. Artists are asked how can they leverage the scale and character of the space through minimal approaches and still generate depth and complexity in their work. The 808 Gallery is unique for its size and direct exposure to the street through a block-long row of windows. Its dark granite floors and ornately decorated ceiling are distinguished through octagonal designs. Walls usually partition the gallery however, for Infuse, two rows of pillars are the only physical elements that break up the otherwise cavernous space.


Over twenty established and emerging artists will be participating throughout the series. Dirk Adams, who explores the moments of overlap between the auditory and the physical, will draw from the boomy acoustics of the space to generate ingenious sonic cycles. Collaborating trio - Anna Wexler, Dennis Friedler and Marie Lalevée will create an interactive retro-futurist installation inspired by the gallery's former life as a cadillac dealership. During the June 14th fundraiser esteemed choreographer Nathan Andary will present What's in front, a newly commissioned work that explores the space between the physical body and its emotions, contained within the human condition. Provocative and visceral, 4 dancers move in, with, and around each other accompanied by an experimental soundscape created by Jane Wang. An ideal site for live art, 808 Gallery offers Infuse artists breathing room to engage in activities unencumbered by usual spatial restrictions. The opportunity to experiment with this unique environment promises inspiring experiences not to be missed.


DATES: June 12, 13, 14, 19, and 21



June 12: Marilyn Arsem, Joanne Rice + Tom Plsek 


June 13/14: Dirk Adams, Sara June + Max Lord (with Matt Samolis + Steve Norton), Mari Novotny-Jones 


June 19: Yuka Takahashi + Angela Sawyer, Daniel S. DeLuca 


June 21: Jimena Bermejo Black, Philip Fryer


Events will start at 7pm unless otherwise noted. Please check back closer to the date of the event for updates on times and artist line-up. 


Special thanks to our event sponsors: Lincoln Arts Project and BU 808 Gallery




11. EVENT: PAErsche performance meeting Interval #3

Date: June 13-17, 2014; City: Köln, Germany; Source: asabank


PAErsche announced the performance meetings: 


Interval #3

Venue: Temporärer Ausstellungsraum ERDgeschoss, Essen, Emmastrasse 1a

Date and Time: June, 13 - 15. 2014 @ 7pm


Spatio Temporal #4

Venue: Orangerie – Theater, Köln, Volksgartenstrasse 25

Date and Time: June 17, 2014 @ 8:00pm


The major focus of Spatio Temporal #4 and Interval #3  is the poetice gesture and the moments of exchange with the audience. Paersche Aktionslabor for Performance Art invites Performance Art Bergen.


Since the 80ies Kurt Johannessen and Rita Marhaug influence and connect the scandinavic Performance Art Scene. Not only those two important Norwegian Performance Artists use minimal and poetic presence, as well the further invited Performance Artists Pavana Reid, Gøril Wallin, Franziska Siegrist, Sigmund Skard and Terese Longva use there own body as instrument of minimal communication. The artists point at daily actions through their own gestures and expressions in their solo works. At the end of the Solo-presentations these invited Norwegian Artists will perform together with PAErsche associated artists in an Open Source Group-Performance. An encounter of different rhythms, spaces, ideas and universes. 




facebook - PAErsche




12. EVENT: Media Revolt by Istvan Kantor 

Date: June 20, 2014; City: Wroclaw, Poland; Source: Istvan Kantor




Opening: June 20, 2014

RENOMA Department Store, Wroclaw, Poland, AAW, 2nd floor


Curator: Piotr Krajewski


Open pop star Monty Cantsin - also known as the steadily eccentric and radical Hungarian-born Canadian artist Istvan Kantor is preparing his exhibition Media Revolt in Wroclaw’s Renoma shopping mall. This is the second experimental undertaking jointly organized by the WRO Art Center and Griffin Art Space in the RenomaWRO series, which started with an international exhibition of installations during the WRO 2013 Media Art Biennale.


Born in communist Hungary, Istvan Kantor (aka Monty Cantsin, aka Amen!) uses varied forms of expression in his provocative and highly characteristic works dealing with the institutionalization of art and art authorities. In his ongoing battle for the independence of artists in a society that is increasingly unified technologically but increasingly disparate economically, Kantor creates videos, performances, multimedia installations and electronic music, and launches social movements like the multiple-use name movement exemplified by the open pop star Monty Cantsin and the worldwide underground Neoist movement. Since the early 1980s, Kantor has released over a dozen albums, and has been very influential on alternative music scenes such as noise and electropop. His music draws on a wide range of styles and genres, from classical to 1980s synthpop, punk, industrial music, march music and French chansons de geste.






13. PERFORMANCE ART WORKSHOP with Victoria Stanton

Deadline date: June 20, 2014; City: Montreal, Canada; Source: Victoria Stanton


Between Intimacy and Architecture: subtle and relational performance in public place

***The Montreal Urban Summer Camp Version!***


Location: Centre Communidée, 137 St-Ferdinand #153, Montreal

Dates:  July 2 – 6, 2014

Costs:  $375

Max number of participants: 10

Application Deadline: June 20, 2013

(A $50 deposit will be required in order to reserve your spot)


To register please contact Victoria: art@bankofvictoria.com


This five-day workshop will be an opportunity to continue exploring the more subtle aspects of how we think about, make, and relate to performance in public (i.e.: outdoor) spaces, but this time transposing the “away from home” residency-retreat model onto the Montreal “in our own backyard” landscape. The idea is to create that “holiday” mentality while not actually leaving Montreal. It’s the staycation of performance art residencies! Here’s the scoop: located right next to Atwater Market, the Lachine Canal (and very close to the St-Lawrence River), Centre Communidée can accommodate our indoor warm-up/activity needs and has a big, beautiful kitchen. After a full day of being in process along the water we can head over to the market, get groceries, and then participate in a collective meal in the evening. Because the Centre can also accommodate a group sleepover, we can choose one (or two) nights that we all spend together as well. Doesn’t this sound amazing?


BTW: You don’t have to be from Montreal to do the workshop. If you’re from out of town but would like to participate, please let me know. The Centre can accommodate overnighting for the duration of the five days.


Description of Workshop

How do we listen to each other? How do we interact? How do we respond to the landscape and environments (indoors and out) around us? How do we engage with time and space? Cultivating attentive awareness, empathetic presence and peripheral vision, this workshop will explore the multiple and very personalized ways in which we experience and foster intimacy and connection – in ourselves, towards others, and in relation to place. We will explore how time and space are intimately connected and linked to how we develop a relationship to the space and people around us; how repetition of an action (over time) within a particular space necessarily creates familiarity with that space, within the various contexts in which we find ourselves to be. We will also explore how the ways in which a "non-productive" use of time, as carried out in public (place) activates a space. Finally, we will attempt to create contexts to explore ways of experiencing various kinds of “in-betweens,” (the spaces between thought and action, between actions, between each other, between ourselves and the spaces around us.)


Performance Philosophy

Whether working in participatory, durational, task-based or audio-visual performance, the constant thread in my work is an investigation into the ability (and the desire) to hold a space, to appropriate and disrupt the quotidian, to create spontaneous intimacy, to tread vulnerability. Investing a performative presence and consciousness within multiple spaces/times, I continuously underscore the complex aspects of “transaction” and the possibility for transformation.


Much recent work explores the elusive “in-between” – that invisible, liminal space between myself and the audience (whether a group or just one person) or between myself and my object/action/location – whether appearing “on stage” (in a black box, white cube, bar or loft) or “out in the world” (in public sites and “non-art” contexts). The “in-between” is my inquiry into transitional space: as manifested on stage (has the performance ended?), as presented through relational exchange (is this a performance? Is this Art?), and as experienced out in the world through geopoetic meandering, and the conscious inhabiting of non-places found in the built environment.  These subtle forms of testing the limits of vulnerability make up an overall practice (and multiple research processes) as an artist working in – and with – space and time.  


About the Workshop Facilitator

Victoria Stanton is an interdisciplinary artist working with live action, human interaction, video, film, photo, drawing, and writing. Continually exploring within such diverse media, while the outward results of her practice manifest in a multiplicity of forms, performance is the unifying central focus and invariable core of her research. Her time-based work includes performance for stage, performance for the camera, actions in public spaces, and one-on-one encounters in intimate contexts.


Stanton has presented exhibitions, performances, interventions, and films/videos in Canada, the U.S., Europe, the U.K., Australia, Japan and Mexico. Her creative and critical writings have been published in Canadian and American anthologies and art/literary/lifestyle magazines. She is the co-author with Vincent Tinguely of Impure: Reinventing the Word (conundrum press, 2001) and is currently working on a new book with the TouVA Collective (comprised of Anne Bérubé, Sylvie Tourangeau and Stanton) developing salient notions on how performance is practiced and on the question of ‘the performative.’




This workshop will be bilingual (English and French)




14. EVENT: New Maternalisms-Chile 

Date: June 25-28-August 31, 2014; City: Santiago, Chile; Source: Alejandra Herrera


Forty years after the birth of feminist art, what is the experience of daughters of the 1970s who are now mothers?  How is this experience expressed in their artwork?  New Maternalisms-Chile brings twelve international artists together with ten Chilean artists to explore national perspectives on feminist art and the maternal.  These artists, working in live performance, performance-based video, and performance-based installation, ask us to reconsider not only dominant cultural understandings of maternal labour and affect, but the importance of the maternal to feminist art today.


The New Maternalisms project was created by the Canadian artist, theorist, and curator Natalie Loveless. The first version of the exhibition was produced by the FADO Performance Art Center (held at the Mercer Union Gallery in Toronto, Canada, in March 2012. Based on her experience and involvement in the 2012 exhibition, the Chilean artist and organizer Alejandra Herrera Silva developed the idea of expanding the project for the Chilean context, and, soon after instigating conversations between Loveless and the Chilean curator Soledad Novoa, New Maternalisms-Chile was born.  


New Maternalisms-Chile, co-curated by Loveless and Novoa, will be held simultaneously at the Museo Nacional Bellas Artes de Chile MNBA (Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts) and the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Facultad de Artes, Universidad de Chile MAC (Museum of Contemporary Art, Art Faculty, University of Chile), from June 25 – August 31, 2014. The exhibition opens with two days of live performance and a roundtable discussion between the curators and participating artists, and ends with a catalogue launch. All events are open to the public and a nursery space for children under 10 will be provided.


Chilean Artists

Yennyferth Becerra 

Carolina Hernández 

Loreto Pérez 

Ángela Ramirez

Gabriela Rivera

Alejandra Ugarte 

Ximena Zomosa 

Alejandra Herrera Silva

Catalina Bauer / Amelia Ibáñez


International Artists

Lenka Clayton (UK)

Leena Kela (Finland)

Courtney Kessel (USA)

Tanya Lukin-Linklater (Canada /USA) 

Irene Lusztig (UK)

Hélène Matte (Canada)

Jill Miller (USA) 

Jess Dobkin (Canada /USA)

Marni Kotak (USA)

Michelle Browne(Ireland)

Gina Miller (Canada)

Victoria Singh (New Zealand)


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Wednesday June 25

Art, feminisms and art production

An artist talk by Leena Kela (Finland) with Soledad Novoa Donoso, Natalie S. Loveless, and Alejandra Herrera


Sala Adolfo Couve, University of Chile, Art Faculty

Address: Las Encinas 3370


Thrusday June 26

Opening and performances by: 

Yenniferth Becerra (Chile)

Alejandra Herrera Silva(Chile)

Courtney Kessel (USA)


Sala Zocalo Nivel 0, Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC)

Address: Parque Forestal s/n

The exhibition will be open until August 31, 2014


Friday June 27

Second night of performances with: 

Leena Kela (Finland)

Hélène Matte (Canada)

Alejandra Ugarte (Chile)

Catalina Bauer (Chile) / Amelia Ibáñez (Chile)

7:30 pm

Hall Central, Chilean Nacional Museum of Fine Art (MNBA)

Address: Parque Forestal s/n


Saturday June 28

SYMPOSIUM with Natalie S. Loveless (Canada), Soledad Novoa Donoso (Chile), Jennie Klein (USA)

11:30 - 13:30 / 16:00  - 18:00

Salón José Miguel Blanco, Chilean Nacional Museum of Fine Art (MNBA)

**Daycare will be available for kids under 10.  


Wednesday August 27

Catalogue opening

7:30 pm

Salón José Miguel Blanco, Chilean Nacional Museum of Fine Art (MNBA)




15. EVENT: 2nd Cyprus International Performance Art Festival (CIPAF)

Date: June 27-29, 2014; City: Nicosia, Cyprus; Source: Christina Georgiou


The 2nd Cyprus International Performance Art Festival (CIPAF) will take place in Nicosia on the 27th, 28th and 29th of June 2014. The festival consists of an intense program, which includes Live Performances that will take place in public spaces within the Venetian Walls of the city of Nicosia on the 28th and 29th of June, Screenings and Live Performances at Phytorio on the 27th, and an intensive Performance Art workshop that will be held between the 23rd and 26th of June 2014. 


The Cyprus International Performance Art Festival (CIPAF) is the first and only festival in Cyprus created for and dedicated exclusively to performance art. This initiative brings together, supports and promotes the work of internationally renowned artists and young emerging artists from around the world, for whom Performance Art is the primary medium of their artistic creation.


The Cyprus International Performance Art Festival (CIPAF) is a thematic festival with its 2nd edition focusing on site-specific performance and is entitled "priority route". This theme suggests an invisible route in the city of Nicosia that becomes visible and tangible through the presence of the artists. The live action turns the daily to an ephemeral situation while suggesting and questioning priorities in our lives. 


The Cyprus International Performance Art Festival (CIPAF) aims to introduce the compound nature of performance art in the local community and enhance Cyprus’ art scene, whilst encouraging relationships with local, national and international networks.


The festival’s activities are addressed to both artists and the general public. The festival creates a common ground for artists, curators, critics, cultural producers, art students and the audience, as an occasion for exchange, encounter and collaboration.


The Screening Program of the 2nd Cyprus International Performance Art Festival (CIPAF) is hosted at Phytorio, the space of the Visual Artists Association, which is located within the Municipal Garden of Nicosia. Also the Goethe Institute offers its facilities, which are located near the Ledra Palace checkpoint, for the closing of the festival. All spaces and locations of the festival are within walking distance.


The Cyprus International Performance Art Festival (CIPAF) is a not-for-profit initiative realized through the immense effort to establish an innovative yearly event. The second festival is made real upon the continuous effort of its team, the support of the participating artists and the generosity of its collaborating partners, supporters and sponsors.


The Cyprus International Performance Art Festival (CIPAF) exists under the umbrella of the Cyprus International Performance Art Society (CIPAS), a non-profit organization created for and dedicated to Performance Art, having its base in Nicosia / Cyprus.


Artists: Alexandra Zierle & Paul Carter (Germany/UK) Alexandros Plomaritis (Greece), Christina Georgiou (Cyprus), Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith (Germany), Fausto Gracia (Mexico), Ilka Theurich (Germany), Lee Wen (Japan/Singapore), Ray Langenbach (U.S./Finland/Malaysia), Roberto De la Torre (Mexico), Santiago Contreras Soux (Bolivia). Curated by Christina Georgiou.


For full details and the festival program, visit the website: www.cipafestival.com







Date: July 5-6, 2014; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Jenn Goodwin


If I Should Stumble

-A performance by Jenn Goodwin in collaboration with and performed by Anita Nittoly and performers


Vertigo is the conflict between the fear of falling and the desire to fall.

-Salman Rushdie


We are looking for volunteer performers to take part in a performance July 5th and 6th at Nathan Phillips Square, City Hall during ART NOW! At the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.


Stunt performer Anita Nittoly uses the stairs as her stage and her nemesis as part of this performance. Volunteers perform in opposition to Anita’s clutzy yet controlled chaos. They will be asked to do slow and gentle movement up and down stairs.

This will require 1-2 rehearsals late June/early July. Shows are July 5th and 6th and take place at Nathan Philips Square in the afternoon. 


Please contact Jenn at hellojennyg@gmail.com


Thanks for considering being a part of this. 


Jenn Goodwin is a Toronto based dance artist. Her dance work has been performed across Canada, and in New York, Amsterdam, Australia and Brussels. Her short dance films have been screened at festivals across Canada, in New York and Europe. Her work often explores little moments that make up a big life. The beauty, banality and barbarity of the in between. She utilizes narrative, stories and text from the every day conversation to the poetic. She works with the body, humor, video, visual art, song, popular and less popular culture as inspiration. She has presented work in theatres as well as venues such as clubs, art galleries, bars, parks, trees, living rooms, streets. Goodwin is one half of the band MORTIFIED with Camilla Singh and is a programmer/artistic producer with Toronto Special Events/Scotiabank Nuit Blanche.





Established in 1993, FADO Performance Inc. (Performance Art Centre) is a not-for-profit artist-run centre for performance art based in Toronto, Canada. FADO exists to provide a stable, ongoing, supportive forum for creating and presenting performance art. Currently, we are the only artist-run centre in English Canada devoted specifically to this form. We present the work of local, national and international artists who have chosen performance art as a primary medium to create and communicate provocative new images and new perspectives. Thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council and the Department of Canadian Heritage for their on-going support of our endeavors.


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