FADO E-LIST (February 2014)



1. EVENT: FADO presents Duorama #114 by Paul Couillard and Ed Johnson

Date: February 12, 2014; City: Toronto, Canada

2. EVENT: FADO presents 2014 Emerging Artists Series: 11:45PM

Date: March 8-29, 2014; City: Toronto, Canada

3. WORKSHOP: FADO offers intensive performance art workshop with VestAndPage

Date: April 14-19, 2014; City: Toronto, Canada


Date: January 29-March 26, 2014; City: Boston, USA; Source: Sandrine Schaefer

5. EVENT: Bbeyond presents BEL-MAD: Exchange Places
Date: February 3-9, 2014; City: Belfast, N.Ireland; Source: Brain Patterson

6. WORKSHOP: Performance Art Workshop with Victoria Stanton

Deadline date: February 6, 2014; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Victoria Stanton

7. CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: Performance by Adriana Disman

Deadline date: asap; City; Toronto, Canada; Source: Adriana Disman

8. EVENT: LACAP presents Regina José Galindo in conversation

Date: February 7, 2014; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Tamara Toledo

9. CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: The Lab Cab Festival

Deadline date: February 3, 2014; Toronto, Canada; Source: Aviva Armour-Ostroff

10. WORKSHOP: Abraham.In.Motion (Series 8:08) Dance as Identity

Date: February 4, 2014; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Cara Spooner

11. EVENT: LINK & PIN performance art series presents: REPERFORMANCE

Date: February 8 and 9, 2014; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Adriana Disman

12. EVENT: Babble (Babel) performance art event at Hart House, University of Toronto

Date: February 8-10, 2014; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Leena Raudvee

13. CALL FOR ARTISTS: RIPA (Rencontre interuniversitaire de performance actuelle)

Deadline date: February 10, 2013; City: Montréal, Canada; Source: RIPA

14. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art

Deadline date: February 14, 2013; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: 7a*11d

15. EVENT: O U I Performance presents Sandra Johnston

Date: February 16, 2014; City: York, UK; Source: Victoria Gray

16. WORKSHOP: Performance Art Workshop with Rita McKeough

Date: February 17-21, 2014; City: Calgary, Canada; Source: Tomas Jonsson

17. EVENT: Houston’s International Performance Art Biennale: Lone Star Explosion 2014

Date: February 19-22, 2014; City: Houston, USA; Source: Facebook

18. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Biennale D’art Performatif de Rouyn-Noranda

Deadline date: February 20, 2014; City: Rouyn-Noranda, Canada; Source: L’Écart

19. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Arnica Artist-Run Centre

Deadline date: March 1, 2014; City: Kamloops, BC; Source: Ben Eastabrook


Date: unspecified; City: The world; Source: liveartwork editions




1. EVENT: FADO presents Duorama #114 by Paul Couillard and Ed Johnson

Date: February 12, 2014; City: Toronto, Canada


This year, FADO is celebrating a milestone - our 20th Anniversary. To commemorate we are looking back to our very beginnings, and are proud to present Duorama #114 - #119, a series of performances created by FADO's former Performance Art Curator and founding Director Paul Couillard, and founding member Ed Johnson. Partners in life and art, Paul and Ed have been creating the Duorama series for the last 14 years.


Starting with Duorama #114 presented in the context of the Rhubarb Festival in February, throughout the year, FADO hosts Duorama #114 - #119, a series of six performances, culminating in a special final performance next winter.



Part of The 35th Rhubarb Festival, presented by Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

12 Alexander Street, Toronto

February 12, 2014



For two weeks, artists transform the Buddies neighbourhood into a hotbed of creativity and experimentation, sharing new ideas in contemporary theatre, performance art, dance, and music with adventure-loving audiences. 



Week One Projects $10

Week Two Evening Passes $20

Open Space Projects PWYC

Young Creators Unit PWYC

Box Office 416-975-8555





Since 2000, Paul Couillard and Ed Johnson have worked together on the performance art series Duorama. Playful, beguiling and often minimalist, these pieces explore notions of relationship, and draw on collaborative and competitive tensions that underlie all partnerships. Responding to site and examining cultural attitudes toward male intimacy are key elements of Duorama. Recurring themes revolve around shifting interpretations of what is political and what is personal. Many of the works can be read in terms of the current social and political climate surrounding gay culture, offering askance references to issues such as gay marriage, HIV-status, and portrayals of gay culture. To date, 113 Duorama performances have been presented at galleries, festivals and various events in Canada, France, Poland, Croatia, Ukraine, Belarus, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, the USA, Singapore, Ireland and the UK.


****COMING SOON!****



Presented in the context of LINK & PIN performance art series, LONG-TERM, which focuses on duos and long-term collaborations, curated by Sandrine Schaefer and Adriana Disman @ hub14

14 Markham Street, Toronto

April 12, 2014





Presented in the context of the exhibition Generations of Queer, curated by Lisa Deanne Smith @ Onsite [at] OCAD University

230 Richmond Street West, Toronto

Wednesday June 25, 2014




DUORAMA #117 - #119 start in August 2014, details TBC


For more information about the series and the artists:





2. EVENT: FADO presents 2014 Emerging Artists Series: 11:45PM

Date: March 8-29, 2014; City: Toronto, Canada


FADO Performance Art Centre presents 11:45PM

2014 Emerging Artists Series


March 8-29, 2014

Xpace Cultural Centre

2-303 Lansdowne Avenue, Toronto



Anthea Fitz-James (Toronto)

Emma-Kate Guimond (Montréal)

Jessica Karuhanga (Toronto)

Akadi Lavoie Lachapelle (Montréal)

Rah Saneie (Ottawa)


Co-presented by Xpace Cultural Centre

Curated by Kate Barry


Durational performance is mode of live art where the artist works directly with the medium of time. Over the course of hours, days or longer the performer and the audience can experience a physical, mental, spiritual and/or emotional transformation. Durational performance functions to bring the performer and the audience into the moment; time is made palatable and visceral. Artists like Tehching Hsieh, Alastair MacLennan, and most famously, Marina Abramovic, demonstrate how durational performance art can use mental and physical endurance to challenge the commoditization of art by offering an experience of art that is ephemeral by nature. 11:45PM will present a collection of durational works, spread out over the course of March, throughout the gallery.




Anthea Fitz-James

Unraveling the Daughter's Disease: Secrets, Knitting and the Body

March 8, 12pm - 6pm

March 9, 1pm - 5pm


Emma-Kate Guimond


March 16, 12pm - 8pm


Jessica Karuhanga

The trip, and the fall, and the lost heap of longing

March 19 - 22, 1pm - 5pm daily


Akadi Lavoie Lachapelle

6 hours 6 minutes 6 seconds

March 28, 6pm - 12am


For this performance, the audience is encouraged to bring with them, or to drop off at the gallery anytime during gallery hours from March 8-28, items from their homes that represent evil to them. Can be any kind of object, from a banal household item to a talisman. Object must be wrapped, so the contents are not known. All objects will be used in the performance.


Rah Saneie


March 29, 12pm - 6pm




Saturday March 8, 7pm - 11pm


Come for the performance and stay for the opening celebration of 11:45PM and the official opening Xpace's March exhibitions in their 3 on-site spaces.


Thursday March 13, 7pm

In Time with a Body: Duration as a Performance Practice

Artist talk by Paul Couillard


Performance artist, curator and FADO co-founder Paul Couillard gives an informal lecture on duration as a performance practice. His talk will share insights from his creative work as well as performances by other artists, including a reflection on his 1999 curatorial project TIME TIME TIME, a year-long series of 12 works by various performance artists, each a minimum of 12 hours long. 


Saturday March 29, 6:30pm

What Happens After Midnight: Artists Panel

Moderated by local durational performance legend Tanya Mars

With the artists and series curator Kate Barry


ABOUT Emerging Artists Series

Initiated in 2022 by Tanya Mars, FADO’s Emerging Artists Series was created to provide a professional platform for emerging artists from Toronto and beyond. Working within a curatorial framework, the series is intended to nurture new work and ideas, provide direction and mentorship, and to showcase the work of the community’s newest perspectives in performance art. The 2014 Emerging Artists Series was curated by FADO Board Member Kate Barry in consultation with Xpace and a committee of local artists (including Xpace Director Amber Landgraff, Videofag founder Jordan Tannahill, theatre artist Audrey Dewyer, and Xpace intern Humboldt Magnussen.


For artist bios and project descriptions, please visit:





3. WORKSHOP: FADO offers intensive performance art workshop with VestAndPage

Date: April 14-19, 2014; City: Toronto, Canada


FADO is pleased to offer a 6-day intensive performance art workshop facilitated by VestAndPage (Verena Stenke and Andrea Pagnes). 


WORKSHOP DATES: April 14-19, 2014 (Daily from 9am-6pm)


COST: $150

We don't want cost to be a barrier. Please contact us is you are experiencing economic circumstances that might prevent your participation. Please contact us for more information on how to register at: info@performanceart.ca


CONDITIONS: Participants are asked to commit to the entirety of the workshop period. Maximum number of participants is 15.


LOCATION: Artscape Youngplace (Flex Studio), 180 Shaw Street, Toronto


PUBLIC Presentation: Saturday April 19, 7pm

The workshop culiminates in a public presentation of the performance art works created during the week by the workshop participants. All welcome / FREE


In this 6-day intensive MayDay performance art workshop, participants experience VestAndPage’s unique method through the process of making a performance art piece. Through practical exercises and reflecting on the use of the body as a tool, the workshop will focus on introspection as a way to develop authentic modes of expression and artistic action, and participants will be provided with the means to conceive, develop, and realize their own performance piece. Through methodology aimed at understanding prevailing behavioral patterns, participants will develop new ways of communicating and overcoming fears created by conflicting contemporary conditions. The workshops will also offer insight into the framework of process-led and conceptual art practice, with the aim to provide basis for future material. Participants will develop a heightened awareness of mind and body, with the means to stimulate artistic personal action though inner sensitivity.


As facilitators, VestAndPage will lead exercises on a range of performance techniques and approaches which blur the boundaries between fine art, live art and contemporary performance practices:

-Working solo and as a group;

-Creating intimate solo performance material;

-Devising and improvisation techniques;

-Actions/rules/chance-based techniques;

-Objects and actions in space as performance;

-Developing quality of presence;

-Confidence in using the physical self as a vehicle for meaning in performance;

-Audience-performer relationships – levels and modes of interaction;

-Exploring the role of time and pattern – e.g. duration, endurance, speed, and repetition.


Through the following processes:

-To work towards touching point zero in judgment and intention, heightening perception, introspection, to then rebuild an authenticity-based expression, to transform visions and ideas into a concrete artistic action.

-To take distance from being virtuous by establishing, evaluating, and energizing the personal action in se.

-To free oneself from common behavorial patterns so as to create new ways of encountering, collaborating and living.

-To overcome the fragile constituent limits, may they be based on physicality, fears or social patterns.

-To touch and strengthen the most human inner sensors in order to activate personal and universal memories, for using as germinal matter for future artistic substance.

-To enter a state of heightened awareness and perception, in order to conceive out-of-the-ordinary artistic visions, being in first instance process-led.


Actions and exercises are innovative and process-led, inspired by processes and methods such as: Dynamic Creative Breathing, Social Theater, Living Theater, Grotowski, Barba Stanislavsky, Leclerc, Oriental Theatre, Martial Arts, Contemporary Dance & Butoh, Authenticity, Inner Library, Liminality, Breath, Archetypes, Rituality, Memory activation, Object work, Time-Duration-Rhythm, Voice/Sound, Emotional Atmosphere, Inter-activity, Group dynamics, Macro- and Microspherology.


ABOUT VestAndPage

Verena Stenke and Andrea Pagnes have been working together since 2006, generating art in the mediums of live performance, filmmaking and writing, and through independent curatorship. Their works have been presented widely across Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa. Their practice is process-led and conceived psycho-geographically in response to architecture, natural surroundings or historical sites. It examines the fragility of the individual within different social or environmental spheres. Exploring what, as human beings, we still have to offer, VestAndPage question our existence within a humanity characterized by social exclusion and global atrocities. Animated by a nomadic, confrontational spirit, they apply the themes of acceptance, resistance, crisis and endurance with a poetic bodily approach to art practice.


For more information on the artists and their workshop approach, please visit:







Date: January 29-March 26, 2014; City: Boston, USA; Source: Sandrine Schaefer


Created and curated by Sandrine Schaefer

In conjunction with The Lightning Speed of the Present curated by Lynne Cooney


On view January 23, 2014- March 30, 2014

808 Gallery, Boston University

808 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215


Gallery Hours:

Tuesday-Sunday 11am-5pm, Thursday 11am-7pm

Performances on Wednesdays 6-8pm (unless otherwise stated)


For updates, and documentation, please visit:



ACCUMULATION (phase 2) provides an environment to witness the evolution of a space activated by accumulated creative actions. Over the duration of this exhibition, participating artists are given 1 day to create a live-art piece. All evidence from their actions are left behind, challenging the following artists to incorporate these remnants into their own work. Any materials that come into the space must remain until the exhibition closes.


ACCUMULATION (2005-present) is intended to happen in phases. Each phase includes a different grouping of artists in a different space. ACCUMULATION (phase 2) challenges ideas about artist collaboration, and simultaneously creates an innovative exhibition of experiential art documentation.


Featured Artists and Schedule: 

January 29: Sandrine Schaefer 12-8pm

February 5: Philip Fryer 

February 12: Kelly Hunter & Dan DeRosato 

February 19: Shannon Cochrane & Márcio Carvalho

February 26: Shannon Cochrane & Márcio Carvalho

March 5: Mehdi-Georges Lahlou

March 19: Jeffery Byrd

March 26: Creighton Baxter




5. EVENT: Bbeyond presents BEL-MAD: Exchange Places
Date: February 3-9, 2014; City: Belfast, N.Ireland; Source: Brain Patterson

Bbeyond presents BEL-MAD: Exchange Places
A Spanish/N.Ireland Performance Art Exchange +Workshop with Nieves Correa.

Supported by The National Lottery through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland in conjunction with Accion Mad!, Madrid, Catalyst Arts, Belfast and Echo Echo Dance, L/Derry Presents:

Locations: Belfast and Derry/Londonderry
Dates: February 3-9, 2014.

This event is the reciprocal aspect of an Exchange between Bbeyond based in Belfast and Accion Mad! in Madrid, earlier, in Nov 2013. Now five artists from Spain will visit Belfast and Derry/Londonderry to make performances along side local artists and workshop participants.  Exchanges with other artist run organisations expand our knowledge and understanding of the contextualisation of performance art and in this case Spain, by exploring Spanish performance art in relation to Northern Irish performance art? What are our similarities and differences?

Alongside the event there will be a 3 day workshop given by Nieves Correa, so anyone interested in developing approaches to performance art and expanding their own personal experiences in a supportive environment and with the opportunity to present a performance as part of the event should get in contact with Brian Patterson by email: bbeyond@europe.com

Spanish Artists Involved: Fernando Baena, Nieves Correa, Yolanda Perez Hedrreras, Abel Loureda and Ana Matey

Local Artists: Brian Connolly, Paul King, Ciara McKeon, Rainer Pagel, Aine Phillips, Pavana Reid and Karine Talec

BEL-MAD: Exchange Places, consists of the following activities over one week, from Mon 3rd to Sun 9th Feb:
-3-Day Workshop delivered by Nieves Correa, from Mon 3rd to Wed 5th Feb, including presentation of works by the
participants on Wed evening;
-Belfast Performances with 5 Spanish artists and 7 local artists, from Feb 6-8;
-Bbeyond Performance Monthly meeting on Sat 8th, 12noon, Writers Square
Informal Roundtable talk with guest and local, Sat 8th 2.30pm Dark Horse;
-L/Derry Performances on Sun 9th, at 4.30pm, involving 5 Spanish artists and some local artists.

The Spanish artists travel have been supported by: Gobierno De Espana
For any further information contact Brian Patterson at email: bbeyond@europe.com



6. WORKSHOP: Performance Art Workshop with Victoria Stanton

Deadline date: February 6, 2014; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Victoria Stanton


PERFORMANCE ART WORKSHOP: Between Intimacy and Architecture: subtle and relational performance in public place (The Winter Wonderland Version!)




Program Dates: February 10-15, 2014

Application Deadline: Extended to February 6, 2014

Price:  $600 + HST (this includes private accommodation and shared studio for the duration of the workshop) 



How do we listen to each other? How do we interact? How do we respond to the landscape and environments (indoors and out) around us? How do we engage with time and space? Cultivating attentive awareness, empathetic presence and peripheral vision, this workshop will explore the multiple and very personalized ways in which we experience and foster intimacy and connection – in ourselves, towards others, and in relation to place. We will explore how time and space are intimately connected and linked to how we develop a relationship to the space and people around us; how repetition of an action (over time) within a particular space necessarily creates familiarity with that space, within the various contexts in which we find ourselves to be. We will also explore how the ways in which a "non-productive" use of time, as carried out in public (place) activates a space. Finally, we will attempt to create contexts to explore ways of experiencing various kinds of “in-betweens,” (the spaces between thought and action, between actions, between each other, between ourselves and the spaces around us.)



Whether working in participatory, durational, task-based or audio-visual performance, the constant thread in my work is an investigation into the ability (and the desire) to hold a space, to appropriate and disrupt the quotidian, to create spontaneous intimacy, to tread vulnerability. Investing a performative presence and consciousness within multiple spaces/times, I continuously underscore the complex aspects of “transaction” and the possibility for transformation.


Much recent work explores the elusive “in-between” – that invisible, liminal space between myself and the audience (whether a group or just one person) or between myself and my object/action/location – whether appearing “on stage” (in a black box, white cube, bar or loft) or “out in the world” (in public sites and “non-art” contexts). The “in-between” is my inquiry into transitional space: as manifested on stage (has the performance ended?), as presented through relational exchange (is this a performance? Is this Art?), and as experienced out in the world through geopoetic meandering, and the conscious inhabiting of non-places found in the built environment.  These subtle forms of testing the limits of vulnerability make up an overall practice (and multiple research processes) as an artist working in – and with – space and time.  


ABOUT Victoria Stanton

Victoria Stanton is an interdisciplinary artist working with live action, human interaction, video, film, photo, drawing, and writing. Continually exploring within such diverse media, while the outward results of her practice manifest in a multiplicity of forms, performance is the unifying central focus and invariable core of her research. Her time-based work includes performance for stage, performance for the camera, actions in public spaces, and one-on-one encounters in intimate contexts. Stanton has presented exhibitions, performances, interventions, and films/videos in Canada, the U.S., Europe, the U.K., Australia, Japan and Mexico. Her creative and critical writings have been published in Canadian and American anthologies and art/literary/lifestyle magazines. She is the co-author with Vincent Tinguely of Impure: Reinventing the Word (conundrum press, 2001) and is currently working on a new book with the TouVA Collective (comprised of Anne Bérubé, Sylvie Tourangeau and Stanton) developing salient notions on how performance is practiced and on the question of ‘the performative.’





A magical location that is most known for its summer retreats, Artscape Gibraltar Point on Toronto Island promises a wintry paradise. In the cozy quarters of a former schoolhouse, our workshop will be held in the Fireplace room – a space where participants will be able to enjoy intensive working by day, and relaxed lounging in the evenings by the hearth. AGP also offers a beach sauna on the water and extra-curricular activities such as ice sculpture making. As the island is significantly more isolated in the winter, this intensive week-long retreat will provide the possibility of an increased concentrated focus on process in a convivial and inviting setting. Imagine it: performance-art-camp meets winter wonderland at a snowy February chalet hideaway!




7. CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: Performance by Adriana Disman

Deadline date: ASAP; City; Toronto, Canada; Source: Adriana Disman


I’ve had it. I refuse to surrender to the idea that my relationship can only be read as a non‐sexual, familial one. That this is the way we are made legible when we walk into a room. “Is she your mother?” No. She’s not my mother.



This performance gives thanks to Emily Roysdon for her Ecstatic Resistance essay and steals her words to say: We are expressing a DETERMINATION to undo the limits of what it is possible to be! This piece CELEBRATES the impossible, REFUSES the set limits of the intelligible, EMBRACES contradiction, BELIEVES in the transformative possibility of sharing and the NECESSITY of communicability, and wants to SPEAK PLEASURE TO POWER!


CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: Queer women between 20‐25 years of age and 50+ years of age.**


PERFORMANCE SCORE: pairs of women with an age difference of at least 25 years (35 is the ideal) interspersed throughout the space, kiss for 1 hour.


Performance: Thursday, Feb. 7th 9pm‐10pm

Rehearsal: Monday, Feb. 3rd time TBA

Both will take place on the 3rd floor of the Koffler Centre, at St. George and College, Toronto.



The performance will be presented during the “Performative Reception” of the Festival of Original Theatre at U of T, see schedule (directly following Amelia Jones’ keynote). I am not being paid for this piece and so, unfortunately, cannot offer any fees to performers—but you will be fed… food without garlic. The rehearsal will contain a preperformance consent discussion led by the fantastic Kate Klein, to help support participants in feeling good before, during, and after. You absolutely DO NOT need to sign up in pairs (in which case I will do some performance match-making) but you can if you want (bring a friend or a lover!)


To participate, please email me ASAP. Include your age and whether you are signing up alone or with someone (adriana.disman@gmail.com). Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns!


** These descriptors are meant to be self-determined and self-interpreted. No one will be turned away for not being “enough” of any of them! If you don’t identify with these descriptions of age, orientation, or presentation but are somehow super psyched about this piece, email me anyway and we can talk  (i.e. There are some 45+ folks who have expressed interest.)


SEE CALL ONLINE: www.cargocollective.com/adrianadisman/call‐for‐performers




8. EVENT: LACAP presents Regina José Galindo in conversation

Date: February 7, 2014; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Tamara Toledo



Moderated by Magda Gonzalez-Mora


Date: Friday, February 7, 2014

Time: 7 PM

Location: Prefix ICA, 401 Richmond Street West, Suite 124

Cost: $5 LACAP members / $10 Admission


Our theme for 2014 is Activating Art as we reference various strategies artists and curators have proposed to alter and manage internal and external realities. Performance artist Regina José Galindo (Guatemala), educator and artist Pablo Helguera (Mexico/New York), curator Mari Carmen Ramírez (Puerto Rico/Houston), and community artist Judy Baca (Mexican/Los Angeles) have been asked to share their work through lectures, audio-visual presentations and discussions.


REGINA JOSÉ GALINDO is a performance artist and writer whose work addresses the atrocities committed by Guatemalan dictatorships, social injustice, and discrimination on the basis of race and gender. Galindo isolates and embodies the vast suffering in Latin America by inflicting direct physical violence on her own body in highly symbolic gestures of resistance. She has exhibited and performed at numerous locations including: Exit Art (New York); Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem (The Netherlands); El Museo del Barrio (New York); MoMA PS1 (New York); and the 51st Venice Biennial, for which she was awarded the Golden Lion, the only Central American artist who has ever received the award. Galindo is considered to be one of the most subversive voices in contemporary art today.


The Latin American Speakers Series is curated by Tamara Toledo and presented by Latin American Canadian Art Projects.


About LACAP: The Latin American Canadian Art Projects is a not-for-profit arts organization dedicated to the implementation of projects that expose Canadians to Latin American art and culture, artistic excellence and critical thought.


For more info: www.lacap.ca/events-2014.html




9. CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: The Lab Cab Festival

Deadline date: February 3, 2014; Toronto, Canada; Source: Aviva Armour-Ostroff


Information on applying to The Lab Cab Festival: Parkdale


WHAT: The Lab Cab Festival: Parkdale is an annual festival providing a home for artists of various disciplines to experiment and showcase their work. Pieces of music, dance, theatre, film, puppetry, comedy, clown, literary readings (and more) range from 2 to 30 minutes. Visual art installations are displayed for the duration of the festival. This wide variety of performances and art are presented in stores, business, parks, churches, businesses and community centres along Queen Street between Roncesvalles Ave and Dufferin St. The Lab Cab Festival offers free childcare, a free BBQ lunch and free artist led workshops. All the performances are free.


WHEN: Saturday, July 26 and Sunday, July 27, 2-9pm. Same schedule both days.


WHO: Any style of art is welcome (music, dance, visual art, film, literary readings, fire eating, etc.) Artists from all levels of experience are welcome to apply. We pay artists a small fee for their participation in the event.


HOW: Lab Cab programs the festival by balancing a variety of factors: age, cultural background, artistic discipline and experience.


WHY: The Lab Cab Festival is committed to increasing arts awareness and support. We do so by providing the opportunity for artists to develop and showcase their work in an accessible and fun environment. We encourage new work development. (this does not limit existing creations) The Festival provides artists with a venue, technical support, volunteers, publicity and promotion with the intention of increasing Canadian artistic creations.


WHERE: The festival takes place in over sixty different businesses in the Parkdale neighbourhood, so art designed for or inspired by specific venues is exciting to us (but not necessary). We invite applicants to familiarize themselves with the Parkdale neighbourhood and it’s variety of potential venues. Hair salons, flower shops, clothing boutiques, antique stores, restaurants, bars, parking lots, convenience stores, parks, community centres, churches and cafes will be used as performance venues. Lab Cab begins in the venues closest to Dufferin Ave and moves west along Queen St. throughout the day, ending in the venues closest to Roncesvalles.


For an application and more information, please visit our website:



IN ONE EMAIL, send your application page, one page proposal and support material (see website for details) to: submissions@labcab.ca by midnight MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3RD 2014. We will contact you to let you know your submission has been received. Thank you for taking the time to apply to The Lab Cab Festival: Parkdale.


Any questions can be directed to aviva@labcab.ca




10. WORKSHOP: Abraham.In.Motion (Series 8:08) Dance as Identity

Date: February 4, 2014; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Cara Spooner


TIME: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm (with an artist talk to follow)

LOCATION: Dovehouse Dance Ballroom, 2nd floor, 805 Dovercourt Road



This workshop is offered in partnership with Harbourfront Centre and features artists from the World Stage 2014 performance 'The Radio Show'.


*With registration to this ATC, your show ticket is only $15 (regular show ticket price is $39). Call Harbourfront Centre's box office at 416.973.4000 and quote the promo code we give you to take advantage of this exclusive offer. Performance dates: Feb 5 - 8, 2014. For full season lineup, visit www.harboufrontcentre.ca/worldstage


Email: atc@series808.ca to register



This workshop is open to people with various arts backgrounds, as well as those without a dance background. The focus of the Dance as Identity workshop is to present dancers with an opportunity to use dance as a platform for generating and exploring dialogue about gender and sexuality. Conversations sway between the social and political, stereotypical and biased, and that which is private and present. Humanities, literature, media, film, history, cultural theory, visual art and philosophy all play a role in the discourse and the most compelling project is considering these culturally identifying relationships with movement. This workshop is first and foremost safe and educational. A vow of confidentiality must be understood and taken seriously.


The workshop will include improve based imagery and small movement tasks, the ideal workshop participant is open to moving, but does not need to have an extensive dance background.


2013 MacArthur Fellow, Kyle Abraham, began his dance training at the Civic Light Opera Academy and the Creative and Performing Arts High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He continued his dance studies in New York, receiving a BFA from SUNY Purchase and an MFA from NYU Tisch School of the Arts.


Abraham received a prestigious Bessie Award for Outstanding Performance in Dance for his work in The Radio Show, and a Princess Grace Award for Choreography in 2010. The previous year, he was selected as one of Dance Magazine's 25 To Watch for 2009, and received a Jerome Travel and Study Grant in 2008. His choreography has been presented throughout the United States and abroad. In addition to performing and developing new works for his company, Abraham.In.Motion, Abraham recently premiered The Serpent and The Smoke, a new pas de deux for himself and acclaimed Bessie Award winning dancer and New York City Principle, Wendy Whelan as part of Restless Creature at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival.


As one of the largest multidisciplinary art centres in Canada, Harbourfront Centre is dedicated to the development of contemporary performance in Toronto, in Canada and around the world. Devoted to professional artists, and all who participate in the current performance ecology, Harbourfront Centre's World Stage is committed to maintaining and developing the exceptional calibre of talent creating work in the city. Through this partnership with Series 8:08's ATC program, Harbourfront Centre's World Stage is proud to offer this series of labworks to the professional dance community, as well as a subsidized ticket to the performance.




11. EVENT: LINK & PIN performance art series presents: REPERFORMANCE

Date: February 8 and 9, 2014; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Adriana Disman


LINK & PIN performance art series presents: REPERFORMANCE

(Or, lets not talk about The Abramovic anymore)



14 Markham Street, Toronto

February 8 and 9, 2014

$10, no one turned away


In the last decade, catalyzed by Marina Abramovic’s Seven Easy Pieces and then

The Artist is Present, there has been a resurgence of interest in “reperformance.” LINK & PIN wonders…why? Why reperform? What are the disciplinary, ethical, and temporal dilemmas one faces in the process of reperforming? Is it even possible to reperform a performance art work? Is it possible only, as Abramovic posits, with certain “rules” followed (i.e. contacting the original artist for permission)?



Victoria Stanton

hollyt and Jack Bride

Julie Lassonde

Brianna MacLellan

Shannon Cochrane

Paulina Wiszowata



February 8

5-8pm: Victoria Stanton (Co-presented with York University)

8-9pm: hollyt and Jack Bride


February 9, 2pm

Julie Lassonde (meet at Dundas Street West and Bellwoods for a performative walk to hub 14, please bring a small memorial item, like a flower or a candle.)

Brianna MacLellan

Shannon Cochrane

Paulina Wiszowata (performance discussion)


WRITER: T. Nikki Cesare Schotzko

Curated by Adriana Disman

Supported by hub14's Community Chest Program

Interned by Veronica Abrenica


ACCESS: We are sad to say that this venue is not wheelchair accessible - there is a fairly narrow flight of fire escape steps to enter the space. If there is anything that we can do to make this space more inhabitable for your body, please don't hesitate to let us know either before or during the event. If you have questions, wish to volunteer, or for a press packet, email adriana.disman@gmail.com.


Check out documentation of past events on LINK&PIN’s website:





12. EVENT: Babble (Babel) performance art event at Hart House, University of Toronto

Date: February 8-10, 2014; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Leena Raudvee


Babble (Babel)

Public Performance Event, Hart House, University of Toronto

February 8-10 (performance times below), all events are FREE



ARTIFACTS (Pam Patterson & Leena Raudvee)

Margaret Dragu

Christine Brault




Entertaining without a Maid

In the fall, ARTIFACTS took up the English upper-middle-classed language of etiquette in Entertaining without a Maid. Hart House, as representative of a history of the “gentleman” and that which is “proper” in Upper Canada, framed this conversation well. In February, ARTIFACTS will continue with this theme and will also work as collaborative provocateurs with Babble (Babel) content.

FEB 8, BOARD ROOM, 1-2pm




Mixed ID’s: Seek—sort—connect—assemble— res-sembler—ras-sembler

I come from a mixed background composed of French, Scottish and maybe from other unknown roots and ones I can now create or imagine. Playing with meaning of words and double meanings as corporal gestures, I will use words related to land, identity, ways of expression, mostly coming from Latin, French and English, and create an in-between language to comprehend the mixed roots intertwined in my own being. I will write words on myself and others. I will record murmurs of words or questions…

FEB 8 & 10, CHAPEL, 2-3 PM



VERB WOMAN: Dictionary for a Conscious Corpus

Verb Woman explores body, language, injury, connectedness and disconnectedness through a durational performance that draws on Margaret Dragu’s 40+ years as both a professional artist and personal fitness trainer/movement instructor. Verb Woman uses anatomy texts, English-to-other-language dictionaries, idiomatic dictionaries and other reference books to physically explore common injury sites and their rehab protocols and notions of mentoring and education of girls as an instrument for social change.

FEB 8 & 10, BICKERSTETH ROOM, 11am-1pm


PUBLIC DISCUSSION: Feminist Performance: Collaboration and Intervention




Event Guest Blogger: Winnipeg media artist, academic and educator Joanna Black

Blogger site: www./babblebabelharthousetoronto.blogspot.ca/

Documentation Website: www.mikloslegrady.com/photo/artifacts/babble







Babble (Babel) would like to thank the Toronto Arts Council and Ontario Arts Council for artist and project funding.




13. CALL FOR ARTISTS: RIPA (Rencontre interuniversitaire de performance actuelle)

Deadline date: February 10, 2013; City: Montréal, Canada; Source: RIPA


The RIPA (Rencontre interuniversitaire de performance actuelle) is looking for emerging artists and students interested in participating in a performance evening held on April 5th 2014 in Montreal. Propositions should relate to performance art in its many forms : performances, maneuvers, public interventions, body art and furtive art. The organization is open to any kind of presentation within the field of performance. Media-based projects and archival media are accepted. Performances should last about 10-15 minutes, although propositions that have a fractured or punctual format will be considered.


The RIPA team can assist you in finding accommodation for your stay in Montreal during the event. Participants will also receive a stipend. Your proposal must contain the following documents:

-A Curriculum vitae (2 pages maximum)

-A brief description of your artist statement (maximum 250 words)

-A description of your project (maximum 250 words)

-Technical requirements (materials, approximate installation requirements). 

Please note that the installation and technical assistance must be provided by the artist, in collaboration with RIPA volunteers. Some audiovisual equipment can be provided.


Visual documents :

-10 digital images from your portfolio (JPEG, max. 1 Mb per document). 

Images must be named as such : 

name_surname_1.jpeg, name_surname_2.jpegand so on.

-A description for each image (Title, date, length, platform)


*Important. You must determine 3 images which can be used for the promotion of the event and/or for future publications. Please sign the attached autorisation form.

**Your proposal must include a video from a prior performance. We do not accept videos sent by e-mail or e-transfer, please only include a link to a video hosted online (example : Vimeo)


Send us your proposal at this address: ripa.contact@gmail.com (contact: Julie Richard)

Deadline: February 10, 2014 at midnight. Proposals sent after the deadline will not be considered. For more information about RIPA, please visit our website:





14. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art

Deadline date: February 14, 2013; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: 7a*11d


(PLEASE NOTE: this call for submissions is for performance artists living and working in Canada, ONLY.)


The 10th edition of the 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art will take place in Toronto from October 26 to November 2, 2014. Curated and organized by a non-profit artist collective, the festival presents innovative and progressive contemporary performance art by local, national and international artists. This call for submissions is an invitation restricted to artists living and working in Canada. We are looking for emerging, mid-career and established Canadian artists alongside international artists to showcase the breadth and depth of current contemporary performance art practice. We pay artist fees that meet or exceed CARFAC guidelines, accommodation, and travel. We cannot accommodate dance, theatre, or circus troupes/companies. No email submissions please.


Deadline for submissions is FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2014. 


Application Guidelines: Please complete the following form and save it as a single PDF, and submit 10 images of your work and/or 5 minutes of video documentation on Vimeo or YouTube. Upload your materials to www.dropbox.com and send the links to performance@7a-11d.ca (go to www.Dropbox.com to set up a free account). Please note: email submissions will not be accepted.


Submissions must include: (Upload the following information on a single .pdf to Dropbox.)


-Artist Name



-Mailing address



Provide a detailed description of the proposed work. Include: 

-Title (if applicable)



-Type of venue (indoor, outdoor, proscenium, etc)

-Technical Requirements (500 words max)

-Description of performance (500 words max)


ARTIST STATEMENT: Please provide a description of how the proposed work fits into your overall practice. 300 words max.

RESUME: Please provide a short CV, 2 pages max.

BIO: Please provide a short biographical statement. 200 words max.

DOCUMENTATION: Please attach 10 images of your work and/or a link to 5 minutes of performance documentation on video. Images should be jpegs, saved at maximum 800 x 600 pixels. 5 minute video, linked through Vimeo or YouTube, with a password if needed. Caption document (include the title, dimensions, medium, date and other applicable information for each image)






7a*11d acknowledges the support of the Canada Council, the Ontario Arts Council, the Toronto Arts Council, and numerous artist-run organizations, private and business sponsors for our previous activities.




15. EVENT: O U I Performance presents Sandra Johnston

Date: February 16, 2014; City: York, UK; Source: Victoria Gray 


OUI Live Series #5: Sandra Johnston

Sunday 16th February 2014

14:00 - 16:00

Bedern Hall, York


O U I Performance is proud to present the work of performance artist Sandra Johnston. Situated in historic Bedern Hall, York, a 14th century building originally part of the College of the Vicars Choral of York Minster, Johnston will present a durational work in response to the site.


Johnston works in site-responsive actions, video/audio installations and durational drawings. The performance actions could be seen as propositions of compulsive communication, developed from the direct revelations of a body inhabiting space, light and motion, often in correspondence to the behaviour of others. Often there is a sense of inventing privacy, then a precise protecting of its parameters. Each work is a search for fluidity and clarity in the present moment. Johnston has presented work internationally since 1992 in a diverse range of contexts and interdisciplinary forms, including representing Northern Ireland at the Venice Biennale in 2005.


The event is free. Performance starts at 4pm, this is a durational performance for 2 hours, you may come and go throughout. 



Kindly supported by York St John University.


O U I Performance






16. WORKSHOP: Performance Art Workshop with Rita McKeough

Date: February 17-21, 2014; City: Calgary, Canada; Source: Tomas Jonsson


University of Lethbridge Fine Arts Department 

$25. per participant (Maximum 15 participants)


M:ST is pleased to offer a 6 days intensive performance workshop with Rita McKeough (Calgary, AB) open to performers and artists of all backgrounds. The workshop offers theoretical and practical explorations of performance art methodologies with a focus on our interactions with everyday objects by integrating sound, images with performative processes. 


ABOUT Rita McKeough 

Calgary-based audio, media installation and performance artist Rita McKeough has exhibited extensively in Canada since 1977 and has presented her work internationally. She has taught at various art institutions throughout Canada and has been a drummer in various bands. McKeough insists that she has been fortunate to have the support and assistance of her friends and community to produce her work.


Workshop takes place at the University of Lethbridge, AB.


More info here: www.mstfestival.org/2014/01/wayward-objects/

To sign up or for more information, email: Tomas Jonsson / director@mstfestival.org




17. EVENT: Lone Star Explosion 2014

Date: February 19-22, 2014; City: Houston, USA; Source: Facebook


Lone Star Explosion is proud to present Houston’s International Performance Art Biennale: Lone Star Explosion 2014, Houston’s second Performance Art Biennale beginning Thursday, February 20th – Saturday, February 22nd. Bringing together a host of local, national and international artists, Lone Star Explosion 2014 will showcase evocative performances questioning cultural and societal norms that will challenge both the artists and the viewers alike.


Curated by local artists Jonatan Lopez and Julia Wallace, each visiting participant has been carefully selected based on works that offer insight and expansion on themes and practices currently explored by Houston’s top performance artists. Lone Star Explosion 2014 was created as both a learning environment for performance artists and viewers, as well as an exhibition like no other in Houston.


Utilizing some of the most important and interesting art spaces in Houston, such as Box 13 Artspace, Art League Houston, and notsuoH, performances will be highlighted at each venue on rotating nights. The Contemporary Arts Museum Houston will be hosting a symposium on Saturday, February 22nd from 2:00 – 4:00 pm featuring Marcel Sparmann, Autumn Hays, Autumn Knight, Jill McDermid, Erik Hokanson and Ryan Hawk, among others.


2014 ARTISTS: 

Carlos Martiel (Cuba), Abel Azcona (Spain), Miao Jiaxin (China/US), Elia Arce (Costa Rica), La Pocha Nostra, featuring Roberto Sifuentes and Erica Mott (US/Mex) Marcel Sparmann (Germany), Aisen Caro Chacin (Venezuela/US), Fito Segrera (Colombia), Emilio Rojas (Mexico) Autumn Hays (Chicago), Jill McDermid (NYC), Erik Hokanson (NYC) Jim Pirtle (Houston) J Morrison (NYC), David Graeve (Houston), Michael Anthony Garcia (Austin), Emily Sloan (Houston) Daniel Adame (Houston), Nestor Topchy (Houston), Ryan Hawk (Houston), and Autumn Knight (Houston), Daniel Bertalot (Houston), Joshua Yates (Houston), Hilary Scullane (Houston), Unna Bettie (Houston), Josh Urban Davis (Houston), Robert Rosenberg (Houston), Continuum (Houston), Countercrawl (Houston), Performance SW (Dallas), Southmorehouse (Houston).


About Lone Star Explosion:

Lone Star Explosion 2014 seeks to showcase performance art that pushes the artists and audience in new ways, especially performance art that questions fundamental assumptions about the way we experience time, space, relationships, the self, society, and sexuality. Visiting artists from around the world have been hand picked because their work offers insight and expansion on themes and practices currently explored by Houston Performance Artists. Houston’s rich and diverse performance art scene will also be featured in the Biennale. The unique, rebellious, beauty of Houston’s own performance art will join with the brilliant expression of our visiting artists, creating an exchange of epic proportion. We intend for every participant to leave the festival full of new inspiration and greater possibility.


Lone Star Explosion 2014 is curated and directed by Jonatan Lopez and Julia Wallace. Ryan Hawk is serving as the Education Opportunity Coordinator and the artist board consists of Kelly Alison, Emily Sloan, Ryan Hawk, David L Davis, Koomah, Y. E. Torres, Jonathan Jindra, Hilary Scullane, David McClain, Daniel Bertalot, Evan McCarley and Unna Bettie..


Lone Star Explosion is fiscally sponsored by HIVE Houston and a 501(c)(3) non-profit. In 2012 the Biennale brought in over twenty artists from South Korea, Estonia, Ireland, Berlin, France, Canada and Venezuela. Biennale Founders are Nestor Topchy, Mariana Lemesoff and Myk Henry.






18. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Biennale D’art Performatif de Rouyn-Noranda

Deadline date: February 20, 2014; City: Rouyn-Noranda, Canada; Source: L’Écart


Biennale D’art Performatif de Rouyn-Noranda

Performance and interdisciplinary art

7th edition: October 15-18, 2014


Founded in 2002 by the artist-run centre L’Écart in Rouyn-Noranda, this biennial event presents evenings of performances, concerts, workshops and other performative work. The event features a selection of artists working in performance, visual arts, music, spoken word and interdisciplinary art. We invite artists and collectives to submit proposals for programming for this 7th edition.


Deadline for submissions: February 20, 2014


Submissions must include:

-Curriculum vitæ (2 page maximum)

-Description of performance project in regards to artistic statement (1 page maximum)

-15-20 JPEG digital images on CD-ROM (images not to exceed 1MB each)

-Quicktime videos on DVD

-Descriptive list of support material

-Other pertinent documents


Artists and collectives can send their proposals to:

Biennale d’art performatif de Rouyn-Noranda

L’Écart.. . lieu d’art actuel

167, avenue Murdoch, C. P. 2273

Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, Canada

J9X 5A9


Please note that submissions will not be returned.





19. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Arnica Artist-Run Centre

Deadline date: March 1, 2014; City: Kamloops, Canada; Source: Ben Eastabrook


Call for Submission

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: March 1, 2014 (postmark)


Arnica Artist-Run Centre welcomes proposals from artists, collectives, or curators for our 2015 / 2016 exhibition season. Arnica aims to present recent, ongoing, or site-specific projects that range across disciplines and media. The programming committee seeks projects that are thoughtful, innovative, and socially engaged.


Operating in Kamloops since 2003, Arnica is currently located in the Old Courthouse Building, one of the city’s most prominent historical landmarks. Arnica has two small exhibition spaces. The main gallery can accommodate work of all media, and measures 238 square feet. The Vault is ideally suited for intimate installations, sound, and video works. Artists and curators are encouraged to present proposals that occupy one or both of our exhibition spaces. Due to the historic designation of our building, we cannot present projects that propose permanent modifications to the space.


Proposals are selected through a peer review process by Arnica’s Programming Committee. Proposals will be selected based on the following criteria: artistic merit of the proposed project, fit with Arnica’s mandate, and the ability of Arnica to provide appropriate space/support for the project. Arnica is committed to supporting projects through CARFAC exhibition fees. Assistance for travel and shipping is contingent on funding.


Proposals are reviewed twice each year (postmark deadline is March 1st and October 1st), and should include the following:


-10-20 digital images (jpeg format, 1024 x 768 pixels) and/ or 5 minutes of video

-Curriculum Vitae (max. 3 pages)

-Project Proposal (max. 1 page)

-Artist Statement (max. 1 page)

-Image List (including title, media, dimensions and date)

-Additional Support Materials (optional)

-Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (optional)


Artists may send proposals electronically to ArnicaARC@gmail.com or by mail to:

Arnica Artist Run Centre

c/o The Programming Committee

Old Courthouse Cultural Centre

7 Seymour Street W.

Kamloops, British Columbia V2C 1E4


For more information: www.arnica.ca





Date: unspecified; City: The world; Source: liveartwork editions


The latest publication in the liveartwork editions series is a two disk set featuring documentation and interviews with the renowned performance group BLACK MARKET INTERNATIONAL.


Disk One includes a one hour documentary made by Gisela Hochuli during BLACK MARKET's performances at the New Territories festival in Glasgow, 2007 and features interviews with several BMI members. There is also an extended, 25-minute interview with Norbert Klassen, one of the group's founding members.


Disk Two contains a 70-minute long video documentation of BLACK MARKET’s performance at the 2010 BONE Festival in Bern. Total running time of the two DVDs is approximately 150 minutes. Subtitles and menus are in both English and German.


BLACK MARKET INTERNATIONAL - Talking and Performing is published in collaboration with Gisela Hochuli. Published December 2013


For full details see: www.liveartwork.com/editions





Established in 1993, FADO Performance Inc. (Performance Art Centre) is a not-for-profit artist-run centre for performance art based in Toronto, Canada. FADO exists to provide a stable, ongoing, supportive forum for creating and presenting performance art. Currently, we are the only artist-run centre in English Canada devoted specifically to this form. We present the work of local, national and international artists who have chosen performance art as a primary medium to create and communicate provocative new images and new perspectives. Thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council and the Department of Canadian Heritage for their on-going support of our endeavors. To subscribe or unsubscribe from this mailing list, please visit the home page: http://www.performanceart.ca


2013 is FADO’S 20th Anniversary! STAYED TUNED all year for special events and projects in celebration of this amazing milestone. Special thanks to the Ontario Arts Council’s Arts Investment Fund for support of activities related to our Archive Project. Please visit our gallery pages on our website to see images and video from nearly 20 years of FADO activity. 


Photo Galleries: www.performanceart.ca/index.php?m=page&id=53

Video Galleries: www.performanceart.ca/index.php?m=page&id=54


LIKE us on facebook!