FADO E-LIST (September 2011)


FADO Performance Art Centre

E-Bulletin for late-September 2011



1. EVENT: Artist Talk with Elinor Whidden (Toronto, Canada)

Date: September 20, 2011; Source: Helena Skrinjar

2. EVENT: Préavis de désordre Urbain (Marseille, France)

Dates: September 19-24, 2011; Source: Christine Bouvier

3. Event: Folk Songs of Canada Now

Date: Now; Source: Henry Adam Svec

4. EVENT: LIVE2011 (Vancouver, Canada)

Dates: September 15-25, 2011; Source: Randy Gledhill

5. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Supermarket Art Fair (Stockholm, Sweden)

Deadline date: September 22, 2011; Source: Jewell Goodwyn

6. SYMPOSIUM: To HAVE / To Own (Vasa, Finland)

Dates: September 23-25, 2011; Source: Platform

7. EVENT: R.I.T.E.S. Sound Gig #4 (Singapore)

Date: September 24, 2011; Source: R.I.T.E.S

8. EVENT/PANEL: Gullivers’ Rehearsal: Drawing into Performance by the Two Gullivers (Toronto, Canada)

Date: September 28-October 9, 2011; Source: loop gallery

9. EVENT: Fall programming at Lilith Performance Studio (Malmö, Sweden)

Dates: September 28-October 1 and various: Source: Lilith Performance Studio

10. EVENT: VIVA! Art Action (Montréal, Canada)

Dates: October 4-9, 2011; Source: Michelle Lacombe

11. WORKSHOPS: At City of Women Festival (Slovenia)

Dates: October 11-13, 2011; Source: City of Women

12. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Ancestral Teachings: Contemporary Perspectives

Deadline date: October 14, 2011; Source: Vanessa Dion Fletcher




1. EVENT: Artist Talk with Elinor Whidden (Toronto, Canada)

Date: September 20, 2011; Source: Helena Skrinjar



September 20, 2011

6.30 pm – 7.30 pm


234 Bay Street 

Toronto Dominion Centre



Elinor Whidden is a multi-disciplinary artist whose art practice has become a quest to find a way to survive and adapt in a world increasingly threatened by contemporary car culture. Whidden received a BA in Canadian/Environmental Studies from Trent University , a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and a MFA from the State University of New York at Buffalo. She has exhibited throughout North America, recently showing work in Nova Scotia, Ontario, Alberta and Buffalo NY. Whidden has received numerous grants and awards from institutions including the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, and Nova Scotia Culture, Tourism and Heritage, as well as being featured as an emerging artist on CBC’s Zed TV in 2004. Whidden’s most recent car-carrying adventure, Ford EXPLORER is currently traveling across Canada.


Whidden’s current art practice investigates myths about the Western Frontier as a way to critique to contemporary car culture. Fabricated from scavenged car parts, her sculptural assemblages reference modes and accessories of transportation used during the opening of the Western Frontier: canoes, dogsleds, knapsacks, walking sticks, and snowshoes. These objects are then portaged, dragged, or carried along early fur trade routes. During these car-carrying performances, the waterways and trade routes of this historic period stand in as the forefathers to our current system of highways, freeways and overpasses. The Mountain Man series, begun during the Walking and Art Residency at the Banff Centre, continues Whidden’s quest to find a way to survive and adapt in a world increasingly threatened by contemporary car culture. While driving out to Alberta, she scavenged shredded tires from the side of the road. Then, lacing snowshoes from the steel belting in these tires, she trekked through the Rocky Mountains posing as an intrepid Mountain Man in an area that encapsulates our image of “The Western Frontier.”


In addition to these Steel Belted Snowshoes, Whidden used a Rearview Walking Stick  (a rearview mirror attached to a stick) to strike various imperialistic poses in this epic landscape. There are eight photographs in the Mountain Man series, all of which reference the style and colonial attitude of the Hudson River School of Painting and artists like Paul Kane who traveled with the Hudson’s Bay Company. These images depict a nostalgic attitude towards the wilderness, and a romantic belief in the dream of the Western Frontier. Whidden believes that these colonial attitudes remain with us today, underpinning our desire for the freedom and romance of the open road.


The Design Exchange (DX) is Canada's design centre and museum with a mission to promote the value of design.  We are an internationally recognized non-profit educational organization committed to promoting greater awareness of design as well as the indispensable role it plays in fostering economic growth and cultural vitality. We build bridges by improving communication between various design disciplines, educators, businesses and the general public through programs, exhibits, lectures, and workshops.




2. EVENT: Préavis de désordre Urbain (Marseille, France)

Dates: September 19-24, 2011; Source: Christine Bouvier


5th Annual International Festival of Performance Art

Marseille, France




04 95 04 95 34




3. EVENT: Folk Songs of Canada Now

Date: Now; Source: Henry Adam Svec


Henry Adam Svec's new performance project, an online archive of folkloristic performances, is now freely accessible online at www.folksongsofcanadanow.com. Novelist Chris Eaton, playwright Tara Beagan, and a slew of Canadian singers and pickers are featured collaborators in this virtual song-collecting experiment.






4. EVENT: LIVE2011 (Vancouver, Canada)

Dates: September 15-25, 2011; Source: Randy Gledhill



Vancouver, Canada’s Internationally Acclaimed Performance Art Celebration!


10 days of LIVE performances throughout the city by local, national and international artists! More than 30 artists from HERE and 12 countries around the WORLD! Artists, Events, Programs, Schedules, Locations, Videos, Blogs, Extras and Much More!






5. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Supermarket Art Fair (Stockholm, Sweden)

Deadline date: September 22, 2011; Source: Jewell Goodwyn




Extended application period + Open call

Stockholm Thu, 09/15/2011 - 10:06


1. Extended application period

2. Open call for images

3. Open call for performances


1. The application period for SUPERMARKET 2012 is extended until Thursday 22nd.

Remember that an application with a brief presentation of the planned exhibition is easier for us to evaluate. We think it is important that participants show art and not only present documentation of their activities. Artists' initiatives regularly staging public exhibitions with invited artists are given priority.


2. Open call - images of art works with an 'Apocalyptic' content.

SUPERMARKET ARTIST-RUN ART MAGAZINE is a 4-colour, internationally distributed magazine in English, characterised by vibrant freeform graphic design, which picks up the fast-moving, creative subculture in the international art scene. We are now looking for images with an 'apocalyptic' content to be a part in our art magazine.


Please send us screen size jpeg images of art works. There must be high resolution versions of the images which can be sent to us on request. We will select a few of the images and include them in the magazine. The artist must give permission to publish it. We are not able to pay any fee for this.


3. Open call (for applicants to SUPERMARKET 2012) - Performances.

In 2012 there will be a new performance stage/open space at the Fair. Participants of SUPERMARKET 2012 will be able to contribute with performances in the performance programme. Please suggest artists and ideas to us!


Pontus Raud, Andreas Ribbung and Meggi Sandell

Project managers of SUPERMARKET - Stockholm Independent Art Fair




6. SYMPOSIUM: To HAVE / To Own (Vasa, Finland)

Dates: September 23-25, 2011; Source: Platform


Platform is pleased to invite you to a three-day symposium around the ideas of TO HAVE / TO OWN. 


The assumption is that the words "to have / to own" activate discussion and generate questions about cultural heritage, aesthetics and ethics, material and immaterial resources, networking, communication and sustainability. 


The symposium allows for discussion on these issues, and each day will evolve around a topic that takes the acts of having and owning in different directions; dealing with democracy and activism in contemporary art; artist identity - where localness meets a global context; and finally, dealing with different forms of art collectives and the engagement of the community in contemporary art projects.


TO HAVE / TO OWN sets the frame for Platform's anniversary activities, as a way of summing up since its start in 2000. The symposium coincides with the launch of the book "Don't look back", partly documenting past Platform activities and partly presenting new projects. A selection of recent projects by artists-in-residence at Platform will also be presented. The year's activities will culminate in an exhibition at Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art in December 2011.


TO HAVE / TO OWN is free of charge and open to the public. WELCOME! 

For more information and full schedule: www.platform.fi


Platform / Korsholmsesplanaden 6-8, Kasernen 14, 65100 / VASA, Finland




7. EVENT: R.I.T.E.S. Sound Gig #4 (Singapore)

Date: September 24, 2011; Source: R.I.T.E.S


R.I.T.E.S: Sound Gig #04 presents

Evan Tan (SG)

Yuzuru Maeda (SG/JP)

Jordan Johari Rais (SG)

Chong Li-Chuan (SG)


5pm, Saturday, 24th September 2011

White House, Emily Hill, 11 Upper WIlkie Road Singapore 228120 

This is a free event, donations are welcomed




Artists biographies:


Evan Tan is a self taught sound innovator. He has been involved in the local music scene under various guises since 1988. He was in prominent music band, Opposition Party, which had set precedence during the 90s hardcore music scene of Singapore. Evan’s creativity has allowed his practice to expand into various genre of musical styles over the years. Currently a member of The Observatory, a indie space rock and electonica band from Singapore. Since 2002, he has also been active in the laptop music and sound art scene, exploring digital noise, minimalist and electro-acoustic/electronic music, as well as conducting numerous audio walks and performing solo or as experimental noise band, Minister.


Yuzuru Maeda (born in Ogaki, Japan in 1978) She had received a Music BA from the LaSalle Collage of Arts, Singapore in 2009 and currently lives and work in Singapore. In her daily musical practice, she produces soundtracks, jingles and music compositions for independent films, commercials and her own video works. She performs mainly with the Sanshin (Japanese), Sarod (Indian) and Violin (Classical) in accompaniment with digital compositions. Her musical lineage is La Monte Young and Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. She explores music and sound in cross cultural contexts and her musical works had been described as ‘beyond time and space’ which experess about divine energy and spirituality. She has performed in Choppa, Singapore (2007), Black Market, Singapore (2009), Guang Music of New Millenium, an international composers’ symposium in Bali, Indonesia (2009), Sugar Jar and 10th Open Art Festival in 798 Art Factory, Beijing (2009), Mekong River Project, Bangkok (2009), Post Museum, Singapore (2010), Sculpture Society, Fort Canning, Singapore (2011), “Fête de la Musique” presented by Alliance Française, Singapore (2011). yuzuru.weebly.com


Chong Li-Chuan (A.K.A Chuan) is a musician by training, composer by choice, an academic at large, and a consultant in user experience and strategic design. Chuan lived in the UK for 15 years prior to his return to the island city-state, Singapore, in 2006. He received his formal education at Goldsmiths College, University of London, graduating with a Bachelor of Music degree in 1999 and a Master of Music (Composition) in 2000. Between 2001 and 2005, Chuan was a post-graduate researcher in electroacoustic composition at the Stanley Glasser Electronic Music Studios (EMS) in Goldsmiths College. His research interest includes, but is not limited to, acoustic ecology, aurality, listening, sound and semblance, the aesthetics of noise and silence, musicking, identity formation, gender, performativity, embodiment, and post-structuralism. Chuan is currently the Programme Chair for the Diploma in Design for Interactivity (DDI), under the School of Technology for the Arts, Republic Polytechnic (RP). Over the past five years at RP, Chuan had developed and shaped the curriculum and delivery of DDI, focusing on Interaction Design, User Experience Design, and Design Thinking. www.angelfire.com/electronic/phase/


Jordan Johari Rais (born in Singapore October 19, 1978) is a multi-instrumentalist, experimental film-maker, score/song writer, sound artist, and a painter. Jordan have been actively recording solo materials. He released his solo e.p. Rock Lily in 2010. MONOCTOBER, and a few others. Jordan’s material have been selected for the Anthology of Singapore Experimental, a compilation of experimental music from Singapore musicians due to be released this year by Ujikaji Record. Among other collaborative works, the most recent one was where Jordan was featured for a workshop conducted by Bani Haykal from the band B-Quartet at the Substation Gallery for a week. Called “Alternatives” the workshop also featured other Singapore musicians and artists. www.myspace.com/jonettejordan, www.raisjordan.multiply.com


R.I.T.E.S. is an artists-initiative organised as a non-profit event to platform new ideas and artists in sonic art, time-based and performance art-related practices. Its objectives are to present an eclectic mix of performances that is informed by visual aesthetics, technological integration and conceptual integrity involving art making and the social and cultural contexts that are related to performances. It explores art activities that are spatial, the way in which performance is linked to cultural, ethnic and geographical elements of the body, and at the same time exploring how all these elements can be bounded to the global, technological, cultural and economic shifts in our daily life.


Contact us: info@rootedintheephemeralspeak.com

Rooted In The Ephemeral Speak · 27 Pheng Geck Avenue · Singapore 348222




8. EVENT/PANEL: Gullivers’ Rehearsal: Drawing into Performance by the Two Gullivers

Date: September 28-October 9, 2011; Source: loop gallery


Gullivers’ Rehearsal: Drawing into Performance

September 28 – October 9, 2011

Curated by Vesna Krstich


Panel discussion with a keynote lecture by Amelia Jones at Harbourfront Centre, Brigantine Room

Thursday, September 29, 7:00-9:30 pm


Reception & Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2011 performance at loop

Saturday, October 1, starting at 6:30 pm (Map No. C 56)


Nightsea Crossing (by Abramovic & Ulay) performance reenactment by the Two Gullivers

Saturday, October 8, at Nathan Philips Square (9:00am-3:00pm) and at loop (3:30-5:00pm)


loop Gallery is pleased to present Gullivers’ Rehearsal: Drawing into Performance, the first major exhibition examining the drawings of Flutura and Besnik Haxhillari, also known as the Two Gullivers.


Gullivers’ Rehearsal examines the cyclical relationship between drawing and performance art. A selection of preparatory studies and other drawings will be presented along with documentation from previous performances. Through their joint practice, the Two Gullivers actively dismantle the boundaries often assumed to exist between the live event and its modes of planning and documentation. Themes of travel, domesticity, intimacy and identity are playfully inscribed into these visual scripts, which serve as an on-going rehearsal of their twin persona.


Flutura and Besnik Haxhillari is a Montreal-based couple that rose to prominence through their inclusion in landmark exhibitions of Eastern European art of the post-communist era. They took part in the 48th Venice Biennale (1999); After the Wall, Moderna Museet, Stockholm (1999); and Blood & Honey, Tanzquartier, Vienna, (2003) curated by Harald Szeemann. They have since exhibited on a local and national scale, in venues such as FADO Performance Art Centre and Galerie de l’UQAM. Forthcoming presentations will take place at the Marina Abramovic Studio at Location One, NY.


The exhibition and all related programming is curated and organized by Vesna Krstich in collaboration with loop Gallery, as part of their first publicly funded, guest-curated exhibition programming initiative. Gullivers’ Rehearsal is generously supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Toronto Arts Council. Additional partners include the Harbourfront Centre, The Walrus Magazine, the Drake Hotel, Oyster Boy, Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2011, and FADO Performance Art Centre.




THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 29, 2011 at the Brigantine Room

Performance Art + Partnership, 7:00pm – 9:30pm (doors open at 6:30pm)


Panel Discussion: Performance Duos, 7:00pm

Performance art is often thought of as a solitary activity, or one that involves multiple collaborators. What unique issues are raised when intimate partnerships between artist couples become the subject of creative partnerships? Artist pairs working in performance art, often in combination with video, photography or drawing, will situate their work within the larger social, historic and political context of their shared practice. Panelists include: Toronto-based performance duo, Paul Couillard and Ed Johnson, Governor General Award winning artists, Lisa Steele and Kim Tomczak, and Montreal-based Flutura & Besnik Haxhillari, (Two Gullivers). The panel will be moderated by Jim Drobnick, art critic, curator and Associate Professor of Contemporary Art and Theory at the Ontario College or Art and Design.


Keynote: Amelia Jones, Professor and Grierson Chair in Visual Culture, McGill University, 8:30pm

The Body as Archive/The Archive as Body: Intimacy in the Study of Live Art

The researcher has an "intimate" relationship with the archive, but also often with the still-living artist. Jones explores relations of intimacy as they condition our access to histories of live art.


Event Location and Ticket Information:

The Brigantine Room, York Quay Centre, Harbourfront Centre

235 Queens Quay West, Toronto, ON M5J 2G8

Ticket Cost: 10$

To purchase tickets contact the Harbourfront Centre Box Office:

(416) 937-4000



For more information, please visit www.loopgallery.ca


SATURDAY OCTOBER 1, 2011 at loop Gallery

Opening Reception: 6:30pm followed by Live Performance, SLEEP, 7:00pm – 7:00am

Presented in conjunction with Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2011, Map. No. C56


The Two Gullivers will kick off their exhibition at loop with a slumber-party performance. Members of the public are invited into a temporary bedroom space made of transparent, plastic walls. They can join the artists and their children, who will instigate improvised drawing exercises that may consist of quick blind-drawing exercises and other ‘surprises’ borrowed from performance art history. The collected drawings will form a disjointed dream narrative, which the artists will use as visual cues for future performances.


SATURDAY OCTOBER 8, 2011 at Nathan Phillips Square & loop Gallery:


Reenactment by the Two Gullivers: Nightsea Crossing (Abramovic/Ulay, 1982)

9:00am – 3:00pm (Nathan Phillips Square), 3:30pm – 5:30pm (loop Gallery)

Flutura and Besnik Haxhiilari have been given the unique honour of reenacting nine of Marina Abramovic’s performances with Ulay, and the first of these will take place during their exhibition at loop Gallery. The pair will stage a reenactment of Nightsea Crossing, originally performed at Nathan Phillips Square in 1982. This particular work is significant to their trajectory as Eastern European artists and their encounter with performance history. Following the dissolution of the communist bloc, the Two Gullivers were beginning their collaboration, just as Abramovic and Ulay were ending theirs. The artists will continue the reenactment at loop Gallery in an effort to draw a connection between this influential performance and their current practice.


loop Gallery

1273 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Canada M6J 1X8

Gallery Hours: Wed - Sat 12 to 5 pm, and Sun 1 to 4pp





9. EVENT: Fall programming at Lilith Performance Studio (Malmö, Sweden)

Dates: September 28-October 1 and various: Source: Lilith Performance Studio


This fall Lilith Performance Studio will present two large-scale site-specific performance collaborations. First up is the artists Jeuno JE Kim (KOR/SWE) and Mirko Winkel (DEU), which gives a first revelation of their joint art project - PROTEIN. Later this year the acclaimed artist group The Icelandic Love Corporation will take Lilith Performance Studio by full force in a new performance that goes under the working title Think less - feel more. 


Jeuno JE Kim (KOR / SWE) & Mirko Winkel (DEU) 


September 28 – October 1 


On September 24 during Malmö Gallery Night a preview of PROTEIN will be shown. 

Open hours: 7pm-10pm 

Free Entry 


PROTEIN is an art project that offers an original perspective on the issues of age and its process, fashion, nutrition, and lifestyle for the “advanced generation” and takes a quirky angle on elderly styles and what it means to be timeless. In its first public manifestation, PROTEIN will arrive at Lilith Performance Studio in the form of a cooking show. 


Jeuno JE Kim (KOR / SWE) 

Coming from theology, economics, music and radio background, Jeuno JE Kim has explored different genealogies in the realm of sound, performance and text, referring both to a tradition of experimental music and the use of sound and text in western contemporary art. Mirko Winkel (DEU) is a choreographer and performance artist based in Berlin where he works as a model and teaches at HBK - der Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig. As a choreographer, his focus lies in the performativity of social narrations, consensus and dependency, misinformation, pretence, exhaustion and the ways in which cultural excesses are generated and dealt with.


The Icelandic Love Corporation (ISL) 

Think less-feel more 

December 1-3 


The 1st of December Lilith Performance Studio opens the doors to a new singular performance by the artist group, The Icelandic Love Corporation. Lilith’s space will be woven into a giant web of nylon pantyhose. The Icelandic Love Corporation wants to offer a visual experience that works on irrational levels of the thinking process. Their artistic exploration has its starting point in the visible and invisible contacts between human, control and lack of control, conflict, sensitivity and elasticity. 


The Icelandic Love Corporation creates colorful and multifaceted art with a peculiar combination of urban irony and the seriousness of the desolated Icelandic lava fields. As a group they have been working together since 1996 and made a lot of acclaimed performances, art installations, stage sets and costumes both on Iceland and in cities such as Helsinki, Copenhagen, San Francisco, New York, Warsaw and Tokyo.  


Lilith Performance Studio is the first combined production studio and arena for visual art performance in Europe. The studio originates new large-scale performances by inviting visual artists to create exceptional performance pieces in a close collaboration with the Studio. Since the start in 2007 Lilith Performance Studio has originated over 30 large-scale performances in collaboration with visual artists from around the world. 


The studio is founded and run by the Artistic Directors Elin Lundgren and Petter Pettersson. 


For more information:


Tel: +46(0) 40 78997





10. EVENT: VIVA! Art Action (Montréal, Canada)

Dates: October 4-9, 2011; Source: Michelle Lacombe


This third edition of VIVA! Art Action, including five evenings of action art as well as several artistic interventions in the public sphere, is the fruit of the collaborative work by seven artist run-centres in the Montreal area. These different approaches provide a unique glimpse into the eclectic possibilities in live art.


As in the past, artistic programming is complimented by a series of initiatives aimed at enriching the artists’ and audiences’ experiences with discussion, reflection, and community building. These include well-loved reoccurring elements that have come to characterize VIVA!, as well as new initiatives aimed at further distinguishing the festival as a unique and progressive context for the exploration of live art practices.


Taking part in our third edition are:


Jörn Burmester (DEU)

Amanda Dawn Christie (NB)

Shannon Cochrane (ONT)

Eisenächer/Harder CLAIMS (DEU)

Marie-Suzanne Désilets (QUE)

Rachel Echenberg (QUE)

Florian Feigl (DEU)

Nadège Grebmeier Forget (QUE)

Andrés Galeano (ESP/DEU)

Marc Giloux (FRA/ITA)

Yurie Ido (JPN/DEU)

Jessica MacCormack (QUE)

Noémi McComber (QUE)

Jon Mueller (USA)

Stefan St-Laurent (ONT)

karen elaine spencer (QUE)

Julischka Stengele (DEU/AUT)

Martine Viale (QUE)

Alice de Visscher (BEL) and Sara Wookey (USA)






11. WORKSHOPS: At City of Women Festival (Slovenia)

Dates: October 11-13, 2011; Source: City of Women


The 17th edition of the International Festival of Contemporary Arts - City of Women will also host two extremely interesting workshops, that will unfortunately take place at the same time due to over-lapping schedules it was not possible to find two separate dates. So, ALL potential candidates are invited to apply, the choice is yours… 





La Pocha Nostra: Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Violeta Luna and Erica Mott (Mexico, USA): 



Cross-disciplinary, cross-racial and cross-generational performance workshop of a radical and critical performance troupe La Pocha Nostra 


The workshop will take place on October 11-13 between 11 am until 5 pm at the Old Power Station - Elektro Ljubljana.


The workshop is aimed at students from various university departments, as well as professional level performance artists, actors, dancers, writers, musicians and spoken word poets, videographers, designers, visual artists and theorists interested in the use of the human body as part of your work.


You are kindly asked to send us not later than by October 3, 2011 a statement of purpose, a brief biography, contact info (email and telephone number) and a sample of your work to contact@cityofwomen.org. Participation is limited in number and free of charge. An application is mandatory.


Due to a limited participation we reserve the right to selection of the workshop participants. All applicants will be informed on the selection results selection by email until Friday October 7. For additional information please contact +386 (0)40 816 448 (Barbara Hribar).


Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Violeta Luna and Erica Mott will share with the workshop participants their eclectic performance techniques, challenging them to develop hybrid personas, images and ritual structures based on their own complex identities, personal aesthetics, and political concerns. The process is highly intense, rigorous and also a lot of fun. At the workshop, the artists meet, jam together, play wild performance games and engage in critical discussions about the pertinence of performance art. The workshop may culminate in a full-scale performance open to the public or an open performance salon for invited guests. But it is important that the participants understand that the pedagogical process of working together and creating collectively is the primary objective. Members of most various communities are invited to apply for the workshop participation. Our goal is to gather the most interesting, interdisciplinary and culturally eclectic group possible. The selection will be made according to multiple criteria including, your stated desire to experiment and collaborate, the nature of the support material, the content of recommendation letters and the level of aesthetic and conceptual kinship with work of La Pocha Nostra. 


During the time of workshop two parallel processes take place: For 5-8 hours a day, participants are exposed to La Pocha’s performance methodology, an eclectic combination of exercises sampled from various traditions (experimental theatre and dance, Suzuki, ritual performance, shamanism, etc). Parallel to this hands-on process, the group theoretically analyses the creative process, the issues address by the work, its aesthetic currency, cultural impact and political pertinence. 


If conditions allow, at the end of the process there can be a public performance open to the local community.


WORKSHOP: Marisa Carnesky & Rasp Thorne (UK) Cabaret performance workshop with public presentation www.emanat.si/ProjectDetail.aspx?ProjectId=180


The workshop will take place in Klub Gromka, Metelkova City

11 - 14 October (Tuesday till Friday), 1 pm–6 pm 

Friday October 14 at 11 pm: Public presentation of workshop results


Open to performers (dancers, actors, singers, musicians and magicians of all genders, colours and ages…), as well as all those who would like to test themselves in cabaret skills. Stage experience desired but not necessary for application. No fee, applications mandatory! 


Application criteria is regular attendance on all three days of the workshop and a readiness to participate in the rehearsals as well as in the public performance on Friday, October 14, in Klub Gromka! All interested parties are asked to submit upon application a brief description of their stage experience as well as briefly tell their motivation for participating in the workshop. Participation is limited in number, so we reserve the right to selection in the event of an excessive number of applications! Please, email applications and additional information by October 7, to agon@emanat.si


Combining theatre training exercises, movement and vocal work, butoh, mime techniques and devising exercises, Marisa Carnesky works with participants to develop short cabaret / physical theatre ideas and pieces. Rasp Thorne will assist participants who want to work more with sound and music. 


Throughout the four-day project, Carnesky and Thorne will mentor and support the participants in creating short acts, which will be performed in a club setting at the end of the project, hosted by Carnesky. Participants are encouraged to come with an initial idea for a performance piece, and footage of numerous different international performers from past and present will also be shown to inspire new ideas to help create something amazing and unusual.




12. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Ancestral Teachings: Contemporary Perspectives

Deadline date: October 14, 2011; Source: Vanessa Dion Fletcher


Ancestral Teachings: Contemporary Perspectives will be an exhibition of contemporary Aboriginal Art taking place at the Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, November 15th – 30th, 2011. The exhibition will showcase artwork that will explore how contemporary Aboriginal artists draw upon the values and lessons from oral culture to explore present-day contexts. The central theme of the exhibition will be the Anishnawbe story of the Seven Grandfather Teachings. However, we welcome submissions that explore the contemporary relevance of other stories and lessons, or art that embodies but does not necessarily directly engage with the Seven Grandfather Teachings.


The Seven Grandfather Teachings is a traditional Anishnawbe story that imparts seven integral principles to live by:

To cherish knowledge is to know wisdom;

To know Love is to know peace;

To honour all of Creation is to have respect;

Bravery is to face the foe with integrity;

Honesty in facing a situation is to be brave;

Humility is to know yourself as a sacred part of Creation;

Truth is to know all of these things.*


Ancestral Teachings: Contemporary Perspectives poses the questions: How do the Seven Grandfather Teachings influence our contemporary Aboriginal lives? How does contemporary art reflect the story of the Teachings? How do the Teachings influence personal relationships? What relevance might they have for communities, politics or 

negotiations with institutions or government? This exhibition is open to painting, printmaking, drawing, new media, performance art, video art, sculpture, installation, spoken word and audio art, bead work, quill work, and textile art that responds to the exhibition theme and purposed questions.


Ancestral Teachings: Contemporary Perspectives is being curated by Vanessa Dion Fletcher, a curatorial intern working with Thunderbird Aboriginal Arts, Culture and Entrepreneurial Centre.


Submission Process

This exhibition is open to all Aboriginal artists, i.e., First Nations (Status and Non-Status), Metis and Inuit.


Please send the following by email in an attachment to Vanessa Dion Fletcher at 

vanessa.curatorial@thunderbirdcentre.ca no later than October 14th, 2011:

-10 images jpegs/jpgs only, 1 MB max file size each

-3-5 minutes of video or audio in .mov .mp4 or mp3, max file size 3mb or a url link

-Corresponding image list including, title, medium, dimensions, date, of each art work

-Short statement (250 words maximum) describing relevance of the art to the exhibition theme.


Selection Process:

Exhibition submissions will be reviewed by the exhibition curator, Vanessa Dion  Fletcher, and a curatorial advisory panel; those artists whose work has been selected will be notified by October 28th, 2011.


Payment to those participating artists will be made as per CARFAC guidelines upon receipt of the art work.


Email Vanessa Dion Fletcher at  vanessa.curatorial@thunderbirdcentre.ca with any questions regarding the exhibition or submission process.


*Source: The Mishomis Book: The Voice of the Ojibway. Edward Benton--Banai





Established in 1993, FADO Performance Inc. (Performance Art Centre) is a not-for-profit artist-run centre for performance art based in Toronto, Canada. FADO exists to provide a stable, ongoing, supportive forum for creating and presenting performance art. Currently, we are the only artist-run centre in English Canada devoted specifically to this form. We present the work of local, national and international artists who have chosen performance art as a primary medium to create and communicate provocative new images and new perspectives. Thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council and the Department of Canadian Heritage for their on-going support of our endeavors.