FADO E-LIST (August 2011)

FADO Performance Art Centre
E-Bulletin for August 2011

1. FADO Performance Art Centre presents: SPANE; Date: August 28, 2011
2. FADO says, “Join our new Facebook page!”; Date: asap!
3. NEW ON-LINE MAGAZINE: Total Art Journal
Date: just released; Source: Jeff Huckleberry and Natalie Loveless
4. EVENT: In Memory: Something that happens after then, and before now
Date: August 19-21, 2011; Source: Annie Onyi Cheung
Deadline date: August 31, 2011; Source: Catherine Baxendale
6. EVENT: Performanssi on the Road
Date: September 3, 2011; Source: Leena Kela
7. EVENT: Global Communication Festival 2011 Performance Art Project
Date: September 7-10, 2011; Source: Frantisek Kowolowski
8. EVENT: Infr’action Festival 2011
Date: September 14-18, 2011; Source: Nadia Capitaine
9. WORKSHOP: PAStudies # 21
Dates: September 16-25, 2011; Source: PAS Newsletter
10. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Performance Research 17.4
Deadline date: October 1, 2011; Source: Becci Curtis
11. EVENT: Art Action Now
Date: various dates starting in October; Source: Hugh O’Donnell
12. INVITATION: (official denial) trade value in progess
Date: unspecified; Source: Leah Decter
13. AWARD: Arte Laguna Prize
Deadline date: November 1, 2011; Source: Premio Arte Laguna


1. FADO Performance Art Centre presents: SPANE
Screening of Performance Art in the Natural Environment

Sunday August 28, 2011 @ 7:30pm
Artscape Gibraltar Point
443 Lakeshore Avenue, Toronto Islands

Artscape Gibraltar Point is a 20 minute walk east from either Hanlan’s Point or the Centre Island ferry docks. For the complete Toronto Ferry Schedule, see: www.toronto.ca/parks/island/ferry-schedule.htm

From an overwhelming response to our request for works of performance for the camera, curator Johannes Zits has pulled together a program of 15 intriguing, provocative video works. As the title suggests, the works feature live-art or performance art where the performer(s) is engaged in or working with an uncultivated, rustic, rural or undomesticated surrounding. SPANE is presented to coincide with the final day of an Intensive Performance Art Workshop conducted at Gilbraltar Point by senior Québec artist Sylvie Tourangeau. Before the screening, we invite you to join us at Gibraltar Point to watch performances created by Tourangeau’s workshop participants.

Spend the day on the island!
Performances @ 4pm

Screening @ 7:30pm (approximately 2 hours)
All ages & licensed cash bar

SPANE presents works from the following artists:
Ho Tam
Aimee Dawn Robinson

Geoffrey Pugen

Michelle Browne

Rachel Echenberg

Mollie McKinley

Anthony Privitera
Linda Duvall

Lezli Rubin-Kunda
Matthew Lovett
Isavan Kantor

Mark Prier
Rachelle Beaudoin

Anya Liftig

Leah Dexter

Artscape is a not-for-profit organization that makes space for creativity and transforms communities. Artscape Gibraltar Point is located on Lakeshore Avenue, a 20 minute walk east from either Hanlan’s Point or the Centre Island ferry docks. For more information about Artscape Gibraltar Point, contact Manager Lisa Cristinzo: lisa@torontoartscsape.on.ca or check www.torontoartscape.on.ca


2. FADO Performance Art Centre has a new page on FACEBOOK!

Our old page, which was really a group, was going to be archived at some point in the near future. So we have migrated to a new page. You can LIKE us and follow FADO’s activities here:



3. NEW ON-LINE MAGAZINE: Total Art Journal
Date: just released; Source: Jeff Huckleberry and Natalie Loveless

LIKE Total Art Journal on FACEBOOK:

Total Art is a peer-reviewed journal that seeks to establish a dynamic forum for interdisciplinary discourse grounded in the arts. We are committed to nurturing new ways of understanding and interrogating work that crosses the practice-theory lines endemic to traditional academic and artistic worlds.

The journal takes its name from Alan Kaprow’s 1958 essay, “Notes on the Creation of a Total Art,” and sees performance, understood as a broad category of analysis, as central to the post-disciplinarity at stake in the concept of a Kaprowian “Total Art.” Grounded in local attention, performance here names an approach rather than a discrete artistic practice – an approach that brings with it new ways of doing work at the intersections of art/life, theory/practice, and academia/activism. The editors seek submissions of innovative work from any disciplinary background, although work dealing with new and contemporary practices and work that challenges disciplinary distinctions is especially welcome.

Total Art Journal is comprised of both an online edition and a print edition. Our inaugural web-issue is now available at www.totalartjournal.com.

We publish work in the following formats:
1) Peer-reviewed essays of 4,000 - 6,000 words in length.
2) Interviews in traditional and experimental forms, both transcribed and in video format.
3) Manifestos of 1,000 – 2,000 words.
4) Reports written from the midst or in the aftermath of artmaking and/or research practice.

We are also looking to develop other types/forms of projects and welcome proposals for experimental and multi-format submissions.

The author’s name should appear only on the title page and in the file name of the submitted document (e.g., jones.doc). Please direct inquiries and submit manuscripts to Natalie S. Loveless at editor@totalartjournal.com. For video, phototographic and web-based project content please send inquiries to jeff@totalartjournal.com. For safe delivery please write “TotalArtJournal Submission” in the subject line.



4. EVENT: In Memory: Something that happens after then, and before now
Date: August 19-21, 2011; Source: Annie Onyi Cheung

“In Memory: Something that happens after then, and before now” is an exhibition that examines the instability of remembering.

What is memory? A mental note. Something that changes and degrades over time. A vague recollection. Something palpable. A taste. A smell. A lie?

From Aug 19-21, fifteen pairs of artists transform the defunct funeral parlour at Queen & Broadview into a meandering site of multimedia installations. Discover these collaborative projects in rooms, closets, dark hallways, stairwells, nooks and crannies, and hidden spaces like the parlour's old body elevator.

Multimedia, Performance, Installation

Opening party:
Aug 19, from 9pm – 1am

Haus of Whaps
Spinning a special 'music from memory' set from 11-1am

Gallery hours: Aug 20-21 | 11 – 5pm
Admission: PWYC

Contact: info@labspacestudio.com
Website: http://recollectionproject.com/past

Curated by Annie Onyi Cheung, John Loerchner & Laura Mendes

Adam Stenhouse & Vanessa Arnold
Annie Onyi Cheung & Risa Kusumoto
Annie Tse & Van L. Ching
Bishara Mohamed & Marino Imperio
Celine Marks & Lindsay Small
Chris Willes & Julia Male
Deborah Peterson & Huss Elassal
Denise Ing & Kathryn Ward
Gram Schmalz & Brian Sasaski
Jessica Thalmann & Noelle Wharton-Ayer
Kyra Green & Jasmyn Fyffe
in collaboration w/ Erica Cheah
Laura Mendes & John Loerchner
Maggie Flynn & Maggy Flynn
Nurielle Stern & Nancy Jo Cullen
Vasa Gatiance & Alex Shaw

***In Memory is produced by Labspace Studio and is the final installment of the (Re)collection Project, a three-part art series that investigates the PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE.****


Deadline date: August 31, 2011; Source: Catherine Baxendale

In May 2012 a remarkable boat will set sail on its maiden voyage. The 30ft yacht, crafted by a fearlessly adventurous team of boat builders, will be a living archive of people's lives and stories. Its maiden voyage will follow, with the boat visiting five locations at each of which a bespoke festival will be created around its arrival, stay and departure.

We have launched a commission process inviting submissions from artists/companies to propose a version of a ‘ship’s log’ that would both respond to the boat’s unique history, the thousand of lives that came together to create it and its voyage along the south coast of England.

We are interested to hear from artists working in performance, photography, text, sound, screen or digital-based medias.

The selected artist[s] will be onboard as part of the crew throughout the voyage and will create a serial project that has an outcome at each of the five maiden voyage destinations


For more details on how to submit a proposal please visit: www.theboatproject.com

The deadline for receiving proposals is 31st August 2011.


6. EVENT: Performanssi on the Road
Date: September 3, 2011; Source: Leena Kela

Performanssi on the Road is a unique bus journey into the world of performance art. On Saturday 3rd of September 2011 the audience and the artists will spend the whole day experiencing performances during the bus trip as well as in various stops — in the forest, by the seashore, at the summer cottage, in the home garden and on the streets.

The first stop will take place by the seashore in Mietoinen where Heidi Fast will present her Morning Song Walk. In this performance the key elements will be her and the participants' voices.

In Kustavi, at a privately owned summer cabin Anna Torkkel and Tashi Iwaoka will perform a piece that utilises the surrounding atmosphere and scenery of the area.

During the bus trip from Taivassalo to Uusikaupunki the Isokierto-Kollektiivi will offer a performance filled with stand up comedy and surrealism in Sua –rehellisesti optimistista taidetta esityksenä.

In Uusikaupunki Kimmo Modig will perform his Esitys Uudessakaupungissa and the details of this performance are still open to changes. In another performance in Uusikaupunki the PhD in mathematics, artist Irma Optimisti will show the audience a point where three-dimensional transdorms to two-dimensional.

In Laitila the Maanalainen seurakunta laulaa and Marko Laihinen will perform a piece based on the aphorism .elämä.

In the last stop at Mynämäki the journey ends with a picnic in the world of opportunities where the travellers will be offered food, illusions and new, subtle/fragile realities during the performance Piknik Utopia by Saara Hannula.

The event is organised by the Arts Council of South-West Finland. Tickets 15 € / 10 €. The price includes coffee breaks and the closing picnic. There are limited seats available. Contents is subject to change. The trip must be paid when reserved.

Reservations: Call 040 358 1830 or email leena.kela@minedu.fi
Leena Kela, regional artist of performing arts, Regional Arts Council of South-West Finland

For more information go to www.vstaide.fi

The bus tour will have a lunch break in Kustavi at Ravintola Grill at attendants' own expense. Please note that the performances are outdoors, and the audience should respect the weather conditions.


7. EVENT: Global Communication Festival 2011 Performance Art Project
Date: September 7-10, 2011; Source: Frantisek Kowolowski

Lenka Klodova (CZ),
Milan Kohout (USA / CZ),
Przemyslaw Kwiek (PL)
Frantiek Lozinski o.p.s (CZ)
Bartosz Lukasiewicz (PL)
Ilona Nemeth (SK / HU)
Karolina Smiech (PL)

General Director of Global Communication Festival 2011: Bartosz Lukasiewicz (PL)
Curator: Frantisek Kowolowski (CZ)

Public spaces in the city and the Brno House of Arts



8. EVENT: Infr’action Festival 2011
Date: September 14-18, 2011; Source: Nadia Capitaine

Infr'Action is the major performance art event in France. Its first edition in 2005 presented some 28 artists from 10 countries during three days. In 2006 it featured 44 artists from 18 countries during five days. The festival intends to develop the scene of performance art in France and sustain other performance art organizers with counsel and support.

Infr'Action is a moment of pure joy for the public. You will be standing on a fruit or a flea market in front of an international avant-garde of performance artists presenting their work live. Stimulating our imaginations of what art and life could be...

The avant-garde has become popular. Infr'Action is certainly another way of distributing contemporary art. Everybody is free to go to and meet up with the art, and the artists, who are presenting their work live and direct in the public space. Infr'Action gives you the possibility to live five days that you will certainly not forget. To discover the avant-garde of contemporary art in the remarkable settings of the city of Sète, blending nearness and conviviality.



9. WORKSHOP: PAStudies # 21
Dates: September 16-25, 2011; Source: PAS Newsletter

PAStudies # 21
16. – 25. September 2011/Open CALL Now!!!

In cooperation with Bartosz Lukasiewicz and the Global Communication Performance Art Festival, Elektrowina.

Our communication today offers great possibilities and enables us to reach any point in the world by just a single click. To get in contact is easy, to become part of communities as well and to share interests, opinions and worries, not a problem. But how does our neighborhood change during these times? City marketing and advertising determine what we get to see around us, varied codes of conduct regulate what to do and not to do. Public spaces have been increasingly functionalized and freed from any intimacy. We are exposing ourselves in all kinds of social networks, but we don’t find a public place with a personal touch.

In our study we will use a variety of techniques and exercises to focus on the perception of our personality in the relation to the surrounding. We are developing skills to communicate in a concrete way with our body and its actions, and transform them into performative works

The presentation of this study will be shown as part of the Global Communication Festival for Performance Art 2011.

Please check: http://pas.bbbjohannesdeimling.de/index.php?/2011/-21--global-communication/


10. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Performance Research 17.4
Deadline date: October 1, 2011; Source: Becci Curtis

Performance Research 17.4 (August 2012): ‘On Ecology’
Proposal Deadline: 1st October 2011 (see below for details)
Issue Editors: Stephen Bottoms, Aaron Franks, Paula Kramer

How do we live on earth?

Over the last several years, a broad and growing range of theatre events and performance processes have sought to re-imagine – in varying ways – the question of our relationship, as humans, with the non-human environment.These range from site-specific engagements with particular localities to mainstage plays about climate change, from activist protest inter-ventions to experiments with sustainable staging, from environmental dance practices to performative philosophizing around concepts of process and relationality.These develop-ments (and more) have been complemented by a performative turn in geographical thinking, which has brought renewed attention to the material body and its lived experience of space and place. Similarly, where the social and natural sciences meet, a growing self-reflexivity about ‘the performance of science’ has become evident.

But in what ways, and to what extent, do these various practices and concerns intersect? Is it possible to trace the outlines of a growing ecological consciousness and connectivity in performance studies and its related contexts? Or are we, instead, looking at a disparate range of activities and discourses that remain largely isolated from each other? Are these various developments testament merely to a vague sense of concern about ‘the environment’, as a threatened backdrop to our human drama? Or are we developing a potentially more progressive sense of being-in and of the natural world? What might be our toeholds and launch pads – metaphorical and earthly beginning points – for what cultural geographer David Crouch calls simply ‘holding on and going further’?

“[We need] to bridge the great wellsprings of human understanding – including the natural and social sciences, philosophy, religion and the creative arts – to ‘re-imagine’ how we live on earth.” -Matthew Nisbet et al, “4 Cultures: New Synergies for Engaging Society on
Climate Change (2010)

On Ecology will begin a mapping – or, if you prefer, a rhizomatic entangling – of these various questions and strands of praxis. The objective will be to cherish the diversity of different approaches while also apprehending their relatedness – to seek integration without capture; holism without monism. We are therefore seeking proposals that respond to, but are not limited by, the terms of this call. Indicative themes include:

-In what ways are experimental engagements between (for example) form and content, dramaturgy and site, performer and spectator, serving to develop environmentally attuned performance modes?

-What are the sites, locations or ‘habitats’ of ecological performance, and how are they being moved through, lived in, materialised, historicised? To what extent can ongoing processes of environmental change be comprehended, and engaged with, through performative framing and intervention?

-What constitutes ‘best practice’ in terms of theatre / dance / performance that seeks to reduce its environmental footprint and render itself sustainable? And to what extent should sustainability be conceived not only in terms of pragmatic, material solutions, but in terms of performative critique of our unsustainable addictions to capitalism and consumerism?

-What role does the notion of agency play in this field of acting with, and being acted-upon by, the non-human environment? How might concepts such as Bateson’s ‘ecology of mind’ or the ‘flat ontology’ of Deleuze or DeLanda manifest themselves in embodied performance experiences – for performers, witnesses, participants, and perhaps other in/organic actors?

-An increasing and uneasy awareness of collective human endangerment of our shared eco-system has prompted cultural responses ranging from scepticism to despair. Critical thinking, wary of propaganda from either direction, may risk becoming a prolonged ‘deliberation on mourning’ (Rancière, 2004:9).  But might our uncertainties and ambivalences also provide the raw materials we need to reimagine the future – using the lived, sited, awkwardly material facts of performance as our medium?

-Some geologists have dubbed the current era the ‘Anthropocene’ – a label that could be read either as scientific hubris or as an appropriate reflection on human impacts within the in/organic world. To what extent can - or should - performance question its familiar status as an inherently ‘anthropo-scenic’, human-centred medium?

On Ecology extends, in part, from the deliberations of the UK-based research network project ‘Reflecting on Environmental Change through Site-Based Performance’ (funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, 2010-11). See www.performancefootprint.co.uk for details. The network engaged with a wide range of practitioners including PLATFORM London, NVA, Dead Good Guides, Fevered Sleep, Julie Laffin, Dee Heddon, Baz Kershaw, Mike Pearson, Phil Smith, and others. It is hoped that this edition of Performance Research will extend the nationally-focused scope of the network, to embrace a truly global, cross-cultural range of perspectives and practices, both ‘major’ and ‘minor’.

The format of Performance Research allows for artists’ pages and other visual representations alongside articles, interviews, documents or reviews. Proposals are invited from all disciplinary viewpoints, and from artists and writers, theorists and fieldworkers.

Proposals: 1st October 2011
First drafts: 4th January 2012
Publication date: August 2012

ALL proposals, submissions and general enquiries should be sent direct to: Becci Curtis: rec12@aber.ac.uk

Issue-related enquiries should be directed to the issue editors:
Stephen Bottoms: S.J.Bottoms@leeds.ac.uk
Aaron Franks: afranks.ges.gla@gmail.com
Paula Kramer: kramerp@uni.coventry.ac.uk

General Guidelines for Submissions
Proposals will be accepted by e-mail (MS-Word or RTF). Proposals should not exceed one A4 side.  Please DO NOT send images electronically without prior agreement.

Please note that submission of a proposal will be taken to imply that it presents original, unpublished work not under consideration for publication elsewhere. By submitting a manuscript, the author(s) agree that the exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute the article have been given to Performance Research.


11. EVENT: Art Action Now (OUI Performance)
Date: various dates; Source: Hugh O’Donnell


Action Art Now is a programme of live performance events, curated by OUI Performance, York, UK. Bringing together over 25 artists, Action Art Now presents new work by performance art visionaries whose work exists firmly outside of the institutional and commercial art market.
Part 1 of Action Art Now brings together 16 national and international performance artists for 4 events in York in October, November, December 2011 and February 2012. The artists in Action Art Now not only make performance but are part of an international community of artists whose practice involves the action of establishing artist-led organizations and platforms for the continual evolution of action art and the variety of its forms.

Working against performance art’s disappearance under commerce and normative hierarchies covertly operating within contemporary art culture, O U I Performance actively encourages difficult modes of artistic production and consumption. Action Art Now creates temporary shelter for the international community of pro-sumer artists.

Saturday 8th October 2011
6pm - 10pm
Eva Barto (FR)
Angela Bartram & Mary O’Neill (UK)
Maurice Blok (NL)
Hugh O'Donnell (NI)

Saturday 12th November 2011
6pm - 10pm
Gillian Dyson (UK)
Paul Hurley (UK)
Poppy Jackson (UK)
Christopher Mollon (UK)

Saturday 10th December 2011
6pm - 10pm
Sam Hasler (UK)
Anne Seagrave (IE)
Dominic Thorpe (IE)

Saturday 11th February 2012
6pm - 10pm

Leo Devlin (NI)
Jamie Lewis Hadley (UK)
Maria dos Milagres (PT)
Ieke Trinks (NL)
Marcus Vinicíus (BR / AR)


12. INVITATION: (official denial) trade value in progess
Date: unspecified; Source: Leah Decter

Invitation to participate: “(official denial) trade value in progress” is traveling. 

An ongoing interactive project initiated by artist Leah Decter and curated by Jaimie Isaac, ‘(official denial) trade value in progress’ enacts exchange and elicits dialogue about contemporary conditions of settler colonialism and processes of decolonization and reconciliation in Canada. The project is carried out with the conviction that it is imperative for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people to be involved in these processes.

In June of 2008, Prime Minister Stephen Harper made an official ‘Statement of Apology to former students of Indian Residential Schools.’ In September of 2009, he delivered a speech to the G20 Summit in which he stated that ‘Canada also has no history of Colonialism’. ‘(official denial) trade value in progress’ appropriates the latter statement as a springboard for dialogue. A textile piece made up of a composite of Hudson Bay blankets with this statement machine-sewn at the center acts as the platform for response and dialogue. 

This project invites people to interact with this statement writing their response to Harper’s statement in a book when the piece is exhibited or presented in public, and through series of sewing actions where people can choose a response that someone else has contributed and hand sew it onto the blanket. As the project evolves a growing dialogue is enacted and made visible through these actions. 

You can participate by:
Hosting a sewing action
Participating in a sewing action
Contributing your response to the statement
Providing a venue for response collection
Providing a venue for presentation or exhibition of the project 

For more information about this project and details about how you can participate go to: www.leahdecter.com/official_denial/home.html

Or email 
leahdecter@gmail.com or 


13. AWARD: Arte Laguna Prize
Deadline date: November 1, 2011; Source: Premio Arte Laguna

Arte Laguna and the Italian cultural association MoCA (Modern Contemporary Art) are working together since 2006 on promoting contemporary Art. Main result of this collaboration is the International Art Prize ARTE LAGUNA.

The primary purpose is to support emerging and also already affirmed artists, giving them the possibility to show their artworks in high quality expositive settings around the World.

We hope to have more performance this year, this is why we're asking you to support us, publishing on your web site the announcement of the 6th International ARTE LAGUNA Prize, so that more artists will become aware of this competition.


Prize amount: 160.000 Euros. The winning artworks will remain of artists' property.

Sections: painting, sculpture, photographic art, video art, performance, virtual art

Participation: open to all the artists, without any constriction and with free topic
Deadline: 11th November 2011
Application fee: 50€ one work, 90€ two works

Collective Exhibition: Venice

Finalists: 110 Artists

Special Prizes: Personal and Collective Exhibitions, International Festivals

Prize Curator: Igor Zanti - Art Critic

Alessio Antoniolli - Director Gasworks of London
Chiara Barbieri - Publications Director, Peggy Guggenheim Collection

Gabriella Belli - Director MART of Trento and Rovereto

Ilaria Bonacossa - Freelance Curator

Soledad Gutierrez - Curator at MACBA Barcelona
Kanchi Metha - Curator Indian Pavillon Prague Biennale
Ludovico Pratesi - Director Centro Arti Visive Pescheria of Pesaro
Maria Savarese - Freelance Curator 
Ralf Schmitt - Director Preview Berlin
Alma Zevi - Art Critic


Established in 1993, FADO Performance Inc. (Performance Art Centre) is a not-for-profit artist-run centre for performance art based in Toronto, Canada. FADO exists to provide a stable, ongoing, supportive forum for creating and presenting performance art. Currently, we are the only artist-run centre in English Canada devoted specifically to this form. We present the work of local, national and international artists who have chosen performance art as a primary medium to create and communicate provocative new images and new perspectives. Thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council and the Department of Canadian Heritage for their on-going support of our endeavors. To subscribe or unsubscribe from this mailing list, please visit: www.performanceart.ca