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FADO E-Bulletin - for the hottest day on record in Toronto
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Date: This Saturday in Toronto!!
Dates: various
3. EVENT: 3 x 6 x 3
Date: July 21, 2011; Source: Lisa Visser
4. EVENT: Performance Cyclotron
Date: July 24, 2011; Source: Coman Poon
5. EVENT: Platform Young Performance Artists
Date: July 28 – 30, 2011; Source: Janine Eisenächer
Date: July 30, 2011; Source: John Boehme


Date: This Saturday in Toronto!!

Dunk a Performance Artist DUNK TANK EVENT
Fun-raiser and all around good time!

For just 2 dollars you can have a shot at submerging and soaking your favourite local performance artist!

Performance artists have some serious balls. FADO Performance Art Centre proudly gives you the chance to take those balls and throw them at your favourite performance artist.

Join us at the FADO Performance Artist Dunk Tank at the Big on Bloor Festival on July 23rd and take your best shot!

Dunk-able Artists:
Keith Cole
Darren O’Donnell
Julian Higuerey Núñez
David Frankovich
Laura Paolini
Simla Civelek
Irene Loughlin
Tino Schuellermann
Thom Sevalrud
Jennifer Matotek
Risa Kusamoto
Moynan King
And many others!

Proceeds go to future ballsy performance programming at Fado Performance Art Centre. Thanks to Heather Haynes, Toronto Free Gallery, Henry Chan, Johnson Ngo, Don Simmons, and the participating artists for making this event possible.



New Maternalisms/New Materialisms:

Screening of Performance Art in the Natural Environment


3. EVENT: 3 x 6 x 3
Date: July 21, 2011; Source: Lisa Visser

By reservation only*

3 x 6 x 3 (née “3 x 2 x 3”) is a three part series, each component featuring a circuit of three performance artists executing continuous live work for a rotating audience of six spectators. 3 x 6 x 3 # 2 exhibits the performative work of Tameka Norris, Sinéad O’Donnell & Jorge Rodolfo De Hoyos

Since the beginning of what became known as performance art, artists have explored and executed one-on-one works wherein a single artist performs for/with an audience of one. These works can be intensely intimate experiences for both the performer and spectator as they engage in a direct give-and-take; the exchange inherently calls into question the roles of performer and watcher. In increasingly common discourse, spectators of a performance work are thought to also be performing within the work. The one-on-one performance experience may make this notion that much more convincing. 

With the intimacy of the one-on-one performance in mind, I’m interested in exploring what arises when very small groups of spectators share an experience of unique performance, particularly when the performer can customize from where the spectators view the work. The viewing arrangement can be fixed--or not. Thus, the performer engages the spectators not only in the performance itself, but also in a potentially more complex act of negotiation and compliance. If the spectators are directed to face one another, for example, their monitoring of the performance takes on the additional aspect of monitoring one another. 

*IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the overwhelming response during the first installment of this series, the artists, curator and LACE feel it best to make this performance by RSVP only. This will help reduce your wait time and make the overall event flow more smoothly. Each performance will last approximately 10 minutes and you will attend a circuit of 3 performances.

Please follow these simple instructions to RSVP for Thursday, 21 July 2011.
We are scheduling arrival times starting promptly at 6:30 pm, every 30 minutes, until 9:20 pm. 

Arrival times are as follows:
6:30 - 7:00 pm
7:00 - 7:30 pm
7:30 - 8:00 pm
8:00 - 8:30 pm
8:30 - 9:00 pm
9:00 - 9:20 pm 

The final circuit of performances will begin at 9:20 pm. Please plan in advance for traffic, parking, etc. Please send an email to DinoDinco@welcometolace.org with your name, your telephone number, the number in your party and the time you'd like to arrive to begin the circuit. If that particular block of time is full, we'll let you know what times are available.Your name must be on the list and arrivals in each block are on a first-come basis.

Tameka Norris often stages an exaggerated display of self-mockery and personas, creating tension within the juxtaposition of her body to the objects surrounding it. Located at the intersection of contemporary and popular culture, Tameka's performance-based works explore the ways music videos, stereotypes and the media have defined her perception of race and identity. This body of work is a result of the conundrum of being simultaneously culturally marginalized and academically privileged. By deploying humor and revealing the deeply personal, Norris plays out a chaotic negotiation of her internal narrative to her external world. Norris completed undergrad at UCLA. She is currently pursuing an MFA at Yale School of Art. Norris will be performing scores written for the artist in collaboration with Valerie Green, Dan Levenson/John Crooks, Devin Kenny, Alex Segade, Shinique Smith, and William Villalongo. More info at www.tamekanorrisart.com

Sinéad O'Donnell is a dyslexic artist originally from Dublin and based in Belfast since 1995.  Her work has been presented in Asia, Canada, Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, North and South America and supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Socrates Erasmus, the Arts & Humanities Research Council, and the British Council. Her performance practice is nomadic, where patterns of travel have broadened her cultural perceptions and influenced her artistic sensibilities regarding time and space. She is also highly active in the Belfast performance art scene, working with local organizations to foster performance art activity and support emerging artists in the community.
Visit her website for more info at www.sineadodonnell.com

Jorge Rodolfo De Hoyos is a San Francisco-based performance artist, activist and community organizer. His work seeks to create a space to scrutinize, question, construct/deconstruct the systems that hold the personal in relationship to the social, spiritual and ecological. Jorge has worked with artists such as Meg Stuart, Sommer Ulrickson, Paige Starling Sorvillo, and Maria Scaroni as well as two of his current mentors, Keith Hennessy and Sara Shelton Mann. He derives much of his energy from the vibrant communities that abound in San Francisco, especially his close friends working in queer performance and activism. Jorge was born in Los Angeles, has a BA in Cultural Anthropology from UC Santa Cruz, and was recently certified in Permaculture Design.

Dino Dinco was raised by a family of fighting chickens in rural Pennsylvania before moving to Los Angeles as a child. He is an independent curator, filmmaker and artist. His work has been exhibited in solo exhibitions in Paris (2005, 2001), Los Angeles (2001), and San Francisco (2009, 2004), as well as in group shows in London, Paris, Antwerp, Hasselt (Belgium), Mexicali, New York and Hamburg. Selections from his photographic series "Chico" were featured at Salon Paris Photo at The Louvre, Paris (2001 - 2002). His work has appeared in publications such as i-D (UK), Dutch (France), Revista Espacio (Mexico), V (US), Vogue Brasil (Brazil), Tokion (Japan), BIG (US), Studio Voice (Japan), Zoo (France) and BUTT (Holland).


4. EVENT: Performance Cyclotron
Date: July 24, 2011; Source: Coman Poon

Performance Cyclotron is an a(r)tivist series that experiments with the collision between art and political action.

The series was inaugurated on June 26, 2011 in a evening of performances/ installations by Coman Poon, Doug Tielli and Claude Whitmann that queried “What does being political mean to you?” as a way of understanding and expanding the diverse intersections between art and change-making.

This series convenes artists, activists and academics to engage in an art-based experiential conversation with diverse audiences throughout the city of Toronto.

WHAT: Sketch hosts “Performance Cyclotron” (curated by Coman Poon)
WHEN: July 24, 2011, 6:30pm-9pm
WHERE: SKETCH Working Arts, 580 King Street West, 2nd Floor

Admission is free. Donations are warmly welcomed.

Norma Araiza is a Yaqui/Mexican performer, choreographer, and instructor, living in Toronto. She has worked in different disciplines within the arts in order to find her own unique style that blends dance, theatre, vocals, percussion, and Tai Chi Chuan with cultural and traditional themes especially from her Indigenous background. Araiza’s work has been presented at different venues in Toronto, throughout Ontario, Montreal, Hungary, California, Colombia, and throughout Mexico. 

Berenicci Hershorn is a Toronto based artist who has, in solo and collaborative works, produced a unique body of site-responsive art. The work which includes various public art commissions as well as an extensive history of recognition in art venues around the world, incorporates performance, video, sculpture and installation.

Bradley High is a performer based out of Hamilton and Toronto and is a member of the Life and Limb performance collective. Bradley is also a graduate student in Theatre Studies at York University whose research is focused on affective resonances and intersections of the body, the subject, and technology in intermedial queer performance. 

Tara Ostiguy, a Montreal native, is a graduate student and performer now residing in Toronto. Tara was a member of the Playback Theatre Company and the Project Nomade Collective in Montreal. Her artistic and scholarly interests, primarily rooted in performance as an expression of political and social activism have led her to her current collaboration with Life and Limb in staging public interventions within the city of Toronto.

Gabrielle Dupuis is a Toronto native although she has studied theatre in Ottawa at De La Salle Academy. She is currently attending York University in the film production program. She has directed three short films and produced work at Buddies and Bad Times theatre. Gabrielle is interested in exploring issues of gender, spectatorship and mythology through video art, installation and performance.


5. EVENT: Platform Young Performance Artists
Date: July 28 – 30, 2011; Source: Janine Eisenächer

PLATFORM YOUNG PERFORMANCE ARTISTS is taking place at Flutgraben e.V. from July 28th to 30th 2011 and awaits you with an exciting and diverse curated programme!

Again, numerous young emerging and professional as well as internationally renowned professional performance artists from all over the world get together to show new works and to discuss their different artistic practices. This year, the performance programme*, on July 28th and 29th, consists of two group performances by selected participants of the IPAH Summer Camp and of nine solo/duo performances by young professional and internationally well-known performance artists.

With live performances by Aline Benecke, He Chengyao, Jürgen Fritz, Christine Haase, Ray Langenbach, Laura Mello, Yannick Ross, Sarah Wendt, Alexander Wilson & Erin Sexton. On each following day at noon, on July 29th and 30th, there will be a public discussion about the performances with the artists. Find the detailed programme above. *Curated and moderated by Janine Eisenächer und Neil Jefferies.

In addition to that, part of this year's PLATFORM is a small conference on “Teaching and learning performance art"* on July 29th, with international guests out of performance art practice and theory who discuss models of education within this field of art. With He Chengyao, Florian Feigl, Jürgen Fritz, Christopher Hewitt, Ray Langenbach, Heike Roms, Johannes L. Schröder, Maren Strack.
*Organised and moderated by Jörn J. Burmester.

Entry fee: 10€/6€ (1-day-ticket), 15€/10€ (2-day-ticket), free for Performer Stammtisch-members. Free entry to all discussions and to the conference.

Flutgraben e.V., Am Flutgraben 3, 12435 Berlin
(U Schlesisches Tor/ S Treptower Park)

PLATFORM YOUNG PERFORMANCE ARTISTS is a collaboration of Performer Stammtisch and IPAH e.V., in cooperation with Flutgraben e.V.



Date: July 30, 2011; Source: John Boehme

Performance Art
OPEN to all

Saturday July 30 between 1:00 and 3:00pm
75 Dallas Road, Victoria, BC, V8V 1A1
Victoria, BC CANADA

Please invite as many people as possible to participate


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