FADO E-LIST (June 2011)

FADO Performance Art Centre for June E-Bulletin 2011

1. WORKSHOP: Intensive Performance Art Workshop with Sylvie Tourangeau
Dates: August 23 – 27, 2011
2. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Screening: Performance Art in the Natural Environment
Deadline date: August 1, 2011
3. EVENT: EXTENSION SERIES 10 with Bartolomé Ferrando and Joan Casellas
Date: June 16, 2011; Source: Andrés Galeano
4. EVENT: Sexy? Performance by Adriana Disman
Date: June 17, 2011; Source: Adriana Disman
Date: June 18-22, 2011; Source: Eric Scott Nelson
6. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: HATCH at Harbourfront Centre
Deadline date: June 20, 2011; Source: Margaret Evans
Dates: June 21, 28 and July 5, 2011; Source: Asociación Acción!MAD
8. EVENT: R.I.T.E.S. - Rooted In The Ephemeral Speak #03-2011
Date: June 23, 2011; Source: Lee Wen
9. EVENT: Julie Tolentino, Ron Athey, Alastair Maclennan at Performance Space
Dates: June 23-25, 2011; Source: Franklin Furnace
10. WORKSHOP: Alastair MacLennan and Sandra Johnston
Dates: June 24 – 25, 2011; Source: Brian Connolly
11. JOB POSTING: Saw Video: Technical Coordinator
Deadline date: June 30, 2011; Source: Saw Video
12. WORKSHOP: T.a.T. Jerxheim Bahnhof
Dates: July 1-3, 2011; Source: www.werftraum.org
13. EVENT: Eat Sleep Breathe (and Shit) 
Date: July 9-10 Source: Maggie Flynn
14. CALL FOR PROPORALS: All Around the Field, Waterslide
Deadline date: July 10, 2011; Source: asabank
15. EVENT: Korea Experimental Art Festival (KEAF)
Dates: July 23-30, 2011; Source: Eric Scott Nelson
16. WORKSHOP: Performance Art Studies (PAS)
Dates: August 17-29, 2011; Source: BBB Johannes Deimling
17. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: The Watermill Center
Deadline date: not specified; Source: Victoria Stanton


1. WORKSHOP: Intensive Performance Art Workshop with Sylvie Tourangeau
Dates: August 23 – 27, 2011

Intensive Performance Art Workshop with Sylvie Tourangeau
DATES: August 23 - 27, 2011 (5 days)
PLACE: Gibraltar Point, Toronto Island 443 Lakeshore Avenue, Toronto
COST: $400 ($80 per day x 5 days)

This collective, experimentation workshop is being offered to artists who are interested performance as a means of expression. Through a gradual yet intensive learning process, this workshop will introduce participants to what is involved in the creation of a live action piece. Participants will work on presence, precision of intention and direct channeling practices, eventually working with more personalized, unpredictable and precise performative actions and structures.
The workshop will focus on various exercises such as centering, observation, energy storing and intensity channeling, mock performances, individual activities and short solo and group presentations. The intention of this workshop is enable the participants to develop a distinctive practice by thus learn to:
-Understand some basic principles of performance
-Manifest an authentic presence
-Communicate in accordance with performance art practice
-Personalize their approach by combining movements, words, images, objects, words, sound research etc.
This workshop aims to inspire the artistic process of each participant, regardless of their discipline and their artistic creation interests.
Thanks to a progressive learning process, hands-on exercises, presentations with instructions, dynamic feedback, constructive commentaries, individual coaching before the group, and analysis of basic principles, the participants will discover how to be conscious of the present moment, and experience various states of mind in the context of structuring performative actions.
A highly regarded pioneer of performance art in Quebec, Sylvie Tourangeau has developed an active pedagogical approach intricately linked with her artistic research by giving form to notions such as dynamic motivation-connection-amplitude-action, inter-action, underlying self-coherence, etc.
The distinctiveness of Sylvie Tourangeau’s teaching comes from over twenty-five years experience as an instructor of intensive performance art workshops during which she acquired a specialized expertise in the performative mode. This performer-teacher pays particular attention to each participant’s singularity and thus concentrates on the development of a distinct artistic work process.
“Let your own performative attitude go into action before establishing a relationship with the performer who you are.”
Sylvie Tourangeau, who has been active in performance art since 1978, is interested in the unfolding of performative consciousness through minimal actions, which amplify the quality of presence, underpin intensity and personify the connection with the viewer. Performance, relational art, occasional ritual and workshop teaching are practices she has carried out for nearly 30 years. She has collaborated in the creation of artist books and written over thirty articles.

As there are no bedrooms available at Gibraltar Point for this time period and the facilities at the residency will be restricted to those staying on the Island, participants should bring own food to the Island each day.
Using a bicycle to get on and of the Island is also highly recommended.

To secure your spot, a $50 deposit is required before August 1, 2011.
For more information, contact Sylvie Tourangeau: perfostourangeau@gmail.com


2. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Screening: Performance Art in the Natural Environment
Deadline: August 1, 2011 (Submissions must arrive by this date)

Screening of Performance Art in the Natural Environment (SPANE)
Sunday August 28, 2011
Gibraltar Point, Toronto Islands

Artist and curator Johannes Zits seeks submissions of performance for the camera video works for the upcoming Screening of Performance Art in the Natural Environment. Presented in conjunction with a workshop conducted by Sylvie Tourangeau at Gibraltar Point on Toronto Islands, a senior artist from Quebec and in affiliation with FADO, a Toronto-based centre for performance art.
As the title of the screening (SPANE) implies I am looking to show live-art or performance art were the performer(s) is engage in the or work with a uncultivated, rustic, rural or undomesticated surroundings.
Submissions should include:
DVD of submitted work or link to video on-line for viewing
Description of submitted work
CV and short bio

Submission can be mailed to:
FADO Performance Art Centre
445-401 Richmond Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5V 3A8

Electronic submissions can be sent to: zipijo@sympatico.ca
Please limit your email size to a maximum of 25 MB.
Electronic submissions can also include links to websites and vimeo/youtube videos.
For additional information contact curator of the project Johannes Zits: zipijo@sympatico.ca


3. EVENT: EXTENSION SERIES 10 with Bartolomé Ferrando and Joan Casellas
Date: June 16, 2011; Source: Andrés Galeano

Grimmuseum Berlin, Fichte Str. 2, presents: EXTENSION SERIES 10
Curated by Andrés Galeano
Bartolomé Ferrando (ESP)
Joan Casellas (ESP)
Performances: 16 June, 19:30 h.
Documentation: June 17-19
Lecture: 19 June, 19 h.  The Spanish Performance Art Archive AIRE by Joan Casellas

Extension Series 10 focuses on Action Poetry, a very relevant approach to Performance Art in Spain that combines Performance Art with experimental poetry tendencies, such as phonetic poetry, visual poetry, concrete poetry, etc. Bartolomé Ferrando and Joan Casellas, two established Spanish performance artists, have been invited for this week-long residency to develop a new work and show their own way of understanding the relationship between Performance and Action Art and Poetry.
Bartolomé Ferrando was born inValencia, Spain in1951. He is a Performer, visual poet, full lecturer in performance and intermedia art at Valencia Polytechnical University and founder of the magazine Texto Poético. As a performer takes part in festivals and encounters held in Europe, Canada, EEUU, Mexico, Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Argentine, Venezuela and Chile. He exhibits his visual and concrete poetry in different cities in Spain, France and Italy. He Forms part of the groups Flatus Vocis Trio, Taller de Música Mundana, Rojo, SIC and 3 i no res, who undertake creative practices half way between music, poetry and action art. Apart from Texto Poético he has published, the poetry books, Jocs, Poetic proposals, Trazos, Latidos, En la frontera de la voz, Valencia and Nudos de viento; the essays Hacia una poesía del hacer (Towards a poetry of doing), El arte intermedia, La mirada móvil (The mobile gaze) and El arte de la performance. Elementos de creación, different recordings on MC, LP and CD and several videos and dvd of performances

“I always take the poetic image as a starting point in my work in the realm of visual poetry, object poetry, object book, sound poetry, installation and performance. The sphere of poetry helps me to build, to construct pieces and structures, which I can use to approach and head into the areas of music, plastic art and action. The result of all this is an oeuvre that could be categorized and set in the field of intermediate art, a practice in which the most prominent feature is that a work can be interpreted from the angle of at least two different artistic domains, since it straddles both areas. I would finally like to add the fact that humour can be found in many of my objects and performances, trying to make its presence felt from the interiority of the pieces.”
Joan Casellas was born in1960 in Teià (Barcelona), Spain. He is one of the outstanding representatives of the Spanish parallel art scene during the 1990s. He has staged actions throughout Spain, Europe and America, has led workshops and addressed conferences in various universities, and published numerous articles about performance art. In 1992, he set up the magazine AIRE, which has compiled the most complete photographic archive recording the performance art of his generation. He has been a member of numerous artistic self-management collectives, such as the CLUB 7, and has also organized festivals and exhibitions.
“The series of actions that I call “right here” is based on the immediate context and not requiring anything unconnected with the place. The actions are related to the concept of “here and now” but in a less imperative and dramatic way; “right here” simply adapts itself to the place with a conviction that all places are propitious. Implicitly it is a manifesto of artistic ecology and direct communication.”


4. EVENT: Sexy? Performance by Adriana Disman
Date: June 17, 2011; Source: Adriana Disman

"Sexy?" June 17, 8pm
SteelWorkers: 25 Cecil Street, Toronto, ON M5T 1N1
$10 (All evening pass) Doors 6.30pm


An Invitation: You are invited to share with me your image of what sexy is by dressing me in clothing that is sexy to you when worn by others. I will use this clothing to explore the relationship between sexy and gender, identity, and community. Please bring your chosen clothing to the performance. I will wear the clothing externally to explore it's effects internally. This will be open to the public. (You are welcome to consider hair or makeup.)

This piece is something about...belonging, acceptance, alienation, self-identification, gender fluidity, surrendering ego, surrendering identity, fear, sex (imagined and literal), sexualization of the other, of the self, consent

Artist's Statement
I am a Toronto-based performance artist. My interests lay in transformation through vulnerability and surrender. This philosophy manifests in pieces exploring passivity vs. action, interconnectivity vs. disconnection, and belonging vs. isolation. I use my performative works to deconstruct my background and training in contemporary theatre. Many of the constructs I works with are in direct opposition to those of the traditional theatrical framework (for example, concepts of backstage, fourth wall, character, predetermined action, etc.) Removing these constructs removes the safety of the known for audience and performer. I explore what can come of embracing the uncomfortable and spontaneous. In my solo practice, I create mainly durational works. Simple situations in which the outcome is unknown and determined by factors outside of my control. This usually means inviting the public to perform actions on my body. I am interested in the unseen interaction between two bodies. An element of intimacy is present in these works. A need to understand identity and belonging are the fuel for my constant search for deeper connection.

Documentation of previous work: http://www.adrianadisman.com


Date: June 18-22, 2011; Source: Eric Scott Nelson


Golmok Performance Art Festival (GPAF)
June 18-22 at Gallery Golmok, Seoul, S. Korea

Organized by Eric Scott Nelson

ACTION is a very powerful tool to express emotions, philosophies, ideas, and stories. What you do is more important than what you say. WORDS are often empty. PERFORMANCE ART is ephemeral and uses action, image, and sound to create live communication. Because objects and words aren't enough, these artists turn to ACTION.

Participating artists: Tiger and Bear, An Jung, Park Juyoung, Rafaël, Song Song, Eric Scott Nelson, Gim Gwang Cheol, Hong O Bong



6. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: HATCH at Harbourfront Centre
Deadline date: June 20, 2011; Source: Margaret Evans

Now heading into its ninth year, HATCH is designed to incubate and foster invention and innovation in the local performance scene. The programme has quickly become an important element in the ecology of local performance development.

Harbourfront Centre invites projects from emerging creators as well as established artists engaging in new collaborations or entering into new artistic territory. We encourage performance proposals from artists working across all disciplines, including, but not limited to, dance, theatre, performance art, music, etc. The deadline for Submissions is Monday June 20th, 2011.

Of particular interest are proposals that can demonstrate how HATCH will benefit the project or the artist during this stage of development. HATCH is not about an opportunity for staging a fully finished piece but about using the week to develop a new or existing piece of work. The week itself is about exploring the process of development, with the showing of work being only part of this process.

Companies and artists selected to participate in HATCH will receive a one-week residency in the Studio Theatre, located at Harbourfront Centre. The Studio Theatre is an intimate, 196-seat proscenium venue featuring a full lighting grid, raked seating and sprung stage floor. Use of the residency period is at the discretion of the artist and needs of the project (i.e. workshop, rehearsals, performance, etc.) but there must be at least one presentation of the work for the public and/or invited audience at some point in the week.

The HATCH 2012 season is guest curated by Toronto performance artist Jess Dobkin whose performances, artist's talks and workshops are presented internationally at museums, galleries, theatres, universities and in public spaces. Her creative endeavors have received wide support and recognition, including awards from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, and Toronto Arts Council, and repeated funding from the Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art and the Astraea Foundation. She was named "Best Performance Artist" by NOW magazine and Xtra magazine, and her Lactation Station Breast Milk Bar performance continues to draw international media attention and interest.

For more information on HATCH and how to apply, please contact us at 416-973-4237 or by email at hatch@harbourfrontcentre.com.


Dates: June 21, 28 and July 5, 2011; Source: Asociación Acción!MAD

This year the program of Acción!MAD11 begins in the month of June with ¡POESIACCION!, a project of the DISEMINATION SPACE  in co- production with the Cervantes Institute in Berlin, the Embassy of Spain in Germany, Berlin Grimmuseum and  LiveArtwork DVD project. The program has been organized by Acción! MAD and Andres Galeano.

Tuesday June 21: Esther Ferrer, Bartolomé Ferrando, JM Calleja.
Tuesday June 28: Lucia Peiró, Joan Casellas, Nieves Correa
Tuesday July 5: Edu Hurtado, Isabel León, Andrés Galeano.


This month we also publish the second issue of the Efímera Magazine that with the title "The Widows of Action Art" explores the history of several women who were active in performance art but overshadowed either by the popularity of their respective husbands or by the history of art. The magazine is available at:
-La Central Bookstore
-Museum and Art Centre Reina Sofia (MNCARS) Madrid
-Laie Bookstore
-Caixa Forum Madrid
-La Central Bookstore Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA)
-And also by online order: http://www.efimerarevista.es/suscripciones.html

New subscriptions received until September, the first issue of the magazine without charge.


8. EVENT: R.I.T.E.S. - Rooted In The Ephemeral Speak #03-2011
Date: June 23, 2011; Source: Lee Wen

Date: 23 June 2011
Time: 7.30 pm to late
Venue: The Substation, Theatre
Address: 45 Armenian Street, Singapore 179936
Admission: FREE


1. Emmanuelle Waeckerlé (U.K.)
2. Jeremy Hiah (SG)
3. Shannon Cochrane (CA)
4. Wunderspaze (SG)
1. Emmanuelle Waeckerlé (U.K.)
Emmanuelle Waeckerlé was born in Morocco, lives between London and St Yrieix la Perche in France. Her work straddles across various disciplines including performance art, photography, storytelling and Book art, While anchored in explorations on language, identity and displacement, recurring themes such as the relationship between body and identity and the limitations of translation were seen as poetics of survival and resistance. Through her continuing commitment to both education and practice based research she tries to foster new enquiry across and between Photography, Performance art and Book art, developing collaborative projects and communities both at local and international levels, in academic and non academic contexts.
Emmanuelle Waeckerlé is a reader in Photography and relational practices at University for the Creative Art in Farnham UK, and co-founder / co-director of  bookRoom research cluster. She helped set up bookRoom press. http://www.thebookroom.net
The art of letting go (on the edges of language)
To a greater or lesser extent, everyone depends on stories to discover the manifold truth of life. Only such stories, read sometimes in a trance, have the power to confront a person with his fate. This is why we must keep passionately striving after what constitutes a story.

George Bataille. Blue of Noon appendix: The author’s foreword (1957)
An exercise in verbal procreation and storytelling,weaving  together personal, conceptual and whimsical concepts that  might have led me to become a vocal intrusment for all to play {with) and a tourist guide for authentic travel and beyond. VINST is a unique vocal instrument, part human part virtual - a body without organs - responding to touch but also to mood and sensibility. The sounds are pre- or non- linguistic, and are based on how the body reacts to touch and how it produces sound. I personally derive as much pleasure playing (with) my virtual self as from watching others doing so.

For the past 5 years she has been developing a series of workshops for artists and non artists alike - Body thought Body talk - which are about a collaborative construction of personal meaning. Simple performance strategies are used to explore one’s body (as opposed to one’s mind) as both a tool and the object/subject of observation. This has led to her current touring project JUNGLE FEVER (wish you were here) which will be conducted as a workshop on 22 June in the dance studio of the Substation. http://www.ewaeckerle.com Estimated Duration: approx: 45mins

2. Jeremy Hiah (SG)
Born in 1972, Jeremy Hiah began his involvement in the arts since 1993. His works mostly deal with social questions, based on his personal experiences and background. As a practicing artist Hiah widely explored different art media and materials in painting, sculpture, installation, performance and collaborations with different artists in different fields. Hiah has presented his works in various countries including Germany, Italy, Austria for UNSECO Artists In Residency Vienna, Hong Kong Art Center, Vietnam Contemporary Art Center Indonesia Australia, South Korea Thailand and China for exhibition festival and artists in residency. He is also an active organizer and member of The Artists Village and Sculpture Society Singapore. Former 2001 Vice President of The Artist Village and 2005 Vice President of Sculpture Society and doing art workshop in Secondary, Junior College and Polytechnic schools. He established and ran Your MOTHER Gallery, an alternative living room art space since 2004. Hiah is the artistic director for Fetter-Field Performance Art Event 2006, 2007 and 2009. http://www.tav.org.sg
The White Crocodile
The work that I intend to make for this project is the myth of the white crocodile. Bendemeer Road is where the two rivers Kallang River and Whampoa River meet.  This white crocodile myth comes from the canal Whampoa River and Kallang River. The neighborhood use to say that there is a white crocodile living in this River and believes to be the guidance of this river and had protected the people of this area.  Whoever sees it will have good luck and number some time appears on the body of the crocodile and one see it will strike lottery. I have been living in this area for the pass 27 years and River was my playground during my childhood time. I believe this white crocodile has protected my friend and me. This white crocodile is a mystery to us, as I have not seen it. The myth said that it would only appear if there were some good events coming into our neighborhood. This white crocodile is like a deity according to some of our old folks. Estimated Duration: approx: 30mins

3. Shannon Cochrane
Shannon Cochrane's performance works have been presented across Canada in Toronto, Montréal, Halifax and Vancouver and internationally in China,Chilé, France, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland and the US. Shannon is a co-founder and co-curator/organizer of the 7a*11 International Festival of Performance Art (http://www.7a-11d.ca) and is the current Artistic and Administrative Director of FADO Performance Art Centre (http://www.performanceart.ca).
Performance for Prepared Invisible Table
My performance work engages directly with audience, strategically with humour, and methodically with material to create situations and images that are concerned with the formal presentation of action, the possibilities of social interaction, and the investigation of authorship, repertoire, the archive and the practice of performance art itself. Performance for Prepared Invisible Table is an action collage using some everyday materials and some not-so-everyday materials to create images that appear and disappear in the exact same moment. Estimated duration: approx.: 30mins.
4. Wunderspaze (SG)
Wunderspaze is the contemporary art initiative first established in January 2006 in Singapore. As a modest collective, Wunderspaze has been operating independently without receipt of government or other institutional funding. It aims to be a venue of exchange for emerging local, Southeast Asian and other artists and curators interested in the development and discourse of contemporary art in Southeast Asia. It intends to make its work through regional networking, research, documentation and presentation of works, ideas and strategies by such young artists and curators that is has contact with. Aside from artistic development within contemporary visual art and associated practices, the concurrent direction is to examine and develop curatorial approaches, models and methodologies. Wunderspaze is represented by Khairuddin Hori and Zaki Razak. http://wunderspaze.blogspot.com/
White Market
Founded in 2006 in Singapore, Wunderspaze is a loose collective of artists and artworkers interested in the research and presentation of art. Amongst its interests is the profiling of artists and artworks belonging to minority groups. This time, Wunderspaze activates a community of Malay-Singaporean artworkers for a performance called “White Market”. “White Market” is an assembly of improvised rituals and actions, juxtaposed in the given space and time, taking off from the notion of collective and analogous actions that is often associated with organized assemblies and cults. Estimated Duration: approx: 45mins


9. EVENT: Julie Tolentino, Ron Athey, Alastair Maclennan at Performance Space
Dates: June 23-25, 2011; Source: Franklin Furnace

WHEN: June 25, 2011
WHERE: ]performance s p a c e[
Unit 6, Hamlet Industrial Estate,
White Post Lane, London, E9 5EN

Film Screenings
3pm-4pm & 6:30pm-7:30pm
Helena Hunter, Julie Tolentino, Tania Bruguera and Poshya Kakl

Panel Discussion, 4pm-6pm
Chaired by Ron Athey with Julie Tolentino (via Skype), Lisa Newman, Mary Babcock and Dominic Johnson and contributions from all artists involved

]performance s p a c e [ is a point of syntheses where, through and beyond actions, questions of community, support, generation(s), re-generation and the place or position of performance is contemplated and rendered visceral. This action is B E Y O N D N E C E S S I T Y - a week long programme housing some of the most radical, contemporary and influential makers of live work to date.

Performance, film and discussion will form a supporting action, between generations and geographies; presenting, acknowledging and celebrating a cross-section of artists investigating performance process, Live and body based fine art practice.

Through bringing together multiple praxis from various generations, philosophies and geographies - this programme hopes to challenge, sustain and accommodate, a thriving performance community often found outside other more established and formalized institutions of art and culture.

Throughout the programme we shall be considering the influence, role and fluxing nature of such institutions and their relationship to (sub)cultures, fringe and the renegade. While also investigating further modes and sites where in performance may be viewed as an engaging, inciting and inescapable discourse of society.

B E Y O N D N E C E S S I T Y is a fundraising event. Our aim is the sustainability of ]performance s p a c e [ as a environment dedicated to the cultivation and dissemination of both emergent and established practitioners. Our opening event and subsequent activity has been free in order to maintain accessibility and welcome the local community, however, now we need your help.

Radical and challenging work needs a community; a community needs radical and challenging work - This is B E Y O N D N E C E S S I T Y.

B E Y O N D N E C E S S I T Y is a fundraising event. Our aim is the sustainability of ]performance s p a c e [ as a environment dedicated to the cultivation and dissemination of both emergent and established practitioners. Our opening event and subsequent activity has been free in order to maintain accessibility and welcome the local community - However, now we need your help.

The program includes:
-New Live Work-
Alastair MacLennan, Mary Babcock, Paul Hurley, Dominic Thorpe, Martin O’Brien, Michael Mayhew, Klara Schilliger and Valerian Maly, along with Ewa Rybska and Wladyslaw Kazmierczak

-Film & Video Screenings-
Kira O’Reilly, Helena Hunter, Julie Tolentino, Oreet Ashery, Melville Mitchell, Tim Bromage, Lee Adams, Poshya Kakl and Tania Bruguera

-Live Writing & Archiving-
Mark Greenwood

-Panel Discussion-
Chaired by Ron Athey with Julie Tolentino (via skype), Lisa Newman, Mary Babcock, Dominic Johnson and contributions from all artists involved

All Events £30.00
Alastair MacLennan £10.00
All Thursday £10.00
Michael Mayhew £10.00
All Saturday £10.00


For more information: http://beyond-necessity.blogspot.com/p/saturday-25th_2245.html

And Alastair's performance is on another link for his performance date of Wednesday June 22, FYI: http://beyond-necessity.blogspot.com/p/wednesday-22nd_24.html


10. WORKSHOP: Alastair MacLennan and Sandra Johnston
Dates: June 24 – 25, 2011; Source: Brian Connolly

Performance Art Workshop: Alastair MacLennan and Sandra Johnston
Venue: Fire Station Artists Studios, 9-11 Lwr Buckingham Street , Dublin 1
Dates: Fri 24th - Sat 25th June 2011

10am - 5pm
€90 Lunch included
10 places

To book contact artadmin@firestation.ie or download booking form from Fire Station website http://www.firestation.ie

This two-day workshop intends to develop discipline in focused attention within performance art based practice. It will maximize the participant's sense of inter-linked, mind/body movement and the capacity to engage in transformative behaviour. Core values are imparted to help participants develop skills in mental and physical connectivity and to tap into essential aspects of their actions, building confidence and decisiveness in considering what elements and/or ideas have potential and vitality for further exploration. The workshop will also focus on realizing the importance of employing personal insight and intuition, to uncover these core elements of one's own practice, without reliance on over-interpretive physical and/or verbal clutter. Participants are asked to bring to the workshop one object pertinent to him or her.

Alastair MacLennan was born in Scotland and has lived and worked in Belfast, Northern Ireland since 1975. His achievements as an artist have had a significant influence on performance art, nationally and internationally. Performing in diverse contexts, his works convey political, social and cultural conditions. His Actuations (performance/installations) seek to fuse interrelations. His works have also been presented as part of Black Market International (in Europe, America, Canada, Asia, Mexico, etc.), by Trace Gallery, Cardiff, by the National Review of Live Art, Glasgow, by Le Lieu, Quebec, by Bone International Performance Art Festival, Bern and through NIPAF in Japan. He represented Ireland at the Venice Biennale in 1997.MacLennan is currently Emeritus Professor of Fine Art, from the University of Ulster, Belfast, an Honorary Fellow of Dartington College of Art, Devon and an Honorary Associate of the National Review of Live Art, Glasgow.Maclennan is also an active  member  of Bbeyond-a performance  collective based in Belfast.

Sandra Johnston is a Belfast based performance artist who exhibits widely nationally and internationally including Australian Centre for Contemprary Art, Melbourne, OPEN SPACE Gallery, Victoria, Glasgow International Festival  of Visual Arts,SAW Gallery Ottawa,Galeria Bielska BWA Poland, Re: Public Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin. Johnston’s performances are experiential in approach, and could be considered as physical relics of some previous moment. She also produces video/ audio installations and durational drawing installations and was one of a group of artists who represented Northern Ireland at the Venice Biennale in 2005.Between 2002-2005 Johnston was awarded a (A.H.R.B) Research Fellowship with the University of Ulster which explored “Trauma of Place”. Johnston is lecturer in Time Based Art, University of Ulster, Belfast and is currently on a 3 year Leave of Absence (2009-2012) to undertake a PhD. She is also an active member of Bbeyond in Belfast

Liz Burns
Development Manager
Fire Station Artists' Studios
9-11 Lwr Buckingham St., Dublin 1
Tel: +353 (0) 1 8069012


11. JOB POSTING: Saw Video: Technical Coordinator
Deadline date: June 30, 2011; Source: Saw Video

SAW Video Association (Ottawa) seeks a Technical Coordinator (Post-production) for our busy not-for-profit media arts centre. This is a permanent full-time (37.5 hours per week) position. 
The Technical Coordinator (Post-production) oversees all aspects of SAW Video’s post-production equipment and facilities, including bookings, equipment purchases, maintenance and upkeep; provides technical support for members in edit suites; assists in the writing of grants, as well as preparing reports on equipment purchases; and oversees the maintenance and setup of the IT infrastructure of the centre. 
Established in 1981, SAW Video is the largest media art centre in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. SAW Video provides a range of services to artists including affordable access to video production equipment and post-production facilities, workshops, grant programs, as well as media art screenings and exhibitions. 

Starting wage: $32,000 per year

-Several years of technical experience in digital editing, specifically with Final Cut Pro, Premiere, and Protools, as well as familiarity with other Adobe software  applications and DVD Studio Pro;   
-Strong knowledge of high-definition video technology workflow;  
-Significant technical experience in the setup and configuration of digital editing equipment;  
-Technical experience in digital video production, especially with pro-sumer level SD, HDV and HD cameras.   
-Experience in video encoding and DVD creation;  
-IT experience in computer operating systems and hardware, networking and file storage;  
-Experience in analogue video production and post-production would be an asset;  
-Excellent people skills and ability to multi-task;  
-Familiarity with the non-profit media arts sector;  
-Excellent verbal and written English communication skills;  
-Bilingualism is an asset.

Prospective applicants will be required to take a technical competency test.
 Deadline for applications: Thursday, June 30, 2011, 5pm.

Please submit by mail, fax, or email:

-A one-page letter of intent describing your skills and experience as they relate to this position

-A curriculum vitae or résumé
-Three references

Send to:
Hiring Committee – Technical Coordinator
SAW Video Association

67 Nicholas St., Ottawa, Ontario K1N 7B9

Phone: (613) 238-7648 / Fax: (613) 238-4617

SAW Video is committed to employment equity.  We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.
For more information on SAW Video, check out our web site: http://www.sawvideo.com


12. WORKSHOP: T.a.T. Jerxheim Bahnhof
Dates: July 1-3, 2011; Source: www.werftraum.org

Now is the time for the last two workshops in Jerxheim Bahnhof Germany. The house is going to be sold and this summer we are going to make the best of it.

Dates and Details below on kunstwirkstoff website:

There is a short weekend workshop (1 - 3 July) and a long workshop (18 July - 22 July) during the entire week followed by a Berlin Trip from July 24 - July 27. Prices for the Berlin Trip are based on individual needs and arrangements.

Presentations from Workshop II will not take place in public but remain a laboratory situation for contemplative reflections. There is also an emphasis given to occupy all possible space around the house to focus on the development of individual work and object making processes.

infos über email: glausnitzer@werftraum.org


13. EVENT: Eat Sleep Breathe (and Shit)
Date: July 9-10 Source: Maggie Flynn

Eat Sleep Breathe (and Shit)
Do it with us.

You are invited to pass a night, morning and noon immersed in performance art presented in (and out of) a cycle of life activities. You will be fed and go to bed with performance art. There will be: touch, tattoos, cleaning, haircuts, porn, incidents, blood, computers, comfort. Performances will happen in and around VSVSVS (studio/gallery/warehouse), Cherry Beach and Polson Pier.

Saturday July 9, 7:00pm – Sunday July 10, 1:00pm

Bring your own pillow

RSVP in order to receive dinner and breakfast: eatsleepbreatheandshit@gmail.com

VSVSVS - 25 Polson Pier, Toronto - Get there: http://vsvsvs.org/contact

The artists:

Simon Black

Ulysses Castellanos

Vanessa Dion Fletcher
Adriana Disman

Morgan Eadie
Marisa Hoika
Alexa MacKenzie

Stephen Mcleod
Johnson Ngo

Annie Onyi Cheung

Cara Spooner
Stacey Sproule

K. Till-Landry

Jessica Vallentin

TARPGHOST may appear

Eat Sleep Breathe (and Shit) is curated by Maggie Flynn



14. CALL FOR PROPORALS: All Around the Field, Waterslide
Deadline date: July 10, 2011; Source: asabank

Outdoor Performances, artist-talks and experiments

We invite artists from Austria and from abroad (within Europe) to present their performances! Performative experiments and the artistic exchange are in the foreground of the project.

-In case of fair weather: in public space in Linz
-In case of rain: in an offspace in Linz

Date: 9. - 11. September 2011
Duration of the performance: 30 – 60 minutes

We cover traveling costs, material costs and accommodation; there will be a fee for every artist. 

We are looking forward to receiving numerous answers and proposals!

Please send a short description of your performance works with 3-4 pictures (you can also send us a link) to: performancelaboratorium@gmx.at

Deadline: 10th July 2011


15. EVENT: Korea Experimental Art Festival (KEAF)
Dates: July 23-30, 2011; Source: Eric Scott Nelson

Korea Experimental Art Festival (KEAF)

Organized by Korea Performance Art Spirit (KoPAS)
July 23-30, 2011 (for 8 days) Seoul, S. Korea

2011 Korea Experimental Art Festival (KEAF), the Korean largest international experimental art festival, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. 2011 KEAF will play an important role to imprint Hongik Univ. area in Korea as the international art city by presenting various experimental arts based on Performance Art, the most diversified form of arts, with over 300 experimental artists from 17 different countries. In particular, KEAF- Create an Art City Project which has been progressing as a three year plan since 2009 continues as 2011, Create an Art City Project- Extension from 2009, Create an Art City Project 2010, Create an Art City Project-Docking, and we push the project forward to make Hongik Univ. area as Mecca of the experimental art.

International Artists: 
Julie Jafferennou (France), SP 38 (France), Nongrata (Estonia), Rubens (Estonia), Villekarel Viirelaid (Estonia), TBL (Sweden, Germany), Michael Steger (Germany), Martin Renteria (Mexico), James Topple (England), Orion Maxted (England), Fujieda Mushimaru and the Physical Poets(Japan), Sato Yukie (Japan), Shu Yang (China), Han Bing (China), Boyet De Mesa (Philippine), Mrat Lunn Htwann (Myanmar), Chakkrit Chimnok (Thailand), Steve Vanoni (U.S.A), Eric Scott Nelson (U.S.A), Ripley (U.S.A), Eshe& Naba (Canada + Multinational), Hellen Sky (Australia).

Korean artists: 
Chi-In Ahn, Pil-Yeon Ahn, So-Young Ahn, Hyo-Sung Bang, Dal-Rae Bae, Black Leopard, Eun-Sung Cho, Dong-Ho Choi, Oh-Bong Hong, Taek-Jun Im, Young-Ae Han, Sung-Kuk Kang, Chun-Ki Kim, Eun-Mi Kim, Kwang-Chul Kim, Suk-Whan Kim, Sang-Ho Kwon, Soo-Im Kwon, Kyun-Young Lee, Seung-Taek Lee, Tal Lee, Sye-Jung Moo, Jae-Sun Moon, Jung-Kyu moon, Yumi 5 Moon, Ninano Nanda, Joo-Young Park, Chang-Shik Lee Park, Whan Ryu, Chul-Jong Shim, Hong-Jae Shim, Neung-Kyung Sung, Ji-Whan Yoo, Jin-Sup Yoon

Main Programs

Opening Art Parade, 2002~2011 performance for celebrating 10th anniversary of KEAF, Theater Performance (Messenger of spirit), Street Performance (Flower on asphalt), Street Squat (City Guerilla Performance, Crossroad Performance, Typing Performance), Art Ajit- Party Club, Rooftop art

Review KEAF2002-2010, Single cell performance studio (Web Broadcasting), Introduction of the world performance theaters (Kitchen, Sound factory, etc), The Invited Artist Show, KEAF International Experimental Film Show, Street Banner Exhibition, Sky pool installation Exhibition

Academic Event: Symposium, Art Incubating

Supplementary Event:
Performance Workshop (Exchanges between artists /Aims the citizens), 3600sec Visiting Class, Beach Cocktail bar, Wrap up party
Performance Workshop (Artists exchange/Aims citizens)

Date: July 27-28, 2011, from 11:00-13:00

Instructing Artist: Eric Scott Nelson (USA)

Butoh Workshop (Artists exchange/Aims citizens)
Date: July 23-24, 2011, from 11:00-13:00
Instructing Artist: Fujieda Mushimaru (Japan)



16. WORKSHOP: Performance Art Studies (PAS)
Dates: August 17-29, 2011; Source: BBB Johannes Deimling

PAStudies # 20 IN CONTEXT 17. – 29. August 2011/OPEN CALL

In cooperation with Grimmuseum /Berlin, Germany

We are happy to announce that the well known artist and teacher Antoni Karwowski (PL) and the art historian and teacher Johannes Lothar Schröder (GER) will be working with us this time. They both will introduce their work and take part as visiting lecturers in PAS #20. Please check: http://pas.bbbjohannesdeimling.de/index.php?/2011/-20--in-context/


PAS notes:
BBB Johannes Deimling will perform at  'presentation experiment action' 17. June 2011 curated by Danka Milewska, /Bydgoszcz, Poland
Please check: http://www.stowarzyszenie.mozg.art.pl/

Marcel Sparmann will perform and introduce PAS at LAPSody3 /Helsinki, Finland
Please check: http://www.lapsody2011.blogspot.com/ and at http://marcelsparmann.blogspot.com

Marcel Sparmann and BBB Johannes Deimling are taking part in the archiv : performativ - project, Ausstellungsraum Klingenthal /Basel, Switzerland
Please check: http://ics.zhdk.ch/ics/deutsch/forschungsprojekte/archiv-performativ/ 

The institut für alles mögliche opens a residence opportunity. From July 1st onwards the i-a-m will be available for short time residencies /Berlin, Germany. Please check: http://residency.i-a-m.tk and at www.i-a-m.tk

Please visit the PASwebsite for further information and follow the bird under: http://pas.bbbjohannesdeimling.de/


17. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: The Watermill Center
Deadline date: not specified; Source: Victoria Stanton

The Watermill Center invites emerging artists to submit proposals for the creation of collaborative work that “critically investigates, challenges, and extends the existing norms of performance practice.” Proposals can be made for the further development of works-in-progress or for entirely new works. The Center also welcomes research proposals from established scholars. Residencies can range from one to four weeks and are scheduled throughout the fall (September-December) and spring (February-June). While at Watermill, residents are required to conduct at least one public presentation, such as an open rehearsal, screening, or talk. Applications are accepted online; click here for complete guidelines: http://watermillcenter.org/programs/residencies

This year, the Center will award one residency to an artist who is a citizen and/or resident of one of the following countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. Click here to learn more about this new partnership with ArteEast, which presents works by contemporary artists from the Middle East, North Africa, and their diasporas:


Established in 1993, FADO Performance Inc. (Performance Art Centre) is a not-for-profit artist-run centre for performance art based in Toronto, Canada. FADO exists to provide a stable, ongoing, supportive forum for creating and presenting performance art. Currently, we are the only artist-run centre in English Canada devoted specifically to this form. We present the work of local, national and international artists who have chosen performance art as a primary medium to create and communicate provocative new images and new perspectives. Thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council and the Department of Canadian Heritage for their on-going support of our endeavors. To subscribe or unsubscribe from this mailing list, please visit: http://www.performanceart.ca