FADO E-LIST (February 2011)

FADO Performance Art Centre
E-bulletin February 2011 (it’s a big one)

Never or Now, and missing you already.
(But check out the blog!! http://www.neverornow.no)

2. EVENT: A Space Gallery Presents Unraveling Empire
Dates: February 18 – March 16, 2011; Source: A Space Gallery
3. EVENT: Semitic Score / Live Photo by 2Fik
Date: February 20, 2011; Source: Laura Nanni
4. EVENT: SPHINX at The Beaver
Date: February 11, 2011; Source: David Phillips
5. EVENT: HOW? as part of Your Next Life by Adriana Disman
Date: February 11, 2011; Source: Adriana Disman
6. CALL FOR ARTISTS: Art Ex: Multi-Day Visual Arts Experience
Deadline date: February 14, 2011; Source: Kay Burns
7. CALL FOR STUDIES PAPERS: Emerging Scholars Performance Studies
Deadline date: February 15, 2011; Source: Victoria Stanton
8. EVENT: Trinity Square Video presents Andrew James Paterson
Dates: February 17 – March 19, 2011: Source: TSV
Dates: February 14-18, 2011; Source: Roxanne Angers
10. EVENT: Einat Amir at Lilith Performance Studio
Dates: February 17-19, 21011; Source: Elin Lundgren
11. EVENT: No Budget Performance: A Stockholm Odyssey on Supermarket Art Fair
Dates: February 17-20, 2011; Source: Denis Romanovski
12. WEBSITE: Acción!MAD
Date: unspecified; Source: Acción!MAD
13. EW RELEASE: liveartwork editions: Performance Saga
Date: unspecified; Source: Christopher Hewitt
14. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Stockholm Fringe
Dates: unspecified; Source: Victoria Stanton
15. WORKSHOPS: Winter 2011 Film and Digital Workshops
Registration now open; Source: LIFT
16. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: encontros à volta da performance
Date: unspecified; Source: epipiderme
17. ANNOUNCING: new PAS – Performance Art Studies web page
Date: unspecified; Source: BBB Johannes Deimling
18. CALL TO APPLY: Master of Arts Degree Program in Live Art/Performance
Deadline date: February 25, 2011; Source: Helge Meyer
19. AWARD: PSi Dwight Conquergood Award
Deadline date: March 1, 2011; Source: Laura Cull
Date: on newsstands January 14; Source: esse
21. EVENT: L’Orchestre d’Hommes-Orchestres performs Tom Waits
Dates: March 2-March 5, 2011; Source: Theatre Centre
22. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: ComPeung Grant 2011!
Deadline date: March 31, 2011; Source: ComPeung



Affect, Ritual and Materiality in FADO’s Survey From Singapore by Natalie Loveless
On the works of Amanda Heng, Kai Lam and Lee Wen, presented in Toronto by FADO in October 2010.



2. EVENT: A Space Gallery Presents Unraveling Empire
Dates: February 18 – March 16, 2011; Source: A Space Gallery

Solo Exhibition by Khadija Baker
Curated by Rachel Gorman

Exhibition Runs, February 18 to March 16, 2011
Opening Reception on Friday February 18, 7-9pm

Performance by the Artist on Friday February 18, 7-7:30pm
The performance is presented by A Space Gallery and FADO Performance Art Centre

Khadija Baker’s Toronto première solo exhibition lays bare emotional and embodied landscapes of empire, revealing rituals of memory and loss, and the intimacy of survival and resistance. Taking the evacuation and exile of the Kurds, and their erasure from the land as her point of departure, Baker’s installation Behind Walls weaves together clothing, rope, clay, light, and the voices of the displaced, and invites us to participate in the re-inscription of what has been lost. Baker’s new time-based, interactive work Home exposes the uncertainty of the exiled body as it becomes home to self, and to the future. The work assembles sculpture woven from the artist’s hair, and names etched in ink on ice. Lasting the time it takes for the ice to melt, Baker’s video series Name/Trace become a modality for grieving memory itself, in a dominant cultural landscape where only the deaths of the occupying troops are reported.

Khadija Baker is a multidisciplinary artist who combines video, textile, sound, and performance to explore political persecution, displacement and memory. Her intimate sculptural environments breach the divide between artist, art, and public, creating active spaces of participation, exchange, and storytelling. Baker has exhibited in cultural capitals such as Montreal, New York, London, Berlin, Marseille, Beirut and Damascus. Baker was awarded the Millennium Scholarship at Concordia University in 2005 and 2006, and the George Balcany Bursary for Painting and Drawing in 2007. In 2009, Baker received the Vivacité grant for culturally diverse artists from the Conseil des arts et des letters du Québec, and a Vidéographe research and experimentation grant. Born in the Kurdish town of Amoude, Syria, Baker received her BFA and MA from the University of Damascus, before moving to Montréal 2001 and completing a BFA at Concordia University, where she is currently pursuing an MFA in Open Media.
Rachel Gorman is a performance artist working in dance theatre, video, and installation. Since receiving her PhD from the University of Toronto in 2005 with a dissertation on cultural production and class consciousness, Gorman has held a Lectureship at the Women and Gender Studies Institute of the University of Toronto; Research Fellowships at Manchester Metropolitan University and the University at Buffalo (SUNY); and a SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship exploring disability politics of Kurdish national liberation struggles. In 2006, Gorman premiered The Ghost, a dance film about Kurdish political prisoners. The Globe and Mail’s Paula Citron called Gorman’s 2002 anti-war production Waking the Living “compelling…a disturbing and riveting reality check” and described her 2004 production Passing Dark as a “melancholy journey… of intense sadness.” Gorman created Transit, a gallery installation on mixed-race identity and political suspicion, in 2007; and combined performance and video to create Pass in 2009 and Fall in 2010.

A Space Gallery’s mandate compasses the investigation, presentation and interpretation of contemporary and experimental art forms. We are committed to programming critical and politically engaged work that is oriented around non-dominant communities and crosses disciplines, cultures, abilities, gender and sexual orientation as well as work in new media and technologies. A Space Gallery gratefully thanks the Toronto Arts Council, the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts. 

A Space Gallery
401 Richmond Street West, Suite 110, Toronto

3. EVENT: Semitic Score / Live Photo by 2Fik
Date: February 20, 2011; Source: Laura Nanni

Semitic Score / Live Photo by 2Fik
February 20, 2011 @ 5PM
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
12 Alexandra Street, Toronto

Performed by 2Fik and Oreet Ashery
Written by Oreet Ashery (Semitic Score)
Co-presented with FADO Performance Art Centre

Two incredible performances by Montreal's 2Fik

Semitic Score is a multidisciplinary performance that takes its roots from the notion that both Muslims and Jews come from the same Semitic DNA. Created in collaboration with British art star Oreet Ashery and accompanied by avant-garde musician Debashis Sinha.

Next, in Live Photo, 2Fik, working as both photographer and subject, single-handedly recreates de La Tour's famous painting Cheat with the Aces of Clubs <http://www.mezzo-mondo.com/arts/mm/france17/latour/TOG005.html> in front of an audience. Through a dazzling display of technology and performance, 2Fik transforms himself into the multiple characters that make up this Baroque masterpiece and digitally produces a replica of the painting. Pure irreverent and subversive pleasure!


4. EVENT: SPHINX at The Beaver
Date: February 11, 2011; Source: David Phillips

The Beaver (1192 Queen St. West, Toronto) is celebrating its 5-year anniversary with a fundraiser celebration in honour of Will Munro's birthday, Friday, February 11th.

A silent auction of donated works from local artists will take place from 6pm - 9pm (to be followed by a party at 11pm). All money raised will go the Will Munro Fund for Queer and Trans People Living with Cancer.

Artists Include:
Yannick Anton
Jesse Boles
Nicole Brayshaw Bond
Lyndsey Cope
Claire Egan
Brendan Flanagan
Andrew Harwood
Oliver Husain
Adrienne Kammerer
Ila Kavanagh
Stuart Keeler
Peter Kingstone
Sholem Krishtalka
Joyce Lau
Logan MacDonald
Allyson Mitchell
Juliana Neufeld
Lori Newdick
Ed Pien
Jamie Quinn
Safiya Randera
Sammy Rawal
Zanette Singh
Bojana Stancic
Team Macho
Sojourner Truth
Janna Watson
Margaux Williamson
Marlena Zuber


5. EVENT: HOW? as part of Your Next Life by Adriana Disman
Date: February 11, 2011; Source: Adriana Disman

HOW? A durational performance piece by Adriana Disman as part of the exhibition Your Next Life curated by Adam Cowan. HOW? I will die. This is known. The how is what I am curious about.

Adriana Disman is a Toronto-based performance artist who's interests lay in transformation through vulnerability and surrender. This philosophy often manifests in pieces exploring passivity vs. action, interconnectivity vs. disconnection, and belonging vs. isolation. The core of her work is based in emotional sense and has nothing to do with Logic. She defines herself as an artist not by what she does, but by what is done to her. The result of coming out of each performance alive is her only proof of what 'living' is.

February 11, 2011
The White House
277 1/2 Augusta Avenue, Toronto

More info:


6. CALL FOR ARTISTS: Art Ex: Multi-Day Visual Arts Experience
Deadline date: February 14, 2011; Source: Kay Burns

Call for Artists – Art Ex: Multi-Day Visual Arts Experience
Exploits Valley Region, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

About Art Ex:
Art Ex is an annual multi-day celebration of visual art which takes place in the Exploits Valley region of central Newfoundland, July 7-10, 2011. Art Ex provides a unique venue for exhibitions, introductory and advanced workshops, panel discussions, artist talks, interactive art interventions, public artworks and collaborative community based art events. The activities occur concurrently in a number of municipalities within the region. The objective is to offer innovative and diverse experiences for all age groups and skill levels in a number of culturally and geographically diverse locations along the Exploits River watershed. Art Ex takes a thematic approach to each year’s event: this year’s theme is “River as Source”.

Artists are encouraged to consider the following when planning proposals for Art Ex:
-The river as “source” or “wellspring”
-Revitalization, renewal
-Human interaction with the natural environment/each other
-Concepts of memory/time/history
-The river as continuum: a continuous sequence in which adjacent elements are not perceptibly different from each other, although the extremes are quite distinct
-Fragility/transience vs. Strength/permanence
-Specific historical events pertaining to the river/region

About the Region:
Geographically, the region is defined by a river. Ostensibly dividing the island portion of the province in half, the Exploits River flows from its headwaters near the southwest corner of the island, 246 kilometers northeast to the sea, draining an area of 1,100 square kilometers. The Exploits is one of the largest rivers in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. It is truly a natural wonder, and is tied closely to the history of this place. It has provided refuge, transportation, power, and sustenance; it has been the lifeblood of the region from prehistory to present-day. The River connects 19 communities from its headwaters at Red Indian Lake to the Bay of Exploits, which opens onto the North Atlantic. The geographic diversity of these locations should be explored and utilized when considering a proposal.

Submission Guidelines:
Art Ex will be accepting submissions for the following activities for 2011:

1. Exhibitions - Art Ex has one main gallery space of approximately 1300 square feet, with 1100 linear feet of wall space (for technical details and floor plan contact Robert Lodge 292-4520). Artists are also actively encouraged to submit exhibition and activity proposals that take advantage of other natural and built environments throughout the region. Specify any special requirements or technical considerations in your detailed proposal. Other projects which can be accommodated include interactive art interventions, public artworks, collaborative community based art events, environmentally sensitive installations, performance art, sculpture, interactive projects or site specific work incorporating any number of disciplines.
2. Dinner & Art talk series (a venue for all manner of art talks and critical discourse)
3. Introductory and advanced art workshops (for arts professionals and/or the public)

4. Professional development opportunities for visual artists

5. Art on the Water - Centered on the riverfront in Grand Falls-Windsor, Art on the Water represents the highlight of the Art Ex activities, and invites artists to explore the cultural, historic, social and environmental legacy of the Exploits River. The event will facilitate the creation of, and provide a venue for, a series of temporary, floating public artworks that will attract visitors to the riverbanks and invite them to interact with the environment through the creations of the participating artists.
The concept behind Art on the Water is: by bringing art to the river’s edge viewers and artists will be asked to contextualize the human (creative) experience within the natural environment. Through these exchanges with their surroundings, artists, residents and visitors will come to a better understanding of complex historical relationships between the unique geography of the Exploits Valley region and its inhabitants, while gaining insight into the way all people interact with the physical environment.

These projects could include (but are not limited to) environmentally sensitive installation, performance art, sculpture, interactive projects, or site-specific work incorporating any number of these disciplines. While anchored floating platforms and designated areas of the shore will provide the exhibition space for the artworks, artists are encouraged to consider the entire river and region as a whole when planning proposals for Art on the Water. 

Submission Procedure:
Submissions for Art Ex 2011 must be postmarked no later than February 14, 2011. Submissions are reviewed and evaluated by the Art Ex steering committee. If submitting more than one application, please forward separately. Art Ex does not accept email submissions.

Proposals will be selected based on consideration of the following criteria: artistic merit of the proposed project, thematic appropriateness, feasibility of the proposed project, and the ability of Art Ex to accommodate the project. CARFAC fees will be paid.  

Submissions must include the following:
-Detailed Proposal: clearly outline the work you are proposing; provide details about any special requirements (including any equipment needed and travel cost considerations).
-Artist Statement
-Curriculum Vitae
-Images/Support Material: 15-20 JPEG images with name and title; image list detailing medium and size. Video artists may submit a video no longer than 5 minutes.
-Self addressed, stamped envelope with sufficient postage for return of support materials.

Please mail submissions to:
Art Ex 2011 Submissions
Exploits Valley Economic Development Corp.
5B Bayley Street
Grand Falls – Windsor, NL
Canada, A2A 2T5
For information please call 709.489.8700 or email edo@exploitsvalley.nf.ca


7. CALL FOR STUDIES PAPERS: Emerging Scholars Performance Studies
Deadline date: February 15, 2011; Source: Victoria Stanton

Emerging Scholars performance studies papers sought, deadline Feb. 15

CFP: ATHE Performance Studies Focus Group Emerging Scholars Panel
DEADLINE EXTENDED! New deadline: February 15, 2011

The Performance Studies Focus Group at the Association of Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) conference invites submissions of papers for its Emerging Scholars' Panel. The theme of the conference is 'Performance Remains, Global Presence: Memory, Legacy, and Imagined Futures' and it takes place at the Palmer House Hilton Hotel in Chicago, Illinois from August 11-14, 2011.

The PSFG Emerging Scholars' Panel represents an opportunity for researchers to present their work at a major international conference for the first time. Selected Emerging Scholars will be paired with a mentor from the field of Performance Studies who will offer critical feedback on submitted papers in order to help prepare them for presentation at the conference. ATHE PSFG will also provide successful applicants with complimentary registration to the ATHE PSFG Pre-Conference.

Performance Studies locates itself at the boundaries and intersections of scholarly and artistic practice. It embraces aesthetic and academic interdisciplinarity, as well as the challenges, risks, and innovations that are part of such inclusionary practices. Performance also acts as a critical model for theorizing cultural and social action, providing a lens and practice through which technological and cultural innovations can be processed. How do performance conditions, practices, and innovations facilitate processes of memory, history, historiography, and imagination? How can performance studies deploy these conditions, practices, and innovations in an effort to trouble received understandings of temporality, of the present, and of the 'global present' specifically? Of presence, and of 'global presence' specifically? What tactics can performance deploy in the efforts to resist or subvert increasingly globalized networks of power, domination, and capital? In what ways do processes of globalization threaten, complicate, or facilitate performance's ability to conceive of itself in terms of remainder (or disappearance), presence (or absence)? How do performance artists, practitioners, and scholars imagine their own futures? What, and how, does the pastness of performance legate to the future of performance? What can a focus on remainder, and on temporal categories more generally, reveal about disciplinary and aesthetic habits? What does such a focus risk obscuring or leaving out?

Submissions to the PSFG Emerging Scholars' panel might engage these disciplinary questions, or a range of others around the conference theme. Papers across performance modes and historical periods are welcomed. Topics might include:
- contested boundaries between performance, theatre and other artforms
- emergent technologies in performance
- performance as a modality of (historical) knowledge
- historiographical approaches to performance
- negotiating/ building identity in performance
- remainder and the so-called death of the avant-garde
- performances that disrupt the presence of the physical body
- conflict and confrontation in the performance encounter
- performativity and theatricality
- the relationships between performance and philosophy
- performance, emotion and affect
- complexity, ambiguity and paradox in performance
- performance as debate, negotiation, breakdown

Papers for the PSFG Emerging Scholars' panel should be 8-10 pages in length (double-spaced). The deadline for submission is 15 February 2011. Please send completed papers (as attachments in Microsoft Word), with institutional affiliation and contact information, to Joseph Cermatori at jpc2143@columbia.edu. Successful applicants will be notified by the end of March 2011.


8. EVENT: Trinity Square Video presents Andrew James Paterson
Dates: February 17 – March 19, 2011: Source: TSV

Andrew James Paterson
The Ghosts of Home Entertainment

February 17 to March 19, 2011
Performance & Opening Reception: February 17, 2011, 5-7 PM
Artist Talk: February 23, 2011, 6-8 PM


In celebration of our 40th anniversary, TSV (Trinity Square Video, Toronto) has expanded its annual single-evening screening, Spotlight on a TSV Member, into a gallery exhibition, this year featuring the work of lifetime member and former Board Chair, artist Andrew James Paterson. The exhibition will present Paterson's recent work, including a venue-specific performance incorporating TSV's historic video collection, with a previous video from his significant body of work. As part of the Spotlight – which asks profiled artists to select a work by another artist that has influenced or resonates with their own practice – Paterson has chosen an early video by the late Colin Campbell for inclusion in the show.

The Ghosts of Home Entertainment showcases some of the core interests of Paterson’s extensive artistic practice. Highlighted by his pointed, sometimes petulant, questioning of contentious cultural and philosophical issues, the works featured at TSV illustrate the artist's longstanding play with speech and language as repositories for divisions of discourse and power. Paterson's conversational scripts, with their droll parodying of the caustic symbiosis between artists and art bureaucrats, art and art galleries, making and collecting, image and meaning, attest to a world of blank and bored cultural production and consumption. His aesthetic aping of post-punk, new wave irony calls to attention slippages between discursivity and surface – between the text of art and its experience, between the self and its representations, where word and image, analysis and sensation, blend. In a clairvoyant turn, Paterson's work outlines the digital age: the videos are fraught with characters stuck between consuming and producing, who just sit back and talk and watch – and talk in text – absorbed by their ghostly boundaries.

Andrew James Paterson is an interdisciplinary artist working with performance, video and film, musical composition, critical writing and fiction. His performances and videotapes have been presented and exhibited internationally and throughout Canada. Paterson was formerly the lead singer and principal writer for the band, The Government, which, between 1977 and 1982, made several recordings and one "music video", How Many Fingers? He has curated media-art programmes for various galleries and artist-run centres and has written on media-art and cultural politics for FUSE, PUBLIC, IMPULSE and FILE, as well as contributing to anthologies published by Gallery TPW, Pleasure Dome and YYZBOOKS. He is the co-editor of Money, Value, Art (2001), and editor of Grammar & Not-Grammar: Selected Scripts and Essays by Gary Kibbins (2003), both published by YYZBOOKS. Paterson has served as a board member for A Space, YYZ Artists' Outlet and TSV, where he was Board Chair in 1992.


Dates: February 14-18, 2011; Source: Roxanne Angers

Performance WORKSHOP
HANDLING MOVEMENT with Dorothea Rust
February 14-18 @ Studio 303, Montreal

Teacher: Dorothea Rust (Switzerland)
Dates: Feb 14-18 (5 days) • Mon-Fri, 9:30am to 12:30pm
Location: Studio 303
Cost: $75 (Emploi-Québec)

In this workshop, we will create with people in live environments, hereby emphasizing presence and alertness in a solo-attitude. Exercises based on somatic movements, Tai Chi, Yoga, post-modern dance techniques and experimental anatomy will lead to movement explorations and improvisation by alternating between receptive and active states. We will create a live situation with small to big movement-actions and by handling materials and objects. Participants are encouraged to bring in their ideas.

Dorothea Rust works in/with dance, improvisation, performance art, live actions, and installation. She is curator of diverse performance events in collaboration with other artists and music groups (Der längste Tag, GNOM gruppe für neue musik baden). Back in the 80s she collaborated in New York with dancer, choreographers and musicians where the experimental spirit and the protagonists and works of the Judson Dance Group of the 60s were still Since 1986 solo performances and collaboration with various choreographers, musicians and visual artists: Performances and teaching activities in USA, South America and Europe. www.likeyou.com/dorothearust



10. EVENT: Einat Amir at Lilith Performance Studio
Dates: February 17-19, 21011; Source: Elin Lundgren

Einat Amir (ISR)
Enough About You

Performance: 17-19 February, 2011
Open hours: 7pm - 9pm.
Entrance: 40 SEK. Booking is required!
Tickets: boka@lilithperformancestudio.com
Place: Bragegatan 15, Malmö.
Lilith Performance Studio opens the new season 2011 by presenting the Israeli artist Einat Amir.
In recent years our possibilities to socialize has been simplified and changed dramatically, thanks to all the media that provides numerous meeting options.  We can read strangers’ diaries and view their family albums long before we get a closer contact. The conditions to form an opinion in advance of who the other person is has increased, along with the possibility of rejecting those whom we do not want have contact with. Einat Amirs new performance ”Enough About You” touches this subject. At Lilith Performance Studio Amir creates a sensuous venue and an observatory for physical encounters, which is controlled by a predetermined template. In the work she explores the meeting as a real action and as an image, from a traditional starting point of two people, face to face.
Einat Amir’s work is infused by a great interest in contemporary social – political issues. Amir efficiently sets the reality against the fiction and allows the viewer to take the responsibility of setting their own limits, by creating choices for them to be confronted with. An example is the work Ideal Viewer –Phase one, Phase two (2009), a two-phased series of performances that begins with actors hired from Craigslist to improvise three biographical archetypes in a neutral gallery space – a crying woman, an ex –boyfriend and an interpreter. After advertising the actors’ services in the gallery and online, the second phase effectively gave the reins to the audience, enabling intimate, unmediated encounters between performer and spectator in the spectators’ own private spaces.
Einat Amir (born in Jerusalem, 1979) currently lives in New York and works in the media of Video Installations and Live Performances. Amir’s work has been shown at; PS1 Contemporary Art Center New York; PERFORMA09, New York; Palais De Tokyo, Paris; The Kitchen, New York; VOLTA, Basel; VOLTA NY; Scaramouche Gallery, New York; Winzavod Art Center, Moscow; Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Israel; Haifa Museum of Art, Israel; Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv; CareOf gallery, Milan; Städtische Galerie, Bremen and Digital Art Center, Hulon, among other venues.
Lilith Performance Studio is the first combined production studio and arena for visual art performance in Europe. The studio originates new large-scale performances by inviting visual artist to create exceptional performance pieces in a close collaboration with the Studio, from conceptualization to presentation.

11. EVENT: No Budget Performance: A Stockholm Odyssey on Supermarket Art Fair
Dates: February 17-20, 2011; Source: Denis Romanovski

17-20 February 2011, at Kulturusset and on Sergels Torg, Stockholm
Performances daily, in various locations.
Check the website for full details:


Alexandra Kostrubala
Ingrid Cogne
Valeria Montti Colque
Vladan Jeremic
Gustaf Broms
Nils Claesson
Merzedes Sturm-Lie
Klas Eriksson
Windy Fur
Chuya Chia
Liisa Kruusmägi
Ingrid Cogne
Nongkran Panmongkol
Joakim Stampe
Niki Stampe Ödman
Anastasia Ax
Marja-Lena Sillanpää
Jannike Brantås
Denis Romanovski
Lisa Gideonsson
Gustaf Londré
Marius Moldvaer
Andreas Fägerskiöld
Hiroko Tsuchimoto
Ivan Bernholm
Sergels Torg
Tito Garcia Jorquera
Seeing White Hourses
Maline Casta
Lill-Marit Bugge
Örjan Wallert
BBB Johannes Deimling
Elin Wikström


12. WEBSITE: Acción!MAD
Date: unspecified; Source: Acción!MAD

Hello, We have a new website!! We have the same URL but with a new design and on-line subscription to the Efímera magazine.

Hugs, Acción!MAD


13. NEW RELEASE: liveartwork editions: Performance Saga
Date: unspecified; Source: Christopher Hewitt

liveartwork is pleased to announce a new DVD release:
liveartwork editions: Performance Saga

For details see: http://www.liveartwork.com/editions

This 4-disk DVD set contains video documentation from 28 separate performances that were presented during the Performance Saga series of festivals that took place in Bern (Dec. 2008), Lausanne (Feb. 2009) and Basel (April 2009), Switzerland.

The DVDs contain over six hours of video documentation including new performance works from some of the leading figures in international performance art.

The artists featured are: Alison Knowles (US) & Die Maulwerker (DE), Carolee Schneemann (US), Kate McIntosh (BE/NZ), Irene Loughlin (CA) & Jorge de Leon (GT), Gaspard Buma (CH), Peter Vittali (CH), Wagner-Feigl-Forschung (AT/DE), Martha Rosler (US), Muda Mathis (CH), Annie M. Sprinkle & Elizabeth M. Stephens (US), Sands Murray-Wassink & Robin Wassink-Murray (NL), Tania Bruguera (US/CU), Robin Deacon (UK), Katia Bassanini (CH/US), Stuart Brisley (UK), Monika Günther & Ruedi Schill (CH/DE), Markus Gössi (CH), Simone Rüssli (ES/CH), MIRZLEKID (CH), Andrea Saemann (CH), Esther Ferrer (FR), Hina Strüver (CH), Lena Eriksson (CH) & Varsha Nair (IN/TH).

Most of the individual videos are between 10 and 15 minutes in duration. Each disk also includes additional background information, contact details for each artist and texts from the writing workshops conducted by Open Dialogues in conjunction with the festivals.

Curated by Katrin Grögel and Andrea Saemann, Basel
DVD production by Christopher Hewitt / liveartwork

Total duration of DVD set: approx. 360 minutes
Audio: English/French/German with English/German subtitles
For full details see: http://www.liveartwork.com/editions/full_saga.htm

Ordering: To order, go to: www.liveartwork.com/editions/order.htm

liveartwork editions: Performance Saga is published on 4 DVD-R disks in PAL format and costs 24.99 Euros for individual orders and 94.99 Euros for institutional orders, plus postage. liveartwork DVD can be ordered online using PayPal, which accepts payment with most credit cards and bank transfers. Copies of all previous issues of liveartwork DVDs can also be ordered on the website.

14. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Stockholm Fringe
Dates: unspecified; Source: Victoria Stanton


Stockholm Fringe Fest (Stoff) are now looking for proposals from emerging artists whose work challenges and questions conventional artistic forms to perform at Stoff 22-28 August 2011!

Stoff is a festival that aims to support and promote cutting edge theatre and performance making. The Fest is foremost focused on promoting artists who have not yet found their feet in the industry however we also welcome submissions from established groups/individuals who promote innovation in their artistic work.

We are looking for:
-Theatre, dance and performance acts.
-Video, photo & installation art.
-Street & Circus performers.

How to be part of Stockholm Fringe Fest 2011
Stoff are welcoming applications from both groups and individuals whose work concerns and explores the possibilities of theatre, performance and installation making.  We are also welcoming street performers and young people (13 – 19yr) to this year’s festival.

To be considered for Stockholm Fringe Fest 2011 all applicants need to complete an application form along with submitting visual proof/s of their work before 20 March 2011. For further information and to download your application pack please go to http://www.stockholmfringe.com


15. WORKSHOPS: Winter 2011 Film and Digital Workshops
Registration now open; Source: LIFT

Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT)

The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) is an artist-run cultural and educational media arts organization dedicated to celebrating excellence in the moving image. Registration is now OPEN. Register early, space is limited. This season’s workshops include:

Professional tape-less workflow of LIFT's HD camera.

Celebrate 30 years of LIFT and 20 years of Kaeja d'Dance in this hands on workshop.

Expand the potential of cinema art with Arduino.

Learn the possibilities of making art with Pure Data.

View the complete workshop schedule online at: http://www.lift.on.ca/mt/workshops.html

LIFT is supported by its membership, Canada Council for the Arts (Media Arts Section), Ontario Arts Council, Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Government of Ontario and the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council.


16. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: encontros à volta da performance
Date: unspecified; Source: epipiderme
epipiderme, encontros à volta da performance (meetings around performance), started in November 2009, in Lisbon. It’s a regular programme focused on performance as artistic framework and a way of questioning contemporary art, aiming to encourage the practice and fruition of this real time expression.
By the lack of festivals and spaces to present Performance Art and/or Action Art in Portugal, we’ve been feeling the need to create a continuous programme that gathers and channels different proposals coming from people interested in developing this kind of artistic practices.
We’ve decided to create a monthly presentation cycle, which will offer the possibility, in a regular basis, of Portuguese and foreigner artists, emergent and established artists. The project covers not only the diffusion of the event but also the documentation and the theoretical framework of the actions. We welcome proposals for the presentation of performances, video performance, performance workshops or artistic residences.
We guarantee the spreading and presentation of the work to the Portuguese and international audience, as well as, the logistic accompaniment necessary for the accomplishment of the event. We do our best to take care of the accommodation and transfer of the artists (on demand).
(00351) 91 575 81 83
Rua da Palma 219, 5º ESQ
1100-995 Lisboa Portugal


17. ANNOUNCING: new PAS – Performance Art Studies web page
Date: unspecified; Source: BBB Johannes Deimling

Contemporary PAS – Performance Art Studies web page has been renewed!
Click here to reach the new PAS page: http://www.pas.bbbjohannesdeimling.de

You will find here more detailed information about our events, festivals and our core activity as PAS Studies:
# 19 / people are people 20. may – 1. june 2011 / Finland
# 20 / in context 17. – 29. august 2011 / Germany
# 21 / global communication 14. – 25. september 2011 (planned) / Poland
For me to you, event in Berlin in the end of March 2011 (soon more information in the new section!)


18. CALL TO APPLY: Master of Arts Degree Program in Live Art/Performance
Deadline date: February 25, 2011; Source: Helge Meyer

Master of Arts Degree Programme in Live Art and Performance Studies (LAPS) for 2009-2011 and 2011-2013
By MA Degree Programme in Performance and Theory

The language of instruction in the MA programme is English.

The MA Degree Programme in Live Art and Performance Studies is a meeting point for graduate students from different fields of art. It is intended for students of art with some experience of Live Art and performance art, who are interested in performance studies and want to develop their research skills alongside with their artistic practice.

The goal of the programme is to produce artists who are aware of tradition and look to the future, who are capable of creating new kinds of Live Art and performance art in the field of contemporary arts, and who will participate in the discourse generated by the international field of performance studies. The aim is to develop an interesting and productive relationship between theory and practice, and to combine critical thinking and open-minded experimentation in artistic work as well as practice based research.

The international Advisory Board of the MA Programme includes the following artists and scholars: PhD Ray Langebach, Dr. Heike Roms, Dr. Helge Meyer, Producer Christopher Hewitt, Performance Artist Roi Vaara, Performance Artist Irma Luhta

For admission information: http://www.teak.fi/general/Uploads_files/Application_guide_on_web_page.pdf
Degree requirements: http://www.teak.fi/general/Uploads_files/LAPS_Degree_requirements.pdf

Theatre Academy Helsinki
Visiting address: Haapaniemenkatu 6, 00530 Helsinki
Postal address: PL 163, 00531 Helsinki
Phone + 358 400 792 000
Fax + 358 9 4313 6200


19. AWARD: PSi Dwight Conquergood Award
Deadline date: March 1, 2011; Source: Laura Cull

Dwight Conquergood Award
Extended Deadline: March 1, 2011

Every year the board of PSi makes this award in honour of the memory of Dwight Conquergood to an individual whose work around cultural performance in some way carries a connection to Dwight´s own practice. The award covers the cost of attending the annual PSi conference, including travel, accommodation and registration fees.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who Can Apply?
The Dwight Conquergood Award will be given to an artist, an activist or an emerging academic conducting research or working on projects with disenfranchised communities. The award will be open to graduate students and early career researchers (three years since PhD) as well as to practitioners and community members themselves who might be working outside of educational or institutional structures. Only applicants who have already had their proposal for a presentation accepted by the organisers of the current PSi Conference are eligible to receive the award.

How to Apply?
Application for the DCA consists of a one page CV and a brief accompanying letter outlining your reasons for application and suitability for the award and the contact details of two referees. If the applicant is studying for a higher degree, please supply a letter from your supervisor about progress to date. If the applicant is a practitioner please supply a letter of support from someone who knows your previous work.

Applications for an award for 2011 should be sent to Laura Luise Schultz at: laura@hum.ku.dk

When to apply?
Deadline for applications is March 1, 2011. Any applications received after this date will not be considered.

What does the Award consist of?
If an airfare is involved, the award will only cover the cost of an economy airfare. Accommodation costs will be covered at a hotel to be agreed between the applicant and the board of PSi and only for the duration of the conference. The award covers the full cost of registration.

When will I know the result of my application?
A small committee consisting of the conference organizers and members of the PSi board will judge the Dwight Conquergood Award. Applicants will be advised within 8 weeks of the application being received by the board.

What happens if I win?
The award will be made every year at the AGM of the annual conference. Winners of the award must attend the conference and the AGM and should also participate in the meetings of the relevant PSi committee (eg. the emerging scholarship committee or the artistic committee).


Date: on newsstands January 14; Source: esse

Ever since artists have sought to bring art and everyday life closer together and turned the "mundane" into an important material of their practice, collecting -- a part of many people's activities -- has frequently been transformed into an artistic gesture. The collection of worthless objects, of diverse traces, or even concepts, has become the raw material of numerous artistic productions in which the observation and dissection of the real, inventorying and archiving play a dominant role.

Visit our web site at http://esse.ca/en/revue/inventories for more details about our new issue.


21. EVENT: L’Orchestre d’Hommes-Orchestres performs Tom Waits
Dates: March 2-March 5, 2011; Source: Theatre Centre

The Theatre Centre presents L’Orchestre d’Hommes-Orchestres performs Tom Waits
Wednesday March 2 – Saturday March 5, 7.30pm

The multi-instrumentalists from Quebec City return to Toronto following sell-out shows in 2010.

Armed with nearly 100 objects as invented instruments, L’Orchestre d’Hommes-Orchestres perform – in madcap scenes of unbridled energy – a powerful tribute to the world of Tom Waits. L’Orchestre d’Hommes-Orchestres offer an event worthy of a carnival show or musical circus.

Check-out them online http://www.youtube.com/TheTheatreCentre1

TO BOOK $25: 416-538-0988, http://www.ticketweb.ca
The Theatre Centre, 1087 Queen Street West, Toronto


22. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: ComPeung Grant 2011!
Deadline date: March 31, 2011; ComPeung

We are pleased to advertise the ComPeung Grant 2011!
Due to the success of the 2 grants we were able to give out last year our private grant donor has agreed to continue providing the means for 2 grants in 2011. We are calling for applications for 2 one-month ComPeung AiR artist grants for 2011. The 2 residencies are scheduled for September/October 2011.

Each of the 2 grants cover:
-Air ticket to/from artist’s home country
-Transportation to/from Chiang Mai International Airport
-Small artist fee
-3 home-cooked meals per day
Interested artists are to apply online only by providing:
-ComPeung Application Form (http://www.compeung.org/_images/ComPeungApplicationGrant2011.doc)
-Preliminary proposal of her/his work or project to be undertaken during the grant residency
-Curriculum Vitae (2 pages A4)
-Max 10 images of the work
-Links to sound, video/animation work and/or artist websites
-All documents are to be merged into a single pdf file (not exceeding 5 MB).

Disciplines & Media (open list)
Visual Arts, Media, Architecture, Performing Arts, Literature, Music
Grant application deadline: 31 March 2011. Late applications won’t be considered.
Applications are to be sent to: compeung@yahoo.com
Grant notifications will be emailed by end of May 2011.


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