FADO E-LIST (May 2010)

FADO May 2010 E-bulletin

1. UPCOMING AT FADO: Alastair MacLennan
Date: May 12, 2010
2. EVENT: Present Response
Dates: May 6-8, 2010
3. SYMPOSIUM: A Symposium on Teaching and Learning Performance Art
Date: May 10, 2010
4. EVENT: Hamilton Artists Inc. and FADO present Alastair MacLennan
Date: May 14, 2010
5. WORKSHOP: Film and Video Installation Design (RESCHEDULED)
Date change to May 6 and 11; Source: LIFT
6. EVENT: Interakcje Festival
Dates: May 10-14, 2010; Source: Angel Pastor
7. EVENT: Performance Stammtisch
May 9-10, 2010; Source: Dominik Walther
8. EVENT: Performance project/series by Claudia Wittmann 
Dates: various, see below; Source: Claudia Wittmann
9. EVENT: The Life of Galileo with Tracy Wright
Date: May 30, 2010; Source: Erika Hennebury
10. EVENT: Performance Studies International Conference 2010
Dates: June 9-11, 2010; Source: Laura Levin
Date: now; Source: Neil Callaghan
12. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Art Spin (Toronto)
Deadline date: passed but still open; Source: Rui Pimenta
13. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Performance Mix Festival
Deadline date: June 1, 2010; Source: Karen Bernard
1. UPCOMING AT FADO: Alastair MacLennan
Date: May 12, and various dates (see below)
FADO Performance Art Centre is pleased to present
DONE NODE by Alastair MacLennan
May 12, 2010
3pm – 8pm
It’s been 10 years since Alastair MacLennan’s rigorous and unique style of performance installation has been presented in Toronto. FADO is once again pleased to present a new performance work (and other activities) by one of the UK’s most respected performance artists.
Alastair MacLennan will perform a new 5-hour performance installation DONE NODE on Wednesday May 12, from 3-8pm in Butterfield Park at the Ontario College of Art & Design.
In 1997 Alastair MacLennan represented Ireland at the Venice Biennale with an inter-media work commemorating the names of all those who died as a result of the Political Troubles in Northern Ireland from 1969 to date. During the 1970s and 1980s he made long, non-stop durational performances in Britain and America of up to 144 hours each, usually neither eating nor sleeping throughout. Subject matter he deals with in his work addresses political, social, and cultural malfunction.
He was a founder member of Belfast’s Art and Research Exchange and since 1975 he has taught at the University of Ulster and for 11 years he ran the Postgraduate Fine Art programme in Belfast. He travels extensively in Eastern and Western Europe, America, and Canada, presenting actuations (his term for performance/installations) and he has been a member of Black Market International since 1989. MacLennan is currently an Emeritus Professor of Fine Art at the University of Ulster, Belfast, N. Ireland, UK, an Honorary Fellow of Dartington College of Arts, Devon, England, UK and an Honorary Associate of the National Review of Live Art, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.
FADO is proud to support and be a part of the team of curators and organizers hosting the roster of Alastair Maclennan’s upcoming activities in Sarnia, Toronto and Hamilton.
2. EVENT: Present Response
Dates: May 6-8, 2010; Source: Akimbo
Present Response: A Performance Art Event at Gallery Lambton in Sarnia
May 6, 7 & 8, 2010
Guest Curator Paul Couillard and featuring
Alastair MacLennan, Belfast:  Node to Ode
Margaret Dragu, Vancouver:  VERB WOMAN: a kaleidoscopic history
Aiyyana Maracle, Caledon:  ndn wars are alive, and ... well?
For Present Response, guest curator Paul Couillard has invited three renowned performance artists to create new solo works in Sarnia. He has chosen three artists who use quite different strategies to develop an experience they can share with an audience. This event features artists from various places with very different backgrounds. Because performance art is something that is not recognized as an everyday occurrence in Sarnia, Couillard has brought together artists whose work offers a variety of access points, unfolding on multiple levels without either sacrificing complexity or appealing only to a select, specialized audience. On the surface, then, these three projects may appear to be quite distinct from each other, dealing with a variety of issues and unfolding in different ways. What links them however, are some key elements that speak to the importance of performance art as a medium of expression and a way of being in the world.
Thursday May 6, 7:00 pm:
This evening will feature a curatorial statement followed by short "performative" talks by each of the artists. The artists will be happy to answer questions following their talks, and there will also be a reception where audience members can meet and talk to the artists on a more informal basis.
Friday May 7, 6:00 - 9:00 pm:
This "First Friday" event will feature three simultaneous performance projects. Each performance will take place at a different location in downtown Sarnia and last for several hours. The works are designed for a roving audience: feel free to watch for as long as you wish, move on to another location, and return later to see how each of the works unfolds over time.
Saturday May 8: 1:00 - 3:00 pm:
On Saturday, you are invited to a "performance jam" hosted by the curator and three artists featured in Present Response. Not quite as rigid as a workshop, but more focused than an "open mike" or improv night, this afternoon event offers local artists an opportunity to develop performance images alongside and in collaboration with the visiting artists. Audience members are free to watch, to get involved in the image-making process, or to talk with the visiting artists as they work. The afternoon will focus on developing sensitivity to time, space and each other's presence in the space as we work through the process of making images that involve our bodies.
3. SYMPOSIUM: A Symposium on Teaching and Learning Performance Art
Date: May 10, 2010
Presented by FADO Performance Art Centre
Sponsored and hosted by OCAD
Monday May 10, 2010
OCAD (100 McCaul Street)
Room 284
Symposium originally referred to a drinking party (the Greek verb ‘sympotein’ means "to drink together") but has since come to refer to any academic conference or a style of university class characterized by an openly discursive format, rather than a lecture and question-answer format.
Alastair MacLennan
Performance Artist
Emeritus Professor in Fine Art, University of Ulster, Belfast, N.Ireland
Marilyn Arsem
Performance Artist
Regular Full-time Faculty in Performance, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Paul Couillard
Performance Artist, SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship, York University, Toronto
Margaret Dragu
Performance Artist
Sessional Faculty, Faculty of Culture + Community, Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Vancouver BC
Jess Dobkin
Performance Artist
Johanna Householder
Performance Artist
Professor, Performance Art Studies, OCAD
Cheryl L’Hirondelle
Performance Artist
Sessional Faculty, Performance Art, OCAD
Tanya Mars
Performance Artist
Senior Lecturer, Department of Visual and Performing Arts, University of Toronto Scarborough
Pam Patterson
Performance Artist
Sessional Faculty in Art & Design Education, OCAD
Associate Researcher/Director, WIAprojects (interdisciplinary feminist arts program at CWSE/OISE/UT)
4. EVENT: Hamilton Artists Inc. and FADO present Alastair MacLennan
Date: May 14, 2010
Hamilton Artists Inc. and FADO present
NO NOU ME NON by Alastair MacLennan
7pm - 10pm
During the James Street North Artcrawl
161 James St North, Hamilton
5. WORKSHOP: Film and Video Installation Design (RESCHEDULED)
DATE CHANGE to May 6 and 11; Source: LIFT
Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT)

Registration: Phone-in Credit Card (416.588.6444) or in person (1137 Dupont Street, at Gladstone Ave.)

*** RESCHEDULED to Thursday May 6 and Tuesday May 11 ***
This workshop will survey the critical impulse proposed by the moving image installation's occupation of space, rather than time, and in doing so will also unpack strategies of space in expanded cinema and single-screen films. Moving beyond the deployment of film and video installation as a genre trope which forsakes temporality in order to serve a mobile viewership, we will not ask how artists can occupy and access exhibitions sites, but rather, how a reshaping of those same sites can emerge from the projects proposed by the workshop participants. INSTRUCTOR: Images Festival’s Programmer JACOB KORCZYNSKI
LIFT is Canada's foremost artist-run centre for independent filmmakers. LIFT is supported by its membership, Canada Council for the Arts (Media Arts Section), the Ontario Arts Council, Ontario Trillium Foundation and Toronto Arts Council. 
6. EVENT: Interakcje Festival
Dates: May 10-14, 2010; Source: Angel Pastor
Guest curators of 2010 edition:
Malgorzata Butterwick & Angel Pastor (Poland/Spain)
Curators/Organizers: Piotr Gajda, Gordian Piec

We wish to propose a new (or maybe so far neglected?) point of view on art (specifically performance art!) as a function in human life - without imposing any “subject” or topical discourse. Is it possible to widen a theoretical perspective with complex issues and actually unblock a more honest and artist-friendly way to address a creative process? Yes!

Click here for curatorial text http://www.malgosiab.net/interakcje2010/curatorial_text.html

For more information on the festival, invited artists and our project see publicity materials, click here: http://www.interakcje.org/
Robert Alda (Norway/Poland)
Hilario Alvarez (Spain)
John Boehme (Canada)
Alberto Caballero (Spain) - theorician - talk on 14th May
Joan Casellas (Spain)
Nieves Correa (Spain)
Kana Fukushima (Japan)
Fausto Grossi (Spain/Italy)
Kurt Johanessen (Norway)
Sandra Johnston (Northern Ireland)
Carlos Llavata (Spain)
Rita Marhaug (Norway)
Martin Molinaro (Argentina)
Lucas Murgida (USA)
Jakub Palacz (Poland)
Waldemar Piórko (Poland)
Anne Seagrave (UK/Ireland)
Barbara Sturm (Switzerland)
Marcus Vinicius (Brasil)
Grupa Restauracja Europa (Poland)
Przemysław Kwiek (Poland)
Jan Świdziński (Poland)
Eglantine Chaumont (Belgium)
Marcio Shimabukuro (Brasil)
Drifting Book - action in the city space 
Warszawa, Galeria Działa
curators: Fredo Ojda, Wojciech Kwiatek
ARTISTS: Kana Fukushima (Japan), Lucas Murgida (USA), Marcus Vinicius (Brasil) and Drifting Book action
MAY 15
Bielsko Biała, Galeria Bielska BWA
curator: Dariusz Fodczuk
ARTISTS: Robert Alda (Norway), Grupa Restauracja Europa (Poland), Sandra Johnston (Northern Ireland), Rita Marhaug (Norway) (event is associated with the Night of Museums)
MAY 15 + 16
Kraków, Cervantes Institute – AKCJA/ACCIÓN - in collaboration with Cervantes Institute (supporting Spanish-speaking artists) and Fine Arts Academy in Kraków Intermedia Dept.
curators: Angel Pastor, Artur Tajber, Arti Grabowski 
MAY 15
Biennale Club
curator: Adam Klimczak
ARTISTS: Kana Fukushima (Japan), Przemysaw Kwiek (Poland), Lucas Murgida (USA) 
7. EVENT: Performance Stammtisch
May 9-10, 2010; Source: Dominik Walther
May 9, 2010
Performance: 19h
Gisela Hochuli
Barbara Sturm
Boris Nieslony
Kulturpalast Wedding, Freienwalder 20 Wedding, Berlin
Next Stammtisch is coming up QUICK, it is almost here. We have this for you: a performance by our longtime friends and collaborators Joy and Janine aka Eisenächer/HArfder CLAIMS: Waiting for #2, and a video by Romy and Maxim Northover of their performanc "My Expensive Baby". All this plus general merrymaking will take place next Monday, May 10 at Flutgraben e.V., Am Flutgraben 3 - 12435 Berlin (U Schlesisches Tor, S Treptower Park). The gallery is on the third floor, and we hope to see you there. Doors open at 19.30, the performances begin roughly around 20.00, admission is 4 EUR for guests, and free for Stamtisch members. Speaking of which, members: Your new GOLDEN membership cards are ready. So be sure to drop by.
Eisenaecher/Harder CLAIMS - "Waiting For...#2"

In their performance series "Waiting For Cargo" Eisenaecher/Harder CLAIMS examine artistically the Southern-Pacific phenomenon of "Cargo Cults" and the Brazilian concept of "Antropophagia" (cannibalism) in relation to "work". In "Waiting For..." both performance artists now dedicate themselves to the process of "waiting" as structuring element of performance, as attitude and starting point for creating a non-totalitarian idea of utopia.

The first two performances of the new series "Waiting For..." will be built on top of each other and will be presented on May 9th within the frame of Unforeseen III at Kulturpalast Wedding (#1) and on May 10th within the frame of Performer Stammtisch at Flutgraben (#2). The second performance will be developed on the basis of the research results of the first with the same material in another space.
For further information http://www.eatwork.de
8. EVENT: Performance project/series by Claudia Wittmann 
Dates: various, see below; Source: Claudia Wittmann
ce projet commence alors que je me sens castrée
this project starts as i am feeling castrated
Unit 102- 46 Noble Street (Queen/Brock), Toronto
Remaining dates:
Saturday May 15, 4pm (pwyc)
Friday May 21, 7:30pm (pwyc)
Friday June 18, 4pm (pwyc)
Saturday June 19, 4pm (pwyc)
Friday June 25, 4pm (pwyc)
Thursday July 8, 8pm (pwyc)
Friday July 9, 8pm (pwyc)
Saturday July 10, 6pm (pwyc)
Please contact Simal at castree2@gmail.com for information regarding times
this project is about self-betrayal
i am working from the twists in my being that push me away from my core. this project is about self-betrayal and gender identity. En d’autres mots, que et qui suis-je en train de trahir?
9. EVENT: The Life of Galileo with Tracy Wright
Date: May 30, 2010; Source: Erika Hennebury
Small Wooden Shoe stages a reading of
A new translation of Bertolt Brecht’s The Life of Galileo
Featuring Tracy Wright as Galileo 
and a once-in-a-lifetime all-star cast
A PWYC benefit for the Actors' Fund of Canada
Sunday, May 30 at 7 p.m. at Convocation Hall, Toronto
For one night only, on Sunday, May 30, acclaimed experimental theatre company Small Wooden Shoe presents an extraordinary and historic performance of a timeless play for an important cause. Tracy Wright, one of Canada's greatest film and theatre actors, stars in the title role of a new Canadian translation of Brecht’s Life of Galileo, presented in a special staged reading with a cast of groundbreaking Canadian theatre artists, filmmakers and musicians. 

Joining Wright in this landmark event are Andrea Davis, Andrea Donaldson, Ann-Marie MacDonald, Brendan Gall, Cara Gee, Caroline Gillis, Christopher Stanton, Clinton Walker, Daniel MacIvor, Darren O'Donnell, Don McKellar, Earl Pastko, Erin Shields, Evan Webber, Fiona Highet, Frank Cox-O’Connell, Gregory Prest, Guillermo Verdecchia, Lyon Smith, Michelle Polak, Nadia Ross, Ravi Jain, Richard Allen Campbell, Robin Fulford, Scott Montgomery and Tony Nappo. This group of collaborators spans several generations of great Toronto independent and contemporary theatre makers coming together for one night only. Toronto musicians including Laura Barrett and Matt Murphy provide the live soundtrack to this momentous event.
The event is a reading and a celebration. All proceeds go to The Actors’ Fund of Canada (actorsfund.ca). With over 10,000 professional members, The Actors’ Fund provides emergency financial aid to assist cultural workers in recovering from an illness, injury or other circumstances causing severe economic and personal hardship.
Brecht's play pushes beyond the story of Galileo that we all know – that of a great scientist prosecuted by the ignorant Church and nobly recanting in order to write his 'world-changing masterwork' in secret – to question the legend that has emerged around this controversial figure. Completed after the horrors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Brecht's Life of Galileo lays bare the notion of scientific research and progress 'for its own sake'. It proposes a social and ethical responsibility for scientists and intellectuals that remains radical in these days of venture capital science and economic justifications. Forcefully asking what the role of the intellectual and thinker is in relation to power and the status quo, Life of Galileo stands as a vitally important drama.
Co-founder of the Augusta Company (with Daniel Brooks and Don McKellar), collaborator with Nadia Ross’s STO Union and Jacob Wren’s PME-ART, Tracy Wright has been a muse and performer for many film and theatre makers including Daniel MacIvor (A Beautiful View, You Are Here and new film Trigger, directed by Bruce McDonald), Miranda July (You, Me and Everyone We Know) and Don McKeller (Last Night, Twitch City, Blindness, Child Star). Wright is a magnetic and powerful performer, bringing forth one of the most complex, challenging and powerful roles in modern theatre.
The Life of Galileo
A Small Wooden Shoe project
Directed by Jacob Zimmer with Brendan Healy
Translated by Birgit Schreyer Duarte with Jacob Zimmer
Video Design by Trevor Schwellnus
Artistic Producer: Erika Hennebury
Sunday May 30, 7 p.m. 
Convocation Hall
PYWC (donations accepted for The Actors Fund of Canada) 
For more information visit 
10. EVENT: Performance Studies International Conference 2010
Dates: June 9-11, 2010; Source: Laura Levin
Performing Publics is the first official performance studies conference to be held in Canada. The conference is organized by York University and the Ontario College of Art and Design in collaboration with Performance Studies international, the largest international group of performance studies scholars that meets each year in a different world city. The conference will bring together for the first time many of Canada's top scholars working on performance from   different disciplinary perspectives (including theatre, visual arts, anthropology, environmental studies, cultural studies) and will expose international researchers to vibrant traditions of Canadian performance scholarship. The conference itself will theorize the relationship between performance, "official" public culture, and the production of what Michael Warner calls "counter-publics," social formations developed in opposition to the discourses and interests of the official public sphere. As such, it will explore the coming together of individuals as a social totality -- as a community, nation, organization -- and the enactment of "public" as a form of social activism, as a means of rehearsing, querying, and producing alternative forms of local and global citizenship. In both contexts, performance has the potential to frame affective and critically nuanced responses to public events, issues and crises and thus to model politically and ethically engaged forms of public life. The conference also seeks to problematize the idea of "publics" as it has been applied to performance by exploring the limitations of this term and the kinds of social exclusions that it often has been used to rationalize.
The conference runs from June 9-13, 2010, and will primarily take place at the Ontario College of Art & Design.
For more information or to register for the conference, please go to our website: http://psi16.com
Date: now; Source: Neil Callaghan
DISTANCE a weekend of performances over distance 
19-20 June 2010

Distance has always been a part of our lives. Now, more than ever, we are expected to negotiate the complexities of near and far. From conquistador to ryanair to skype to pilgrimage to chatroom to your neighbour's front door, a multitude of choices now affect how we experience and engage with people and places across the world and across the street. As technology offers instant presence and lifestyle choices increase in complexity, what are our relationships to distance? How do we live with absence, intimacy and speed? When do we desire to close the gap and when do we need to create it? 
We are inviting artists locally, regionally and internationally to explore ideas relating to distance. We are particularly interested in performance, interactive and time-based proposals that will engage with live audiences. Artists who would like to submit a proposal should download an application form from the website: 

12. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Art Spin (Toronto)
Deadline date: passed but still open; Source: Rui Pimenta
Art Spin is looking for submissions from artists in all fields.
Art Spin is a bicycle led art crawl style tour of art galleries, art performances and artist's studios. This interactive and exciting community based art event will take place on the last Thursday of the month from June until September 2010 in Toronto. 
We are currently accepting submissions from artists in all fields and disciplines (music, dance, theater, performance art, new media, installation etc.) Individual performances will last around 15 minutes and artists are encouraged to find site-specific public/alternative spaces in and around the Trinity Bellwoods Park neighbourhood in which to hold their performances.
Artist fees will be paid.
Deadline: Friday, May 7, 2010 
Please send submissions or questions to: info@mediancontemporary.com
13. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Performance Mix Festival
Deadline date: June 1, 2010; Source: Karen Bernard
Performance Mix Festival 2011 application on-line and due (postmarked) June 1st.
New Dance Alliances 25th Anniversary Performance Mix Festival presents experimental dance and interdisciplinary performance from New York City, across the U.S. and Canada and beyond.
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