FADO E-LIST (April 2010)


1. UPCOMING AT FADO: Alastair MacLennan
Date: May 12, and various dates (see below)
2. EVENT: Present Response
Dates: May 6-8, 2010; Source: akimbo
3. SYMPOSIUM: A Symposium on Teaching and Learning Performance Art
Date: May 10, 2010
4. EVENT: Hamilton Artists Inc. and FADO present Alastair MacLennan
Date: May 14, 2010
5. EVENT: A History of Performance Art in 20 Minutes
Date: June 10, 2010
6. NEW WRITING: on the FADO website from recent FADO projects
7. LAUNCHED: Nordic Tantrum
Date: right now!; Source: Agnes Nedregard
8. EVENT: Performance Mix Festival 2010
Dates: April 13-18, 2010; Source: New Dance Alliance
9. CALLS FOR PROPOSALS: Performing Arts Conference
Date: August 19-22, 2010; Source: PerformingArts
10. EVENT: Performance project/series by Claudia Wittmann
Dates: various, see below; Source: Claudia Wittmann
11. EVENT: Hospitality 2: Gradually This Overview
Dates: April 23-May 16, 2010; Source: PME-ART
12. JOB: Gallery Assitant at articule Deadline date: April 30, 2010; Source: articule
13. EVENT: La Bas Biennale
Date: April 22-25, 2010; Source: Peter Grzybowski
14. EVENT: Le Lieu Performance
Date: April 22-23, 2010: Source: Le Lieu
15. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Pow! Pow! Pow! 2010 Action Art Festival
Deadline date: May 1, 2010; Source: Guillermo Galindo
Deadline date: May 3, 2010; Source: Naomi Campbell
17. EVENT: 8th Festival Art Action
Date: May 13-15, 2010; Source: Nicola Frangione
18. OTHER READING: In Time: A Collection of Live Art Case Studies
Source: Artsadmin E-Digest


1. UPCOMING AT FADO: Alastair MacLennan
Date: May 12, and various dates (see below)

FADO Performance Art Centre is pleased to present
DONE NODE by Alastair MacLennan

May 12, 2010
3pm – 8pm

DONE NODE is a 5-hour actuation (performance/installation), which will take place at Butterfield Park at the Ontario College of Art & Design.

In 1997 Alastair MacLennan represented Ireland at the Venice Biennale with an inter-media work commemorating the names of all those who died as a result of the Political Troubles in Northern Ireland from 1969 to date. During the 1970s and 1980s he made long, non-stop durational performances in Britain and America of up to 144 hours each, usually neither eating nor sleeping throughout. Subject matter he deals with in his work addresses political, social, and cultural malfunction.

He was a founder member of Belfast’s Art and Research Exchange and since 1975 he has taught at the University of Ulster and for 11 years he ran the Postgraduate Fine Art programme in Belfast. He travels extensively in Eastern and Western Europe, America, and Canada, presenting actuations (his term for performance/installations) and he has been a member of Black Market International since 1989. MacLennan is currently an Emeritus Professor of Fine Art at the University of Ulster, Belfast, N. Ireland, UK, an Honorary Fellow of Dartington College of Arts, Devon, England, UK and an Honorary Associate of the National Review of Live Art, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.


A primary function of art is to bridge our spiritual and physical worlds. Through crass materialism we have reduced art to cultural real estate. Actual creativity can be neither bought nor sold, though its husks, shells and skins often are. It is possible in art to use meta systems without over-reliance on physical residue and attendant marketplace hustling, jockeying and squabblings. Art is the demonstrated wish and will to resolve conflict through action, be it spiritual, religious, political, personal, social or cultural. To heal is to make whole.

As well as ecology of natural environment, there is ecology of mind and spirit. Each is a layer of the other, interfused, three in one. The challenge for us today is to live this intergration. Already we are late. Time we have is not so vital as time we make.

~Alastair MacLennan

FADO is proud to support and be a part of the team of curators and organizers hosting the roster of Alastair Maclennan’s upcoming activities in Sarnia, Toronto and Hamilton.


2. EVENT: Present Response
Dates: May 6-8, 2010; Source: akimbo

Present Response: A Performance Art Event at Gallery Lambton in Sarnia
May 6, 7 & 8, 2010

Guest Curator Paul Couillard and featuring

Alastair MacLennan, Belfast:  Node to Ode
Margaret Dragu, Vancouver:  VERB WOMAN: a kaleidoscopic history
Aiyyana Maracle, Caledon:  ndn wars are alive, and ... well?

For Present Response, guest curator Paul Couillard has invited three renowned performance artists to create new solo works in Sarnia. He has chosen three artists who use quite different strategies to develop an experience they can share with an audience. This event features artists from various places with very different backgrounds. Because performance art is something that is not recognized as an everyday occurrence in Sarnia, Couillard has brought together artists whose work offers a variety of access points, unfolding on multiple levels without either sacrificing complexity or appealing only to a select, specialized audience. On the surface, then, these three projects may appear to be quite distinct from each other, dealing with a variety of issues and unfolding in different ways. What links them however, are some key elements that speak to the importance of performance art as a medium of expression and a way of being in the world.

Thursday May 6, 7:00 pm:

This evening will feature a curatorial statement followed by short "performative" talks by each of the artists. The artists will be happy to answer questions following their talks, and there will also be a reception where audience members can meet and talk to the artists on a more informal basis.

Friday May 7, 6:00 - 9:00 pm:

This "First Friday" event will feature three simultaneous performance projects. Each performance will take place at a different location in downtown Sarnia and last for several hours. The works are designed for a roving audience: feel free to watch for as long as you wish, move on to another location, and return later to see how each of the works unfolds over time.

Saturday May 8: 1:00 - 3:00 pm:

On Saturday, you are invited to a "performance jam" hosted by the curator and three artists featured in Present Response. Not quite as rigid as a workshop, but more focused than an "open mike" or improv night, this afternoon event offers local artists an opportunity to develop performance images alongside and in collaboration with the visiting artists. Audience members are free to watch, to get involved in the image-making process, or to talk with the visiting artists as they work. The afternoon will focus on developing sensitivity to time, space and each other's presence in the space as we work through the process of making images that involve our bodies.

For more information: http://www.akimbo.ca/events/?id=18944&day=6&month=5&year=2010


3. SYMPOSIUM: A Symposium on Teaching and Learning Performance Art
Date: May 10, 2010

Presented by FADO Performance Art Centre
Sponsored and hosted by OCAD

Symposium originally referred to a drinking party (the Greek verb ‘sympotein’ means "to drink together") but has since come to refer to any academic conference or a style of university class characterized by an openly discursive format, rather than a lecture and question-answer format.

[thank you again Wikipedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Academic_conference


Alastair MacLennan
Performance Artist
Emeritus Professor in Fine Art, University of Ulster, Belfast, N.Ireland

Marilyn Arsem
Performance Artist
Regular Full-time Faculty in Performance, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Paul Couillard
Performance Artist, SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship, York University, Toronto

Margaret Dragu
Performance Artist
Sessional Faculty, Faculty of Culture + Community, Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Vancouver BC
Jess Dobkin
Performance Artist

 (Johanna Householder
Performance Artist
Professor, Performance Art Studies, OCAD

Cheryl L’Hirondelle
Performance Artist
Sessional Faculty, Performance Art, OCAD

Tanya Mars
Performance Artist
Senior Lecturer, Department of Visual and Performing Arts, University of Toronto Scarborough

Pam Patterson
Performance Artist
Sessional Faculty in Art & Design Education, OCAD
Associate Researcher/Director, WIAprojects (interdisciplinary feminist arts program at CWSE/OISE/UT)


4. EVENT: Hamilton Artists Inc. and FADO present Alastair MacLennan
Date: May 14, 2010

Hamilton Artists Inc. and FADO present
NO NOU ME NON by Alastair MacLennan

7pm - 10pm

During the James Street North Artcrawl
161 James St North, Hamilton



5. EVENT: A History of Performance Art in 20 Minutes
Date: June 10, 2010

FADO Performance Art Centre and Gallery TPW present Guillaume Desanges
Child’s Play (exhibition)
June 10-19, 2010

A History of Performance in 20 Minutes (a performance lecture)
Thursday June 10, 7:30pm
Reception to follow

To coincide with the Performance Studies International symposium, FADO Performance Art Centre and Gallery TPW are pleased to present work by French curator and critic Guillaume Désanges. A History of Performance in 20 Minutes is a performative lecture presenting a concise history of the representation of the body in art. The performance-lecture aims to divide the history of performance into ten gestures - appearing, receiving,

holding back, escaping, aiming, falling, crying, biting, empting oneself and disappearing – all enacted and subjectively discussed.

Accompanying the performance is Désanges’ exhibition Child’s Play. The work is the outcome of a workshop with seven Romanian children in 2008. The impetus for the workshop was an assertion that the history of performance art be read as a history of silence rather than discourse – a pre-linguistic history of primary gestures. Perhaps the experience of childhood is closest to this impulse in performance/body art. During the workshop, the kids replayed and interpreted more than fifty iconic performances, including gestures from Futurism and Dada to Paul McCarthy and Francis Alys. The resulting videos and drawings embody the immediate energy, humor, and embrace of the experiential experiment that is essential for an understanding of performance and body art.


6. NEW WRITING: on the FADO website from recent FADO projects

Paul Couillard on Monika Günther and Ruedi Schill:
Ritual Communication and Body Doubles: Attending (to) the Work of Monika Günther and Ruedi Schill

Laura Paolini on Escapist Action: Performance in Recession (curated by Don Simmons)


7. LAUNCHED: Nordic Tantrum
Date: right now!; Source: Agnes Nedregard

Finally, what we have all been waiting for: the launch of NORDIC TANTRUM! http://www.nordictantrum.org Nordic Tantrum is a web forum for Nordic performance art. We invite you to read up on, research, comment and discuss current issues on the Nordic performance art scene. You will find: - writings on issues concerning the Nordic Performance Art scene - featured videos of work by Nordic Performance artists - links to articles and reviews of Nordic Performance Art and issues of relevance discussed other places - listings of performance artists, venues and organizations in each of the Nordic countries - links to international resources - and lots of space for you to comment, shout out, to unleash your tantrum! We launch with two newly commissioned texts, -Performance art in Denmark- An overview, by Ulla Hvejsel and Molly Haslund -Interview with Hannes Lárusson by Ásmundur Ásmundsson from Iceland and editor's rantings: -Welcome to Nordic Tantrum, by Marie Askeland Gundersen -Why Unpredictability Is Important, by Agnes Nedregard Browse through and get engaged!! And please send us your links to your organization or artists' web page, and we will put it on our lists.
Best regards Agnes Nedregard, current editor Nordic Tantrum project was started by Anne-Marte Rygh in 2007 when she launched www.performancekunst.no, which is our predecessor site. Thanks to Anne-Marte for making this project possible! We have collected all articles that Anne-Marte commissioned on Nordic Tantrum. (tantrum: – noun, a violent demonstration of rage or frustration; a sudden burst of ill temper. /dictionary.com