FADO E-LIST (November 2008)

1. EVENT: gender/Troubling
Date: November 25-30, 2008; Source: Pam Patterson
2. EVENT: ASIATOPIA: International Performance Art Festival (Bangkok, Thailand)
Dates: October 31-November 30, 2008; Source: PERFORMANCELOGÍA
3. EVENT: PME-ART presents: Hospitality 3 – Individualism was a Mistake
Dates: November 19-22, 2008; Source: Sylvie Lachance
4. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Excursions: Performance Festival (Limerick, Ireland)
Dates: January 22-January 24, 2009; Source: Kenny McBride
5. WORKSHOP: hum presents Sound and Movement Improvisation
Date: November 22, 2008; Source: Erika Hennebury
6. EVENT: Art Happens 8
Date: November 26, 2008; Source: Clive Robertson
7. EVENT: Performance Saga Festival – BONE 11
Dates: December 3–6, 2008: Source: Andrea Saemann
8. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: VIVA! Art Action 2nd Edition
Dates: Deadline is December 5, 2008; Source: Popstart (www.popstart.ca)
9. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Grace Exhibition Space
Dates: undefined: Source: Jill McDermid
10. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: stromereien Performance Festival
Date: Deadline December 19, 2008; Source: Bettina Holzhausen




EVENT: gender/Troubling
Date: November 25-30, 2008; Source: Pam Patterson

Curated by Pam Patterson with Serena Lee

Dates: November 25-30, 2008
Reception and screening: Sat November 29, 7-10PM
Performance and artists in conversation: Sunday November 30, 2PM

Co-sponsored by Women in Action (CWSE/OISE/UT), XPACE Cultural Centre, and the AGO Youth Council (presenting ShiftChange) with Toronto video, film, and new media artists Loree Erickson, Spy Dénommé-Welch, Jo SiMalaya Alcampo, Alexandra Hazisavvas and fibre artist, Frances Mahon, with a performance by Claudia Wittmann.

Gender bend, gender blend-Oh ! Have we got trouble! The fun, sexxy, hot, meets “voguing”-What a "drag"! Get rid of those binaries! Engage with life-sized on the wall grls/gys and video & film by native-tranny-poly-queer-gimp-homo-gender-b(l)enders. Perform (or critique) a new persona at the gallery site, see a performance and a portable gender-abled potty, and workshop, in conversation, with the artists on site. Play with where you stand (or pass?)…anything is dizzyingly possible.

XPACE Cultural Centre
58 Ossington Ave, Toronto

Open Tuesday to Saturday 12-6 pm



EVENT: ASIATOPIA: International Performance Art Festival (Bangkok, Thailand)
Dates: October 31-November 30, 2008; Source: PERFORMANCELOGÍA

In 1998, when Asiatopia performance Art Festival started in a very small Wang Saranrom Palace Park, opposite Wat Poh, no one has ever thought of the festival will grow and run strong until today-a 10 year old international art festival in Thailand.

This year, November 2008, the newly open Bangkok Art and Culture Center and the Concrete House are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Asiatopia International Performance Art Festival, with a month long marathon performances of over 100 world famous artists from around the globe. This grand event is also to celebrate the opening of the first contemporary art museum of Bangkok.

1.Live Performances will take place every Friday evening to Sunday evening of all 5 weekends of November. There will be more than 100 artists from 31 countries take turn each weekend at the Bangkok art center.

2.Performance Exhibition; books, images, DVD shows and projection, about festivals around the world. Artists Materials used since 10 years ago at the collection of Asiatopia, texts, photos documents.

3.Symposium and lectures; One of Asiatopia's main aims is to create and foster artist linkages and cooperation in the region. SE Asia Performance Art Symposium is being held first time in 2005, focuses on events and movements in the region. This year the discussion out for 4 week-ends, to hear organizers of event held in this region or about the situation in their countries. Two artists lectures, Helge Meyer will discuss his thesis on Pain in performance, and Kosit Juntaratip will address his thesis on body as media. Also Rolf Hinterecker brings along his collection from Performance Conference held in Bangkok 1998.

4.Community interaction; (Only open for 10-15 participants) A Bru people Community on Maekong river c in the northeastern region (7 hrs away from Bangkok to Laos border), and Bo Nok Village in Prachuap Kirikhan (300 km) in the south of Bangkok, are frontline fighters for their ecological rights over the land, water, air and all system in and around their area. The artists will spend time learning about the community and it's struggle, as well as perform in the villages.

5.Mini Asiatopia Chiangmai; on the week end of 14-16 November, Asiatopia in cooperation with Chinagmai University Art Center organize a 4 days exchange event between local artists and international artists, including workshops, lectures and live performances.

Artists & Speakers List

1. Juliet Lea
2. Tony Schwensen

3. Gertrude Moser-Wagner
4. Sabine Marte

5. Jolanta Lapiak
6. Sylvie Cotton
7. Randy Gledhill
8. Berenicci Hershorn
9. Richard Martel
10. Eric Letourneau
11. Myriam Laplante / Italy

12. Zhou Bin
13. Yingmei Duan
14. Cai Qing
15. Chen Jin
16. Shu Yang

17. Roi Vaara

18. Charles Dreyfuss
19. Julien Blaine
20. Fabien Montmartin

21. Heike Gaessler
22. Jurgen Fritz
23. Rolf Hinterecker / Austria
24. Boris Nieslony
25. Helge Meyer
26. Matthias Jackish

27. Demosthenes Agraiotis

Hong Kong:
28. Koh Siu Lan
29. Yuenjie Maru

30. Yoyoyogasmana
31. Melati Suryodarmo
32. Arahmaiani
33. Heru Hikayat
34. Rachel Saraswati

35. Amanda Coogan

36. Hiromi Shirai
37. Kaori Haba
38. Teruyuki Tanaka
39. Arai Shin-Ichi
40. Fumiko Takahashi
41. TAGAMI Machiko
42. Sakiko Yamaoka
43. Lushan Liu / China
44. Tokio Maruyama
45. Yoshiko Maruyama
46. Makino Asami

47. Elvira Santamaria Torrens

48. Ray Langenbach / USA

49. Chaw Ei Thein
50. Moe Satt & Sharon Chin
51. Phyu Mon
52. Mrat L.Htwann
53. Aung Ko

54. Jacques Van Poppel
55. Peter Baren

56. Mideo Cruz
57. Raquel De Loyola
58. Ronaldo Ruiz
59. Danny Sillada
60. Yuan Mor'O Ocampo

61. Waldemar Tatarczuk
62. Bartek Lukasiewicz
63. Artur Tajber
64. Arti Grabowski
65. Jan Swidzinski
66. Dariusz Fodczuk

67. Juliana Yasin
68. Angie Seah
69. Kai Lam
70. Agnes Yit
71. Lee Wen
72. Noor Effendy Ibrahim
73. Zai Kunning
74. Andree Weschler
75. Jeremy Hiah

76. Esther Ferrer
77. Malu Boix
78. Bartolome Ferrando
79. Valentin Torrens

80. Norbert Klassen
81. Klara Schilinger
82. Valerian Maly
83. Barbara Sturm
84. Liliane Zumkemi
85. Lena Eriksson & Samuel Herzog

86. Yeh Tsu-Chi
87. Ahlien Zh

88. Vichukorn Tangpaiboon
89. Mongkol Plienbangchang
90. Paisan Plienbangchang
91. Padungsak Kotchasumrong
92. Nopawan Sirivejkul
93. Kosit Juntaratip
94. Len Jittima
95. Chakkrit Chimnok
96. Chumpon Apisuk
97. Vasan Sitthiket
98. ML. Saksin Kasemsan
99. Dr. Apinan Poshyananda

100. Nezaket Ekici

United Kingdom:
101. Andre Stiit / Wales
102. Helmut Lemke / Germany
103. Alastair McLennan / S. Ireland

104. Jamie McMurry
105. Mari Novotny-Jones
106. Milan Kohout / Czech
107. Marilyn Arsem
108. Lewis Gesner
109. Dan Mckereghan

110. Tran Luong
111. Bui Cong Khanh
112. Rich Streitmatter-Tran

ASIATOPIA Organizing Committee
Chumpon Apisuk (Director)
Nopawan Sirivejkul (Manager)
Padungsak Kotchasumrong (Activities Coordinator)
Sutthirat Suppaparinya (Media and Documentation)
Mongkol Plienbangchang (Technical Coordinator)
Chantawipa Apisuk (Administration)
Liz Cameron (Committee)
Virginia Henderson (Committee)

For more information write to info@asiatopia.org or visit www.asiatopia.org and http://asiatopia.blogspot.com


EVENT: PME-ART presents: Hospitality 3 – Individualism was a Mistake
Dates: November 19-22, 2008; Source: Sylvie Lachance

With Caroline Dubois, Claudia Fancello and Jacob Wren

Hospitality 3: Individualism was a Mistake

Bringing together the talents of three ingenious artists (Caroline Dubois, Claudia Fancello and Jacob Wren), Hospitality 3: Individualism Was a Mistake focuses on society's difficulty in working together. Collaborating within an indie rock spirit, the artists work towards a genuine sense of connection with the audience, all the while asking if this engagement could make a real difference in our lives and in the world around us.
Jacob Wren and PME-ART are leaders of an exciting underground movement in performance theatre and have amassed a huge following in Europe. This World Premiere in their native land presents a rare opportunity to see this new production before the rest of the globe.
Sound: Radwan Moumneh
Lighting: Philippe Dupeyroux
Created in co-production with Usine C (Montreal) and with the collaboration of Harbourfront Centre’s World Stage (Toronto)

November 19-22, 8pm
Harbourfront Centre’s World Stage
World Premiere, Part of the Quebec Now! Series
235 Queen Quay West, Toronto
Box Office: 416-973-4000



CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Excursions: Performance Festival (Limerick, Ireland)
Dates: January 22-January 24, 2009; Source: Kenny McBride

Call for Submissions
Excursions is an interdisciplinary performance festival that will take place in Limerick City from Thursday 22nd to Saturday 24th January 2009. The festival acts as a platform for contemporary performance artists and will include Irish artists performances alongside international invited artists. This year the festival would like to invite artists to submit proposals for realization as part of the festival.

Applications should include
a. cv
b. Outline budget
c. Short outline of the proposed performance (max 350 words) and specifications required
d. Images of previous work
e. Applicants may send DVDs or CDs of previous work, please clearly mark duration of DVD or CD.

Closing date for receipt of applications is November 21, 2008.

Send applications to:
The Arts Office
Limerick City Council
City Hall, Merchant's Quay, Limerick
email: artsoffice@limerickcity.ie


WORKSHOP: hum presents Sound and Movement Improvisation
Date: November 22, 2008; Source: Erika Hennebury

Sound and Movement Improvisation
One-Day workshop taught by Susanna Hood and Nilan Perera

Saturday November 22, 10am – 5pm
The Citadel, 304 Parliament St South of Dundas
Cost $40

Essentially passing on elements of the process they have been cultivating for working together since 1998, Susanna Hood and Nilan Perera offer a one-day crash-course workshop exploring improvisation in dance and music and tools for facilitating the meeting of these two art forms.

We invite participants from both movement and music background to participate in the workshop, but the work can be catered to performers and non-performers of all backgrounds.

The workshop prepares the body to be an instrument for sound and to explore the integration of voice and movement along with exercises and games in rhythm and sound improvisation. Subsequently, participants engage in a broad exploration of the meeting of music and improvisation, where the two forms inform, rather than accompany each other.

When and Where: Sat, Nov 22, 10am – 5pm
The Citadel, 304 Parliament St South of Dundas
Cost $40 ($20 deposit on registration)

For more information and to register:
or call 416-360-6665



EVENT: Art Happens 8
Date: November 26, 2008; Source: Clive Robertson

Wednesday November 26, 7:30pm

Art Happens 8
Annual Performance Art Event

Memoryworks by:
Emily Cohn
Genna Kusch
Vanessa Noller
Mary Macdonald
Patricia Mader
Jennifer Provost
Min Shin
Tim Simpson
Keith Skelton
Paisley Smith
Julia Stephens
Morgan Wedderspoon

Union Gallery, Stauffer Library
Queen’s University (Kingston, ON)

Co-sponsored by Department of Art
Curated by Clive Robertson


EVENT: Performance Saga Festival – BONE 11
Dates: December 3–6, 2008: Source: Andrea Saemann

Curated by Katrin Grögel and Andrea Saemann, Basel
Organized in collaboration with Norbert Klassen, Peter Zumstein and Schlachthaus Theater Bern

Venue and tickets:
Schlachthaus Theater Bern, Rathausgasse 20/22, 3011 Bern, +41 31 312 96 47,

Wednesday, Dec. 3
7 pm, DVD-Launch, Performance Saga Interviews 06–08: Joan Jonas, Martha
Rosler, Alison Knowles
8 pm, Performances: Alison Knowles (US) & Die Maulwerker (DE)

Thursday, Dec. 4
8 pm, Performances: Gaspard Buma (CH), Irene Loughlin (CA) & Jorge
Manuel de Leon (GT), Carolee Schneemann (US)

Friday, Dec. 5
8 pm, Performances: Martha Rosler (US), Peter Vittali (CH),
Wagner-Feigl-Forschung (AT/DE)

Saturday, Dec. 6
8 pm, Performances: Muda Mathis (CH), Sands Murray-Wassink & Robin
Wassink-Murray (NL), Annie Sprinkle & Elizabeth Stephens/directed by
Patty Gallagher (US)

Viewing of the Performance Saga Interviews 01–08, daily from 7 pm and
after the performances.

Open Dialogues
Open Dialogues is a joint project initiated by Mary Paterson and Rachel Lois Clapham (London). Its purpose is to create opportunities for the writing of critical texts about contemporary art that is understandable to a general public. In connection with the festival, texts will be elaborated under the direction of Paterson to record and communicate impressions of the festival. The texts will be translated daily into German and English and made accessible on the Internet and
as flyers.

Writers: Mary Paterson (UK), Chris Regn (DE/CH), Dagmar Reichert (CH), Theron Schmidt (UK), Jana Ulmann (CH); translations: Almut Rembges (CH); assisted by the graphic designer Nicole Boillat/edit (CH).


Performance Saga
Andrea Saemann und Katrin Grögel


CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: VIVA! Art Action 2nd Edition
Dates: Deadline is December 5, 2008; Source: Popstart (www.popstart.ca)

VIVA! Art action - 2nd edition
September 17-26, 2009 in Montreal, PQ

DEADLINE: December 5, 2008

VIVA! Art action is a shared initiative between the artist-run centers articule, Clark, DARE-DARE, La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse, Praxis art actuel and Skol, which gave rise to the first international live art event in Montreal in the fall of 2006. VIVA! Art action proposes a vibrant environment that favors emerging, ephemeral, unpredictable and constantly shifting art practices. The first edition was characterized by a unique convivial atmosphere and provided a space for exchange and spontaneity thanks to the collective activation of a central location. Inspired by the success of the first edition, the six artist-run centers have set up a second VIVA! Art action event, wishing to renew their commitment to art that manifests itself in the «here and now»!

VIVA! invites local, national and international artists, collectives, curators and theorists to submit proposals for performances, happenings, actions, infiltrations, public and participative interventions, workshops and debates. Residencies or durational works whose timelines (up to 4 weeks) overlap with the festival will also be considered. We encourage projects that address the issues and specificity of various contexts, inscribing themselves in storefront and gallery spaces, community centers, concert venues, public space, the private sphere or in non-site...

VIVA! respects the artist fee rates established by RAAV/CARFAC 2008.
Your submission must include:
A Curriculum Vitae
An artist statement and a project description specifying spatial and technical needs (max. 2 pages)
A maximum of 20 digital images on a CD and/or a maximum of 1 DVD
A descriptive list of the visual material (title, date, duration etc.)

Please send your submission to:
VIVA! Art Action Project submission
5713, rue Jeanne Mance Montreal (QC) H2V 4K7 Canada

Please note that proposals submitted by email will not be accepted.


CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Grace Exhibition Space
Dates: undefined: Source: Jill McDermid

Grace Exhibition Space: a Gallery for Performance Art in Brooklyn, NYC is looking for submissions for March - November, 2009

Please send submissions to: gracexhibitionspace@yahoo.com

We are looking for Performance Artists with at least 5 years' experience in exhibiting Performance Art. We have a stipend for travel & materials, and can easily offer the accommodation of a guest room in my apartment, for up to one week.


Thank you,
Jill McDermid
Director, Grace exhibition Space
Brooklyn, NY


CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: stromereien Performance Festival
Date: Deadline December 19, 2008; Source: Bettina Holzhausen

Performance Projects Wanted for stromereien Performance Festival
Zürich Summer 09

stromereien Performance Festival Zurich takes place every two years in and around the Tanzhaus Zürich (centre for contemporary dance). Possible performance sites are located in the Tanzhaus Zürich itself or its surrounding environment along the River Limmat. The festival presents exclusively site specific performances.

For stromereien 09 from 30th July to 7th August we are looking for performance projects that are created for or adapted to locations in or around the Tanzhaus Zürich. The stromereien-jury will select original professional work which can be realised within the limited financial and technical framework of the festival. Both new as well as adapted performance projects are welcome.

As several performances will be presented in one evening the duration of one work should not exceed 30 minutes, with the exception of durational performances.

A group of experts in performance and visual arts will review and select the received projects.

Project description (1-2 pages)
CVs of participating artists
Documentation of previous work (video or DVD if available)

Submission deadline: 19th December 2008
Notification of all applicants by the end of January 2009
Download application announcement (PDF)

c/o Tanzhaus Zürich
Wasserwerkstrasse 129
8037 Zürich / Switzerland

Information & questions: info@stromereien.ch
Bettina Holzhausen / Meret Schlegel


EVENT: Beyond Pressure International Performance Art Festival (Yangon, Myanmar)
Dates: December 3-7, 2008: Source: Beyond Pressure

Participating Artists
Ahramaiani Rahmayani (Indonesia)
Angie Seah (Singapore)
Aung Ko (Myanmar)
Aung Pyr Sone (Myanmar)
Hong-O-Bong (Korea)
Kai Lam (Singapore)
Moe Satt (Myanmar)
Mrat Lunn Htwann (Myanmar)
M.S.O (Myanmar)
Nyein Way (Myanmar)
Nyo Win Maung (Myanmar)
Nopawan Sirivejkul (Thailand)
Phyu Mon (Myanmar)
Po Po (Myanmar)
Randy Gledhill (Canada)
Ronaldo Ruiz (Phillippines)
Raquel De Loyola (Phillippines)
Sharon Chin (Malaysia)
Shu Yang (China)
Teruyuki Tanaka (Japan)
Valentin Torrens (Spain)
Jacques Van Poppel (The Netherlands)

About Beyond Pressure
'Beyond Pressure' is an independent art organization created to contribute towards the expanding of Myanmar art boundaries. It is initiated and run by local artists who work in their communities to create projects that open up spaces, however small, for self-expression and discourse. As an organization, it operates fluidly, utilizing and forming networks according to necessity. It is therefore an organization close to the ground, highly adaptable, connected and efficient in the restrictive social context of Myanmar. Our foremost aim is to develop the Myanmar performance art scene by creating a festival where foreign and local artists can exchange ideas through workshops, symposia and performances. There is an emerging performance art scene in Myanmar, which remains relatively unknown since there are few chances for Myanmar artists and artists from other countries to meet. Therefore Beyond Pressure offers an important opportunity for artists to network. Another aim is to expand Myanmar art boundaries by showing that performance art offers new possibilities and strategies to grapple with ideas that confront and engage with current political, economical and social issues. We host the festival in relatively public locations to reach out to a broad audience. In a restrictive artistic and political climate, where many artists and organizers work in private settings in order to dare to express themselves freely, we want to show in practice that it is possible in contemporary Myanmar to do outstanding and daring performance art in more public spaces. To imagine life beyond pressure. Beyond Pressure member are Moe Satt (Artistic Director/ Visual & Performance Artist), Mg Day (Coordinator/ Poet, Writer & Translator), Mrat Lunn Htwann (Manager/ Performance Artist), Phyu Mon (Poet- Visual & Performance Artist), Aung Ko (Multi-disciplinary artist), Aung Pyi Sone (Poet & Performance Artist)




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